Returning after 10000 Years Cultivation Chapter 1521


At this time, Long Shengnan in the battlefield is almost fighting crazy, and he fights with several Gold Core giants of the Sky Wolf sect.

Her spell, even fleshy body Magical Powers, can be displayed on him. The formidable power of each hit is like move mountain, collapsing sea!

She pointed out, Long Wei pointed, and contained True Yuan. He directly pierced the head of a Gold Core true king and crushed Divine Soul. Gold Core went out instantly, unable to urge the slightest, and the body fell into the water.


She punched in a sudden, and suddenly Hidden Dragon appeared in mid-air. The Kowloon claws seized a dozen Gold Core true kings and shattered them.

Sweet jade legs, such as Divine Dragon Moving it’s Tail, Rolling Dragon-shaped True Yuan, swept across a large area, of which hundreds of Sky Wolf sects were exploded like a string of firecrackers, and completely turned into blood mist. Pervaded the air.

“This woman is so wicked!”

Countless cultivators screamed, their eyes horrified, and they dared not come forward.

This is a brutal bloody battle. Since the beginning of the battle, Long Shengnan has been pushing violently, the powerhouse has fallen like rain, and the blood dyed is red.

The deciduous lake is full of close and numerous corpses and broken limbs, like a piece of dead fish, and blood energy rises into the sky, which is extremely pungent.

They retired, and fighting Long Shengnan was almost certain. If you retreat, the Emperor’s Palace will also hunt and kill, but the topography of Penglai World is complicated, the trenches are deep, and the mountain range is like a dragon and a dragon.

“Sect of Sky Wolf, even Sect extermination, kill this girl and take revenge for her!”

Supreme Elder of the Sky Wolf sect was severely damaged several times in the recent battle. He was already covered with blood, his fractured muscles were broken several times, and the white-haired three-eyed wolf was almost collapsed, but still cold as iron. The dreary eyes were full of murderous intention, and unyielding fighting intent was swollen all over. Murderous aura surged like wild waves.

This is a fierce person who has been famous for hundreds of years. He was once invincible. He ransacked and looted robbers. He stained his hands with blood and killed countless people. He stepped on the enemy’s tired bones and stepped on a high formidable person. Such as iron.

“Slow, you back on board! I’ll kill her!”

At this time, in the spar warship, a Divine General wearing a black iron armour came out and said softly:

“This is Long Shengnan, dignified Hailan World Ancestral Dragon Sect, once trained in Baiyue Academy, where are you opponents!”

This Divine General, with a tall and tall body, is made of platinum and red gold. The armor is very colorful, carrying a tiger’s head knife, out of the ordinary, open a pair of tiger eyes. This kind of palpitations.

“It turns out he’s Long Shengnan …”

Many cultivators look pale, Sky Wolf sect Supreme Elder is heart shivered with cold, secretly thought No wonder this woman is so powerful, that is exactly the nemesis of monster cultivator.

He raised his right hand, and after the disciplines retreated to the spar ship, he also vacated the ship and disappeared in an instant.

“Oh! She’s Fairy Longsheng! It’s no wonder it’s so powerful!”

“However, she should follow the Emperor of the Market closely, why should she protect Bai Muxue’s house that destroyed the Emperor of the Market!”

The flower boat is also exclaimed. Many cultivators turn pale with fright. They are deeply moved and cannot be calm.

This World was also the realm of Dragon Sect. When Long Shengnan arrived here, it was like Princess was on tour, that is, the top-level block like Tian Desolate Sect should bow down to welcome him, and dare not neglect the slightest.

After all, they are Foundation Establishment Gold Core cultivator. They have not yet stepped out of this World. The inside story and great changes of many other Worlds are not clear, and the news is still a long time ago.

“Oh my god, I’m like Fairy Fairy!”

Yan fatty was even more excited.

“Don’t talk! Divine General seems to be more powerful, killing Long Shengnan, maybe he will kill us!”

Yan Li is astonished, shiver coldly.

“One of the White Tiger Divine General Divine General, Feng Hu! Divine Realm Realization!”

The ghost wolf looked at the back of Divine General, with a grave expression on his face, and his heart moved darkly. Didn’t expect him to be close, said solemnly: “Senior at first, I am afraid that Longsheng male is in danger!”


Jiang Tian is indifferent, gently shakes the folding fan, leisurely said:

“This girl was originally an acknowledge allegiance market emperor, with a deep slavery. Although the cultivation base is good, the potential has not been stimulated at all. Only by using extreme dangers can she excite her potential and produce the kind of unyielding of Annihilating Everything. fighting intent! “

“Relax. Just a small extinguishing soul cannon, she has Nascent Formation cultivation base, and the cultivation technique is good, she should be able to handle it!”

“What if you can’t carry it?”

The ghost wolf asked.

“I don’t support waste. If she can’t carry it, it’s waste, and she can die!” Jiang Tian said with a smile.

The ghost wolf suddenly sweated coldly, and he said that it seemed that he would have to raise the cultivation base in the future and fight for it, otherwise it would be waste, and he would ignore his life.

In the void, Long Shengnan ’s pair of full eyes of the heroic spirit looked at Feng Hu calmly, raised his right arm, Qi Condensation in his left hand, cut his sleeve, and exposed the pink jade arm, icily said :

“Feng Hu Senior, I was in the Immortal Ruins that day, I respect you very much. I do n’t want to meet you today, but you and I are the masters, there is nothing you can do. Next, you and I must show no mercy and try our best. Fight! “

She let go of her fingers, and the broken sleeve floated in the air.

“Um. This is a matter of course, little baby, you betrayed the emperor, you made friends with Jiang Taichu, crime deserving ten thousand deaths, how can I spare you!”

Feng Hu is a portable knife, standing with one hand on his hips, with a light tone and tepid temperament, but with a terrifying Murderous intention and strong self-confidence.

Long Shengnan is too lazy to talk nonsense with him. He glanced at the back of him that had been hit by a storm of air waves, and his hair was chaotically white Muxue, softly:

“Since Senior is going to fight with me, Muxue Fairy is also an obstacle here. Maybe let her retreat to the flower boat first. I wonder if Senior can be gracious!”

“Yes, she can’t run!”

Feng Hu’s face was calm.

Bai Muxue can’t bear it, but she knows that the killing of such masters can’t help her at all, but she will become a burden, and she will be the first to say: “Fairy, take care!” Just like a bird, flying Grabbed into the flower boat.

On the battlefield, there is only Longsheng male left, facing a half-step Divine Transformation’s White Tiger guard Divine General alone.

Let ’s put it aside. If Long Shengnan meets him, I am afraid that he will have to make a three-to-nine worship service and not dare to offend the slightest.

But now, she is not afraid, and some are just a towering murderous intention and unyielding fighting intent. She stomps gently, ripples in the void, it seems that the space is violently violent, screams:


hong long!

Her dantian roars like a thunder. The Gold Core in the form of Nascent Formation burns wildly and dazzles the rays of light. Nine dragon-shaped True Yuan rushes out of the dantian, surrounds the lovable body, and completely turns into nine hundred zhang long dragons. Solid and heavy, like the casting of gold, shining with dazzling rays of light.

Nine long dragons roar towards the sky, with deafening dragon roar, claw swinging tail, mighty out of the ordinary.

“Little girl, you want to fight this Divine General, it’s called act recklessly!”

Feng Hu coldly snorted, full of disdain, suddenly shot, right hand was gently clenched into a fist, and a punch hit in the air.

this fist type.

A slamming sound, trembling everywhere, the heaven overflowing giant wave set off on the deciduous lake, and thousand zhang mountain peaks trembled and shattered in the sky. The vast Law Force was raging and violent.

The flower boat was suddenly abandoned by the huge waves, and fell down again, sinking into the water by the vast Law Force.

Many runes engraved on it are dying, sometimes blooming with rays of light, sometimes fading, and finally cracking and cracking innumerably.

Even many of the spar warships behind Feng Hu were pushed by his violent vast mana and exited several hundred meters away.

Many Penglai cultivators present, whether they are in a flower boat, or Sky Wolf sect disciple retreated to the back of the battleship, all feel a bang, like a sledgehammer banging in the chest, flying in shape. Falling, sadly spitting out blood.

Some ordinary ordinary people, such as Yan Fatty, fell to their knees on the spot and bleed on the spot. This is still under the premise that the flower boat formation method is turned on. Otherwise, only the aftermath of his punch can shake all the cultivator into powder.

“It is just a horror of punches, and it is so horrible. If this fist is positive, I am afraid that even the 10 li mountain will be razed to the ground!”

“Where is this human power, this is the true Spiritual God power!”

Countless people screamed.

In fact, half-step Divine Transformation can be called quasi-rising. Compared with Nascent Soul, it is already another level of life.

“Kowloon holding a pillar!”

Long Shengnan hit with a punch, all in Kowloon, surrounded by groups, and moved towards the mad tiger’s law.

“Waste! Nether creatures, humble like ants, dare to make trouble!”

Feng Hu slowly retracted his fist, carrying his back with one hand, moving all the future, just sneaked.

Just see it.

The rule of boxing power is over, nine giant dragons have burst in succession, and his rule of fist strength formidable power is absolutely unbelievable, and he strikes heavily on the dragon’s lovable body.