Returning after 10000 Years Cultivation Chapter 1522



Long Shengnan screamed with broken bones, sensational, a mouthful of blood spurting from his mouth, struck by a few miles and struck into a mountain.

Besides, the white waves emptied in the lake, and the rocks were blasted on the mountain. A deep pit was sunken in the mountain peak, and Long Shengnan disappeared without seeing, no sound came out.

“hmph, Feng Divine General strength of Fist, how can this Little Huang hair girl resist, surely destroy both body and soul!”

Aside, Sky Wolf’s Supreme Sect Master bowed with a charming face, extremely charming.

“Little Missy, no matter how fierce and fierce, after all, it is not a godly opponent of Immortal Ruins!”

“I’m afraid it will be blown up and disappear!”

In the distance, a group of discontinuous Sky Wolf sects all stand up, haha ​​laughed wildly.

While Feng Hu all smiled proudly, Bai Muxue came from her heart, she was crying, and many cultivators such as Yan Fatty in the flower boat sighed with grief.

The sound of rumbling, the rocks and the sky are billowing.


Long Shengnan suddenly emerged from the mountain like a ringing arrow, like a dragon in the sky, roared loudly, and moved towards Feng Hu again.

She was covered with blood, her clothes were ragged, and her hair wet with sweat and blood was dusty, but she looked dirty and battered and exhausted, but her clear eyes seemed to be flashing with electric light, fighting intent, still not weak.

“Damn it, the undead cockroach!”

Sky Wolf Sect Master gnashing teeth, but the body is honest, slippery and retracted into battleship, so as not to be brought to disaster to innocent people.

“Dragon moves the sky!”

Longsheng male roared, dantian trembled madly, burned Gold Core, the sky suddenly trembled, the clouds rose, the Winds and Clouds Exchange gathered, and nine giant dragons flickering between the clouds, giving a sense of incapability.

Nine giant dragon flashed above Feng Hu’s head in the blink of an eye, opened bloody mouth wide open like a sacrificial bowl, dragon claw moved towards Feng Qi grabbed, hiding the sky and covering the earth, and there was lightning lingering, flames Spraying thin, formidable power is extremely grand, can tear the sky and destroy giant peaks.

“didn’t expect you can resist me, but this Divine General will not give you a second chance!”

Feng Hu first glanced, showing a little shocked, next moment, full of contempt and contempt, slashed into the air with a knife.


This tiger-headed sword is a real tool with Law Force and formidable power.

A sword is blown out, it is cut into a void, and the sky shakes.

As pointed by the blade, every huge space crack spreads like a huge spider web with a radius of 10 li, covering all nine giant dragons.

“Click and click!”

Nine giant dragon tenacious There are cracks on the body like a divine gold, and they want to repair and resist, but they only insist on one finger, and they are 40% split. In the end, nine giant dragons exploded in the air, raising a cloud of mushrooms.

Long Shengnan was affected by mana backlash. Divine Soul, fleshhy body and Gold Core were all severely damaged. The lovable body trembled fiercely like a residual flower in the wind. He stumbled back, his breath fell wildly, and even cracks appeared on Gold Core. This is due to the loss and consumption of True Yuan in vitro, which did not recover the Gold Core.

“Tiger howl breaks the soul!”

Feng Hu strives to make a success in the battle. The long knife is raised, the handle is clasped with both hands, his eyes flashed with cold cold glow and Murderous intention.

Seeing this scene, the ghost wolf is startled, and his face is extremely dignified, Divine Sense Sound Transmission said: “Master, this blade is strong!”

Originally, this is the Blade Technique Magical Powers handed down by the Emperor. It contains extremely complex and powerful Law Force, which can not only destroy the fleshhy body and fragment the Gold Core, but also even Divine Soul. Ferocious and terrible.

Be aware that before reaching the real Nascent Soul, Divine Soul, Gold Core and fleshhy body blood energy are not fused. Divine Soul is still relatively fragile, and requires Gold Core and fleshhy body to protect it. Once it is shot out of the body, It was like a rootless duckweed, easily hanged.

Without Divine Soul, even if Gold Core and fleshy body are both present, that is the true death and fall.

“Don’t help her!”

Jiang Tian’s eyes are bright light glittering, his face is cold like iron, and he is unusually calm.


blade light, like an unrolled bolt of white silk, hangs like a vast sky, slashing fiercely on top of Longsheng’s head.


The crowd was shocked to see.

Long Shengnan’s Divine Soul is beaten out of the body, like her, but very pale, like a moonlight and clear composition.

next moment, her fleshy body was broken and exploded, and she was in Nascent Formation, but her unconscious Gold Core was also hit, and cracks appeared, and then broke.

“I’m not willing! I haven’t killed the Emperor …”

After that, one after another blade glow stirs and stabs, and in Divine Soul’s unwilling roar, directly cuts Divine Soul into pieces, and disappears instantly in the air.

“This …”

The ghost wolf gnashing teeth, Long Shengnan was beaten destroy both body and soul. This is a complete death and fall.

“Winning Fairy …”

Bai Muxue’s lovable body is trembling, beautiful eyes are tearful, she is so sad that she can’t restrain herself, can’t wait to follow her.

“Immortal Ruins …”

Yan fatty also hates itchy teeth, but he can’t change all of this. After all, he is a mortal without a chicken.

“Well, Immortal Ruins cultivator, just like the Spiritual God of aloof and remote, after all, it can’t be defeated …”

“Yeah, challenge the emperor, that’s the end … body dies and Dao disappears, sad, regrettable and respectful!”

At this moment, a flute of 吚 吚 wu wu sounded, touching.

Jiang Tian is holding a green flute, and his slender fingers are occasionally pressed and set off, and he plays a song that sounds very strange without hesitation.

“Your companion has just disappeared. At this time, you still have a leisurely flute. It is really hard-hearted!”

At this moment, in the flower boat, many cultivator mortals are oblivious to Jiang Tian, ​​and their hearts are full of contempt and disdain.

“How is this possible!”

But the ghost wolf suddenly stunned. Looking towards the sky where Long Shengnan disappeared, he was shocked to see an amazing scene.

I saw that Divine Soul, the original disappearance of Long Shengnan, emerged out of thin air, first his face, his body, his hands and his feet, and then, after one after another, the constantly floating Gold Core spirit and True Yuan blood, moved towards Divine Soul Rewind the perfusion.

“What? Her Divine Soul has reunited! Is this going to break into a baby?”

Feng Hu couldn’t believe it, as if to see the most incredible thing.

Yes, he read it right.

At this time, Long Shengnan ’s Divine Soul, Gold Core essence, and fleshhy body Qi blood limit fusion sublimation, turned out to be a broken Dan into a baby.

After a while, a Nascent Soul of about one inch is formed, just like a mini-Longsheng male, but I do n’t know how many times stronger than the previous Gold Core.

“This song is called Lost Soul Guide! Magical Powers that haven’t been used for a long time. Fortunately, it’s not a handicraft!”

At the end of the song, Jiang Tian put down his flute and said lazily.

Lost Soul Guide, specializing in gathering and absorbing the spiritual powers of Mental Power, such as Mental Power.

Jiang Tian Before Soul Devouring Divine Sense, he liked to use this kind of mysterious power to absorb the Mental Power of others for his own use.

In the beginning, when Divine Consciousness Divine Soul and other Mental Power were not completed, he used this mysterious power to devour many Shikigami in Toyo.

Now, Jiang Tian ’s Mental Power does n’t know how many times it is stronger than the original. The Spirit Flute has also undergone several sacrifice, and then this Magical Powers is displayed, of course very easy.

The key is that Longsheng male Divine Soul has just drifted away, and many Remnant Souls are not far away. Although there are many rules remaining in the void, but for Jiang Tian, ​​those rules are just garbage that ’s all.

“This is a rebirth …” The ghost wolf was so shocked that he couldn’t say a word. Many cultivators beside him were stunned, and even Bai Muxue looked dumbfounded.

“Get together!”

Long Shengnan’s Nascent Soul beautiful eyes, suddenly, a secret art came out, with a wave of his hands.

Broken bones, organs, etc. floating in the air are quickly reorganizing. After a while, the cracks disappear, just like a new life.

Even, after several times of tempering and tempering, her fleshhy body is more condensed, unusually tenacious, and immaculate, the light is shining, and the whole body is crystal, as if it was made by the magic glass, exuding Inextinguishable Immortal The breath is like the body of Gold Core.

Long Shengnan’s Nascent Soul pointed his fingers, a helmet, armor, and boots flying out of the storage bag, wrapping the lovable body.

The Nascent Soul jumped lightly into Long Shengnan’s fleshy body, the tightly closed beautiful eyes suddenly opened, and the void was electrified.

Long Shengnan’s lovable body covered by armor at this moment is exquisite and curvy. There is no imperfection everywhere, just like the coming of the female sky, rising momentum, straight into the sky, shouted:

“Thank Feng Hu Senior for helping me! Tonight, my broken Dancheng baby broke through Guan Guanyu, a Bu Chengtian jun!”

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