Returning after 10000 Years Cultivation Chapter 1685


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Jiang Tian appreciates Ye Tianren’s talent!

Ye Tianren’s sword of slashing gods once made Jiang Tian amazing!

Ye Tianren, the Great Accomplishment of Jiumengmengguo Laomen, Brahman, Buddhist Sect, and Kunlun Sect Profound Righteous Sect Youli, create “Divine Sword”!

This set of Sword Art has great disrespect to heaven and earth, to Spiritual God, to Buddha Lord, to devil head, to Heavenly God Buddha, there is no god in the heart, no devil, no Buddha, no me, regardless of the law and of natural morality, so it ’s also fearless!

Something in his heart is only human, and some are just unwilling, unhealthy!

With infinite sword energy, infinite anger, infinite hatred, infinite love and compassion, he turned into a sword to pour into his heart!

At that time, Jiang Tian was in the sky above the King Villa in Lin Prefecture. In the battle with Ye Tianren, he lamented that he was the first “ant” to look up at the sky, his sword intent, and Jiang Tian Instead of asking for foreign object, instead seeking for yourself, “the only thing you can hold,” walk the heavens-defying road, Seizing Heaven and Earth Good Fortune, the set of cultivation ideas are all coincident.

Jiang Tian takes him very seriously and even lists him as a candidate to take to the central Star River!

However, nowadays, it actually fell.

Next, Jiang Tian they saw the tombstones of Zhao Yuankun, Huo Qingtian and Wei Feilong.

Following Jiang Tian’s battle for the Three Great Giants in the world, the three veterans, they were all ink!

Next, it ’s Ye Zhantian ’s tombstone!

Originally, Ye Tianren used his body as a bait to attract Foreign Domain enemies and let Huaxia Kwailian successfully launch. After killing many Foreign Domain enemies, he was hunted down by the remaining troops and had to drive a star warship to the time. The fire star that is occupied by Foreign Domain Monster Race, want to perish together with it.

Ye Zhantian led the China Dragon Team cultivator to support him and was still killed here!

Ye Zhantian used to be the leader of the Huaxia Dragon Group, and once fought side by side with Jiang Tian to push the Toyo Cherry Blossoms sideways.

It can be said that before Jiang Tian transferred Sodoni, Ye Zhantian helped the Jiang Tian couple a lot!

So far!

Before the rise of Jiang Tian, ​​dignified suppressed the Huaxia Martial Dao for decades and established the Ye Family who made great contributions to Huaxia Cultivation World. Only Ye Keren was left alone!

Most of them are clothes tombs, and even the clothes are not left, just a tombstone, their bones have already been turned into ashes and nothingness in the battle.

At this moment, Zhao Xueqing could n’t hold it anymore, sobbing on the ground without crying, slaps and slapped his slap like crazy, “I’m sorry, I didn’t protect you. Husband, sorry, it’s me Did not bring myth alliance … “

“Qing’er, don’t blame you!”

Jiang Tian’s heart hurts, holding Zhao Xueqing’s hands, and said with relief: “I once passed on the Ghost King of Hejian Liu Shang to restrain the soul and recuperate the soul. I can recreate Six Roads of Samsara in a small area and keep them. Divine Soul Inextinguishable. As long as they do n’t die, Divine Soul can be resurrected! “

“Husband, why? We just want Earth to become a cultivation planet, and just want Earth creatures to evolve that’s all. Why, do these Foreign Domain cultivators have to thwart destruction? Must they stifle my Earth’s talented elite? Could it be killing? Will they feel happy? “

Zhao Xueqing could n’t calm down, still crying, trembling all over, tears could n’t stop, his eyes were miserable and dazed.

“This is a cruel cosmic jungle. Every civilization is a hunter, and can always be reduced to the prey of other creatures! Survival is always a lucky thing!”

Jiang Tian sighed and said seriously:

“Qing’er, you must be strong! The enemy is currently, the mountains and rivers are broken. You look like this, do you still want to command the next battle? Can you revenge them?”

Zhao Xueqing understands the history of Immortal Ruins and has a deeper understanding of the cruelty of the universe.

“blame me! It ’s because I do n’t have a big picture, I ’m not a qualified commander. You ’ve taught me a lot, but,”

Hearing this, she gradually calmed down and stopped crying. However, she still couldn’t lift her spirits, but she knelt in front of the tombstone and shed tears, very blaming herself.

“Yeah! Mother, grief!”

The big black dog also came to persuade.

Objectively, this is not Zhao Xueqing’s fault. It seems that the other party has even come to Divine Transformation, and the offensive is fierce. Even if Zhao Xueqing stays in the Earth world, he may not be able to hold it. It is inevitable to sacrifice.


She went to take the captive goddess of heaven and she will wait for Immortal Ruins to assist Jiang Tian. It is also excusable.

After all, Zhao Xueqing is not Spiritual God, no one is a prophet, he is omnipotent.

When Jiang Tian set off from Immortal Ruins, the cultivation base was just Gold Core, and Immortal Ruins was known as hundreds of Divine Transformation.

As Jiang Tian ’s lover, Zhao Xueqing will search for Immortal Ruins ’message from God of Heaven, and of course he is worried that in public or in private, he should also take action.

This defeat, in the final analysis, can only be said that the recovery time of Earth Spiritual Qi is too short, merely a trifling four years that’s all, the strength is too weak, and there are only a few Nascent Soul true monarchs who have not yet grown up A batch of Divine Transformation.

“Maybe, Earth is already in crisis. Qinger, you must cheer up and fight for the world, but also for our daughter and relatives!”

Jiang Tian said firmly.

“I’m fine!”

Zhao Xueqing stood up, wiped her tears, squeezed out a smile, then shivered and bowed deeply to the tombstone group: “Senior, Fellow Daoist, farewell! I Zhao Xueqing swear here , Will certainly slaughter the Foreign Domain invaders and avenge your hatred for you! Otherwise, I Zhao Xueqing swear not to be human! “

“Master, it’s alright!” Big Black Dog fangs smiled.

This moment.

He feels that overlooking the world, the mother of Hongyan Paragon is back. The lithe and graceful delicate body seems to contain endless power, like Wan Gu Tianqiong, rash, vast, firm and immovable.

At the same time, a surging murderous aura rose into the sky, cold and cold, causing the surrounding temperature to drop suddenly and the rocks on the ground to freeze and crack.

Jiang Tian and the big black dog also pay their respects seriously, but respectfully.

This has nothing to do with the status of cultivation base.

Every creature who dares to resist, does not want to be a slave, and fights for his homeland is a hero, Jiang Tian respects.

“You are fighting for your homeland, you should not bury your bones in another country, I want to bring you back to Earth!”

Zhao Xueqing waved his sleeves to bring back their gravestones.

Jiang Tian stopped, and said softly: “Qing’er, no. This is not his hometown, this is also their hometown. The entire solar system, and Immortal Ruins, are home to all Earth’s life!”

He ’s eyes are firm, his face is like a knife and a chisel, and he shows great fortitude, said solemnly:

“One day, I will let this dead star be filled with flowers, grow trees, and let the children run happily here. The battleship and cultivator will ride in the sky. I want them to see them. The prosperous world cast by the blood and iron bones to create and protect the brilliant civilization! “

The three of them are preparing to return to the sun without setting a sign and return to Earth quickly.

Suddenly, a splitting the air sound came from afar.

“Someone is coming! No, there is a demon!”

The big black dog frowns saying.

As you can see, in the far side of the sky, one black and one green group of rays of light, dragging a long tail wing like a rainbow through the sun and the moon, moved towards the graveyard. Monster Qi is rolling, fierce flames.

“Huang Fan, what I said to you before is the burial place of the indigenous people of Saturn!”

“The humble Middle Saturn aborigine is simply act recklessly. It even blocked me from the arrival of the Big Dipper Hundreds, which is clearly courting death. My Old Huang, I want to pee on their grave!”

With two sneers.

Jiang Tian ’s icy terrifying face, and Zhao Xueqing ’s within both eyes also release a sharp killing intent.

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