Returning after 10000 Years Cultivation Chapter 1686


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“Oh! A dog spirit, with spiritual wisdom at the beginning, and the common sense, did not reach the level of Nascent Soul metamorphosis, how dare you wait for me with Nascent Soul cultivator? You will be slapped with a palm! , Made into dog meat hot pot! “

The black sheep laughed ironically.

However, suddenly, his smile stiffened on his face, ridicule, and deep fear.

I see.

“hehe. Laozi is a dragon!”

I saw the big black dog sway, and suddenly turned into a Purple zhang long Purple Golden Dragon, showing off talent, the dragon beard swaggered, five claws tearing the sky like a golden hook, and the scales were like Purple Gold , Clang Shen Shen Ning, with a metallic luster, majestic.

The big black dog was originally the Purple Golden True Dragon Bloodline, but it was just a cub, showing the form of Flood Dragon Serpent. In the past, it turned into a big black dog.

In the past few years, following Jiang Tian, ​​he has been eating Gold Core and drinking blood every day. In addition, Jiang Tian occasionally guides him in cultivation, and has already reached Nascent Soul cultivation base. And evolved into True Dragon form.

“Da da da! Five claws … turned out to be a True Dragon!”

“It turned out to be Nascent Soul cultivation base!”

Under the pressure of Purple Golden True Dragon, at this moment, both the black sheep essence and Huang Fan were terrified and kneeled, shiver coldly.

This is an instinctive fear that goes deep into the bone marrow. You should know that Purple Golden True Dragon and various True Dragons are the most powerful Divine Beast in the universe, and Demonic beast is basically impossible to withstand a single blow.

Ancient Desolate Era, True Dragon Clan in the universe dominated by Demonic beast, that is the clan of monsters, the king of beasts. Old Ancestor, such as Black Sheep and Toad, do not know how much they have eaten and how much they have swallowed. Therefore, this fear has been rooted in the bloodline bone marrow, and I dare not resist at first sight.

“Master Long spares life!”

Huang Fan two demon begging for mercy.

“Go to death! My Lordship, how can you blaspheme!”

Purple Golden True Dragon is like a villa-sized dragon claw.


The two demon Huang Fan, the demon body that is enough to shake the nuclear bomb and the laser cut, can’t bear it, and explode in an instant.

Blood waves swell, red’s blood mist fills, crystal broken bones and fleshy rain cascade down.

A huge dragon claw mark appeared on the ground, with depths of ten meters, and the two demon bodies of Huang Fan fleshed into flesh, and suddenly two Nascent Soul flew out. His face was full of panic, and he flew into the air and wanted to escape.

“Want to run?”

Purple Golden True Dragon waved his big paws and grabbed the two demon’s Nascent Soul directly.

“Master Long is kind, forgive!”

“I am willing to be a slave!”

The two Nascent Soul struggled at all, desperately begging for mercy.

But where will the Purple Golden True Dragon be left? Without saying a word, the hand is stuffed into the mouth and chewed.

peng ~ peng ~!

Two Nascent Souls exploded, and the corner of the fund ’s dragon ’s mouth trembles. He opened a pair of dragon eyes, exuding the joy and surprise of discovering the new world, murmuring: “I seem to have discovered How to eat-Explosive Candy, no, it should be called Explosive Baby, it is much tastier than Gold Core! “

Zhao Xueqing waved his hand and took a picture of Divine Soul, who immediately searched for soul.

Jiang Tian also searched.

After a while, both of them looked dignified.

Originally, since Zhao Xueqing left Earth and went to Immortal Ruins, Big Dip ­per Star Domain Monster Race arrived in the Earth world.

Even, there are super-brainers and Blood Race to join.

The strength of Monster Race is too strong, there are more than a dozen Divine Transformation, and each one has the power to break the country.

In addition, there is the monsters of dozens Gold Core, the endless violent Demonic beast.

On that day, Earth entered an unprecedented crisis.

People wake up and discover that the world has changed dramatically.

The huge interstellar ship is overwhelming, the super-brainers are back, Foreign Domain Monster Race is coming, and there are countless demonic beasts.

After the recovery of Spiritual Qi, Earth technology and cultivation civilization developed rapidly.

But after all, the time is too short.

You know, that is the third year after Spirit Qi ’s recovery.

On that day, hundreds of spaceships built by all the world ’s military forces were jointly developed by the whole world, and they were 300 li with outer space. They covered the sky and covered the sky in imposing manner, but were killed by a Monster Race Divine Transformation. , With a sword!

On that day, hundreds of thousands of nuclear warheads in the whole world were arranged in “nuclear arrays” in outer space. After a command from the commander of the Mythical Alliance Keynes, they exploded together. Such power is enough to destroy several Spirit Qi Earth before the recovery, but the Divine Transformation monster cultivator, walked out of the flames, unharmed.

At that moment, humanity was desperate.

The most powerful man’s hole card is declared invalid within ten minutes.

In the end, only a sunflower outbreak killed one Divine Transformation Demonic beast and seriously injured three.


Instead, it triggered a more crazy and brutal counterattack by Foreign Domain Monster Race.

The bases set by humans on the fire star were completely wiped out within three days.

Space war, end!

The Monster Races drive straight into the earth and score the Earth.

Foreign Domain Monster Race entered Earth and swept wildly. Within a day, primitive backward countries such as Western small countries, Black Africa, tropical rainforests, etc., were all occupied. It was simply impossible to stand with a single blow. Only China and Black Hawk , Xueguo, etc., relying on the sunflower system, can be safe and sound.

At that moment, Earth had to admit that their proud technology was unable to withstand a single blow in front of Foreign Domain Demonic beast.

That’s from that day.

Cultivators of the League of Myths declare war on the Foreign Domain monster cultivator! Whether it is Eastern or Western, whether it is Human Race or Monster Race, or even ghost repair, they all hold a certain death mind. On Earth, they even went to the neighboring planets such as fire star and the moon to launch a fierce battle with Foreign Domain monster cultivator. War.

These wars are extremely cruel and unprecedented.

Foreign Domain Demonic beast opened a mouth like an abyss and swallowed a nuclear bomb. There is the Foreign Domain monster cultivator, a sword that cuts through the sky, and the supersonic fighter falls like rain. There are also super brains and super bodies that have become dignitaries and issued orders to disrupt the layout.

Earth cultivators, although they are improving rapidly, after all, the foundation is too thin and the losses are heavy, but they still ca n’t stop the defeat. More like Ye Tianren, they use perish together to kill each other.

Earth retreats.

Foreign Domain Demonic beast is like Godzilla, breaking large cities into ruins. Many big countries are broken, and Earth civilization seems to be destroyed.

But this time.

Big Dipper ’s Human Race cultivator suddenly arrives, and Earth creatures join forces to defend against Foreign Domain Monster Race.

Big Dipper Human Race and Earth creatures have won three consecutive battles!

Foreign Domain Monster Race, finally being expelled from Earth, can only build bases on fire stars and other planets of the solar system, or build space cities, struggling on whilst at death ’s door.

The Human Race cultivator of Big Dip­per Star Domain sits in Earth and builds new each and everyone sects and institutions.


More news is gone in the minds of these two Nascent Soul Monster Race.

They are not the top level of Monster Race, they are only the commanders, and the information they receive is only partial.

After waiting for the husband and wife two people to search for these messages, Zhao Xueqing’s face seemed to be relaxed, and he sighed: “It’s okay, Big Dipper Star Domain’s Human Race cultivator is pretty good. It repulsed Foreign Domain. Monster Race, Earth is still safe! “

Jiang Tian has deep eyes and gently shakes his head, saying: “I am afraid it is not as simple as you think!”

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