“Well, Nanwei, you can’t say a few words!” Seeing the smell of gunpowder between Nanwei and Changqingxia began to intensify, and suddenly he opened her mouth and took her and then whispered.

“Summer and summer, you are also suffocating!” Both the Tony and the Lingyan girls are also open to discourage Changchunxia!

However, Nan Wei and Chang Qing Xia are still unwilling to give up, all expressions are cold and cold looking at each other, and the anger has never been calmed down!

And it is at this time!

The air before the whole town of Tianzong Mountain Gate suddenly became an inexplicable glimpse. The boundless black-pressed crowd seemed to have a sense of ignorance and stopped talking.

Nan Wei, Changqing Xia is also a turn of the people, looked towards the distant people, suddenly Pupils shrank!

The horizon in the distance!

The three ships are more than a thousand in size, and the ray of light is emitted from the whole body. It is like three hot and hot, and the golden golden ship that walks in the world volleys!

The pressure of terror is radiated from the three golden ships. Like the top of the mountain, everyone on the ground is trembling, fearful and almost impossible!


Looking at the three distant ships in the distance, the golden ship, there is a large Elder opening, it is extremely difficult to say, as if exhausting all the strength of the whole body!

Yuanmen, it is coming!

Looking at the East, not the entire Dongling low-level province, but the vast majority of the other seventy-one low-level province, who does not know the name of the Yuanmen?

Where Yuanmen went, low-level province, only welcome!

However, over the past few centuries, I don’t know why, Yuanmen has rarely appeared outside, and especially in these few years, there is almost no visible disciple in walking outside, just as the entire Yuanmen has begun. The same as the contraction, although it has not been sealed, it is almost the same!

No one knows what is wrong with it?

It is impossible for Yuanmen to say that it is sealed. Therefore, what is the reason for its sudden low-keyness?

no one knows!

Today, because of Ye Hao’s breakthrough, the reason for the success of Zhenyuan Tianzong Shao Sect Lord is that Yuanmen is finally difficult to move, and it is also a great surprise!

In the silence of a piece of silence, the three golden ships of Yuanmen finally came to the gate of Zhenyuan Tianzong, and then in the solidified eyes of everyone, some Yuanmen disciples went out of the golden ship and stood on the bow. Appears in the eyes of everyone!

Among these Yuanmen disciples, it is also the most dazzling for a young man!

This young man is wearing a white robe and a handsome eyebrow. He just stands there, naturally attracting the attention of some people in the place, so that everyone’s eyes are involuntarily falling on him.

Li Wenchan!

In the younger generation of Yuanmen, Yuanzi is naturally the first to be doubtful. Under Yuanzi, there are still many young Tianjiao in Yuanmen, dazzling, and pulling out one, can suppress countless young generations in the East. , a few invincible!

Today, Li Wenchan is one of them, and the well-know figure in it is one of the sons of Yuanmen Jiuzi!

“Yuanmen is coming, my town Yuantianzong can be described as a splendid, you, please!” In the depths of Zhenyuan Tianzong, an old voice suddenly sounded and greeted the Yuanmen.

Many towns, Tianzong, Elder, and the discipline are all fishmen. At this moment, they are also quickly coming out from the town of Tianyuan, and they are welcoming the door of Yuanmen!

Congratulations to Zhenyuan Tianzong for being unpolished jade!” Among the three golden ships, there are several vast and undulating breaths. It is clear that there is a strong presence of Yuanmen, but it has not appeared, and then one of them Aura spoke, responding to this old voice of the town of Tianyuan.

After the simple guest set, the old voice of Zhenyuan Tianzong and the powerful existence of Yuanmen were never said anything more, but the number of Dao Aura among the three golden ships disappeared at once, and it was already seen by everyone. In the absence of the situation, the first step into the town of Tianyuan Tianzong!

And now!

Before the mountain gate of Zhenyuan Tianzong, a tall and straight, like a torch, the majestic silhouette of the body is also among the eyes of everyone!

Not someone else, it’s the leafhopper after the breakthrough!

Today’s Ye Hao is indeed not the same as when I was in the mountains of worry-free, completely transformed, and the power has undergone earth-shaking changes!

He, indeed, is already qualified to start the real and the Yuanzi, and the singer and the others are juxtaposed.

“Ask the Zen brother, there are also the brothers of Yuanmen, please!” Ye Hao said, and personally came to the three golden ships before welcoming Li Wenchan and other members of the disciple!

“I didn’t expect you to really breakthrough. It seems that after that, I can’t catch up with you!” Li Wenchan is obviously familiar with Ye Hao, and the relationship is not bad. At this moment, lightly smiled, he said.

“What can be said about the future?” Ye Hao faintly smiled, and then said, “Even today’s breakthrough, I have never had a half-small question for the Zen brother!”

“Go, enter the sect!” Li Wenchan did not say anything more, just a smile, followed by Ye Hao shoulder shoulders, in the eyes of countless people below, and went to the town of Tianyuan.

Many of the Yuanmen disciplines behind Li Wenchan are also closely following them, and they are all glanced at each other. They are also looking at the Quartet. Their eyes are like the True Dragon. They spread out and spread powerful power. Visually!

Many people below look at these Yuanmen disciplines are each and everyone are shocked and breathless!

Because these meta-disciples are too powerful!

Each and everyone is in the shadow of Peak Realm, it can be said that just one person, almost equivalent to other large saintess level!

Young arrogance like this, although there are other big sects, but the number of slaps that can be cultivated in a Sect can already burn high.

As a result, Yuanmen casually pulled out hundreds of them, and obviously this is definitely not the whole of Yuanmen. There must be more Yuanmen Jingtian Tianjiao never appeared, and today has not come.

So the gap in this can be imagined, how big is it!

Yuanmen, who is in charge of seventy-two low-level provinces, suppresses the Quartet and is truly invincible. There is absolutely truth in it!

And did not take a few steps!

Li Wenchan saw Nanwei, Changqingxia and the others among the crowd, and at the same time, Ye Hao also noticed, so there was not much hesitation, Ye Hao just fell, and came to Nanwei, Evergreen. In front of the summer six!

Nan Wei, who stayed in Changqing and Xia, also turned to smoke, and the identity of the two girls was slightly weaker. The other four, one is bigger than the other!

South-wind low-level province The palm of the state’s palm, the pro-grandmother of Changqing Yuanfeng and the close-member disciples, the only daughter of the Tianzhu school magistrate…, so for Nanwei, Changqingxia, and the six people, Ye Hao is really Can’t ignore it, must come, and meet!

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