Returning from the Xianxia World Chapter 2415


the face of the two bodies in which Xiao Fan is clearly in absolute advantage, the two laws are united in repression, and Ye Keer’s phantom halfway back, the breath on his body has risen again, and there is no fear of fighting Xiao Fan again!

The whole 72 low-level province is a heart stop, breathing, waiting for the upcoming Shi Potian shock!

But that’s right now!

Xiao Fan stopped at work, and then when looking at the east of the earth, Ultimate Demon Knife and the dick were feeling the same thing, and the look for a long way!

And Ye Keer’s phantom stopped, and when the land was dispersed, a little disappeared, eventually turned invisible and completely dispersed between the heavens and the earth!

“The king is buried in the heavens!” Ultimate Demon Knife looks away.

“Prince, she should have noticed the silence on this side long ago?” The second quietly says, “After all, the vibration almost shocked the entire 72 low-level province, and even if it was repressed in the realm of the funeral, it was normal to isolate from the outside world, but it should have been possible to see everything!”

“She could have removed something that she had abandoned at the beginning, and that was her own thing, even from its repression and seal, but why?”

“There’s something you don’t understand for 10,000 years,” Ultimate Demon Knife said, “Didn’t you hear that beating was a relative?

“The old man punches your dog head!” The face is dark and angry, “The old man is not a single dog, the beautiful little female in the palace!”

“Ultimate Demon Knife said,” There’s a pretty little girl in your palace, and that’s all you made of heavenly materials, earthly treasures, and it’s not real. You’re a 100-year-old single dog, and you won’t change this iron’s general truth again! “

“The old man punched your dog’s head!” The old man was beaten up by Ultimate Demon Knife, and he stopped doing it, and the sound of the second calf ran out of the past, and the Ultimate Demon Knife rolled around and tore each other off!


Ye Keer’s phantom is gone, and there’s only one war God’s career!

Xiao Fan looked forward to the war God in front of him, the dark, the dark, like hell, the indifference, and then the killing plan escalated, without disguise, stepped out, and came directly to war God’s career!

With regard to war God’s career, Xiao Fan’s attitude and gloomy, those who used to complain about Xiao Fan were long overdue, came to Lolevel Province, and Xiao Fan didn’t mean to kill war God at all!

But today’s war God’s career must be dead, because he touched too much that shouldn’t have touched, when he behaved!

And Xiao Fan didn’t want to go to war God’s career, because he and War God had nothing to do with him, except for the same year’s teacher, who was a stranger, and what was his interest?

How about Shen Yin?

Shen Yin gathered at the war God’s man-made Disciple, and then several days after that, as well as at that time in the three main regions, he was proud of the final war, and Xiao Fan had a lot of exchanges, even if they were enemies!

War God’s career is in Xiao Fan’s eyes, so direct killing is, why do you have to say more?

But now!

“Yes, you!”

War God suddenly opened his career, no more desert and powerful than ever before, or just uncontrolled shakes of body, even more in the voice of a trembling heart that cannot be concealed!

He, finally, recognized Xiao Fan!

Before, war God’s career was not as brilliant as Shen, he was directly suspected of Xiao Fan’s identity, because of the fact that he had too little contact with Xiao Fan that year!

So when Xiao Fan was ready for a teacher, he looked at Xiao Fan, and then lost interest, took him away directly and left without looking at Xiao Fan!

After that, it’s the battle of pride in the three main regions!

But the battle of pride in the three regions, he just watched Xiao Fan fight once or twice, and then never cared again, and when Xiao Fan stopped at 100, he wouldn’t even look at Xiao Fan again after he couldn’t even get in the third round!

No wonder Xiao Fan put him on a stranger, and he actually treated Xiao Fan as a stranger, and never saw him face!

So that’s why he’s not as fast as Shen Shen’s true identity as Xiao Fan was, just because he and Xiao Fan had almost nothing to do with it, and naturally there was no feeling!

But now!

With these two important messages, coupled with the fact that there was no contact with Xiao Fan in the year, there was little intuition, and that war God’s maneuver would be corrupted if it were to react again!

But with regard to the war God’s career, Xiao Fan doesn’t answer anything, it’s just nothing to do with it.

It’s just…

In the instant of this lightning stone, the war God’s maneuver suddenly wandered out of fear, replaced by empty holes, without all sorts of emotions, pain, no fear, only slaughter and destruction!


War God opened his career, and once again his voice restored indifference, and the dead in his hand erupted suddenly with the intent of endless extinction, with a strong breath of death crystallizing into substance and sweeping the entire ancient battlefield in a moment!

lolevel province, seven big divine object, one of the most powerful dead bone guns, and one of its moments, formidable power, is still on the top of a broken state, saying seven big divine object, not the first!

And as for the war God’s maneuver, he suddenly mutation, he put a very special time trigger on himself earlier!

When he feels fear, despair, or when he comes back to irreversible death, he will immediately destroy his feelings, and no one will feel any human being, or a normal emotion that normal spirits can feel, and only the most absolute reason, if one mechanical!

That’s why it was planted. It was the inheritance thing Ye Keer abandoned!

Ye Keer also studied a lot of French doors, which, honestly, could actually be Ye Keer’s good work!

It has a strong advantage, as long as it does, and after it has wiped out all its feelings and turned itself into a mechanical general, its own forces will immediately enter a state of upsurge and play an appalling force!

But the disadvantage is equally deadly, and after losing all emotions, then it will really become a monster who knows only the destruction and death, so Ye Keer is improper after some time of refinement, and then he turns himself and abandons it!

That’s why War God can call Ye Keer phantom in his career!

This set, war God’s career has been set for thousands of years in the morning of his own, has been inaccessible, and is now under the pressure of Xiao Fan and automatically triggered in the middle of the day!

At the same time!

War God’s career has also linked the dead bone gun to this, thereby strengthening this architecture and terror!


The war God’s career after the destruction of all his feelings has almost doubled its strength at this moment, combined with the total outbreak of the dead bone gun, so that, with the combination of the two, the battle God’s power at this moment is completely free to sweep the low-level province!

But that’s a shame!

The means of respecting Great Emperor are not what he can understand and imagine, even if he owns Ye Keer’s horror door, he’s still under Xiao Fan’s control, just a dust, a crush!


Xiao Fan’s hand pressed down, expression was cold and ruthless, and between the time of the day, the thunderbolt, the dome collapsed, the absolute power came, and all the people and objects of the world were small in front of such power!

When the dead bone gun comes to the end of the scream, the sound is as unpleasant as it is, and it just recovers, and the result is broken, how can it be heartfelt?

But what’s the point?

Under Xiao Fan’s control, the dead bone gun collapsed immediately, and finally completely silenced after an unsatisfactory tsunami, and the whole body of dead bone guns were completely crushed, fragmented into countless pieces and fired at the quartet!

Dead bone guns, complete antiquities, no possibility of repair!

And war God’s maneuver, his own three great extinction schools that had shocked the Oriental Lolevel province, all of which erupted, breaking the day’s sword secret, nine transforming the gold, the abundance of the abyss, joining together, forming a terrifying wave and shaking the dome!

But it’s over!

The three major extinct schools, under Xiao Fan’s command, were completely disbanded and turned into nothing!

Come on!

War God’s maneuver is more shattered on the ground, every inch of blood and bone is turned into the smallest pink, and then under Xiao Fan’s horror palm force, even the particles are completely extinguished!

Eventually, war God’s body collapsed completely and no longer existed!

At the same time, in the sky, the golden star, who belongs to the war God’s career, was also cloudy, and there were countless visible cracks on its surface and was about to collapse!

But war God hasn’t died completely in his career, and he has the last memory and left himself behind!

And he was able to leave the last shrink of consciousness, and it was a thing that once belonged to Ye Keer, but it was about to disappear, but it would collapse at most, so war God left less than a hundred times in the world!

And at this moment, perhaps war God’s maneuver is not complete, even for reasons he has not even found himself, and the last thing remains emotional!

“The world is unusual, and I didn’t think that I would end up being such a dead law!” War God’s career is hard to open and looks forward to the continuation of Xiao Fan.

For the final message of war God’s career, Xiao Fan didn’t say anything, just turned around, and then he didn’t turn back and walk away!

“But it’s my honor to die in your hands!” War God suddenly laughs, but the laughing is as deep as it is, “You know how many people are not qualified to die in your hands!”

“And my war God will die in your hands, and then it will not be unjust.”

Xiao Fan’s still not back. He’s getting far!

“War God, bow to death and die as a devil.” War God’s maneuver has exhausted his last breath, but it’s not over, it’s over, it’s over, Ye Keer’s thing is over, it’s over, it’s over, it’s over, it’s over, it’s over, it’s over, it’s over.

At the same time, the golden star in the sky was also completely shattered and turned into a romantic golden star, from above the sky, and then fell into the earth and became a permanent past!

War God’s career, dead!

(PS: War God Mang: Goodbye to the old iron!)

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