Returning from the Xianxia World Chapter 2441


When you hear Xiao Fan, Ye Keer’s smiling on the throne, the point is that white jade’s limb, which brushes black flowers, makes Xiao Fan’s eyes clean a few times!

Hundreds of people down there are suddenly laughing, and the world is like the new king Ye Keer, and I don’t know, so the heart is even more curious!

What is the relationship between Demon Emperor Xiao Fan and King Ye Keer? Why do they look so close?

How about Demon Emperor Xiao Fan and King Ye Keer?

Those who can think of it are no more than those, but each and everyone are beating up their heads, staring at their noses, nose, nose, nose, dare to go down there again!

Not a partner between the central empire and Paragon, but too few!

And even if there’s a couple of men and women, or a man who wants to combine it, the next man will do everything in his power, and it must not be allowed to change the combination at the battlefield level!

Two skies are close together, and the effect is definitely one plus two!

Not to mention Demon Emperor Xiao Fan and Prince Ye Keer, who are at a higher level, and if they combine, I’m afraid the Central Emperor will really come to an unpredictable world dramatic change!

“Don’t forget that thing!” Smile enough time, Ye Keer. This is the end of laughing, and then sit straight, sit straight, get a booze in the face, and laugh more crafty.

“Come on!” Xiao Fan didn’t sound good when he said, “Though the quality of that thing is normal, it’s going to die, it’s a thousand years to be completely dissolved and nothing will be left!”

“But by your means, don’t talk about it for thousands of years, 100,000 years, 100 million years, and even millions of years.”

“With your ability to do this, there are too many things in the world that just want to do and don’t want to do, not the difference that can and cannot be done!”

“Well, your cell phone is still in my hands, but I won’t give you help me how?” Ye Keer’s smiling and sweating, deliberately speaking to Xiao Fan in a provocative tone.

“You weren’t like this before!” Xiao Fan, when Sighed said, “When I picked you up, you were cowardly like a frightened little deer!”

“Though after that, you get sharp and whoever bullies you, you go back to it and bring it back, but you’re still cowardly all the time!”

“And now that you learn to slip and leather, it’s not true that this is you, who you were before and who you are?”

“They’re all me!” Ye Keer, wake up, nodded says, “It’s slow,“ but I’m changing! “

“In the ancient era, I am the king, for human race, I only have feelings and indifference, and emotions say to me, not only redundancies, but also a burden!”

Xiao Fan nodded, because he had already learned from a dick that Ye Keer was cold in the ancient era, barely having any meaningful contact with anyone, cold to a lot of people suspecting whether Ye Keer never had feelings like that!

“But I was forced to flee the ancient era before I was forced to flee,” Ye Keer continued to say, desperately far away, and voices became somewhat shattered, “I was too tired to walk on my way.”

“So when I came to the age of ancient times, I thought, if I were to survive, I would have changed a way of life!”

“At least, I can’t feel any more!”

“With this last thought, I came to this age, and for serious injuries, my memory was forced to seal myself, and I became a blank me, that is, when you saw me in Qingyun State!”

“And in less than a year of meeting you, you re-painted on my blank paper, and then led to a change in my character!”

“Eventually, after the dissolution of my subsequent consciousness, the old me and I were re-painted by you, and I started to melt, and eventually became me now!”

“So this is my sin?” Xiao Fan touched his nose, and then didn’t get sighed helplessly said.

“Of course you did!” Ye Keer slipped Xiao Fan and said, “Look what I learned when I followed you. You frivolous, the pit kidnapped, even asked me to help you with the pit!”

“I was a little late, I felt bad, you saved my big hat, and you pressed me to do something bad with you!”

“Honestly, the experience of that year is definitely the best year I’ve lived so long and then the best!”

“Isn’t that a good word?” Xiao Fan’s eyeballs!

“What do you think?” Ye Keer is also eyebrowing!

“But I think you were happy to be with me in the pit!” Xiao Fan said, “There’s a lot of bad ideas, but you helped me further Perfection, and if not your reminder, I wouldn’t have done that, and made Profound Heaven City have half a day to react!”

“Bullshit, I was forced by you!” Ye Keer denied it.

“All right, so many adults, like children!” Xiao Fan decided to stop this conversation, and he said, “I’m in a state of instability and I’m going back to the shape soon.”

“I may be a little better than your case.” Ye Keer nodded said, “The state of affairs is hardly strong enough to keep, but it’s too much to consume, basically not to be harmful!”

“So I will return to the fact that, when you saw me in Qingyun State, most of the memories of consciousness were temporarily sealed, slowly nursing and waiting for a complete recovery!”

“Then go back!” Xiao Fan said!

“All right,” Ye Keer nodded, then lift your hands, stretch your fibre hands on Xiao Fan’s back!

Xiao Fan shakes Ye Keer’s hand and sees Ye Keer again, and then his own breath goes down quickly, the Emperor disappears, and the whole man returns to the old clouds.

Ye Keer laughed, and the breath was weak, and he started to spread, and eventually the whole population fell asleep!

Xiao Fan hung Ye Keer in his arms and then walked out of the sky and went back to Ultimate Demon Knife, Diego, Lin Mountain, millions Demon Country descendants and the others!

Then Xiao Fan will sweep through everyone in front of him, Microslightly nodded!

It’s time to decide what’s left of everyone!

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