Tu Family is in a hurry and asks again and again.

But Huang Wan, although he is telling the truth every time, is answering questions.

Tu Family The owner of the village has never got what he wants, and he looks at Dr. Wu Wei with a bad look.

Dr. Wu Hao was also shocked: “It’s amazing, it’s amazing! The Mushroom-man’s will is really too strong. Although she completely lost her sense of reason, she is in complete madness. But because of this, she is more pure, in one fell swoop. Every move is my heart. In her heart, she will never sell tribe, even if tribe expelled her. Tu Family, I am helpless.”

“You…” Tu Family is very life Qi Qi, strong self-restraint, “then please Master Wu Hao to rest first.”

In the cell, only Tu Family owner and Huang Wan are left.

Tu Family Owners look at Huang Wan Sneer: “It doesn’t matter, even if you are crazy, I can use you. It doesn’t matter if you don’t speak from you. It doesn’t matter. I capture more of the Mushroom-man executives and let Master Wu take action. I don’t believe it, I can’t find the direction of your Mushroom-man tribe!”

Thus, in the next scene of the dream, Meng Qiuzhen turned into Huang Xiaomi.

His side is the elite Gu Master of the Mushroom-man tribe.

The night is heavy, they have been lurking at the Tu Family.

“Little brother of Xiaomi!”

Over the years, Fangtu has also been at the at the Wan Wan, the care of the land, the development of the cultivation, and now is the Rank 2 Gu Master.

She has benefited a lot from Huang Wan, and she always has a crush on the Mushroom-man family because of her chances.

“How is the situation?” Meng Qiuzhen asked immediately.

Fang Zhu will answer: “The owner of the village is ready. Tomorrow morning, it is necessary to openly execute the execution in the court, and Huang Wan will be beheaded! On the other side, I have already discovered the place where the land is being held.”

“Okay. We are divided into two ways, all the way to the law field, lurking. Another way to rescue the land, give him the set of Gu insect.” Meng Qiuzhen commanded.

The sky is getting brighter.

Just when Huang Wan was to be beheaded, Meng Qiuzhen led the Mushroom-man Gu Master to attack the court.

“You really came.” Tu Family owner laughed.

“Everything is not what the owner thinks.” Family Elders praised it.

“Mother!” On the other side, the land is also brought to rescue.

Tu Family The owner of the village frowned: “You finally chose that side! Fine, today I am going to destroy my relatives and correct all the mistakes I have made. Kill me their mother and son! The rest of the Mushroom-man can capture as much as possible.”

A melee began.

Tu Family Village quickly gained the upper hand, which was originally the trap they set.

Mushroom-man tribe is also expected to be at this situation, but there is no way. Huang Wan is a former witch, knowing too many tribe secrets, and she must not let her stay in the Tu Family.

Huang Xiaomi and Happy Land have been struggling, and they are all powerful enemies.

“I didn’t expect that there would be a time for us to fight side by side.” Happy land at the yellow millet, a bitter smile.

Meng Qiuzhen suddenly smiled and smiled: “Do not worry, our reinforcements have been arrived at.”

At the crucial moment, the dream re-emerged and a large number of Mushroom-man Gu Masters joined the battlefield.

Originally, Mushroom-man Patriarch simply took all on one throw and led the entire tribe, launching a crazy offensive against Tu Family.

If you don’t succeed, you will be married!

burn one’s boats!

Most of Tu Family’s high-rises are in the court, and Tu Family is not prepared for a long time. It really makes the Mushroom-man army break the test and drive straight into the Tu Family.

A fierce battle broke out.

Both the owner and the Patriarch are Rank 5, fighting each other.

The combination of Happy Land and Huang Xiaomi has become a key factor in breaking the deadlock.

They are too familiar with each other, although they are only the first time to join forces, but they have a very good understanding.

Both of them have Rank 4 cultivation base. Once they join hands, their strength has skyrocketed, and even Tu Family owners can’t resist it.

In the end, the Mushroom-man tribe was a big win and the Tu Family was defeated.

The surviving Gu Masters fled to the dungeon, ruined against, and linger on in a steadily worsening condition.

The Tu Family owner was seriously injured and was on the verge of death, captured by the Mushroom-man tribe.

“Mother, what’s wrong with you? How can you like it like this?”

In the chaos, the land was not hurt, and finally saved his mother. However, it was found that Huang Wan was completely mad.

Huang Wan looked at Huang Xiaomi: “Children, children, you must be happy and peaceful in your life. So my mother named you a happy land. Come, give the mother a smile, happy one.”

“Mother…” The land was full of tears, “I blame me. If I didn’t take it, you wouldn’t be shackled by the owner! You won’t fall into such a situation.”

At this time, Wu Hao was escorted.

He quickly asked for mercy: “Don’t kill me, don’t kill me! I know what happened to your mother.”

“Say!” The land was roaring loudly.

The Tu Family, who was seriously injured, sneered: “Hahaha, your mother has not saved, she is completely crazy. Yes, this is what I am instructing, and this doctor is the most direct murderer.”

“You all have to die!!!” The face of the music is distorted and is about to start.

Huang Wan suddenly stopped him: “Don’t kill, don’t kill! This is not good, be good with people. You stinky boy.”

“Mother, you finally recognized me.”


Huang Wan suddenly slaps and will be happy.

“Who is your mother! My son is here.” She grabbed Huang Xiaomi and patted the latter’s chest. “This is my son.”

“Look at my son!” Huang Wan shouted with satisfaction. “My son looks to know more, how tall! What a great guy!”

“Children.” Huang Wan smiled and smiled at the moment, but he cried at the moment. “I am sorry for you. Mother concealed your life. Mother shaved your hair, afraid that your hair would grow. After that, it will form a mushroom top. You won’t blame the mother?”

Happy land, tears and rain.

Huang Wan turned a deaf ear and only looked at Huang Xiaomi.

The first time, Le Tu, looked at Huang Xiaomi with a pleasing gaze.

Huang Xiaomi nodded and said on the scene: “Mother, I will not blame you. You will always be my good mother.”

Huang Wan shed tears of joy: “Bad boy, thank you for understanding Mother. You don’t want to kill you, don’t kill other people. I hope that you will be safe and happy. You can let them go.” Fighting for killing will only deepen contradictions and hatred, make you empty, let you suffer, and make you unhappy.”

“If you are not happy, you are not happy.”

The people around me are silent.

Even Tu Family is the same.

“Let me not kill these people?!” The land eyes are red, the fists are clenched, and the face is very beautiful.

“How is it possible?!” He squeezed the sentence out of his teeth.

Tu Family sneer, he has been defeated, disheartened, and not afraid to perish.

However, Dr. Wu Hao suddenly shouted: “There is hope, hope! Your mother is hopeful to restore her mind.”

Le Tu grabbed Wu Hao’s collar and lifted him up: “Quickly, is there any way?”

Wu Hao quickly said: “Your mother is crazy, but retains a trace of spirituality. You see her acting and speaking, all true and sincere, is the purest heart. You just do not violate your mother’s heart, over time, It will make your mother’s condition not worsen and let the spirituality grow and grow.”

“Then, under my conditioning, I will be able to heal, there must be hope!”

Wu Hao repeatedly shouted, in order to survive, not letting go of any chance.


Le Tu will throw Wu Hao on the ground.

“Ah-!” He sighed and was extremely painful.

The two great enemies are close at hand, no resistance, but he can’t take revenge!

For his mother, he has to follow the meaning of Huang Wan.

“Well, for my mother, I will spare you two today.” The music was so bitter, he was so hard that the corners of his mouth overflowed with red blood.

The dream ends here.

Meng Qiuzhen soul is in the flesh, a face sighs.

“I didn’t expect the experience of the land to be so rough and tortuous.”

“Heroes often encounter strange roads.”

“It’s no wonder that the image he left in history is also without hair. It’s just that the young beast, but the disappearance is gone.”

“The land is actually a mixture of Mushroom-man and Human Race’s? How is he awesome?”

“After, did he save his mother?”

“When he was young, his temperament was murderous, and he was very different from ordinary people. How did it become what it is now?”

Dream brings more doubts to Meng Qiuzhen.

These problems are not answered for the time being.

But the improvement of Realm is real.

Fang Yuan’s Earth Dao Realm, and therefore jumped at the level of the Great Grandmaster!

Not only that, but his Poison Dao level has also risen accordingly, becoming the Great Grandmaster.

Fang Yuan’s Poison Dao Realm Prior to this, it was already the Grandmaster level. The dreams left by this piece of music include the true meaning of Earth Dao and Poison Dao.

Fang Yuan has benefited from the adventure of supporting Dream Dao clone promoted immortal.

Not only Gourmet Dao, Poison Dao, Earth Dao’s Realm, Luck Dao, Ice and Snow Dao are promoted to Grandmaster. Space Dao, Metal Dao, Wind Dao, Cloud Dao, Thunder Dao, Information Dao, Light Dao, Dark Dao, etc. were also promoted to master level.

Raiders the dream of the land, the rest of the dreams are only a few.

Before the Battle of Insanity Demon Lair, Fang Yuan was sure to digest all the dreams.

Basically, Fang Yuan has no weak point in terms of major genres. However, the genres of Picture Dao, Bing Dao, and Pill Dao are blank.

There is no way for this.

Fang Yuan’s dream of Gloomy Soul, there is no such genre at all.

Perhaps Gloomy Soul has reservations, but the more likely reason is that Gloomy Soul can’t master it either. After all, the corps and Pill Dao were produced after the Paradise Immortal Venerable. Picture Dao has been deliberately converged by Origin Lotus Immortal Venerable and has never spread, narrower than Ju Yang Immortal Venerable’s Luck Dao.

Don’t forget, some of these Gloomy Soul dreams were also collected by Feng Jinhuang in the battle of Fang Yuan.

But the part she got is actually very small.

It is not worthy of Fang Yuan to go back and find it.

After all, Feng Jinhuang’s Qi Luck is very big.

Earth Dao became the Great Grandmaster, and Fang Yuan immediately began to improve the original Earth Arteries program, saving a lot of costs and shortening the construction period.

“To calculate the time, Ke Xinhong should have been at the Southern Border Wujia, have you seen Wu Yong?”

Fang Yuan is planning to plan.

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