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Stars in childhood, giggling.


She wandered in the back hills, squatting in the rotten mountain flowers, playing in the sweet mountain springs.


She teased a young, civet cat full of spirituality, which she accidentally saved.


During this time, she will come to the cave to see it as soon as she has time, feed it, and tease it.


“You are playing again?!” A voice came suddenly behind him.


The childhood star was trembled, his hair was numb, and he slowly turned around, and he saw a white robe with a faceful representation of Genesis Immortal Venerable.


“Master…” Stars lowered his head and sounded like a mosquito.


“extend the hand.” Genesis Immortal Venerable took out the ruler.


Stars bite up jaw, sticking out a small white hand.




The ruler hit the palm of his hand and suddenly made a red seal.


Strong pains came, but the stars did not cry.


“Your recent homework is a mess, don’t practice extreme move, actually tease the kitten here?” Genesis Immortal Venerable gaze at the little civet cat behind the star.


Childhood stars suddenly burst into tears: “Master, don’t be angry, don’t catch Xiao Huang. It’s just not long before it hurts. I promise to practice adult move obediently in the future.”


Genesis Immortal Venerable is a deep star, but this moment’s star is full of courage and swears to protect the little civet.


Genesis Immortal Venerable squinted his face and lifted his childhood star: “You come with me.”


Stars feel that the wind is blowing, and you can’t open your eyes.


I don’t know how long it took, the sound of the wind that whispered in my ear suddenly stopped, and she felt her foot on the ground.


“You look at it.” Genesis Immortal Venerable’s voice came.


Stars opened their eyes and saw themselves standing in the middle of a ruin.


Her pupil was suddenly narrowed to the tip of the needle, and the purpose was to burn a house, each and every one of the bodies of men, women and children…


“This small village is originally quiet and peaceful, but it is next to the Boundary Wall. It was rushed in by a band of different race robbers and slaughtered,” Genesis Immortal Venerable said.


“How many times does this happen to you?” asked Genesis Immortal Venerable.


The childhood star was shocked and the subconsciously shook his head.


“Almost every day, this situation is happening.” Genesis Immortal Venerable sighed. “Not only the edge of the continent, but also the residual race in the hinterland of the Central Plains, often haunted and strangled us Human Race.”


“Today’s Zhongzhou, Heavenly Court has been established, Human Race has the upper hand, and nonhuman’s super power is not hiding, or fleeing from Zhongzhou. And the other four domains? It is still a different race. Do you know why?”


When the childhood star did not think much, he replied: “I know! I have already heard other brothers and sisters say that Master, you are in the middle of the Five Regions, and have tried all nonhuman superpowers. No matter how many nonhuman Gu Immortal can’t beat Master. You, but they are hiding. We can’t find them.”


“Not bad.” Genesis Immortal Venerable nodded. “Immortal Aperture Once you have set up Heaven and Earth, condense a little, we have to search for it, just like finding a needle in a haystack. It’s very difficult.”


“This is the case. Even though Human Race has my Immortal Venerable, it is invincible, but it is still difficult to effectively eradicate those nonhumans.”


“Our Human Race initially ruled Zhongzhou, but the other four domains are still difficult to liberate. Because my family’s population is too small, it is not comparable to nonhumans.”


“Even if we don’t start with the nonhuman Gu Masters of the four domains, they will be slaughtered. As long as the nonhuman Blessed Lands and Celestial Grottos are still there, the massive nonhumans can be easily cultivated.”


Once hidden, Blessed Lands and Celestial Grottos are hard to find, and the time inside is much faster than the outside world. This will lead to a rapid increase in the population.


Every once in a while, Blessed Lands and Celestial Grottos will open the door and release the extra population into the four domains.


“The Immortal Aperture of Gu Immortal is the foundation of nonhumans. If you can’t find a specific location, after I die, Human Race is still in jeopardy, repeating the tragedy of the past.” Genesis Immortal Venerable deeply sighs, stroking childhood stars, “This That’s why you have to work hard! Destiny shows that you will be the future Human Race Immortal Venerable, creating Wisdom Dao.”


“With Wisdom Dao, we can figure out the vast majority of Blessed Lands and Celestial Grottos, killing these nonhuman Gu Immortals and really laying the foundation for my Human Race’s.”


“Stars, you should understand that every moment you play here is delayed, our Human Race is killed under the knife of nonhumans. There are many old people, and there are many people who are quite old. People. When you are playing, the children who are as old as you can only fall into the pool of blood, and never see the sun of tomorrow.”


Childhood starry face pale as paper, close to lips, silent.


Genesis Immortal Venerable re-launched the ultimate move, took her back to the back hill, and did not continue to preach, so she went alone.


A few days later.


The childhood star and the little civet cat Xiao Huang.


Although Xiao Huang was very attached to her, she still sent it back to the mountains.


When she was alone again, she was kneeling on the floor, holding her knees and weeping.


“Although Master said that his old man is not wrong, but I am only a child. Brothers and sisters can play, why can’t I?”


“Is it because the fate stipulates that I am the future Immortal Venerable?”


The childhood star has been crying for a long time, until the night falls, Starry Sky in the summer night.


She slowly stood up, and her face was still tearful.


There was a starburst in her heart.


Stars took the group of stars and threw them in the back mountain.


This group of stars is faintly her shadow.


Childhood star to this group of shadows Dadow: “I don’t really want to be Immortal Venerable, but fate can’t be changed. Everyone is good to me, I want to think about them, and want to make our entire Human Race happy. .”


“If there is an afterlife, you will play well and make up for my regret in this life!”


Star Shadow will not be able to patrol.


The childhood star stared at her and said: “Give you a name again. Since Master often praises me for being a slap in the face, I am smart.”


Star Shadow got the name and seemed very happy and flew away.


The star of the youth period has already evolved into a mature female immortal.


She does not blindly retreat, often travels around the world to enrich her horizons.


It is useless to build a car behind closed doors, because what she needs is not to inherit Genesis Immortal Venerable’s clothes, but to create Wisdom Dao.


In disguise, she walked to Eastern Sea’s and she met at a Gu Immortal.


By chance, she and the Gu Immortal suffered three encounters, teamed up against each other, cut off the nonhuman tribe, explored the deep ditch of the sea, etc., and the friendship was rich and turned into love.




“You are actually a nonhuman!” Stars saw the true face of the sweetheart, shocked and retreated.


“Xinger, I didn’t mean to hide it. You listened to me.” The sweetheart was anxious.


Stars then shook his head violently and flew up.


The sweetheart is chasing after him, but he is seriously injured and finally falls from high altitude.


When he woke up from a coma, he found himself lying on a beach, surrounded by stars.


“You saved me, star! It must be you, where are you? Come out and meet me!” The sweetheart was pleasantly surprised, struggling to get up, calling hard, but never getting a response.


In the end, he can only leave the island.


In the setting sun, looking at the back of his solitary, the star stands on the beach and reveals the figure.


Her eyes are tearful and her heart is sad: “Why are you a nonhuman? If it is Human Race, how good. You know, I want to marry you. According to customs, Master has prepared an Embroidery for me. House, for dowry.”


“But I can’t.”


“Because I am a star, I will be the future Human Race Immortal Venerable.”


“I want to get rid of nonhuman Gu Immortal for Human Race. If I am your wife, how can I get my hands? Once the nonhuman is numb, where does Human Race go?”


Master’s expectations, Human Race’s hope that the people around them are carrying their shoulders on the stars.


But it is still heartache!


The pain of love can hardly tear the soul.


There is a burst of starlight in the heart of the stars.


She took the star out again.


She whispered to the star shadow: “If you praise me elegant and graceful, then I will give you a name for me. If you have an afterlife, please live for me, don’t worry about Human Race, don’t think about the safety of the future. Just live for yourself, be selfish for yourself, go to love with joy, and cry to you!”


The star shadow is swaying and seems to be responding.


The stars in his later years have become honorable.


On the main hall, she sits in the main position, and looks at her in front of her, taking care of her, and being like a mother and daughter.


“Let me go!” the sister shouted. “Asu, you are an Immortal Venerable, you can’t give up with Will of Heaven.”


“No.” Stars slowly shook his head. “Because I am Immortal Venerable, I have to do this.”


The sister is tearful: “Asu, when you just attended the teacher, you are only three years old. I have been taking care of you, looks at you a little bit taller, grows step by step, and finally becomes Human Race’s Constellation Immortal Venerable.”


“No one knows better than me, the bitterness and pain in this process. The price you pay for it is too much.”


“Now that you have done a good job, you have satisfied everyone’s expectations. You don’t want to sacrifice yourself anymore. You still have a lot of time to do what you want to do.”


“Don’t you talk to me often? In your life, although you have a lot of scenery, although you are praised, you have a lot of regrets. You should have lived a better life, Asu.”


“You have paid too much for Human Race, you should live for yourself.”


“So this time, let the sister and I go to assimilate Will of Heaven.”


Stars smiled, and the figure flashed, standing in front of the sister.


She gently wiped the sister’s tears and took a group of stars from her heart.




“You recently praised me and said that I am rich and graceful. My star shadow is called Feng Ya, let her accompany you for me. I am an orphan, I take care of me, my sister is my mother. Can I sacrifice you?”


“I paid so much anyway, I sacrificed so much, and I am used to it. Haha.”


“Let Feng Ya serve at your side and make up for my regrets.”


“I left three star shadows, but it was also the layout of my rebirth.”


“I don’t want one day to be born again. If things get corrupted to this point, I will be heavy again. I must listen to you, my sister. I will live for myself, regardless of the world, no matter what Human Race!”


“I also want to be selfish.”


Insanity Demon Lair.

When Ming Hao, Yu Xiu and Feng Ya were awakened, they got huge losses.


Fate Gu is ruined, Heavenly Court is defeated at the bottom, Fang Yuan is enchanted, Righteous waned, Demonic rised, and Zhongzhou is in crisis.


I once swear to myself!


I want to live for myself.


For your own happiness, for your own Passion, live for your own happiness.


Is there anything wrong with this don’t tell me?


I have completed my mission, I have created Wisdom Dao, I have eliminated most of the nonhuman Gu Immortal, I have led the Human Race to prosperity.


I should rest.


But why?


Why did I subconsciously start planning and starting the layout?


Why am I still fighting here?




Alum fairy at the smoke at the sky, licking a small mouth.


毓秀仙子looks at Demon Immortal Qi Jue, Eight Extremity Lords, etc., eyes cold.


Fengya fairy looked at Zhan Budu rushing up and smiled.


At this moment, the star glow of the three people flashed and reflected each other.


Three Immortals screamed in unison –


Bad for a lifetime,


Worry is in Yuanyuan.


Donate to die,


Starlight is shining on earth.


Heavy live things,


The five continents are different.


Dan Xin’s only one,


Three-phase pulls!


The stars are linked together, blending together and shining high.


Immediately turned into a fairy, the style is extraordinary, Star Pupil is splendid.








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