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“Constellation Immortal Venerable ?!”


At the top of Book Mountain, the three stars merged into a scene of Constellation Immortal Venerable, which shocked the bloody killing of the ordinary immortal.


Although the hearts of the cents have long been expected, Fate Gu has been destroyed, Venerable re-generation is possible. But when Venerable is really resurrected before their eyes, the hearts of the immortals still inevitably have strong shocks.


Constellation Immortal Venerable !

The only woman among the top ten Venerables, she pioneered Wisdom Dao, inherited Genesis Immortal Venerable’s legacy, promoted Heavenly Court, assimilated with Will of Heaven, and helped Heavenly Court defend against three descendants of Demon Venerable.


Her name is imprinted in the history of Human Race, shining and never fading.


Now she is born again!


“Stars, eat me a punch!” Zhan Budu did not hesitate to step on the foothills, sound like a thunder, like a fierce tiger, killing Constellation Immortal Venerable.


Constellation Immortal Venerable was born again and did not make Fang Yuan unexpected.


In fact, he has long speculated about the identity of the three fairies of Alum, Yuxiu and Fengya.


The three men are too strong, both are Quasi Immortal Venerable.


This alone is enough to illustrate the problem!


Heavenly Court is committed to repairing fate and working hard for more than a million years. But during the crucial Fate Great War period, only Duke Long, a Quasi Immortal Venerable battle strength, guarded Heavenly Court.


Now Heavenly Court in the Insanity Demon Lair, suddenly three more Quasi Immortal Venerable battle strength, indicating that all three of them were destroyed after the Fate Gu was destroyed.


Otherwise , Fate Great War How can they not participate?


Since it is the resurrection, it is Quasi Immortal Venerable, and it is inevitable that the history of the youth is famous. However, these three people are very mysterious.


More critically, Constellation Immortal Venerable has disappeared.


A combination of several clues, under the assumption of Fang Yuan’s powerful Wisdom Dao, Three Immortals is the star of the possibility more prominent.


It is as if Fang Yuan can create clones such as Qi Sea Old Ancestor, Zhan Budu, and Wu Shuai. Why is Constellation Immortal Venerable?


It’s just a three-phase clone of the star, a layer more than Fang Yuan’s clone.


The three fairies are one and the same, you can become a star!


In the face of the resurrection star, Zhan Budu is not afraid. His fist has not yet hit Constellation Immortal Venerable, and the strong boxing style has blown the long hair of Constellation Immortal Venerable’s Qingsi.


Constellation Immortal Venerable is a slight smile.


a moment later, Zhan Budu hit the star, but it passed directly.


Constellation Immortal Venerable is a bubble-like disillusionment.


This is fake, one layer phantom that’s all.


Realizing this, Zhan Budu quickly provoked the means of investigation and did not have an insight into the body of Constellation Immortal Venerable.


“Stars, and take a slow step.” In the Fortune Stealing Altar, the sound of Ju Yang immortal zombie suddenly came out.


A path of golden light fluttering in the air, revealing the presence of Constellation Immortal Venerable.


But Constellation Immortal Venerable is offering an ultimate move.


In Immortal Aperture, the Talenty of the Fengya Fairy, the seriousness of Yuxiu’s fairy, and the Learning Gu, which was temporarily extracted from the special intention in God Emperor City, were launched.


Immortal essence Consumed consumption, Constellation Immortal Venerable figure becomes illusory.


The golden light that Ju Yang immortal zombie evokes can’t stop her.


In the eyes of the public, Constellation Immortal Venerable flew up into the sky and flew into the realm!


“Damn!” Zhan Budu gnawed his teeth and quickly chased.


However, although he caught up with Constellation Immortal Venerable, the latter seemed to be a layer image, which was completely unaffected by Zhan Budu and quickly fell into the depths of the realm.


Zhan Budu has penetrated from the Yuanjing.


“Without special means, you can’t enter the realm!” Zhan Budu’s eyes are squirting.


Constellation Immortal Venerable is resurrected.


But she did not take action against Zhan Budu, but chose to go directly into the realm.


She is Venerable and can’t take action at will, otherwise it will be suppressed by Infinite Demonic Venerable like Qi Sea Old Ancestor.


She placed the Heavenly Court, the Book Mountain, the entire battlefield, and avoided it, but it was a fatal blow!


Lu Weiyin’s face is blue and ugly.


Yuanjing is the key to the battle of Insanity Demon Lair.


The reason why the crazy attack on Book Mountain is to prevent Heavenly Court from getting the mood. Unexpectedly, Constellation Immortal Venerable can only fly up and enter the world, even if it can’t collect the realm.


Zhan Budu is poorly equipped and difficult to stop.


In fact, even Ju Yang immortal zombie took action, still did not stop Constellation Immortal Venerable!


“How is this good?” Lu Weiyin was at a loss.


Constellation Immortal Venerable enters the realm and naturally fills in the missing Realm and quickly becomes the Wisdom Dao Supreme Grandmaster, regaining the identity of Wisdom Dao Dao Lord.


“don’t tell me the world, is it still being held by Heavenly Court?” Bing Saichuan lost his sigh.


“Not necessarily.” Ju Yang immortal zombie sneered, “Let’s go!”


a moment later , Fortune Stealing Altar A glowing golden glow.


The golden light shines into a road that stretches upwards.


It is the ultimate move of Fortune Stealing Altar – Transit Golden Da Da!


At the same time, the Fortune Suppression Heavenly Palace, which has been stuck in the middle of a wild large world, has also given its grandeur.


Since the Fortune Suppression Heavenly Palace fell into Insanity Demon Lair, it has been actively involved, and with the inference of Infinite Demonic Venerable, the participation of the evolution of the entire world has deepened.


The glory of the Fortune Suppression Heavenly Palace shines on the Fortune Stealing Altar, making the transfiguration Grand Dao a mysterious change.


Following the Golden Da Da, Ju Yang immortal zombie flew out of Fortune Stealing Altar and flew into the realm.


Ju Yang immortal zombie did not stop Constellation Immortal Venerable, but he has the world’s first Luck Dao rumor, using Fortune Stealing Altar, Fortune Suppression Heavenly Palace, so that he can really enter the realm.


Longevity Heaven All the people saw this scene and they were overjoyed.


Only Fang Yuan is left, and there is no discoloration.


“Awful!” Lu Weiyin’s face was blue and ugly.


Although Longevity Heaven has been working with Fang Yuan, it is clearly the nature of its use. At the moment, Ju Yang immortal zombie abandoned Fan Yuan directly and rushed to Yuanyuan.


It is conceivable that he will certainly make up for Luck Dao Realm in the Yuan Dynasty and become Luck Dao Dao Lord again!


Heavenly Court and Longevity Heaven abandoned Fang Yuan aside.


“Is this Venerable’s background?” Xiao Hejian sighed.


“Would we like to withdraw?” Bing Saichuan’s fighting spirit began to scatter.


Fang Yuan is the biggest enthusiasm of their nonhuman Gu Immortal, but it is obvious that Fang Yuan is not as good as the two Venerables, which makes the morale of nonhuman Gu Immortal fall rapidly.


“Don’t worry.” At this time, Fang Yuan’s body came from the loess large world.


His manner is still calm.


Lu Weiyin’s eyes suddenly brightened and the light of hope rose: “Fang Yuan, you have a way?”


Fang Yuan nodded and looked at Ling Cloud City: “Qi Jue, cooperate again.”


Demon Immortal Qi Jue flew out of Ling Cloud City: “Hey, I know you sent me a Rank 8 Immortal Gu Home, there must be a picture. But you have no problem with this move move, come on, let us cooperate once! ”


Fang Yuan reached out and took Hū Earth out of the Qi Sea clone Immortal Aperture.


At the same time, Demon Immortal Qi Jue’s head reveals Xī Earth.


Hū Earth and Xī Earth are quickly approaching each other.


Lu Weiyin See you here, I am overjoyed: “I understand, “Human Ancestor Biography” has been recorded!”


Chapter 5 of Human Ancestor Biography, verse 37.


Wisdom Gu was taken by One’s Self Gu and felt very life Qi and decided to retaliate.


Wisdom Gu found a lie: “Whatever I say, no matter what, it is full of wisdom, will mention and help people. This is not good, so I am looking for your help.”


When you lie, you ask, “How do you want me to help you?”


Wisdom Gu said: “This is easy, very simple. Human Ancestor and his pair of children are currently in the realm. The front of the territory is Xī Earth, followed by Hū Earth. You enter the world and swindle Human Ancestor Then tell him: the front of the environment is Hū Earth, followed by Xī Earth.”


The lie is very doubtful: “Can you avenge you?”


Wisdom Gu laughed: “People must inhale first, then exhale. Xī Earth, Hū Earth is the breath of Heaven and Earth. You have done it according to my guidance.”


The lie came to the Yuan Dynasty according to the arrangement of Wisdom Gu. It told Human Ancestor: “Human, you have to be careful. You are in a very wonderful place. When you go forward, you will go to Hū Earth. You Going back will go to Xī Earth.”


Human Ancestor is trying to leave the world and thinks: “I have gotten the advice of Beastman, don’t let me go to Hū Earth. Then I will go back and go to Xī Earth.”


Human Ancestor took his children, Vigorous True Martial, Unfettered Wisdom Heart, and walked back from the Yuande depart.


So they came to be atrived at Hū Earth.


“This is not Xī Earth!” Unfettered Wisdom Heart realized they were cheated.


Human Ancestor patted his heart: “Fortunately, I have died once, and the betrayal has already left. Otherwise I care, betrayed will hurt me.”


But Vigorous True Martial suddenly realized what he was, and quickly called out: “Be bad!”


“What’s wrong?” Human Ancestor just wanted to ask, this time, his One’s Self Gu flew away.


One’s Self Gu left Human Ancestor and left a sentence before leaving: “Human, you put Manner Gu on top of me, you even lie to yourself, don’t blame me for leaving you.”


At the beginning, Human Ancestor sheltered the weak. The weaker man, Human Ancestor, let him wear Manner Gu on top of One’s Self Gu and even lie to himself. Do the most complete deception camouflage, then come to scam the Predicament.


If a person lie to himself, he will leave the person and the person will lose himself.


Human Ancestor was angry and anxious: “What to do, One’s Self Gu has gone away from me. Without it, how can I get free? How can I get rid of Fate Gu’s restraint?”


“One’s Self Gu once ate a betrayal, which means there is betrayal, I have long been dissatisfied with it.” Capability Gu on Vigorous True Martial is shouting.


Expert instinct will be dissatisfied with himself.


“One’s Self Gu is flying away, we are almost invisible. We are chasing it!” Unfettered Wisdom Heart reminded.


The three broke into a run and chased One’s Self Gu.


One’s Self Gu ran very fast and got into a river.


The water surface of the river is gentle, and there are large and small pieces of ice floes floating on the water.


“Here is the time of the river, the fact that floating on the river is the fact that ice floes.” The three people of Human Ancestor quickly recognized them, and they grew their knowledge from the Universe Crystal Wall.


Human Ancestor looked into the distance and said, “I think One’s Self Gu is hidden in the center of the ice floes. Let’s get it back!”


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