Northern Plains.

The two figures were stunned in the air, and the ultimate move continued to spurt and sizzle and thunder.

One of the males, who specializes in Light Dao, has a white robe, a long body, a shoehorn face, and a small eye as a soy bean.

And another female immortal, a black gold armor, with a half mask, raised hands and arrogant.

In addition to the confrontation between the two immortals, there are more than a dozen Gu Immortal watching.

“Brother, kill this woman quickly!” The female immortal Liu Lou of the battle yelled, and the eyes eyes stared at the battlefield.

Beside her, there is the Gu Immortal elder of Liu Family.

In addition, Gu Immortal of Northern Plains Huang Jin Tribe also came a lot, Chanyu Family of Chanyu Family, Gong Family’s palace is so fast.

The male squad in combat is the famous Rank 7 expert in the Northern Plains Righteous Path – Liu Chang.

And female immortal is Hei Loulan.

Hei Loulan was renamed Black Moon, and challenged the expert. After defeating Chen Cheng and Yin Yin from the beginning, he successively challenged the exploit in demo immortal and Demon Immortal. No defeat, no name, Northern Plains.

Liu Chang and Liu Lou’s two brothers and sisters had previously failed to recruit Yin, and they were in conflict with Hei Loulan produce.

Liu Chang publicly challenged Fairy Black Moon for the sake of revenge.

As soon as the news came out, it immediately caused the Northern Plains Gu Immortal World’s to shake.

Therefore, there is this battle in front of you!

Immortal Realm Ultimate Move – Twilight.

Liu Chang mobilized the ultimate move, and the underarms condensed a light and shadow of a pony, carrying him flying around in the sky.

This mobility ultimate move is excellent, keeping Liu Chang and Hei Loulan at a certain distance.

Liu Chang has wisely chosen the teletactic tactic since the last time he suffered a big loss in Hei Loulan.

“Brother, that’s it! Let this woman suffer from loss in your back, and finally it will be killed in vain! Hahaha.” Liu Lou screamed constantly, cheering Liu Chang up, and the laughter was very harsh.

But at this moment, Hei Loulan’s figure dissipated in place.

It is a phantom!

“What time is it?” Liu Chang was shocked, knowing that he was going to dodge.

But Hei Loulan’s real body appeared behind him.

Hōng hōng hōng ……

The fist shadow flew, like a rainstorm, and Liu Chang was covered.

Liu Chang shouted, desperately urging the protective ultimate move, and constantly beating.

Liu Lou’s laughter stopped short.

Hei Loulan’s series of attacks, violently fierce, let the eyes of the Righteous Path Gu Immortal see eyelid shivering.

“it is good!”

“Playing too well.”

“Finally caught this sly Liu Chang!”

The watched imose immortal and the Demon Immortal cheered and praised them.

Among them, in addition to Chen Cheng, Wu Guang, and Yin, there are many other people.

Some of these people were defeated by Hei Loulan, while others heard Hei Loulan’s deeds and took the initiative.

“Black Moon adults have the upper hand.” Wu Guang smiled with sound transmission and communicated privately.

“Do you think that Black Moon has become stronger than before? Speaking of it, Black Moon is constantly challenging, and her battle strength is also improving rapidly. Wu brother, don’t tell me? “There is some uncertainty in Yin.”

Wu Guang sank a bit, shook his head slightly, and the sound transmission replied: “I certainly found this situation. But how can the world have such rapid progress? I am afraid that Black Moon has hidden power before, or she has been retreating. With the increasing experience of actual combat and the integration of various means, it gives people the feeling of rapid strength.”

Yin nodded nodded, was about to speak, and the situation changed.

Gu Immortal Liu Chang is a famous Northern Plains’ expert. After some hard work, he finally escaped from Hei Loulan’s offensive range.

Hei Loulan certainly didn’t want to let him go, and immediately got up and chased.

I know that Liu Chang suddenly stopped the figure, turned to face her, and laughed with a sigh: “Black Moon, you count me!”

Immortal Realm Ultimate Move – dazzling!

For a moment, the glare broke out and the entire battlefield was shrouded.

Gu Immortal watched the game and closed his eyes. Hei Loulan also subconsciously closed his eyes.

But when she opened again, she still had a white face.

In the dazzling ultimate move, the field of vision is immediately blank, and then can not be seen.

“Oops, Liu Chang actually practiced this ultimate move.”

“No wonder he has no fear, openly challenge the Black Moon adult!”

“This move is the signature means of Liu Family. Unless you use the unique move of Liu Family, the gu cultivator will be very difficult to recover once it is recruited.”

Many rogue cultivators and Demon Immortal have changed their faces, and the atmosphere immediately rises again.

Because of this battle, it is not just a simple Liu Chang and Hei Loulan’s confrontation.

In the current environment, this test has already contained more political significance.

As the rootless passive Fairy Black Moon, it represents the Immortal Formation camp. Liu Chang naturally represents the Northern Plains Righteous Path.

Since Plaine War, Northern Plains Longevity Heaven has actively integrated Northern Plains Gu Immortal World.

In the absence of such loose immortal, the expert in Demonic Path, was hailed by Huang Jin Tribe, and the attitude of recruiting was very strong.

Individual lose immortal is willing to not mention, the key is that most rogue cultivator, Demonic Path Gu Immortal are not willing, but they are too lonely, do not want to offend these Northern Plains Righteous Path, many people dare to speak.

In this case, Hei Loulan’s appeared to give these Gu Immortal a banner.

Hei Loulan dared to challenge everywhere, not afraid of the Consciousness of Huang Jin Tribe, and was very encouraged by these loose immortal and Demon Immortal.

Especially in the present, Snow Mountain Blessed Land is destroyed, Old Ancestor Xuehu and other Demonic Path heads are hidden, rogue cultivator, demonic cultivator need a leader.

It is for this reason that Hei Loulan was only at the initiative of Wu Guang and Yin Wu. There were a lot of loose immortal and Demon Immortal in this battle to take the initiative to watch and give Hei Loulan a keep watch.

Hei Loulan had an extreme move at this time, and his eyes could not see things. These Gu Immortal’s nervous concerns were also from the heart.

Liu Chang calmly receded and smiled.

Immortal Realm Ultimate Move – radiant.

The injury on his body began to heal slowly.

Immortal Realm Ultimate Move – sparkling.

There was a burst of light shining around him, as if thousands of fish scales were shining.

“It’s not good!” Chen Cheng frowned deeply. “This trick is to restrain the means of investigation.”

Innocent, Wu Guang stopped talking secretly and watched the battlefield nervously.

Although Gu Immortal does not look at at, there are always various means of investigation. Only now, after Liu Chang cast this ultimate move, other methods of detection may not be very good.

Since he did not look at the at, Hei Loulan simply closed his eyes.

She was in danger and sighed: “Liu Chang, Liu Chang, it’s a pity that you missed the last chance.”

Liu Chang hearing that sneak, sneer: “Fairy Black Moon, why are you bluffing? You have lost, my Liu Family’s dazzling ultimate move 岂 can you crack in this battle? You delay more Time is useless!”

Hei Loulan no longer refutes.

She responded with practical actions.

An ultimate move is displayed.

Immortal Realm Ultimate Move – You Duoli Biao!

A black tiger came out.

“Is this trick again?” Liu Chang flashed a dignified color.

“It’s not the same!” Yin has no eyes and eyes flashed. “The black gold giant tiger seems to have wings on his back?!”

“What? I didn’t see it.” Wu Guang said.

When the totem black tiger just condensed, it disappeared instantly, and many people including Wu Guang did not see it clearly.

“Where did you go? Don’t tell me Have hidden ability?” Liu Chang’s face changed slightly and he quickly applied for investigation.

But a moment later, his pupil suddenly narrowed into a needle tip, and his face was full of fear.

The black gold giant suddenly appeared behind him!


When the giant tiger pats the paw, Liu Chang is like a ball.

Liu Chang’s whistling wind whispered in the air, and the heart was full of horror.

Just after the blow, Juli came and almost collapsed his defensive ultimate move.

“It’s not the hidden means of the black tiger, but the speed of it. It’s too fast, too fast!”

The speed of the black gold giant tiger has surpassed the limit that Gu Immortal can capture with the naked eye. It is like a phantom, suddenly disappearing and disappearing suddenly.

Each time appears, and Liu Chang is shot with one claw.

Liu Chang was completely caught in the wind and was beaten to fight back.

If he is pushing the ultimate move, he may be able to escape. But now that he is completely passive, he must fully mobilize the defense, otherwise a moment later will be lined up by a black giant tiger.


The black tiger made a final blow and took Liu Chang directly into the ground.

The smoke was rolling, and Liu Chang was trapped in a deep pit, and he was in a coma.

“Brother!” Liu Lou screamed and pointed at Hei Loulan. “You are a monk, you actually killed my brother. How dare you do this! I want you to die, I want you to die!”

She wanted to rush, but was taken by the elderly Liu Family Gu Immortal.

Just then, a joy of joy suddenly came.

Liu Lou stunned.

I can’t believe myself: “How can I feel happy when my brother is off?”

The rest of the Righteous Path are also slightly discolored at the same time, all to a final experience.

Gong Gong quickly shook his head, forced to calm down, whispered: “Liu Family fairy is not safe, Liu brother is not dead, there is a breath.”

“You give me calm, so many people look at, don’t lose the face of my Liu Family!” Liu Family Gu Immortal reprimanded and then flew into the field slowly.

He gave a punch to Hei Loulan: “Fairy Black Moon, this battle is your victory.”

As soon as the voice fell, Liu Family Revered Elder almost fell into tears.

A strong sadness suddenly filled his heart.

Hei Loulan nodded. “So, what about the gamble in this battle?”

She is also uncomfortable.

First, I felt the inexplicable joy, and then it was a strong sorrow. What happened?

Liu Family Gu Immortal The elders calmed down and immediately answered Hei Loulan. “It’s already in the Yellow Heaven.”

Since Liu Chang lost, so many people look at, the Liu Family elders will be calm, and send a generous cultivation resource directly to Bao Yellow Heaven.

Bao Yellow Heaven has its own treasure light to distinguish the value, and at the same time, it seems that Liu Family is bright and open.

The presence of the ordinary immortal has used Gu insect, communication treasure Yellow Heaven, and really saw the Liu Family’s bet.

“The Heaven and Earth Mystic Realm is still there!”

“Accurately speaking, this is part of the realm.”

“I don’t know if that is a Great Expert, but it is sold in the Yuan Dynasty!”

The attention of Gu Immortal has been involved in other aspects.

Not long ago, a part of the realm suddenly shocked the Yellow Valley, which brought a strong shock to Five Regions Gu Immortal World.

Innocent, this is a loud shout, and the shouts mobilized the attention of the singers again: “According to the agreement, Liu Family was also asked to solve the glamorous ultimate move on Fairy Black Moon.”

“This is natural.” Liu Family Gu Immortal is also very happy, and immediately exerts an extreme move to let Hei Loulan repeat the light.

Hei Loulan took a lightly nod to the Liu Family Gu Immortal, and took back the Liu Duli Biao from Liu Chang.

This totem ultimate move has been improved, has become her unique means, the battle strength skyrocketing!

When Chen Cheng saw this, he secretly spit out one mouthful of impure air and let go of his heart: “After this battle, the Black Moon revered master will take it to the next level.”

Liu Lou floats Liu Chang, hate-ly said: “Black Moon, you are happy. We have a Roundeous Path expert, you are better than Liu Chang, but you have won others? Others Don’t say, you can’t pass the Chu Family’s Revered Great Family Elder Chu Du.”

However, at this time, a strong Love flowed from her heart.

Liu Lou’s face was immediately distorted.

“What’s going on! Why do I look at Black Moon, is there a strong feeling of love?”

Hei Loulan is also uncomfortable, but his expression does not change, sneer: “Chu Du? I have long been known, he also specializes in Strength Dao. I will challenge him next time!”

Loose immortal, Demon Immortal, and others suddenly changed their face.

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