Insanity Demon Lair.

Ninth layer.

Four Gu Immortal came to be at the edge of the mad magic grand formation.

“Is this the fact that ice floes?” Zhan Budu raised his brow.

“It seems that it is not easy to go deep into this battle.” Qi Sea Old Ancestor looks dignified. Unlike the ontology, they don’t have the Ability To Concentrate Gu.

“Stars lead, closest to the grand formation center. Ju Yang Immortal Venerable is second, and Fang Yuan is at the end.” Lu Weiyin looked at the grand formation and was nervous.

Fang Yuan does not have an advantage, he must do his best to help him!

Demon Immortal Qi Jue stared at the grand formation in front of him, seemingly recalling something, whispering in his mouth: “Infinite, you guy…”

He took the lead and officially set foot on a factual ice floe.

The rest of the Three Immortals looked at each other and set off.

There is nothing wrong with “Human Ancestor Biography”. The fact that ice floes are placed in the eyes of everyone, the size is different, and the emotional impact is different.

This will not allow Gu Immortal to move forward. The best way to penetrate is to act alone and choose the ice float that best suits you.

Fang Yuan has been urging the Ability To Concentrate Gu.

This Gu Insect has only the Rank 8 level, and this mad magic formation is as high as Rank 9.

The deeper the grand formation, the stronger the emotional impact felt by Fang Yuan. At the beginning of the promotion of Ability To Concentrate Gu, the impact of these emotions can be exempted, and Fang Yuan can’t feel it.

But now, Fang Yuan feels like it is just the stage of grand formation, temptation.

As for Ju Yang immortal zombie and Constellation Immortal Venerable.

After the two people experienced the Fang Yuan’s means, they also took out their own trump card.

Ju Yang immortal zombie mobilizes the family’s affection, sharing their emotions.

Constellation Immortal Venerable mentions a mysterious Heaven and Earth Mystic Realm!

This Mystic Realm is like a cage, and it is like a lantern. Involuntarily reminds Fang Yuan of a record in Human Ancestor Biography.

Two Venerable’s background, much deeper than Fang Yuan.

They are also fully prepared for Insanity Demon Lair.

Fang Yuan is therefore still in the final position of the three Immortals.

Fang Yuan did not give up and still gritted his teeth.

The situation is not good anymore,

The emotional impact is getting stronger and stronger, and he has been fascinated.

But Fang Yuan is not worried.

It’s already so fierce because of the emotional shock he has suffered here, and the two Venerables in front are more so.

Fang Yuan perseverance quickly arrived at the outcome.

The forefront of the Constellation Immortal Venerable is getting slower and slower, and after a set of facts, it takes a long time to go on.

Constellation Immortal Venerable is slower, as is the Ju Yang immortal zombie.

Gradually, the distance between the three Gu Immortal began to shorten again.

Constellation Immortal Venerable often looks back, and the Ju Yang immortal zombie in the middle often pauses to observe Constellation Immortal Venerable and Fang Yuan. It was a tough trek, and Three Immortals fully appreciated the toughness and patience of each other at the sea.

After such a situation stagnated for a while, the difference changed.

Constellation Immortal Venerable Suddenly spit blood, holding the fact that the ice floes fell down.

Her body began to flash blue star glow.

The star glow quickly dimmed, and it was re-reduced into three phases with one minute and three!

“Could it be that, the resurrection of Constellation Immortal Venerable is not complete, only a temporary resurrection. Is the real stability still the same state of the three Quasi Immortal Venerable?” Fang Yuan moved his heart.

Ju Yang immortal zombie has a heart: “Opportunity!”

He gritted the perseverance and slowly crossed the Constellation Immortal Venerable.

The three-phase star has stayed on the original facts of the ice floes, all in the hurry, eyes closed.

When Fang Yuan also overtook them, he could not hesitate.

Is it necessary to be in danger?

Fang Yuan quickly pressed this impulse.

Now he is deep into the Infinite mad magic formation, a little offensive, I am afraid it will immediately provoke Infinite’s counter-attack, and the end is likely to be worse than the previous Qi Sea clone.

Moreover, if Fang Yuan competes with Constellation Immortal Venerable, isn’t it cheap to let the first Ju Yang immortal zombie get cheaper?

Didn’t see Ju Yang immortal zombie, regardless of the star three-phase, go straight to the center of the grand formation.

“If you return to Supreme Grandmaster Realm, let Venerable take the lead. The result of the Infinite Demonic Venerable deduction is that it will make Venerable stand out from each other’s competition!”

Fang Yuan heart during the battle made sure this guess.

“It’s time!” Fang Yuan paused on the factual ice floe, forcing a lot of emotional torture and stimulating an Immortal Realm Ultimate Move.

Immortal Realm Ultimate Move – calm and calm!

The ultimate move effect was immediate, and Fang Yuan was still tormenting the moment before, and the heavy emotions that caused Fang Yuan to almost fall out of his mind, almost disappeared at this moment, if not.

Fang Yuan mastered the massive Immortal Gu Formula and also the massive ultimate move.

This trick is calm and self-contained.

This move requires two cores, namely Dingxiang and Zhenlai.

Fang Yuan is not fixed, but also does not refine the Immortal Rank, but he has the Ability To Concentrate Gu. Before Fang Yuan trudged, he improved to this moment and finally was able to use this trick.

As for the town, Fang Yuan is exactly there.

Thanks to Heavenly Court.

Before Fate Great War, Fang Yuan had a few battles with the time and the Heavenly Court Gu Immortal. One of them, Fang Yuan destroyed the Guard River Lock Lotus grand formation and seized the town.

The town is Rank 8 and the Ability To Concentrate Gu is also Rank 8.

The core is the ultimate move of the Rank 8 level, which is naturally more powerful and effective than the separate Ability To Concentrate Gu.

Fang Yuan speed increases!

However, he had a long distance from Ju Yang immortal zombie, although Fang Yuan did his best and did not catch up with Ju Yang immortal zombie.

“I didn’t expect Ju Yang Immortal Venerable to be the first to reach the grand formation center!” Lu Weiyin sighed deeply.

Ju Yang immortal zombie suddenly stopped standing under the gaze of Fang Yuan, the three-phase star and the rest of Quasi Immortal Venerable’s.

He stayed on a factual ice floe, the largest ice floe in the center of the grand formation, a step away.

But the face of Ju Yang immortal zombie is now hesitant.

What is he hesitating?

Taking advantage of this hesitant effort, Fang Yuan also rushed up.

“Fellow Immortal Fang Yuan, there are some flaws here.” Ju Yang immortal zombie took the initiative to open the road.

Since he and Fang Yuan went deep into the grand formation, they have been competing in the dark, and the atmosphere between the two is subtle, which is still the first time.

Fang Yuan blinked in the eyes and carefully looked at the facts of the ice in front of him. For a time, he did not see any clues.

But he did not venture.

The Ju Yang immortal zombie is the best benchmark.

Since he is so close to success, he still stops, showing that there must be flaws.

“It’s true.” Fang Yuan nodded and smiled.

Ju Yang immortal zombie Seeing this, my heart was slightly shocked. The reason why he stopped. It was his own Luck Dao investigation. The unusual move was slightly different, which made him feel something wrong and could not see anything. But now look at Fang Yuan’s look, don’t tell me what is the key point?

For Fang Yuan, Ju Yang immortal zombie pays enough attention.

In his view: Fang Yuan itself can be selected by Will of Heaven, there is enough natural talent, which is beyond the reach of ordinary people. In order to destroy Fate Gu, Fang Yuan has been awarded at many Gu Venerable grants. Arrived at now, Paradise Immortal Venerable, Heavenly Thief Demonic Venerable, but Reckless Demonic Venerable is still funding him!

Ju Yang immortal zombie can’t ignore the rest of Venerable even if he doesn’t pay attention to Fang Yuan.

Therefore, Fang Yuan sees the key, and he does not see it, he is not surprised.

“Also ask Fellow Immortal Fang Yuan for advice.” Ju Yang immortal zombie continued.

Fang Yuan can’t help but I was surprised that Ju Yang immortal zombie was a Venerable identity, and actually asked for advice from myself. There was no psychological barrier.

However, Fang Yuan does not understand what it is.

So he looked back and looked at Constellation Immortal Venerable.

The three fairies still stayed where they were, and eyes closed meditating.

Then, Fang Yuan turned his attention to Ju Yang immortal zombie and smiled and said: “Eternal Life’s results can’t be taken lightly, but you and I can share. What is the price of Ju Yang Immortal Venerable?”

No matter what is tricky, first tap the benefits from Ju Yang Immortal Venerable!

Ju Yang immortal zombie eyelid bright glow flashes, is about to open, then the most central fact on the ice floes has a head.

“Well?” The attention of Ju Yang immortal zombie was immediately drawn.

Fang Yuan is also a glimpse.

Subsequently, the three-phase star, Lu Weiyin and others also discovered this vision.

In the fact that ice floes, a Rank 7 Gu Immortal was drilled.

The Rank 7 Gu Immortal, Fang Yuan still knows!

It’s not the fairy in the Insanity Demon Lair Three Monsters!

Insanity Demon’s Three Monsters are Wisdom Dao Gu Immortal Schemer, Earth Dao Gu Immortal, and Law Dao Gu Immortal.

The three are based in Insanity Demon Lair and have been wondering how to hit the channel and enter the bottom of Insanity Demon Lair to get the secret of Eternal Life.

Speaking of ambition, they and Fang Yuan are completely fellow people.

Insanity Demon’s Three Monsters lacked the ability to even enter the Eighth layer and absorbed the Strength Dao Gu Immortal Chu Du. Chu Du introduced Fang Yuan again, which was followed by Fang Yuan’s footsteps in Insanity Demon Lair.

Later, Fang Yuan prepared for Fate Great War and came to Insanity Demon Lair to invite Insanity Demon’s Three Monsters take action to participate in Fate Great War.

Insanity Demon’s Three Monsters promised, but after the end of the Fate Great War, the three figures were not seen. And since then, they have lost contact with Fang Yuan.

Unexpectedly, it’s not that the fairy actually appeared here!

It’s not the fairy at the Ar Yang immortal zombie, it’s amazed, and it’s the color of vigilance. He did not recognize the identity of Ju Yang immortal zombie, but from the terrifying smell of Ju Yang immortal zombie, it is known that this immortal zombie is not easy to provoke.

Then, not the fairy and the seen at Fang Yuan, the brow flies, and the joy is infinite: “Fellow Immortal Fang Yuan, you finally came here!”

Ju Yang immortal zombie jumped in the heart and immediately shifted his gaze. He kept a close eye on Fang Yuan: “Fellow Immortal Fang Yuan, you have a deep arrangement and admire.”

Fang Yuan shook his head slightly: “Is this what I can arrange? Not Fellow Immortal, I don’t know Schemer, fat mountain…”

Not a fairy immediately replied: “Inside it.”

He showed another color: “I was originally waiting for Three Immortals to agree to Fellow Immortal, to participate in Fate Great War, and Heavenly Court. But that day, Insanity Demon Lair suddenly changed, and I took three of them. At here. After the will of Infinite Demonic Venerable, I waited for three people to understand the original.”

“It turned out that I waited for three people to stay here forever, and sincerely, I was finally seen by the will of Infinite adults. He arranged us here, in conjunction with the grand formation, to manipulate the practice, and to continually sculpt this factual ice floe.”

“Once all the worlds of the eighth layer merge into one, completely eliminate them, and turn them into clues and powers, all bet on this mad magic formation. We can succeed this ice floe and find Eternal Life. The law!”

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