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Long before the support of Huang Jin Tribe, Longevity Heaven has detected the riot of the arrested forbidden land.


Longevity Heaven is from Bing Saichuan to oversee.


Bing Saichuan negotiated with Sovereign Yao and the Eight Extremity Lords part of Gu Immortal.


“The riots in the forbidden places are not trivial, and they cannot be saved.”


“In my opinion, I have to find out the reasons for the riots in the forbidden land!”


“Maybe because the sun is annihilated, the formation of the sky, leading to the decline of Light Dao, Dark Dao Changlong. And the Hualin Forbidden Area itself has a rich Dark Dao Dao Mark.”


After a moment of discussion, Bing Saichuan personally dispatched to the forbidden ground to explore, while the rest continued to be stationed at Longevity Heaven.


The reason for this arrangement is that Bing Saichuan has mastered a Time Dao ultimate move that traces the source and sees the truth that happened in the past.


Longevity Heaven Immortal Aperture opened wide, Bing Saichuan, as if it was a cold light, quickly dive down and flew straight to the flower forest.


Zuo Ye Hui has long been hidden in the secluded, near the Longevity Heaven Immortal Aperture portal.


He looks at the portal to open and close, and keeps pressing.


The portal is indeed a good opportunity to enter and exit Celestial Grotto, but it is very eye-catching. Even if Zuo Ye Hui has hidden means, it is not good to do so.


Each time Immortal Aperture opens the door, which is the most concerned time for Gu Immortal in Immortal Aperture. Zuo Ye Hui If you do this, it is simply an active exposure, looking for bitterness, and not taking Bing Saichuan in your eyes.


Zuo Ye Hui doesn’t want to be hard.


Although he is a legendary Immemorial legend, compared with Longevity Heaven and Ju Yang Immortal Venerable, he can’t count anything.


From beginning to end, he never thought about rushing hard to rescue Heaven Protection Light.


Rescue is a kind of technical activity, so it is easy to make it easy, and put yourself in!


Zuo Ye Hui continues to hide the figure and starts to push the ultimate move.


“The opportunity at the moment is a rare event. Ju Yang Immortal Venerable and other Three Venerables are fighting, and there is no limit to clone. The Hualin Forbidden Land has also spurred one Rank 8 expert. The specific location of the Longevity Heaven Immortal Aperture portal is also exposed. I must hurry! ”


Zuo Ye Hui and Heaven Protection Light have a magical connection.


With this connection, Zuo Ye Hui’s Dark Dao ultimate move is gradually showing miraculous effects.


In Longevity Heaven, Heaven Protection Light is held in Fortune Stealing Altar.


Suddenly, Heaven Protection Light suddenly bowed his head and looked at his heart. Then immediately, he reacted, snarled and began to struggle fiercely and fiercely.


Fortune Stealing Altar swayed and the members of the Eight Extremity Lords guarded outside. Seeing this situation quickly took action to suppress Heaven Protection Light.


“Heaven Protection Light, you tried so many times, you still can’t understand that you can’t get rid of Fortune Stealing Altar alone?”


“Returning my Longevity Heaven is your only way out.”


“As long as you trust me to Longevity Heaven, you can get the shelter of Ju Yang Immortal Venerable.”


Heaven Protection Light roared: “Return my Rank 9 light!”


Eight Extremity Lords also advised: “Heaven Protection Light, the light has always been wild, temporarily living on you, how can it be yours?”


“Yes. Ju Yang Immortal Venerable, but I won the battle with the two, it is the thing of my Longevity Heaven!”


“You should thank my family Immortal Venerable and the Prince. If you are not the two of them, you may have been stunned by the stars or Fang Yuan’s poisonous hand.”


Heaven Protection Light was quickly suppressed by the suppression of the momentum, but still cried: “I will be light, I will consider the surrender!”


Several Eight Extremity Lords look at each other in dismay, and immediately shook their heads, once again increasing the pressure on Fortune Stealing Altar.


In the end, Heaven Protection Light was exhausted with a strong unwillingness, resentment, and anger, and was suppressed.


But this time, he has new hopes.


“Brother, I am here to save you, let’s get together!” The heart of Heaven Protection Light inexplicably emerged as a black liquid, and the black liquor turned into a tiny Zuo Ye Hui.


Zuo Ye Hui paused, continue: “I have improved the ultimate move, and will continue to accumulate strength in your body. When the accumulation is enough, you can suddenly break out with my strength. By then, I will be outside with Longevity Heaven. Make a gap!”


Heaven Protection Light is not at ease: “Ju Yang Immortal Venerable is not a small matter, pay attention to him, you can never put yourself in.”


Zuo Ye Hui tells Heaven Protection Light what it is.


Heaven Protection Light: “Four scuffles, I am afraid that it will last a long time. This is indeed the best time for me to escape! Unfortunately, your arrangement in the forbidden land of Hualin only leads to a Bing Saichuan.”


“Longevity Heaven is cautious in order to guard against Fang Yuan. Fang Yuan’s three major clones are destroyed in Zhongzhou, and the Starry Sky actuarial array has been completely unrecognizable.” Zuo Ye Hui analyzed.


Two Immemorial legends secret communication, no one in Longevity Heaven is aware.


Besides, Bing Saichuan left Longevity Heaven and quietly flew into the forbidden land of Hualin.


He explored all the way, traced back to the source, and gradually approached the location where Zuo Ye Hui placed the Immortal Formation.


“Bitterness!” Lu Qingming and Su Guang of the Immortal Formation mastered the grand formation and noticed the trace of the arrived at Bing Saichuan in advance.


Both of them looked like a dirt, and they all knew that the situation was very critical.


Once they were discovered by Bing Saichuan, they would not be spared.


The two immortals also thought about surrender, but in the body of Zuo Ye Hui’s Dark Dao means, as long as a little attempt to surrender, Dark Dao means to take away the two lives.


However, the two people have to constantly push the Immortal Formation to expand the scale of the animal tide, and they can’t stop for a moment.


Otherwise, the Dark Dao means will also be launched, killing the two people.


“Zuo Ye Hui is taking us as cannon fodder!”


“Oh, I didn’t think that today is the time of our death.”


Just when the two were desperate, the turnaround suddenly appeared.


“Who is it?!” Bing Saichuan stopped in the footsteps, his eyes were cold and the whole god was on alert.


Lin Jianxing’s heart jumped.


He also disappeared into the forbidden land, the purpose is to obtain some uncommon immortal materials, to help him improve the sword forest ultimate move.


As a result, it was found that there was a beast production.


This is a good thing for Lin Jianxing.


In the case of chaos, the fish in troubled waters is definitely more suitable for him.


Lin Jianxing went deep into the forbidden area, encountered Bing Saichuan.


Although he is Quasi Immortal Venerable battle strength, the hidden means are not good at it. Fortunately, Bing Saichuan stayed in the same place, and after glanced at the laps, he shook his head again.


“Maybe I read it wrong?”


Bing Saichuan whispered a word and continued on, constantly detecting.


He did not find any signs of humanity in this beast, but he also did not find out what the source of the eruption was.


Therefore, along with all kinds of traces, he gradually approached the Dark Dao Immortal Formation.


Just then, a group of four-footed White Scale snakes suddenly came.


The White Scale snakes have already rioted, and after discovering Bing Saichuan, they flew without thinking.


Bing Saichuan’s eyes narrowed and he was about to take action to kill the snakes. At this point, a pair of Sword Qi shot him in front of him.


Bing Saichuan was no accident, took action quickly, and defended Sword Qi. Lin Jian, who showed the trace: “Oh, sure enough… ah? Lin Jianxing!”


Bing Saichuan said that in the second half, he recognized Lin Jianxing.


Since Heavenly Court’s five cents lost in the hands of Lin Jianxing, his voice and appearance have been widely circulated. Bing Saichuan on the side of Longevity Heaven is naturally clear.


For a moment, Bing Saichuan frowned: “Fellow Immortal, don’t tell me, are you going to be embarrassed with my Longevity Heaven?”


Lin Jianxing also frowned, but looked at the group of White Scale snakes. He frankly said: “The serpent tongue of this White Scale snake is the Sword Dao immortal materials I need. I also came for them. I also want Bing. Saichuan Fellow Immortal exalted his hand.”


“Is it like this?” Bing Saichuan was very suspicious, but Lin Jianxing was Quasi Immortal Venerable after all. He didn’t want to go to war. “This White Scale serpent tongue is indeed a rare resource. But Fellow Immortal is not worried, Longevity There are many treasury in Heaven. Fellow Immortal If you are interested, I would like to make a good relationship with Fellow Immortal and take out these genies and give Fellow Immortal.”


Oh? Lin Jianxing raised his eyebrows slightly, and he was about to consider it. At this time, a large group of Immemorial Desolate Beast rushed here.


Then the scene was suddenly confused.


The White Scale snake is just Far Ancient Desolate Beast, not the opponent of this group of Immemorial Desolate Beast. But they have escaped and were dispersed by Immemorial Desolate Beast.


Lin Jianxing had to take action to deal with these Immemorial Desolate Beast and try to take out the serpent tongue of the White Scale snake.


Bing Saichuan stood by and talked to Longevity Heaven urgently, and sent the Northern Plains harem and the Western Desert to the palace.


He would not easily believe the side of Lin Jianxing, facing Quasi Immortal Venerable, of course, to pull out Immortal Gu Home to oversee, more secure.


Ju Yang Immortal Venerable At the beginning of the day, there were five harems in the Five Regions, all of which were Immortal Gu Home.


Several people in the Eight Extremity Lords immediately took control of Immortal Gu Home and flew out Longevity Heaven.


Zuo Ye Hui saw this scene and was suspicious and happy.


To be honest, Lu Qingming and Su Guang perseverance have not been discovered until now, and they have already exceeded Zuo Ye Hui’s expectations.


Now, Longevity Heaven has dispatched two Immortal Gu Homes and several Gu Immortal. The flying direction is obviously a forbidden land, which makes Zuo Ye Hui a little confused.


No matter what, his situation is better than before.


A moment later, Heaven Protection Light snarled and broke out of the accumulated Dark Dao power, leaving the Eight Extremity Lords stationed here out of hand.


Heaven Protection Light grabbed the flaws, violently attacked, stabbed a dozen breaths and rushed out of Fortune Stealing Altar.


Instead of fleeing directly, he followed the induction and flew to a hidden place.


The members of the Eight Extremity Lords who stayed here were shocked: “Not good! That is the place where the Great Prince retreats!!”


Sovereign Yao has come out of Blood Sea and wants to block Heaven Protection Light, but it is a slow step.


He and the newly arrived Mao Li Qiu saw it: Heaven Protection Light took the Emperor.


Guangdi Jun with the body warm and nourish Rank 9 light, even if suffered such a drastic change, he also with both eyes closed tightly, motionless, like a stone statue, like completely lost the sense of the outside world.


“Don’t mess with me, be careful, I will pinch him!” Heaven Protection Light yelled, letting the gu cultivators around us hesitate and retreat.


“Don’t kill, or Ju Yang Immortal Venerable will come back, you will die!”


“Heaven Protection Light Fellow Immortal, everything is good, you calm down.”


“Fast, call Bing Saichuan and everyone else back.”


Longevity Heaven Gu Immortal When they were in a huddle, Heaven Protection Light took action again, and the outside Zuo Ye Hui was no longer hidden. The two had a tacit understanding and even opened a hole.


This is not a big deal, but Heaven Protection Light has a magic trick.


He first swallowed the Emperor of Light, and then the figure became illusory, became a radiant, arbitrarily squeezed into the import, and then flowed to the outside world.


After all came to the outside world, the light flowed again and turned into Heaven Protection Light.


Longevity Heaven’s Gu Immortal have chased them out and saw Heaven Protection Light, and saw Zuo Ye Hui, each and every one is very ugly.


“fall into trap!” Sovereign Yao was so angry.


After receiving the news, Bing Saichuan raised his eyes and looked at Lin Jianxing: “so that’s how it is, Lin brother actually joined forces with Zuo Ye Hui.”


“What do you mean by this?” Lin Jianxing unfathomable mystery.


And in the Heavenly Dao dream battlefield.


“What?” Ju Yang Immortal Venerable is concentrating on meeting Fang Yuan and hearing about this bad news.


“This happened, it seems to be caused by my previous yellow move!” The Luck Dao induction in the middle of the scene makes Ju Yang Immortal Venerable a little embarrassing.


Ju Yang Immortal Venerable wants to explain to himself, but he can’t explain it!


“I am an extreme move, should… no mistake?”


“My previous lifetime is very little.”


“I have recently improved this move, indeed…should…well…no problem.”


“Ju Yang Fellow Immortal, what happened?” Constellation Immortal Venerable, who is a Wisdom Dao number one person, is very sensitive to changes in mood, and she immediately bluntly asks.


“Oh, nothing, nothing.” Ju Yang Immortal Venerable is upset and swaying on the surface.


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