Chapter 1397 Divine World Extravaganza (5) cause and effect Complex cause and effect, Golden Peng Battle Divine World

    “Earth is the real Divine World. Today’s Divine World is just a new world that the 12 Divine Venerate has completely emulated in the Earth environment.”When Tang Xiu completely digested the information in the golden ball, he could not help but be upset, because this information is so incredible.

    From the golden ball, Tang Xiu not only inherited the tradition of Free and Unfettered God, but also learned the origins of Divine World and how the 12 Divine Venerate slavishly enslaves the gods.

    Twelve Divine Venerate is not Divine World’s most powerful, nor was it promoted to Divine Venerate at the earliest, but they discovered the source of God’s source – the city of God’s Source in an accidental adventure.

    The source of God, also known as Divine World, is the key to the promotion of God Sovereign to Divine Venerate. It is arguably the most precious and expensive resource of Divine World.

    After discovering the city of God, 12 divine venerate instantly moved the heart of greed, they did not hesitate to kill the adventure team of the other dozens of God Emperor and God Sovereign.

    If it weren’t for the strength of the 12 Divine Venerate, they were jealous of each other’s strengths. They feared that once one’s hands would lose oneself’s life, and the power of the original source of God’s City was too much, they could meet the needs of their 12 people. They will definitely fight for the first time.

    After occupying the city of God’s source, Twelve Divine Venerate always feared that other Divine Venerate would come and snatch the source of God. They did not hesitate to launch a war of the last world.

    With God’s sources as bait, most of the God Emperor and God Sovereign are used by the 12 Divine Venerate. Even if other Divine Venerates are powerful, they are hard to fight four enemies with two fists. They all fall into the hands of the twelve Divine Venerate, not only When they die, they are all deprived of their deity and inheritance.

    This world war is also known as the battle of the world. The entire Divine World was destroyed almost completely.

    12 Divine venerate Every time, they always come up with a high-sounding reason, standing in the commanding heights of public opinion and morals, so their behavior did not cause too many people’s disgust.

    After the end of the war, in order to fundamentally eliminate the possibility of the discovery of the city of God’s source, Twelve Divine Venerate announced to Divine Territory that they would contribute all the resources to build a new Divine World and at the same time initiate a fundraiser for all Deity.

    Because the divine source of the City of Godhead was completely isolated by the twelve Divine Venerate, the twelve Divine Venerate’s appeal was received by all Deity after it was discovered that the source of God on Earth could not meet the cultivation needs. Received the highest honor and respect.

    When the new Divine World was completed, 12 divine venerate found that oneself did not consume much resources, but made a lot of scarce cultivation resource, in order to completely eliminate other deity to the Earth The discovery of the city of God, 12 divine venerate and spent tens of thousands of years continuously deepened the barrier between the new divine World and the Zu Xing Divine World, and left the way to the earth that only they oneself knew.

    Because of the battle between the world and the construction of the new Divine World, the Twelve Divine Venerate not only wiped out all forces that were stronger than theirs, but also accumulated a deep reputation, making them the well-deserved supreme ruler of Divine World.

   Recognizing the benefits of dictatorship and power, Twelve Divine Venerate began scouring all Deity’s Cultivation Resources, Cultivation Method, and combat skills without hesitation, enslaving all Deity, and closely monitoring every corner of Divine World. Once they discover that there are uncontrollable factors, they will kill the danger in the cradle for the first time. In addition to the existence of eighteen layers of the same, and it is extremely difficult to Almost all people are serving the Divine Venerate and their power.

Until the appearance of Free and Unfettered God, this situation has only been fundamentally changed.

< p> Because the Free and Unfettered God’s Free and Unfettered Road can be embodied in thousands of hearts, it is also directed at the heart, and Free and Unfettered God is discreet and low-key, which makes the 12-year-old Divine Venerate Who has been comfortable for too long. Discover the existence of Free and Unfettered God Respect.

When Twelve Divine Venerate discovered the existence of the Free and Unfettered God, they could not easily eliminate the Free and Unfettered God statues , but instead Suffered from the loss of Free and Unfettered God. This was reduced to their prestige.

Because of the power of avatar divine ability, the 12 Divine Venerate even guards one another, for fear that convenience is the embodiment of Free And Unfettered God.

It was also because of the incarnation of divine ability, Free and Unfettered God, that they learned the truth about the battle of the world and then gave birth to the idea of ​​destroying twelve Divine Venerate.

“Free and Unfettered God seniors, although you can rest assured, I will definitely complete your last wish and let Divine World be more than Divine World of the 12 Divine Venerate, but Divine World of all Deity.”

Tang Xiu also undertook the origin of the twelve Zodiac Jade Statue from the massive information of the golden ball.

Twelve Chinese zodiac is Free and Unfettered God is in Divine Engraved by World, not only contains Divine World’s The Heavenly Dao Rule in Star Earth, and the Heavenly Dao Rule of Divine World as a whole, these Heavenly Dao Rules allow Tang Xiu to advance directly to Divine Venerate without regard to any cultivation bottleneck despite sufficient Cultivation Resources, but Tang Xiu’s body Insufficient strength to support too strong forces, so his cultivationrealm eventually stayed in the Ancient GodGreat Circle of Perfectionrealm.

    The Heavenly Dao rule contained in the twelve Chinese zodiac naturally allows Tang Xiu to arrive at Earth.

    A brief moment of communication between Drunk Immortal Supreme and Star Soul Supreme’s divine sense. The next moment, Tang Xiu thought a turn and his body was already in another space.

    This space is not only a source of God’s power, but also blue sky and white clouds, black land, and rolling Grand Mountain without any plants, and countless tombstones and burial mounds.

    Seeing that this scene is different from the Earth environment, Tang Xiu almost thought that oneself still remained somewhere in Divine World and did not return to Earth.

    “Doll, this is 30 years of time passed, you have not Ascend immortal world, you cultivation speed so slow, I will wait until the year and the month can return to divine world Ah.” ”A frail voice suddenly sounded in Tang Xiu’s Mindsea, instantly attracting Tang Xiu’s gaze.

    The image of Tang Xiu’s eyes was plucked by a 200-foot-high golden Great Péng Bird. Its two bare feet were still locked in two thick chains and the body’s raging fire continued to burn.

    After only a few decades of torture, the golden Great Péng Bird apparently no longer has the spirit of the year. It no longer arrogantly tilts its head, but wilfully falls to the ground. It looks like nothing to Tang Xiu’s eyes.

    “Heavenly Dao cycle, cause and effect retribution.”After seeing the figure of Golden Peng, Tang Xiu instantaneously showed the reason why oneself came to this space.

    When oneself encountered Golden Peng in the small space below Lying Grave Island, Golden Peng helped oneself to condense the Buddhist Golden Body, thus allowing oneself cultivation’s “Myriad Origins Void Eon Connect to Heaven Art” to make a spurt of advancement and increase in strength from Exchanging Channels Stage to Exchanging. Viscera Realm Peak , in exchange, Tang Xiu released Immortal Gold Great Peng when he became Immortal World Supreme and returned to Immortal World Peak.

    Unfortunately, Tang Xiu in cultivation to immortal world Supreme, although he had the heart to save the Earth Gold Peng, but never found break immortal world and Earth between the barrier barrier , and finally nothing.

    Thinking of this, Tang Xiu could not help but feel guilty. The look of Golden Great Peng is full of guilt.

    Tang Xiu didn’t care much about the 30 years in Golden Great Peng’s mouth. Because of the particularity of the space barriers, Tang Xiu may flow in time when he was at Ascend Divine World, and when he returned to Earth from Divine World, it was equally possible. There was a time when the plastic flow took place, so even if Tang Xiu returned to Divine World, Earth’s time was just a day away from his ascend Immortal World. He would not be surprised.

    For Tang Xiu, it’s always better for Earth to return to Earth than late.

    “Golden Peng’s senior, I’m sorry, I’m late. I’ll help you remove the fire and the chain from my body.”Tang Xiu did not explain too much to Golden Peng, but rather called out Plain from free and unfettered God in walled Hill longsword, and bitterly chopped down the chains of Golden Peng’s bare feet.

    As for the Buddha’s fire on Golden Peng, it was better resolved. The thought of Tang Xiu was turned and Yin-Yang Divine Lake in the body poured out, pouring out the fire that had been burned by Golden Peng for millions of years.

    “You…you……Even if you use the lake of Yin-Yang Divine Lake to extinguish the fire, you are too extravagant! ”When the body was extinguished, Golden Peng almost thought that oneself was dreaming. It narrowed his eyes and disbelievedly called Tang Xiu.

    At the next moment, Golden Peng could no longer criticize Tang Xiu for extravagance and waste. With a flutter of wings and a mouth, he spit and clean the water of Yin-Yang Divine Lake that has been sprinkled on its wings and on the ground. No traces left.

    After swallowing the lake of Yin-Yang Divine Lake, there was no chain or fire on the body. Golden Peng’s refining qi god instantly changed radically, and his momentum was steadily climbing.

    “Hey, your cultivation…Shouldn’t you be Immortal World Supreme? How did you become Ancient God? ”When Golden Peng was preparing to thank Tang Xiu, he was inadvertently aware of Tang Xiu’s strength and could not help but be stunned.

    “Golden Peng’s predecessor, maybe only thirty years have passed on Earth, but I have experienced tens of thousands of years at Immortal World and Divine World.”Tang Xiu only know Golden Peng’s master is divine venerate, and once owned Myriad Origins Void Eon Connect to Heaven Art, and Buddhist Sect is The enemy of life and death, for golden Peng of other circumstances, he is naturally not willing to golden Peng the details, but smiled to explain the way.

    “Here I have to apologize to the senior of Golden Peng. After the junior was promoted to Immortal World Supreme, he did not find a way to break the barrier between Immortal World and Earth, so he failed to come back in time to rescue the seniors. Please forgive me. After being able to return to Earth from Divine World, and after the great price paid by the younger generation, a Divine World was able to reluctantly agree to help the younger generation to come back. ”

    Tang Xiu patiently explained to Golden Peng that he was not afraid of Golden Peng’s detriment to oneself. It was because Golden Peng’s once master had held “Myriad Origins Void Eon Connect to Heaven Art” and Tang Xiu felt that there was help from Golden Peng. ,oneself cultivation “Myriad Origins Void Eon Connect to Heaven Art” will be faster, which makes Tang Xiu took a heart to Golden Peng.

    Nice! Nice! Ok.Full stare at Tang Xiu watched a long Gongfu (effort), Golden Peng just burst into laughter, “sentient beings have righteousness, finish, and the rich edge, cultivation aptitude also is a genius in the genius, dolls, We will do a monetary business deal how, you help me master newspaper kill the Enemy, I accompany you to fight divine world! ”

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