Righteous Player Chapter 1020


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In the overwhelming majority area of ​​this World, this term exists only in legends.

People have an instinctive fear of the silent and dark sea.

But it is different only in the United Kingdom.

The United Kingdom is an archipelago composed of Denizoa and many islands.

Although the United Kingdom is a unified government, the native Denizoya is the center of power. However, the surrounding islands, although in name as Denisoya’s territory, actually do not obey Denisoya’s management very much.

On the islands, it was Denizoya who entrusted the past governor.

The governor should first be responsible to the “Privy Council of Denison”, and secondly to King Denison. Although King Denisoya himself has the power to remove advisors, if he doesn’t want to tear his face, he is impossible to use this right easily.

The Privy Council has a three-tier structure.

The bottom layer is composed of veterans who have made meritorious services, wealthy businessmen from various places, craftsmen with the famous Elder in the village, and ancient techniques passed down from generation to generation…that is, the “indispensable” masses in the locality. “Members”.

The member committee can make some optimization suggestions on the bill based on its own life experience in two meetings a year.

But not all of these suggestions will be implemented… They will be uploaded to the “Committee”.

The members of the committee are the bishop of Yaon, the transcender of the silver rank, the most outstanding elites in various industries, and the nobles of the new generation. Most of them have experience in politics in various places, and can understand which opinions are feasible and which opinions are impossible to implement for various reasons.

After their internal meetings, they sorted out and optimized the opinions submitted by the members, and put forward their own opinions. Eventually there will be a thick stack of documents going up into the “consultant meeting.”

The consultants of Denizoya are actually the cardinal bishops of Yaon, the transcenders of the golden rank, the most senior officials who manage the various departments of the kingdom, plus the great nobles at the beginning of the country, and the “governors” of various regions. ——Or the bloodline continuation of those small countries. There is even the king himself.

In other words, not the most senior officials of various departments can become consultants. But managers in the fields of foreign affairs, finance, national defense, culture and education, and justices are selected only in the advisory board.

Even the great nobles at the beginning of the founding of the country…No matter how large or small their family is today, only [one person] can enter the advisory board. It is the “spokesperson” of the family.

Even if the rest of the family’s children have achieved success, they can only enter the “committee” at most.

For example, if someone in a family becomes the pope of Javon, or becomes a transcender of the golden rank and enters the advisory council, then their family no longer has the quota for the advisory council.

——Each surname can only have one vote. This is the iron law of Denizoya.

Even the “Royal Family” is no exception.

From the beginning of the founding of the People’s Republic of China, when he was still a duke, Grand Duke Denisoa made a choice. Since their power is not enough to suppress other great nobles… Instead of being usurped or emptied later, it is better to take a step back from the very beginning.

He didn’t have any thoughts about the power he hadn’t had the opportunity to touch. Anyway, it wasn’t his thing, and he wouldn’t regret it if he let it out in time.

Give up the highest position, everyone is on the line of equality.

So at this time, whoever wants to go further will be dragged by other “consultants”.

This is the wisdom of retreating.

And now the power of the Governors has expanded to a level that is almost uncontrolled-on each island of the Field Islands, the military and the economy are independent and are only under the jurisdiction of the Governor.

In the United Kingdom, it is customary to call the Governor-General “Little King”.

However, Xiao Wang is actually bigger than “Big King”.

Although the king retains the power to “remove advisors”, it has not been used for nearly 30 years.

And because of the military and economic independence of the islands.

Another business was born from it.

——That is the “pirate”.

The militia groups on each island are not allowed to be dispatched to the vicinity of other islands, let alone dispatched to the vicinity of Denizoya. So this has formed a custom similar to the underground city-that is, grabbing goods from the vicinity of this island, as long as you run around the United Kingdom, you will no longer be held accountable.

And from this situation, a new situation was born.

That is…

——Since the Field Islands don’t want to pay Danishoya’s tax, I just grabbed it.


Denizoya directly funded a group of pirates and asked them to rob the goods transported between his islands. And those islands also know this well.

Because the Field Islands are not monolithic.

They were originally the “League of Exiles” formed by the defeated nations in the bloody battle.

What was their first reaction after being robbed by the pirates sent by Denison?

Of course, impossible is to snatch it back… they will be snatched, which in itself shows that they are in a disadvantaged position, and the governor is even more impossible by the strength of oneself to contend with other advisors.

So they themselves began to hire pirates to rob the goods on other islands.

It’s not just the governors doing these things.

Even wealthy businessmen have their own sponsored pirates.

Some merchants just sold the goods on their forefoot… Before they waited for the goods to reach the shore, the pirate sent by the merchant changed hands and took them back.

And now that they all have pirates.

Usually when these pirates are “not alive”, they can’t really let them out and let them grab them, right?

And the battle strength they possess is also quite rare.

Then they will naturally send these pirates out to eradicate dissidents. This can also be regarded as a waste utilization.

The result is… In a sense, this country is equivalent to being ruled by pirates.

People normally can’t see the governor, let alone the king.

But they can often see the pirates appearing in the seashore, markets and taverns. These pirates have a strong sense of existence…

And the pirates under the governor, the pirates sponsored by the merchants, the great pirates of Denison…and the squad explorers who went to sea in search of dreams, and the robbery gang composed of wanted criminals.

The only two talents they need are being able to go to sea and being able to kill.

The stories between these pirates are sung by the bards; the merchant ship and the good sailors on the fishing boat may become pirates at any time, and the pirate who offends others may also hide somewhere incognito.

——This is genuine, the country of pirates.

“The environment on Denizoya’s side made me a little surprised.”

Wearing a white robe with only his left arm, the white-haired young man with a scepter like a pair of snakes holding his right hand, walked on the noisy street while talking: “I thought Denison The Asian Association is much more prosperous than the Field Islands.

“…didn’t expect, this port hasn’t even repaired the road. Moreover, this smell…”

Annan brows tightly knit.

He looked suspicious of life.

Annan was almost fainted by the strong smell when she came out of the subway entrance.

There is obviously no seafood market selling fish around, but the air is mixed with a smell of blood-reeking qi and fishy smell.

In this port, people coming, people going, there is no shortage of people in robes dressed as merchants and wizards.

Annan even doubted whether their robes, which were almost mopping the floor, would stain the dirt on the ground and leave some unpleasant smell…

“…Where did this smell come from? Isn’t this the most prosperous port in Denison?”

Because Annan has a distinct winter accent when she speaks.

This made the passing Denizoya glance back in surprise.

But they were not curious about it, and they didn’t care what he said. The relationship between Denisons is alienated and indifferent-they may frowned in their hearts and mumbled Annan’s rudeness, but they would not really say it or even remember it.

But if you put it in the winter, two people who don’t know each other may suddenly fight in the street because of a word or a look in the street, or even beat the head to blood.

“This is what you don’t understand, Your Majesty.”

On the contrary, Isaac took a deep breath satisfyingly-I don’t know if Hugo did the olfactory function for his doll, but it seems that it does.

When he speaks, he has a very obvious Denizoya accent, which is not the same as his pronunciation when he was in the black tower of Zedi.


“You can smell the smell.”

Isaac smiled and said, “If the port can’t smell the smell, it will be dead.

“The stench of fish, the rancid smell of corpses, the dust on the goods…”

He said, squinting his eyes slightly.

His gaze glanced backwards, toward the street corner: “There is also the inevitable smell of copper.

“I am too familiar with all of this… and it is no different from more than a hundred years ago.”

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