Righteous Player Chapter 1089


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——That is pure, pure, pure, pure light.

The almost rich to liquid light continuously flowed from the husky’s chest, and then immersed in her body again. It’s like a bite of spring from the ground.

Under the erosion of those lights, the husky’s skin gradually cracked, and then immediately recovered completely. Because of the boredom when “the light is being covered”, she simply took off her whole body clothes.

In the repeated cracking and recover completely, the brilliance of the Husky’s body like a sword turned into continuous bloom. It looked like countless eyes opened and closed repeatedly.

But there is only one real eye.

That is the eye, the heart, and the umbilical cord.

It is like the umbilical cord connecting mother and baby… and she is the “baby” in front of Annan’s great nature!

He does not open his mouth, chew, or digest, but obtain power directly from the umbilical cord.

That is the invisible umbilical cord leading to the light world and the universe!

Also because it is the umbilical cord, the power that cannot be “digested” by the baby… It can also be digested by Annan and then poured into the husky.

Annan’s radiant elements that were civilized to the limit flowed into the heart of the Husky from the highest heaven along the invisible umbilical cord.

If we say, Annan is a fire of the most holy and bright.

Those who look at this fire will have the same light in their eyes.

Like the moon reflecting the sunlight… that is the brilliance of Annan reflected in their eyes.

Finally, with the erosion of the glorious element.

Husky’s pupils were finally completely actinated-her pupils turned into pure silver, as pure as moonlight; pure white hair was floating behind her, fluttering frantically.

The radiant elements of pure white are condensed in the material world, like feathers shining with brilliance.

These feathers of light are stacked together behind her, overlapping into a pair of white wings. But its shape is like a dragon wing.

Husky floated around her body until she was the same height as Poppy, or even higher than Poppy.

Countless lights bursting out of her chest, and then turned into white feathers, surrounded the Husky in this way.

Glow bursts out of these light feathers, constantly drenching the surroundings.

The shadow demon residing in Longjing Tea’s body, under the erosion of the brilliance, kept making roar of pain. And Poppy also seemed to be fixed by the light…like swimming in a pool made of glue, the more he struggled, the more he struggled.

The light of the crane has an absolute suppressing effect on the fallen.

The light only illuminates the earth, and the Shadow Fiend has begun to dry out at a speed visible to naked eye.

He can’t move a single move-with a little movement, the shadows will turn into smoke, oozing continuously from his facial features. The intense pain caused him to gradually evaporate, discoloring and curling like a slice of meat roasted on an iron plate.

The face of Longjing Cha that was originally delicate and pretty has also become hideous due to the pain of the Shadow Demon. If it weren’t for the “blood” in his body, there might be two more blood and tears oozing out.

“…what is this…?!”

Bobby’s echoing voice was full of shock.

His face covered in sand gradually shattered and cracked under the radiation of this rays of light.

The sand suddenly became quiet.

They are not out of Bobby’s control.

And as if the sand was filled with water, turned into mud, even turned into a swamp… After being penetrated by the rays of light, it became extremely heavy. The sand on Bobby’s body as the armor fell off precisely because of the increasing pressure on her to control so much “sand”.


It was the sand that was “tamed” by Poppy, and he was no longer regarded as a friendly army.

The sandstorm subsided.

The restless sand instantly calmed down and became sober. They didn’t accelerate the absorption of Bobby’s vitality, but they no longer ignored his existence…It was like a mind-controlled neutral unit regaining its sanity.

The existence of these sands will continue to cause erosion and make Bobby’s power quickly lose. Just like using salt to absorb the moisture of the ingredients, her extraordinary power is gradually being absorbed by the sand.

Bobby can only concentrate his strength, remove a lot of sand, concentrate on controlling the remaining small part of the sand, to ensure that he will not drain the sand.

However, as the intensity of rays of light gradually increased…it was like dusk turning back to noon. It is becoming more and more difficult to control a small amount of sand.

“You are a demon named’Withering’. You have the power of’predatory’ against living beings. But your real killing move is these sands.”

Huskie’s mouth issued a smooth interpretation: “You did not directly attack us, but rely on the containment of Shadow Demon, and need to raise a sandstorm… This is because you do not have direct strength to these sands. control .”

Of course she doesn’t know these secrets.

But when the Husky saw all this, he suddenly became enlightened and immediately understood the truth of it all.

In her eyes, the form and essence of things began to gradually separate.

At a glance, you can directly understand its essence.

It is not so much the Husky is analyzing, it is better to say that Annan is reading his analysis through the Husky’s mouth.

Huskies are almost indulged in this omniscient state, narrating incessantly: “these all are the sand of the’living desert’-you have stolen a part of the sand of the living desert and set it in proportion Dilute it in a large amount in the desert you created to lose its magical power.

“Because in the living desert, extraordinary power will be gradually swallowed… and the power of the fallen will be swallowed seven times faster. If you don’t dilute the sand of the living desert, you can’t control it at all! “

Husky said clearly.

On the other side, Annan was also talking with her simultaneously.

And the light bursting from the Husky’s body became more intense.

It’s like the contrast is constantly adjusted up.

The entire world soon left only black and white.

The extremely powerful Shadow Demon was completely dissolved by the light of the crane.

Even the used film of Longjing tea is also purified. Within the entire world naked eye, there is no longer a trace of shadow.

And Bobby was also greatly suppressed by the light of the crane, and none of the extraordinary powers of the Fallen could be used-his huge sand demon body was gradually disintegrated, completely turning back to the look of that weak girl.

But his face was extremely pale.

Because under his feet, this desert is turning around, devouring his power at seven times the speed! In the blink of an eye, he was deprived to the point of inalienability. But the desert was still sucking him.

A strong sense of emptiness made him feel intense pain. It’s like missing a piece of one’s own bone… and this pain covers the whole body.

But Husky’s expression did not take pleasure in other people’s misfortune.

She has become more solemn and solemn than ever before, and she is so holy that Shisanxiang feels unfamiliar and is completely unrecognizable.

Shisanxiang even feels… Has the husky’s inner part been transformed by this power?

… I hope she won’t have an accident.

Husky continued to read calmly: “In the living desert, once you lose light, you will be swallowed up by the irrational desert. “Light” is the key to maintaining desert rationality.

“The reason why this is the twilight time is that this is the time when the ghast in the heart of the desert will wake up; while maintaining the demon nature of the living desert, it can also allow people like you who have no light to be able to Borrow your own power to control it. In some way, you carve this ceremony field into your own spiritual world, and rely on the power of the fallen to blur the realm of fantasy and reality.

“The twelve chained stone pillars placed here-they symbolize righteous gods, because gods are the living pillars of this world. The broken stone pillar in the middle symbolizes death Because she is the hidden thirteenth righteous god; the reason why they are shaped like clocks and watches is to imply the chronology of ceremony.

“In other words, the essence of this ceremony is to express the mysterious knowledge that the foundation of the ceremony of chronology is the death of the crown wheel.

“And you must be carrying the part of the broken golden chain on the stone pillar-it is with this chain that you replace your concept with the descendant of the’Skycar Mate’ in this ceremony field . Use your’withering’ power again to deceive the half-awake living desert to fight for you…”

Annan took a deep breath subconsciously when she read this.

This probably means…

The “waking up” of the living desert is probably also related to the crown block Yushou!

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