Righteous Player Chapter 1090


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No surprises.

——The power of the crane can control the “living desert”!

Since Annan’s light can appease this version of the living desert.

Perhaps the crown wheel Mita is the original owner of the “living desert”!

Ingrid… You really gave me a gift.

… In that case, it is best to find this ceremony field directly. What Bobby shows up is only an impression in his heart, not his body. There is no point in destroying it.

Ingrid can use it-so can Annan!

So Annan moved in her heart.

Husky suddenly realized that he pointed his right hand at the sky.

A beam of light descended from the sky and landed on Bobby. Bobby screamed in pain, and his chest burned with chi chi. He tore it off and threw it out very reluctantly, still with a slowly burning wound on his chest. The flame on the wound was not red…but golden.

And the necklace he threw to the ground was also golden-it was a broken chain hung with a special kind of gold.

It is the chain on the stone pillar!

The moment the necklace was separated from Bobby.

The atmosphere of this World suddenly changed.

The deserts that had been soothed by the light suddenly became violent-he was torn apart and swallowed by the youth version of the living desert that was swarming up.

——die without a whole corpse!

And after Poppy was completely swallowed, this World was in a daze and dissipated like bubbles.

They reappeared in the first place-the bow. The sailors are still alive and guard them with weapons.

But this time… there is not even one person with extraordinary power on the ship.

Annan finally let go of her heart.

——The overall situation has been decided.

There is no need to worry about it, the rest is finishing work.

Let’s report separately when the player comes back.

So Annan gradually withdrew her power.

Watching the Huskies gradually fall back to the deck, Annan closed her eyes back and cut off the live broadcast.

Although the huskies may disappear a little later…but anyway, the sailors on the ship will have to die.

The rest are good bear brother and good Jimei, the problem should not be big…

Annan sat back on the chair, retracted the sun curse pattern on her chest, and fell into contemplation.

“…Can the Husky pray to me directly?”

Annan was also a little entangled: “But I have not yet entered the truth level. Although the golden level can also be divided into a part of power… but it is definitely impossible to directly divide the element of 100% purity.

“That’s the God Descent Technique… and it’s not the Melvin family’s “pray for despair”. I’m not a god, how could she really borrow my power?”

Euphemia Melvin once used the “pray of despair” when facing the crane in the infinite loop alien nightmare, trying to borrow the power of the crane to target Annan.

Of course, this is a treasonous act, but the Melvin family itself is not a devout believer of any god.

There is no god who believes that a wizard of a certain idol school will be his own believer. This means that once you become an idol wizard, you will never be accepted by the gods again.

This is like the boss who also opened a small restaurant, suddenly ran to his own hotel to apply for a chef…It was all unpredictable. It’s not here to learn technology secretly, or to dig people secretly.

Especially the idol school also has a bunch of spells specially used to “defraud and steal the power of the gods”. Once obtained the identity of a believer, it is tantamount to bypassing the firewall and entering the interior.

This is like when the chef came to work in the store, he also specially assigned a set of keys to each room in the hotel…

Since the gods will not accept the idol wizard as a priest.

In this “we are not familiar with” situation, if the idol wizard uses God Descent Technique without authorization…

It’s like if you didn’t follow someone, a private message came with “Yes? I persuade you to lend me some money or give me a set of high-end computers. If you do this, I can follow you.” Such unceremonious words, and then sent out his personal information and address without waiting for a response.

……The greatest possibility is that as long as spell is established, it will directly contact the angry target god. Compared to sending a private message directly, it may be closer to making a phone call directly, after all, the gods can sense it immediately.

Suddenly harassed by strangers…unless it is Zhiji’s temperament that is particularly good. Otherwise, most of them will get angry.

——Why me?

——Who are you?

If it is the kind of shameless player who harass a certain UP or a certain blogger, maybe the other party can only black out or hang people, after all, the other party has nothing to do, and they can’t do anything.

However, the gods can really “follow the network cable and hit people”… After all, if you want to borrow power, you must first leave an “address”. And following that address, the gods can directly divide a part of their power and beat the target.

This makes the practicality of God Descent Technique very low.

But the “Prayer of Despair” secreted by the Melvin family is not an ordinary God Descent Technique.

It directly adjusts its essence to “similar to God”, and then directly steals the divine force through the law of similarity.

Because the gods were unaware of the whole process, and they did not even submit an application during the whole process, there was no need to bear the anger of the gods, and the power that could be used would be more.

It was not that I went to study in the other’s store, nor did I equip my own key in his store. Instead, they directly opened a copycat brand called “Kangshuaibo”, “Shanghaowa” or “Coconut to Coconut Juice”.

Make the outer packaging very close…Although he didn’t advertise that he is a genuine product, he always bought it with bad eyesight. If it’s close enough, you may not even realize that there is a problem after eating.

——There is no doubt that this is also a law of similarity.

Because of this, when Annan has not yet become a god, she can also borrow directly-because there is currently no space for the crane, as long as you open the 3rd-layer gate, you can directly use the most authentic sky. The power of the car.

This can be said to be the extreme of the law of similarity-not only the packaging is very similar, but the contents are also made by the same factory!

Only in this process, because the mortal body cannot bear the divine nature, it will always receive a corresponding backlash…

——Basically, it’s a hiccup.

Therefore, God Descent Technique is not useless. Because if you can get permission, the side effects of God Descent Technique are much lower.

Except for “being a bishop-level priest”, and then intending to embark on the path of transcendence, and just choose the idol school in a few cases…

——Its greatest practical value is to complain.

For example, the idol wizard found that a certain priest or even a bishop was being persecuted… and that persecutor happened to be his own enemy.

At this time, he can open a ceremony directly to tell the gods about the matter. Then use the excuse of “being brave enough to see righteousness”, and borrow a part of the power to rescue people…and kill the common enemy by the way.

Because the physical quality of the priests themselves is not enough to withstand the divine force in most cases-their bodies are mortal bodies, and their extraordinary powers are converted into holy light marks and stored on the side of the gods.

On the Husky side, in fact, they really don’t have the authority, and they borrow power directly from themselves.

So Annan temporarily granted the Husky “bishop permission”, and then lent her the power. It is like in a group where only management can send files, granting management to old drivers who want to drive.

——Although no one, including herself, knew, Husky did not get any hint. But she has actually become a “dog management”. In terms of status, it is Annan’s bishop.

Annan didn’t bother to take her down again-after all, among the players, the current strongest idol wizard is the Husky. Maybe she will have to find her own strength afterwards. And after Annan’s sublimation, she really needs a batch of bishops to act as her substitute.

The biggest difference between bishop and ordinary priests is that it has opened up some relatively low permissions.

Let the divine technique and ceremony, which must wait for the response of the gods, to be established, “pay in advance”. That is, after the use is finished, the process will be supplemented when praying afterwards.

The equivalent to is issued a charter.

The divine technique that requires chanting can be directly eliminated; the divine technique that requires ceremony can only be chanted, and those divine techniques that are difficult to complete even using ceremony can also simplify some unnecessary operations.

——Although Annan is not even the truth level.

But Huskies can already be regarded as Annan’s first bishop.

…I hope there are more players who can accept their own strength.

At least, Annan didn’t want to… his pope was a husky.

“Is there any reliable pope…”

Annan held her forehead with her hands, and muttered with some headache.

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