Righteous Player Chapter 977

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I don’t know if it is a psychological role or a real effect.

Annan just started to search for the living room, start feeling some slight fever who was biting by the snake.

has no pain, and there is no paralyzed feeling, but a warm current is slowly flowing in the left leg.

but this feeling …

Annan’s expression becomes delicate.

… is not like a snake, it is a bit like urine pants.

“This is a dream of Bernardino?”

Annan suddenly.

Because of the memory and knowledge of the snake bitter, it will automatically replace other material?

The dream is still not crashing because of the lack of automatic cards, this logic is still advanced than spring dreams.

“EN? This is …”

Annan suddenly saw the Bernardino schedule.

It is a bit like a calendar, but only one month. It was directly posted on the wall.

There is no label year, but you can see the month is September.

Annan went close to investigation.

I saw it from No. 1 to 27, and it has been lost by the red pencil. At the end, it is written with Black’s strokes.

When it is controlled with each other, it can be seen from above. On the daily schedule, the words written are exactly the same.





From No. 1 until twenty, it is covered by the same word. It can be said that it is a meaningless schedule. And there is no red pen to hook, only three days left.

that is, this should be the evening of 27 or 28.

– but only at the location of the 30th, but there is a completely different words.

red pen, written above … [murder].

At the moment of Annan, the word is suddenly rolled up in the living room.

The light in the room suddenly declined, and the dramatic flashed two times, then suddenly turned off.

The fall of Item is continuously sounding with the broken sound, just like the WHO is unreasonable to sweep all the things on the table.

When the light is once again bright, the well-in the living room has become ruins.

“… well, if the priest is now, I think Beckham should be 揍.”

annan sighed.

The whole room can be broken has broken a clean.

Even the table of the living room has collapsed a leg. Everything on the table is slippery from above, and there is a trace that is broken on the fish tank. The fish is fluttering to the dead corpse.

and in the fish tank, there is a broken gypsum piece, as well as the head of the dead, Ludwig, the head.

The skull is quiet in the bottom of the fish tank.

Annan glanced at the past, it seems to see a smile of a Faintly Discrnable from above.

At this time, Annan heard what the sound of the Gu Lu Gu Lu rolled.

He looked down and found that a Ludwig priest’s avatar is a football usually rolling over, and it has fallen in an Annan feet.

“It seems that this is thoroughly and the first father’s head.”

Annan can’t help but Tao: “How do you have so many of your family?”

If there is still players outside, he is now even if he wants to sing the nursery rhymes.

The head of the priest, like a ball …

Really, he just saw the sphere rolled over, it really wanted to kick it out.

Annan bypass the head that doesn’t know where to come over, and see a torn single.

is good in this is the lower half of the list.

Although it is touched away. However, from the residual part can be judged, this should be something similar to a psychological diagnosis.

“… (torn) combined with interventional treatment.”

“… (torn) Ceremony accepted Ceremony included ‘Forced calming (Media: Pastoral flower)’, ‘desire dilution’ .ceremony intensity is weak.”

“recommended patient acceptable SPELL to ‘memory reading’ and ‘memory bluff’. Predictive adverse reactions in surgery.”

“is now good. It is recommended to reduce the working pressure, ensure that the diet is light, enough sleep, can adjust the mood at home. After two weeks, accept Ceremony, abstract bad memory.”

“This is, psychotherapy?”

Annan muttered.

he fadiously realized what.

seems to be as simple as his At first, it is as simple as his At first.

But the problem is … this is the treatment of Ludwig’s priest, or gives Bernardino treatment?

he puts down the documents in his hand.

Lifts The Head is coming, Annan Eyes Slightly Shrink.

The original closed room did not know when it was opened.

Ludwig’s priest did not know when to stand there, indifferently looked at him.

“What are you doing?”

The righteous voice of the priest seems to sound in his ear: “Don’t delay the time.”

and at this time Annan realized that it is not true priest in front … but the sculpture of Ludwig.

If you look closely, there are still some differences. The expression is still a slim mark. Annan will be scared, a part of the reason is because the light is still dim, and the other reason is that he saw this.

But if this is a sculpture made by Bernardino … Its quality can be said too much.

Is this really a certain level of people who study sculptures for two years?

At this time, Annan feels a hot flow and dizziness swept.

He seems to have a faint approach to hear someone shouting yourself … but nothing can hear.

The sky is rotated in front of the sky, and a severe anti-stomach is transmitted in the abdomen.

Annan suddenly felt that he had to fall – his subsconsciously helped the wall, and his hand held his hand with his left hand.

but he is almost immediately realized.


What cane?

Do you have a cane with your left hand?

Annan I remember that I have seen the psychological assessment of the list, suddenly reacted – his previous hand in Impossible.

He lifted his left hand and carefully observed the metal cane in which he left his left hand.

This is a Black, a heavy cane.

It is said to be a cane, in fact, the shape is more similar to the crowbar. There is a small Sharp Horn close to the end of the ground. More applicable to effort. The side of the hand is covered with bandages.

It is said that it is a ward that is a walk, it is better to attack the weapon of WHO.

Annan waved slightly and issued a blank screams of WU WU.

He immediately stunned.

Some unbelievers are also impressed by two. This time is against the goal, just a hitting of the flower pot with no differencey on the window sill.

Subsequently, he has aligned a desk with a leg.

is once again waving, and another table leg is also interrupted.

If you have a sinior capberus by this place … I am afraid it will be driven on the spot.

“This stuff …”

Annan can’t help but surprise: “Okay!”

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