Righteous Player Chapter 978

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This feeling can touch.

is lighter than the hammer, more heavy than the crowbar, can be lifted with no differencey, can be pumped. It is easy to use it to destroy the table corner with Bernardino has not developed.

Annan even feels this thing, than the sword, it is necessary to …

Although I have long heard the name of Physics Holy Sword, it really took the crowbar as a weapon or the first time.

just a pity, he obviously can’t work slightly, make it a crowbar …

“but since it gives me this thing …”

Annan humilizes: “What am I afraid?”

His body has a Level 1 comprehending, which is not a particularly advanced skill, so Bernardino without extraordinary grades can now be used. His within the body although there is no blood of the winter, the original grade frost Sword Technique is still available.

This means that even the enemy of the silver step, there is a heart-effective, Annan can also rush straight into a second.

There is this weapon to hold in the hand, and Annan suddenly became be Eager to have a try – he was even a little bit a little looking forward to the Ludwig priest who would come back to open a scoop, slightly try the feel.

But considering it … If so, I am afraid I can’t continue to play “Bernardino”. His image is out of real, it may fail the main line task.

Annan can only regret to give up this tempting option.

He just wanted to push the plaster image of the door to block the room, but found that the plaster is like being fixed in in the sky. It is completely unable to be shaken – even don’t do it.

He tried to bypass it directly … then find that it is really no.

The body of Ludwig, can be said to be quite strong. Although there is no muscles that have no surprises, he wears a loose priest robe, and shoulders can put it up, and will not look loose … You can be with Louis priests of Louis, Louis, Louis, Louis, Louis.

His statue is sitting at the door like this – even the clothes are made of gypsum, and I am afraid that only liquid cats can be drilled.

Annan looks at the plaster image that stops yourself, SIGHED: “It is also.”

He probably knows that this weapon that suddenly appears in his hand has been used.

Annan walked forward, WITHOUT The Slightest Hesitation waved her crowbar.

– 呯!

rang as the broken sound.

Annan continues to wave the crowbar and force the plaster image hard. Until the “Ludwig Prodi” completely broke, scattered.

But when he tapped this stone paste, he seems to hear the skeleton of Skeleton rupture. Like a blood and average, it is leached from the broken plaster image.

Annan is low, reach out, touch the red thing, and sniff again.

… is a red pigment.

he brows tightly knit thinks for a while.

Annan Looking Thoughtful’s loudspeted a closed door, then the ends of the “Ludwig Prodde” wreck, walked towards the room.

– Subsequently, Annan suddenly felt that a giant force came from behind.

His body suddenly fell from control.

Annan wants to flash, but did not do

He immediately realized … this is seamless to cut into CG.

“I have to be vigilant.”

Ludwig’s voice came from behind: “The enemy may appear anywhere. When entering the room, MUST is close to the door.”

“Bernardino” was blocked gently.

His subconsciously went back, but found that Ludwig’s priest did not know when there was a door.

has just been crushed by “Bernardino”, but it has completely disappeared.

– but that is not an illusion.

Because it is under his feet … also hidden with a plaster image.

The splash falls into the room when it is broken by him.

In addition to the wraps of “Bernardino”, the gypsum in the door, and the gypsum are disappeared.

This is … What is going on?


Ludwig priest Said Solemnly: “Don’t be so loosened.”

is the general of Ludwig’s priest. After he entered the house, he took the behind the door and lit the lamp in the room.


he realized that this is not the master bedroom. But also not study or kitchen …

– this is a clothing room.

is placed in a spacious room, placed many plaster images.

avatar. bust. Body image.

all are Ludwig priests.

Miso, various appearances, different postures.

The whole room is “Ludwig Prodde”, Annan is roughly, and there are fifteen.

“- smash them, Bernardino.”

Ludwig priests put their hands behind the “Bernardino” back, said solemnly.

“…, broken?”

“Bernardino” is incredible to ask.

“Yes, smashing. In Yabo’s school, this is called ‘destroy Ceremony’.”

Ludwig’s priest SLOWLY SAID: “Just pushing the stacked Sandcastle, tearing the old works. If the creator is satisfied for his own work, it will stop moving forward.

“artist must have greed, never stop forward. Must for their work, they are eager to make greater perfection. They must destroy their own love, in order to be ‘thirsty The heart ‘s seek to World … Seeking not, will seek to his inner heart.

“These, that is, you have followed me to learn the sculpture, all the sculptures you made by yourself.”

Ludwig’s priest said, stepped forward.

He gently touched the most tender Ludwig priest: “This is the first work you created. Remember, I will only create the same work from then, I will only create the same work.

“and this …”

he said, stroking the most realistic body image.

is exactly the same as the Ludwig priest when I just entered the door, there is no half a difference.

“Two years.”

Ludwig praise: “In this regard, you are unquestion – is a peerless genius. When you see a person, it is like his soul, and lives in your eyes. The same heart.

“You never seen me when making sculptures. Just staring at the stone, as if it is … that is the unpolished jade in the stone, and you just ble a balance.

“You are a natural sculpture, Bell.”

Ludwig priest strokes Bernardino’s head, said solemnly: “If you can’t take this path …, you will definitely go into the evil road. This is what I stop you from deviating from this path.

“Your inspiration is very strong, far more than your logic … Your heart is imbalance. This allows you to be able to add yoursmit, and you can make you lose the Wizard while you can lose it. The cemonyny teacher may also cause an unbearable pressure to your spirit.

“I have already contacted you a doctor. He is my old friend, you can treat your mind. Everything doesn’t need to worry.

completely releases all the pressure in your heart. Put your work with your old body in this destruction … Sacrifice with painful roaring, with your Skill and rationality You will be extravagant in the world to hatch and sublimate. “

Ludwig’s priest returns to the body, stroking with the nearest thing, and is the sculpture of Bernardino finally created.

“Do it.”

The priest whispered.

The right to control the body, and then returned to Annan in the hands.

He looked at the previous “Ludwig Prodi”, TOOK A Deep Breath.

he has understood everything.

Annan finally knows what happened to the end.

Why do He will lose the road fee, why he has never returned even if he walked without a road?

Annan holds the left hand, go forward, put all the sculptures, all the crushing.

– everything you love, all have to deepen. So in exchange for “thoughtful love”.

is a strong [desire].

Ludwig’s love, it can be seen.

“Dust Returns to Dust, Earth Returns to Earth, Gray Gray …”

he whispered.

that is not the words of Annan, but the body’s own

The blink of an eye, this room is a masterpiece sculpture, only the gypsum is left.

But Ludwig’s priest still did not say, and did not return.

Annan manipulates Bernardino and slowly from behind Ludwig priest.

– Gao Gao Yang raised the crowbar of the hand.

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