Righteous Player Chapter 979

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Outside the nightmare, the thirteen incense and Hussemice are around Annan.

and Aisac are busy in the instrumentation, what is going on.

“… strange, how can you contact?”

thirteen fragrance: “Just Annan clearly reacted … nor is it like you can’t hear it.”

“he should hear, but did not hear it.”

Aisak Took A Deep Breath, the action on the hand is non-stop Brows Tightly Knit: “I probably understand. This is not a nightmare of Bernardino … but a dream dream.

“Do you find it? Annan’s actions and mentality, missing part of the logic – he is less ‘constraint’ and ‘vigilance’, now he is like dreaming.

“or … this nightmare is to repeat the” Bernardino’s dream ‘. “

“dream dream?”

I heard this, Huski suddenly became the spirit: “We also played a copy of a dream!”

After they came to this world, the first large nightmare participated in the world was “Nightmare: Double Subsido” that came in Coewed.

that is a nightmare that is effectively prepared and reached a “dream”. Its purpose is to hide the real purification means of nightmares to achieve an infinite loop.

“The tragedy of unlimited replay …”

thirteen incense is also muttered.

Aisac Shook The Head: “Although I don’t know which one you said, this should have nothing to do. Because this nightmare is not compiled, it is the native form … this means it The logic will be relatively simple, more inclined to abstraction. “

“Do you need to drag an Annan Your Majesty first?”

Thirteenxes put forward more urgent questions: “He doesn’t seem to hear our voice … this shows that our Ceremony can’t arrive at him.”

“is not this necessary.”

Aisac Shook The Head: “At present, it is only the part of the delivery intelligence and the treatment of Annan.

“Since the purification treatment of this nightmare is still effective. It is still not deadly, there is no need to make such a fierce reaction … After all, it is forced from the nightmare, nor Very good experience.

“is like being drowning in the dream, and then awakened the feelings.”

He said with the mouth, like something finally found.

is approximately in his calf, and you can see the thin line with a depressed. It is like a patch, posted this place … However, it does not see the card slot that will be dismantled.

I saw that Aisack reached out and touched it and conducted some kind of reverse conversion.

The edge of the “metal patch” is originally melted, and it has become a colloid. And that shell will automatically pop up a small piece.

Aisac reaches a hand, take it down.

From this approximately one of the adult palms, you can see the CereMony line inside Densely Packed. Just like the integrated circuit on the chip, it is also vaguely shining.

“should be here …”

Isaac whishes, pulling out a few of the plates of many lines.

It is about a tablet size, and the thickness is not high. But thirteen incense is a little bit behind, it is probably guess what this is doing.

has at least sixteen interfaces, as well as eight sets of different marks. By pressing the different combinations, it is possible to push the internal mechanical part to different gear by pure mechanical effects.

and such a “variable brick” is piled up to form a plane, which becomes a programmable CereMony that can dynamically change.

“… What is this?”

Some novel inquiries of the thirteen fragrance.

He looked at this thing, just like a large number of chips.

So Aisac is now a moving machine behavior …

“This is a movable self-executable Ceremony logic loop, commonly known as 16-8 substrates. Because it has sixteen interfaces, eight movable switches. It can be connected to 12 Series, 16 Series, 20-Series. “

Aisac thinks, while adjusting the logic on the board, while explaining: “You have to learn this in the morning and evening.”

“Can it perform CereMony?”

“can be automatically executed with CereMony more … It is the key to moving. So it can’t be involved too small. You can understand that the button I pressed, let it cross the eight cross Lines, combined links in different ways.

“When it is rejected to the collective, the logical expression is different. This can be constructed to build some simple CereMony …, such as ‘will put the horn’ that will add a ‘staining’ characteristics Or ‘its location is considered to be in somewhere’. “

Aisac is two-use, while sitting on the ground, starting the scene, starting to give 13 fragrant explanation only something.

But in fact, the thirteen fragrance understands this thing is much faster than he imagined.

– Simply, is the orthodontics.

Because Ceremony wants to be rude modifications, it will continue to be done. So, it is not so key, and it is possible to replace this board because there is a position where different needs is changed.

CereMony itself can be understood that it can directly reach a particular effect directly on a particular program with a particular program.

During this process, there is no MUST to participate.

but it still has another constraint, that is, you must be manually executed.

If you want to use a Ceremony to interfere with another Ceremony, it is very difficult to do. Because CereMony itself has attribute and concept, it will also affect the specific effects of other CereMony.

It is like a certain solvent that is dissolved with alcohol, and it is necessary to react with another solution, it must also take into account the possibility of reacting alcohol with this solution.

and CereMony is not “alcohol” such a single thing.

Each CereMony has a very complex Attribute …, such as the first CereMony [tongue in the mirror in the mirror in the second week of the second week, it has the characteristics of the specialty “in advance However, it is characteristic of “mirror”, “lock and key”, “shelter”, “lock”, “shelter”, “reflection”, “shelter”, “者”, “shelter”, “shelter”, “shelter”, “home”, “cycle”. ”

It can be used as a “lock and key” element to participate in another CereMony, but it has the “mirror”, “reflection”, etc., may destroy the CereMony, and biased it toward another direction.

and if this Ceremony does not guide any result, then he is not just compiling, it is as simple as it is. It will explode directly.

But if you have an additional ring in the middle of the two Ceremony … As the concept of the concept, the situation is not the same.

adds a child Ceremony for CereMony, and you can press Different “Button” when there is different effects. Let these buttons will change the substrate of another Ceremony through pure mechanical means.

It is true, which is about to bypass the constraint of “Ceremony unable to nested another Ceremony”.

This requires long learning, thinking and exercises, can master the technology … When you look at it, you know that it is not a style of Ze’s Black Tower.

“Is this what is the Wizard of Cuiyu Tower to learn?”

XIII Subconsciously asked.

Aisac’s voice is high! “This is a compulsory! Every year!

“You don’t test, don’t mean no learning – don’t use the substrate, what do you do if your base Ceremony is broken? Let’s send a letter to Aiya Teacher, my Ceremony is broken?”

He quickly realized that this is not his own student.

Sihan SIGHED, adding: “When I go back, I will give you a book, and I also have the study notes in the apprentice, and I also give you a copy.”

“Yes.” * 2

Thirteen incense with Huski Ton.

“This is learning.”

Aisac Earnest and Well-Meant Advised said more: “It’s really useful. If you don’t, the large Ceremony, you have a material, you don’t know how to do it. With this, As long as you change the parameters, you can’t put a few switches. “

“Yes …” * 2

Husky blamed glanced at his thirteen incense.

After this reminder, the book to be seen and the homework to be written will change.

teacher, you are not forgotten to lay up .jpg

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