Righteous Player Chapter 980

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Aisack looked at the husky, I didn’t want to learn, and I suddenly came back and went to the thirteen incense.

put his stunned.

“Don’t go to God – listen, in this room, 256 different curse materials are placed in different corners, sealed in the storage tank of the bottom opening.

“This substrate Ceremony, only one of the most basic functions. It is to access different curse materials and modify their logical orientation without letting them move. That is, cognition in this Ceremony field. In the location of them.

“By modifying the logic of this substrate Ceremony, the cover below the CereMony material can be opened. Subsequently, the CereMony disk below will make them modified.

“This whole effect is to act on another large Ceremony. Build ‘Ornelos’ large CereMony, covering this half layer Wizard Tower. You esteral Impossible makes spell materials in the right position – – Because that place may be a wall, or someone.

“So simply shields its own orientation, through this substrate Ceremony to add position attribute.”

Aisac Subconsciously explains its own ideas: “The previous Ceremony did not take into account the dream of dreams, so it used the dream media that did not need to consume [elf) Eye] Alternative [first-level impact: natural praise song] I need to improve its dream depth, what should I do? “

“… What to do?”

Huskist reuse.

“… I should adjust it to [moth blood] that needs to be put into the burning ashes, and will affect the impact to [high-level impact: moth fable], come to improve the dream depth, right? “

“Yes.” “en.”

The two people should be in the same way.

“But the moth and ashes will have the effect of useless ‘cinder’. It will lead to the burning of dreams, how should I reduce this effect?”

The two people don’t work, just standing aside.

, they actually have a feeling of returning to school …

“The answer is nothing.”

, Aisac seems to have used students who don’t work, and Each Minding Their owne said: “Because you look at this ring … Hugo is open here by default, it is enabled for blood, as Ceremony lubrication and drying It can significantly reduce the fierce fear when dragging the nightmare, and damage to the soul.

“But this is actually not very good, and the hand of Hugo is too conservative. Because if the nightmares are close to [Ocean], [Water], this Ceremony will strengthen the nightmare. And These three concepts related to nightmare are not less.

before Annan in this nightmare, it was injected into Sea Beast Blood. This is also the concept of ocean and water – blood is also a water, which makes this concept in this nightmare is strengthened …… If this nightmare is not purified, it is distortion.

“The consequence of distortion is the” black dark] concept of concept will be symmetrical. Is it? “

“Yes.” * 2

The two people should be in the same way.

Thirteen fragrances have Nodded pain, but he is still studying. And the husky on the side has simply opened the screen, and it is intended to record the action of the Saki skilled workfinder.

When you can’t understand it, take a look at the blackboard.

Will go back or not, it is not necessarily – mostly won’t look, then forget this after class.

But shoot this time, you can fully express your mind’s determination, listen to the headache, but I don’t want to listen to the cause, it is not so strong.

– I didn’t listen now, but I recorded the duck.

, I will still listen slowly.

Of course, this “after” is the specifically, or when it can surprise the discovery “I actually record this video”, or the discovery “I am here”, “This is å•¥Things “… that is not necessarily.

Husky is good at using this self-deceiving skill.

is thirteen incense on the side of looking thoughtful.

He probably understands the logic of this thing.

feeling … It seems to be it is not difficult.

In the case of the study efficiency of the prestition level, in the case of the book, the thirteen fragrance feels that he is up to one week, and it can learn this thing about this thing. “

“Good, Unicom.”

is when they are thinking, Aisac SIGHED IN Relief.

He returned the plates, but did not close the door.

He directly pressed the next button, bow close to the microphone: “Hey Hey, I heard it? If you can get it, your left handicon is slightly knocked down.”

and this time, the thirteenx discovered another point –

…, etc., this Ceremony has not interrupted?

This person repairs the computer (?) does not with a power-off lying trough?

I was afraid after thirteen vintage turns, and I was numb.

He knows that if Ceremony is wrong, it is not a black screen or burn the graphics card is so simple … but an instant explosion.

Ceremony of this specification If frying, the Cheng Lingyi may really have to complete the wish to complete himself …

Of course, the most interesting is Annan will definitely die here.

… Is this Boldness of Execution STEMS from Superb Skill?

Thirteen fragrances are entangled, and I plan to say to Annan after Annan.

This did not have something, because the location of the two materials was changed. But this habit is also changed to a good … When you turn off the switch, your hand slipped to the next door?

and they look up, it is also stunned.

How this scene is not the same before?

is Annan not still advent in the ghost house in Bernardino?

How can I not watch two minutes, I ran to the hospital?

and this shape …

I saw “Bernardino” was bundled on the iron chair. This seat is directly connected to the ground, and his legs are trapped on the chair legs, which makes him unable to struggle, and can’t escape.

and the young “Bernardino” is low, and it is closed.

But he was trapped in the left hand of the army, but he was quietly knocked two down the armrest.

– I finally contacted it.

Three people can’t help with SIGHED.

At this time, thirteen incense suddenly saw that ANNAN has a chalk in WHITE, and ticked a complex Ceremony Array.

Thirteen incense feels that Ceremony is extraordinarily.

He stunned, suddenly turned around Looked Towards I just watched half, put it on the “fairy tale” on the side.

He turned back to the two pages in a row, and looked up at the illustration and looked at the screen.

“This is … Ceremony Spell: Memory bluff?”

He pulled the Aisac next to him, not a very certain question: “Like this.”

“is the memory bluff.”

Aisac glanced at it and said very certain.

After he once again pressed the button, he said next to the microphone: “You should now just accept [memory bluff] Spell …

“… remember not to reveal stuffing.”

ANNAN is coming to the Some blurred sound in the ear.

he silently made a unknown, knocking two under the armrest.

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