Rise of The Villain Starts From Signing-in Chapter 305


In the following time, Qin Feng devoted himself to cultivation in the other courtyard and stayed behind closed doors.

With the help of the two green crystal fruits, the third meridian Qin Feng of Yanyang Ba Jue has also opened up two-fifths. The Power of Stars within the body has some strange changes, even Qin Feng Can feel the domineering and toughness contained in Power of Stars.

The golden sun shining on the whole Mu Mansion, this mansion is already full of voices, and the noisy voices filled Qin Feng’s ears, reminding him that it is the beginning of the clan adult ceremony.

Qin Feng walked out of the room, Qin Haoyuan and his wife were already waiting for him in the courtyard. Qin Haoyuan, who has always been serious and seldom speaking, looks a little nervous at this time.

“Feng’er, whether you succeed or not, the most important thing is not to hurt yourself.” Li Rouyue said gently.

“Father, mother, don’t worry, I will definitely succeed.” Qin Feng said with a smile, the smile on his face was sunny and confident.

“Okay, it’s my son of Qin Haoyuan, let’s go.” Seeing Qin Feng’s confidence, Qin Haoyuan relieved a lot of tension in his heart, and patted Qin Feng’s shoulder to say with a smile.

Qin Haoyuan and his wife and Qin Feng walked out of the gate, and after passing through several corridors, they arrived at the Martial Training Stage of the Mu clan.

After arriving at the Martial Training Stage, Qin Feng couldn’t help being sucked in a cold breath.

Martial Training Stage is about three hundred zhang in length and width, and there are tens of thousands of stone seats all around, and these seats are now full of dark crowds.

Most of these people are clansman of the Mu clan, and some are the major forces in the Soaring Dragon City and some of the city’s famous figures. The major forces of Soaring Dragon City are also extremely concerned about the biennial adult ceremony of the Mu clan.

“There are so many people!” Qin Feng sighed softly. He didn’t expect that a small adult ceremony could attract so many people.

Qin Feng turned his attention to the up ahead of the Martial Training Stage, where the upper level of the clan is located.

There is a high platform in front of the Martial Training Stage. Several ten or so people are sitting on the high platform, but everyone’s eyes are concentrated on the middle three. The old man on the left is Preacher Elder Mu, the chief of the Mu clan, and on the right is a sturdy middle-aged bald man, exuding Ominous Fiend Qi.

The most striking thing is of course the red-faced old man sitting in the middle. The red-faced old man ruddy complexion, both eyes slightly closed, white hair fluttering in the wind, it has a somewhat immortal taste.

However, Qin Feng keenly noticed that when Qin Haoyuan saw the red-faced old man, his body trembled slightly.

In the center of the Martial Training Stage, nearly a hundred boys and girls participating in the adult ceremony have been arranged neatly. Qin Feng strode into these young boys and girls, and glanced at Mu Li and others who had been violent with him.

When Mu Li saw Qin Feng, a vicious look flashed in his eyes. Qin Feng made him lose his face, and also made him hold a grudge.

The Mu clan conducts an adult ceremony every two years, and compares the clan in the adult ceremony. The purpose is to select some outstanding innate talents and potential youngsters for key training and further improve the strength of the clan.

Juveniles before the age of sixteen can also participate in the adult ceremony in advance, provided that the cultivation base must reach Rank 2. Ru Mu Hanyu participated in the adult ceremony of the previous time at the age of fifteen and won the championship of the race.

But after the age of sixteen, if you haven’t reached Rank 2, it means that you don’t have the potential to cultivate, and you will be decisively abandoned by the clan, thus losing good cultivation opportunities and conditions.

Slightly larger clans will carry out similar ceremony and clan comparisons. This also shows that the fierce and cruel clan competition is only for love, president, get out! . Only the survival of the fittest can maintain the long-term stability and prosperity of a clan.

The preacher on the high platform lightly shouted: “Be quiet.”

These two words spread like a thunderbolt over the Martial Training Stage. It was breathtaking. For a while, the crowded Martial Training Stage became absolute silence.

The red-faced old man stood up and said indifferently: “Thank you all for coming to this adult ceremony. This adult ceremony…”

Listening to the lengthy opening lines, let alone Qin Feng, everyone present seemed a little drowsy. However, this red-faced old man has a very high status in the clan. Although everyone is a little sleepy, he still works hard and listens carefully.

After the red-faced old man finished speaking, every young boy and girl who participated in the adult ceremony went to the high platform to accept adult baptism.

When Qin Feng came to power, it also caused some discussion among the surrounding people. After all, these days when he came to Mu Mansion, Qin Feng basically spent his time cultivating in other courtyards and didn’t go out much, so few people knew Qin Feng.

When the strange face of Qin Feng appeared on the high platform, people’s curiosity caused bursts of whispers from the surrounding seats.

But this kind of whispering disappeared after the red-faced old man moved towards them and took a look.

Qin Feng could feel that when the red-faced old man looked at him, his eyes were not very kind, but with his cleverness, he had almost guessed the identity of the red-faced old man.

After some complicated etiquette, the clan ratio of adult ceremony is finally about to begin. The spirit of everyone is also lifted, and the most exciting part is coming.

“This clan comparison…” Mu Dao Elder explained the clan comparison rules and rewards one after another, but most of the people present already knew it.

The clan competition this time adopts a single-game elimination system. Ten of the 98 outstanding players will go directly to the next round, and the remaining eighty-eight will choose 22 to enter the next round, and then the remaining thirty-two will be drawn against each other until the final victory is determined. By.

Qin Feng is certainly one of the 88 people, and it takes two matches before he can enter the next round.

Muli was among the ten bye. He came to Qin Feng and said with a sneer in a low voice: “Qin Feng, it’s better not to be eliminated before meeting me!”

Qin Feng looked at Mu Li without fear, giving tit for tat said: “Don’t worry, I will be waiting for you on the martial stage!”

With the end of Elder’s words from Preacher Mu, the adult ceremony of the Mu clan officially kicked off. Eighty-eight people competed in pairs on the huge Martial Training Stage.

Qin Feng’s first opponent turned out to be Mu Xiang, who had already fought before.

Qin Haoyuan and his wife didn’t know about their fight, and they were still depressed: First Stage met a Rank 2 Early-Stage Great Perfection opponent. It seems that Qin Feng’s luck is not very good!

At this time, Qin Feng and Mu Xiang had different expressions.

Qin Feng looked at his opponent with a smile, while Mu Xiang looked uncomfortable. He had already learned Qin Feng’s strength before. Although Qin Feng is only a small success in Rank 2 Early-Stage, his performance far exceeds his level.

However, in the eyes of everyone, Mu Xiang certainly would not admit defeat. He secretly condensed Power of Stars in his right fist, took a big step forward with his left foot, and the right fist struck out like lightning.

“Big Hong fist, torrents are released.”

Qin Feng all around, as if there was a torrent rushing forward, making loud noises.

Qin Haoyuan and his wife flashed a trace of anxiety, Mu Xiang this fist formidable power is so incomparable, the ordinary Rank 2 Early-Stage Xiaocheng Star Warrior can’t catch it at all.

Faced with Mu Xiang’s blow, Qin Feng just smiled slightly, the Power of Stars all over his body gushing out, that kind of Power of Stars imposing manner is stronger than Mu Xiang’s imposing manner, not weaker than Mu Xiang, the lady who loves money, kicked off and limped The latest chapter of the Lord.

“Liu Yiquan, Jin Liu breaks water!”

A huge Power of Stars fist shadow fiercely hit Mu Xiang, the Power of Stars that Mu Xiang had condensed immediately collapsed, and his figure was blown out by Qin Feng with a punch, and fell down. several ten zhang outside.

A complete defeat!

Although it was a move to defeat the enemy, Qin Feng understood that this was the result of leaving a shadow of failure in the opponent’s heart. The two have not played against each other today, and Mu Xiang is already timid. It is strange to be undefeated in this state of mind.

The crowd all around murmured. The competition has just begun, and Qin Feng has already won, and he defeated Rank 2 Early-Stage Great Perfection with a small success in Rank 2 Early-Stage!

Qin Haoyuan and his wife are stared wide-eyed, as if they couldn’t believe what they saw.

“Brother Zhi, why is Feng’er so powerful?” Li Rouyue rubbed her eyes for fear that she might be wrong.

“I don’t know.” Qin Haoyuan said naively, also very strange in his heart.

“Useless waste.” Mu Li could only curse in his heart when he saw this scene.

Among the crowd, Mu Hanyu was sitting leisurely in the stands with a girl in a yellow shirt, watching what happened on the martial stage.

When she saw that Mu Xiang was defeated by Qin Feng with one move, the girl in the yellow shirt curled her mouth and said in surprise: “Sister Han Yu, that kid is really strong. It would be difficult for me to defeat Mu Xiang with one move. Of.”

Mu Hanyu did not see Qin Feng and Mu Xiang playing against each other that day. Seeing this scene, there was also a trace of movement on his cold face: Mu Xiang is not weak among the younger generation participating in the adult ceremony. But in front of Qin Feng, he didn’t even survive a move.

The minister on the high platform saw this scene, nodded with a smile, and the middle-aged bald man looked thoughtful. The red-faced old man sitting in the middle looked only lightly snorted, the contempt on his face was extremely obvious.

“That young man looks so good, he seems to have never seen him?”

“He is Qin Feng, the son of Qin Haoyuan who was expelled from the clan. It seems that Qin Haoyuan has done a lot of work on him!”

“Qin Haoyuan was an outstanding innate talent, but now his son seems to be the student surpasses the master!”


The crowd in the stands started talking.

Listening to these whispered comments, Qin Haoyuan clenched his hands and trembled slightly, the excitement in his heart was beyond words. The painful scene that year is also vivid. He was seriously injured by Mu Yuntang’s palm, and was insulted by many clansman. He escaped from the family door like a stray dog. At that time, his heart was ashamed.

But Qin Feng’s performance today also won a lot of praise, and it also made him sweep away the humiliation of the past.

“Brother Zhi!” Li Rouyue looked at Qin Haoyuan’s excitement, and gently held Qin Haoyuan’s hand.

Qin Feng’s opponent in the second game was a thinner young man whose strength was somewhat not up to par than Mu Xiang. Qin Feng’s easy victory also caused a great surprise.

Muli in the stands looked at Qin Feng coldly, secretly said in one’s heart: First I will make you proud for a while, and I will teach you fiercely later. Mu Li has already bought the referee privately. No matter how the lottery is drawn in the next round, Qin Feng will win Mu Li.

The elimination of the First Round came to an end soon, because the ten more outstanding players entered the second round directly, and most of the remaining 88 were in Rank 2 Early-Stage, except for a few games. Except for the more exciting, the other games are more boring. The crowd in the stands looked a little sleepy.

The duel between Qin Feng and Hong Sheng attracted a lot of attention, but on another competition platform, there was a match that was equally eye-catching, Zheng Jian against Mu Kun.

Zheng Jian and Mu Kun are both well-known among the younger generation of Soaring Dragon City, and their strength should not be underestimated.

Mu Hanyu on the guest stage stared at Zheng Jian’s silhouette, his face gradually becoming serious.

She discovered that Zheng Jian’s strength has also improved a lot during this period. It has surpassed the general Rank 2 Peak period Great Perfection, reached the realm of half-step formation, and may advance to the third rank at any time.

As Number One Person, the younger generation of the Mu clan, Mu Hanyu is under pressure this time. Faced with a powerhouse like Zheng Jian, although he was promoted to the Great Perfection in the Rank 2 Peak period, he still had no chance of winning.

Mu Kun is at an obvious disadvantage in the match between Zheng Jian and Mu Kun. If there is no special change, the defeat will be sooner or later.

“Qin Feng, it seems that I still underestimate you, but you won’t have such good luck next.” Hong Sheng said fiercely.

Qin Feng glanced at Hong Sheng, listening to the familiar and boring words, he just snorted: “There is so much nonsense.”

This sentence also completely aroused Hong Sheng’s anger. He moved towards Qin Fengfeng.

“Break the palm of the mountain, the palm of the mountain and river!”

Unusually powerful Power of Stars rushed out, all the powerful Power of Stars palm shadows, tearing the air, and blasting at Qin Feng below, the sound of the sonic boom, the sound of peng peng stop!

Qin Feng faced the increasingly fierce offensive Hong Sheng, but his face showed no fear. The domineering and fierce Yan Yang Ba Xuan whizzed out from within the body.

“Lie Yan Fist, Lie Yan is overwhelming!”

Suddenly the temperature of the entire test bench space rose quite high, and countless fiery Power of Stars fist shadows moved towards Hong Sheng shrouded in hot temperature.

On the competition stage, two figures are coming and going, palms of wind and shadows, intertwined, vigorous Power of Stars waves are coming all around, making everyone’s faces slightly changed.

However, everyone soon discovered that at first, Hong Sheng and Qin Feng were evenly matched, but as the battle became stalemate, Qin Feng had a slight advantage.

Indeed, Qin Feng, who is armed with the Yanyang Tyrant Jue, has an incomparable advantage in Power of Stars’ tyranny and recovery speed.

Mysterious Grade middle grade cultivation technique, not everyone has it!

With the consumption of Power of Stars, Hong Sheng’s face became more and more ugly. Because he found that his Power of Stars within the body had a tendency to dry up, and the unremarkable boy on the opposite side was the more fights the more brave is, Power of Stars became more aggressive.


With another punch, Qin Feng’s silhouette didn’t move at all, while Hong Sheng retreated several steps in a row. Which one is better and the other is worse?

There was a cry of exclamation on the stone seat, and the exclamation was not because Qin Feng repelled Hong Sheng, but on the next stage, Zheng Jian had easily defeated Mu Kun.

Although Mu Kun has reached the Rank 2 Peak Great Perfection, Zheng Jian is a half-step formation of genuine, and his strength is incomparable to Mu Kun, so the defeat is also expected.

Seeing Zheng Jian winning, Zheng Nan faintly smiled on the officiating stage, and the low mood is also getting better in the latest chapter of Ba Shu.

Mu Yuntang’s face sank suddenly. Although he also thought that Mu Kun’s defeat would happen sooner or later, it still made him extremely unhappy when he really failed. Mu Kun also became the first place to be eliminated among the five members of the Mu clan.

The other two games also ended one after another, and all eyes were on Qin Feng and Hong Sheng.

Hong Sheng felt the eyes of everyone, and his heart became anxious. He gathered the few Power of Stars within the body, and his huge fists moved towards Qin Feng and greeted him.

However, this kind of rainstorm-like rapid attack also achieved some results. For a while, Qin Feng was forced to retreat again and again, and soon retreated to the edge of the competition platform.