Rise of The Villain Starts From Signing-in Chapter 306


The hot high temperature made the five people feel extremely hot. It may be because of Mu Hanyu and Mu Sheng’s cultivation Frost Jue. The two of them are in a little better condition, but Qin Feng and the other three are all sweating and will be covered in clothes. Wet it all, as if it had just been caught from the water.

However, under this kind of Power of Stars coercion and high temperature, the five people also got great benefits. The slightly vain Power of Stars within the body has been compressed by this Power of Stars coercion, and gradually Get firm.

The five people walked slowly in the passage without speaking. Their movements resisted the pressure and high temperature of Power of Stars. It’s not that they don’t want to talk, but just walking makes the five people exhausted, so there is no extra energy to talk.

Every fifty meters in the passage, there is a huge night pearl lighting. This night pearl is extremely expensive outside. This also shows that the Mu clan has spent a considerable price for this Power of Stars room.

Ye Mingzhu’s faint rays of light shone on the slightly childish faces of the five people. All five have a look of determination, and as the five most outstanding members of the younger generation of the Mu family, none of them are ordinary people.

The reason why they are able to achieve such a high level of achievement is not only because they are innate talent, but also because the family provides spiritual medicine and astrology skills, but also because the five people are all persevering, able to endure the boredom, loneliness and suffering of cultivation tired.

This kind of walking also lasted for nearly two hours, and the five people finally came to the bottom of the passage,

The five people suddenly felt enlightened. What appeared in front of them was a five-cornered square, and a Power of Stars cultivation room was established on each corner. A giant stone pillar stands in the center of the square, and the top of the stone pillar is inlaid with several huge night pearls, illuminating the square like daylight.

“This is the Power of Stars room?” Qin Feng saw this Wujiao Square with a surprised look. This kind of great generosity building can only be built by the Great Family like the Mu clan.

Mu Kun looked at Qin Feng’s surprised look and sneered contemptuously, apparently disdainful of people like Qin Feng who had never seen the world. It is the second time for him and Mu Hanyu to come to the Power of Stars room for cultivation, and they are not unfamiliar with the situation here.

Mu Hanyu lightly saying: “There are a total of five cultivation rooms here. Please pick one of them and go to the cultivation room.”

The five people glanced at each other, and they each chose a Power of Stars room to enter the cultivation.


After entering the Power of Stars cultivation room, Qin Feng found out that the cultivation room was quite large, and he almost caught up with the other courtyard where he lived.

The cultivation room is divided into two halves by a screen, and the other half is used for rest. Some of the living items and facilities are all available, so I think very thoughtfully. The other half is used for cultivation, and a cultivation platform about half a meter high is built inside.

On the four stone walls of the cultivation room are inlaid with a pearl of night, lightly illuminating the entire Power of Stars room, Qin Fengpan sitting on the cultivation platform, suddenly feels the fiery power of Stars from the cultivation platform Burst out from below.

This cultivation station is weird!

Qin Feng’s guess is also extremely accurate. The cultivation platform is made of a special material. There is an extremely large platform under the cultivation platform. The rich Power of Stars energy in the center of the earth is derived from the platform foundation. Absorb the incoming to the cultivation Taichung.

This kind of Power of Stars energy generated by the center of the earth is fiery and fierce, which is of great benefit to the cultivation Yan Yang Ba Jue.

Although this kind of Power of Stars energy will greatly reduce the effect of Mu Hanyu and Mu Sheng’s cultivation Yin Attribute cultivation technique on the star warriors, but the victory is that Power of Stars has sufficient energy, which is also great for both of them. benefit.

Qin Feng closed his eyes slightly and immediately activated the Yan Yang Ba Jue. Suddenly, the rich Heaven and Earth Power of Stars rushed madly towards Qin Feng within the body, and the power of Stars that was originally emptied and ethereal is now almost turned into substance. Power of Stars energy snakes follow Qin Feng’s Breath and skin penetrate within the body.

As Heaven and Earth Power of Stars poured into within the body, Qin Feng could feel the changes within the body. The Power of Stars vortex at the place of dantian revolved and gradually formed a Power of Stars storm.

Qin Feng guided the energy of Power of Stars to the entrance of the sixth meridian along the meridian of the Yanyang Ba Jue.

Qin Feng had already opened up half of the sixth meridian before, but the remaining half of the meridian was blocked, just like rooting in the meridian, no matter what the impact was, there was no way to get through.

“Look at how you stop me this time.” Qin Feng muttered in his heart.

Power of Stars, like a huge torrent of energy, poured into Qin Feng’s sixth meridian, impacting the remaining half of the block.

“boom~ boom~!”

At the time of the previous impact, it was precisely because of insufficient Power of Stars energy that the breakthrough was not blocked. In the Power of Stars room, Heaven and Earth Power of Stars is extremely rich, with Yanyang Ba tactics refining Power of Stars, so there is no need to worry about the lack of Power of Stars energy.

The blockage in the meridian also became vulnerable under this shock. Qin Feng could even hear the cracking sound of the obstruction.

With this impact, a kind of marrow-entering pain quietly passed into Qin Feng’s nerves, but he was only slightly frowned, and he endured the pain.

Qin Feng knows that there is no power coming out of thin air, this kind of impact meridian will inevitably produce pain, and this kind of pain will become more intense afterwards.

This kind of impact lasted a whole day, and only heard a burst of noise within the body, Qin Feng within the body’s Power of Stars suddenly became more brilliant, the vigorous Power of Stars energy circulating throughout the body, a kind of domineering and rigid A fierce breath filled Qin Feng’s surroundings.

The sixth meridian, get it through!

Qin Feng slowly opened his eyes, feeling the increased power, and a smile appeared at the corner of his mouth. Only one day after I entered the Power of Stars room, I successfully got through the sixth meridian.

I don’t know how many meridians he can get through during the cultivation period in the Power of Stars room, Qin Feng himself is also very curious.

Taking out dry food and water from the void ring to replenish his physical strength, Qin Feng was immersed in the cultivation again.

However, Qin Feng noticed that the Spirit Devouring Demon Flame at Dantian suddenly fluctuated in strange waves, making a low, low voice.

Qin Feng quickly sank into his mind, watching the strange fluctuations of the Spirit Devouring Demon Flame, feeling strange in his heart.

After he entered Rank 2, the effect of the Body Refinement of the Devouring Demon Flame seemed to be less obvious than before, so the Spirit Devouring Demon Flame gradually stopped acting for Qin Feng’s Body Refinement and stayed quietly in Qin. The place where the wind is dantian, peaceful coexistence with Power of Stars vortex.

But I don’t know why, today’s Spirit Devouring Demon Flame is like a awakened beast, sending out waves of strange waves. This kind of wave has a violent smell and disaster comes to read the full text.

An invisible suction power emerged from the Spirit Devouring Demon Flame within the body, and Qin Feng within the body’s Power of Stars went crazy towards the Spirit Devouring Demon Flame.

Qin Feng was surprised, but more angry.

Until now, Qin Feng always inputs the Power of Stars into the Devouring Demon Flame and then controls it. It has never happened that the Devouring Demon Flame autonomously absorbs its own Power of Stars.

Nowadays, the Spirit Devouring Demon Flame absorbs the Power of Stars within the body by itself. Wouldn’t it be dangerous if it happened to the enemy?

A thought of Qin Feng spread into the Spirit Devouring Demon Flame with a reprimand.

When the spirit swallowing demon flame touched Qin Feng’s idea, it turned out to be like a child who made a mistake, stopped absorbing Power of Stars, and shrank into the corner of Dantian.

However, Qin Feng carefully discovered that after the Spirit Devouring Demon Flame had absorbed Power of Stars, its volume had not become larger, but had shrunk a bit, making it more solid than before, and even the temperature emitted was a little higher.

Qin Feng hadn’t noticed this situation before, but this time he was aware of it carefully.

Can the Devouring Demon Flame also evolve? A question arose in Qin Feng’s heart.

Qin Feng moved his mind and summoned the Spirit Devouring Demon Flame within the body.

Suddenly an extremely powerful suction power radiated from the Flame of the Devouring Demon, pulling the fiery Power of Stars between Heaven and Earth, moved towards the Demon of Devil’s Flame.

The spirit swallowing demon flame turns into a bottomless black hole, absorbing the energy of Power of Stars wantonly.

As Qin Feng discovered, after the Spirit Devouring Demon Flame has absorbed a large amount of Power of Stars energy, its volume has become smaller. Although this change was extremely small, Qin Feng could still feel it.

Although the volume has become smaller, the origin of the black flame has grown a bit.

The Devouring Demon Flame can really evolve!

Looking at this scene, Qin Feng had a bold conjecture in his mind: On the day of Feng Qingyang and the time of Great War, the Spirit Devouring Demon Flame was also severely damaged, and it needed the refining Power of Stars to recover.

Could it be that the Spirit Devouring Demon Flame sensed that the Power of Stars here is extremely rich and decided to absorb evolution? If this is the case, then the spiritual wisdom of the Devouring Demon Flame does not seem to be generally high!

It will evolve and have the flame of spiritual wisdom. It sounds a bit scary.

Qin Feng’s biggest worry is that if the spiritual wisdom of the Devouring Demon Flame is so high, will one day devour the Lord?

Now the Spirit Devouring Demon Flame may still be in a weak stage, unable to get rid of his own control. If one day becomes stronger, if the Lord eats away, would he not let his own life go?

With Qin Feng’s current strength, if the Spirit Devouring Demon Flame really wants to eat the Lord, there is really no way.

Qin Feng suddenly felt a sense of crisis!

Within the body, there is still a Primordial Spirit that has not been resolved, and now another flame has been added, Qin Feng is really speechless.

But if the Spirit Devouring Demon Flame can really evolve and become stronger for him to use, it can also become his own big hole card!

Qin Feng’s heart is also very entangled in the temptation of trump cards on the one hand and the crisis of devouring the master.

“If you don’t enter the tiger’s lair, you won’t get a tiger. Even if the spirit swallowing demon flames eat the Lord, are you afraid of being strong? I don’t believe that my own cultivation speed is not as good as a flame.” Qin Feng said fiercely in his heart. .

Qin Feng does not at all collect the Spirit Devouring Demon Flame within the body, but allows it to absorb the Power of Stars between Heaven and Earth, and slowly closes his eyes and immerses himself in his cultivation.


The duel between Qin Feng and Hong Sheng attracted a lot of attention, but on another competition stage, there was a match that was equally eye-catching, Zheng Jian against Mu Kun.

Zheng Jian and Mu Kun are both well-known among the younger generation of Soaring Dragon City, and their strength should not be underestimated.

Mu Hanyu on the guest stage stared at Zheng Jian’s silhouette, his face gradually becoming serious.

She discovered that Zheng Jian’s strength has also improved a lot during this period. It has surpassed the general Rank 2 Peak period Great Perfection, reached the realm of half-step formation, and may advance to the third rank at any time.

As Number One Person, the younger generation of the Mu clan, Mu Hanyu is under pressure this time. Faced with a powerhouse like Zheng Jian, although he was promoted to the Great Perfection in the Rank 2 Peak period, he still had no chance of winning.

Mu Kun is at an obvious disadvantage in the match between Zheng Jian and Mu Kun. If there is no special change, the defeat will be sooner or later.

“Qin Feng, it seems that I still underestimate you, but you won’t have such good luck next.” Hong Sheng said fiercely.

Qin Feng glanced at Hong Sheng, listening to the familiar and boring words, he just snorted: “There is so much nonsense.”

This sentence also completely aroused Hong Sheng’s anger. He moved towards Qin Fengfeng.

“Break the palm of the mountain, the palm of the mountain and river!”

Unusually powerful Power of Stars rushed out, all the powerful Power of Stars palm shadows, tearing the air, and blasting at Qin Feng below, the sound of the sonic boom, the sound of peng peng stop!

Qin Feng faced the increasingly fierce offensive Hong Sheng, but his face showed no fear. The domineering and fierce Yan Yang Ba Xuan whizzed out from within the body.

“Lie Yan Fist, Lie Yan is overwhelming!”

Suddenly the temperature of the entire test bench space rose quite high, and countless fiery Power of Stars fist shadows moved towards Hong Sheng shrouded in hot temperature.

On the competition stage, two figures are coming and going, palms of wind and shadows, intertwined, vigorous Power of Stars waves are coming all around, making everyone’s faces slightly changed.

In the dark night, moonlight pours over the earth, spreading a layer of silver gauze to the entire sunset mountain range.

Somewhere in the Luoxia mountain range, a bonfire is blazing, and a young man in ragged clothes is roasting meat on the side, and his gu gu rattling belly indicates that he is extremely hungry. Smelling the scent from the meat, the boy couldn’t help swallowing the saliva in his mouth.

That young man is exactly Qin Feng who has fought with the one-horned wolf for a long time today, and the barbecue is also a wolf’s leg of the one-horned wolf, but this is about to become a delicacy in Qin Feng’s belly.

The Rank 2 demon crystal in the void stone made Qin Feng very happy. Unexpectedly, the first Rank 2 Demonic beast I hunted, I found the Rank 2 Demonic beast within the body.

The role of the demon crystal is extremely wide, and it contains amazing Power of Stars energy, which is a great tonic for the cultivation star warrior. However, the energy in it needs to be purified before it can be absorbed by the Star Warrior. If it is directly absorbed, the demonic beast’s violent factors and beast elements will affect the Star Warrior’s mind.

In addition, the demon crystal is necessary for forging Spirit Treasure. The higher the level of Spirit Treasure, the higher the level of the demon crystal. However, not every Low Rank Monster Beast within the body contains monster crystals. It also depends on personal luck. Obviously Qin Feng is lucky.


Qin Feng lay lazily on the ground, chewing the wolf meat that was not delicious. Although he looked careless, his ears were erected, listening to some movement around him.

In this dangerous sunset mountain range, if you lose your vigilance, it will easily become the delicacy of the Demonic beasts in the mountain range. Although Qin Feng was confident that as long as he didn’t meet the third-order Demonic beast, he still had the power to protect himself, but in this mountain range, he should be careful.

However, apart from the flicking of the mountain breeze at night and the faint crackling of the bonfire, Qin Feng heard no other movement.