Rise of The Villain Starts From Signing-in Chapter 307


Mu Hanqing also noticed that Qin Feng’s gaze stayed on his chest for a while, and then remembered the scene in the Luoxia mountain range, two red clouds flew up on his face, and said, “Take care of it. Your eyes, be careful, I’ll dig them out for you.”

Qin Feng was said by Mu Hanqing, and said in embarrassment: “Hanqing, what do you want to do with me? Wouldn’t it be a special trip to goug my eyes?”

He muttered in his heart: “hmph, I’ve seen it without clothes, can’t I just take a look like this?” But he was absolutely afraid to say these things.

“Can’t I come to you if I don’t have anything to do? Will I go to the auction tomorrow?” Mu Hanqing said with curled lips.

“auction?” Qin Feng asked in a daze.

“It’s the auction held by Nibao Pavilion, the largest auction in Tianfeng County in the past ten years. I heard that Master Xie will visit the scene in person!” Mu Han gave Qin Feng a clear look. He didn’t even think of such major events. Knowing, I really don’t know what he is doing all day, like an idiot.

After a long time explaining through Mu Hanqing, Qin Feng understood the whole story.

The three major cabinets of the Mu clan, Elder, Mu Ziwu retreats in the Book Collection Pavilion for many years, not asking for world affairs, Mu Yuntang and Mu Chuandao are responsible for the daily affairs of the Mu family, and Mu Huaizhi Elder is in charge of business dealings with the family. Take control of the economy.

Tomorrow’s auction is nominally organized by the Nibao Pavilion, but it is the Mu clan that actually manages it, and it is Mu Huaizhi Elder who is responsible for this.

Originally as a junior of the Mu family, this kind of auction is generally not allowed to participate. But Mu Hanqing, as Mu Huaizhi’s granddaughter, the jewel in her palm, coupled with many killing moves such as acting like a baby, finally let Old Master agree to go to the auction tomorrow to gain insight.

However, as soon as Mu Hanyu came back, she was secluded cultivation. She couldn’t accompany Mu Hanqing to participate in tomorrow’s auction. After thinking about it, she finally thought of Qin Feng, so she came to him.

Qin Feng just wanted to go to the auction to see it, so he agreed.

“Okay, then it’s a deal. Tomorrow will be there or be gone.” Mu Hanqing saw Qin Feng’s nodded promise and left excitedly.

“Why does she treat me so well? Does she really like me? Impossible!” Qin Feng looked at Mu Han Qingyuan’s back, shook the head, and denied the thoughts in his heart.


The next day, Qin Feng became fascinated by practice and almost forgot about the auction. When he reacted, it was already a little late. After a quick wash, he left the hospital and went to meet Mu Hanqing.

When he came to the agreed place, only Mu Hanqing was there.

“Just the two of us?” Qin Feng was a little strange when he saw this.

“How is it possible?” Mu Han gave Qin Feng a clean look. This guy is so idiot every time he asks questions.

“Uncle De and the others are leaving first, why did you come so late? We hurried over, otherwise we won’t be able to catch up.” The Uncle De in Mu Hanqing’s mouth refers to Mu Chengde, a member of Mu Huaizhi’s Elder Right-hand man.

The two ran all the way, and finally caught up with Mu Chengde and other entire group horses in front of the auction house.

“Uncle De.” Qin Feng and Mu Chengde said hello.

Mu Chengde is about forty years old and slightly younger than Qin Haoyuan, but it is already the powerhouse of the Great Perfection in the third-order Peak period and was sent by Mu Huaizhi to participate in this auction.

“You are finally here, let’s go in.” Mu Chengde nodded to Qin Feng, said with a smile.

Qin Feng looked up at the auction house and exclaimed. To help the master organize this auction, the Mu clan also spent a lot of effort to rebuild a huge auction site.

The majestic atmosphere is very appropriate to describe the imposing manner of the auction house. This huge auction house can hold up to 100,000 people. Such auction houses are relatively rare in Tianfeng County.

At the door of the auction house, densely packed crowds flooded in like a tide, and its popularity is amazing.

Qin Feng and Mu Hanqing followed Mu Chengde and the others from the VIP channel to avoid the squeeze.

After entering the auction house, Qin Feng realized that the hall of the auction house was already overcrowded. Although each person needs to pay 1,000 Xuan coins to enter the auction room, this still seems to be unable to prevent the influx of people.

However, the auction house has specially set up VIP seats for those Great Influence, and the best piece of VIP seats is also reserved for the Mu family, so Qin Feng and the others do not have to compete with the crowds in the hall for seats.

“It’s good to be rich and powerful.” Qin Feng sat on a comfortable seat, drank tea leisurely, and looked at the chaotic crowd in the hall, with emotion.

In the VIP seat, Qin Feng also saw some familiar silhouettes, including Zheng Jian and Song Ping, who he met yesterday. The two also spotted Qin Feng, and a trace of unkind cold glow flashed in their eyes. But Qin Feng didn’t care. If these two didn’t come to provoke him, that’s all. If they came, he would definitely not make them feel better.

This auction was organized by master Xie Shixie, so fairness is beyond doubt.

Because everyone knows that Xie Shi concentrates on refining tools, does not participate in any struggle, is impartial, and maintains a good relationship with the four Great Influences.

Actually, Xie Shi has another identity, the Soul Master League will be the Alliance Leader of Tianfeng County!

The soul masters of the Flame Dragon Dynasty form a soul master league, and Xie Shi is the sub-Alliance Leader of this soul master league, in charge of the affairs of Tianfeng County. Although this Soul Master League is usually low-key, its strength cannot be underestimated by Supreme True Spirit. Even the martial clan of the Flame Dragon dynasty did not dare to offend easily.

Xie Shi’s strength is not weak, coupled with his reputation, therefore, the four Great Influences in Tianfeng County all respect Xie Shi.

Although the Mu clan sponsored the auction, they did not get any favor from Master Xie. Although the items of the auction this time were very coveted by the Mu family, Master Xie still did not detain them. Private transactions.

Looking at this, it will take at least a while for the auction to start, and Qin Feng is also carefully looking at the people on the VIP table.

In the front right of the VIP table, there are a group of people in white robes. The white robes are embroidered with Qingfeng and Baiyun. This is the logo of Windcloud Sect from First Sect of Tianfeng County. Mingyuetang sat with the people of Windcloud Sect.

At the front left, there are a group of black robe people. Black robe’s chest is embroidered with a golden tiger, roar towards the sky, which is the symbol of the Lei clan. At the back left of the VIP seat is the Liu family in blue clothes.

Behind are some 2nd Rate Influence and Sect in Tianfeng County. Azure Wolf Gang and Qixing Wuguan are also among them. They are one of the Soaring Dragon City Three Great Influences, but they are not so eye-catching.

Qin Feng is not at all aware of the Entranced Realm powerhouse in the VIP seats. But this is also normal. The Four Great Influences sent people, led by Entranced Realm powerhouse, but they rarely showed up.

Before the auction, the items being auctioned will have a certain amount of noise. Therefore, these forces have already known the whole auction. Therefore, whether the Entranced Realm powerhouse comes or not has no effect on the auction.

Because the auction will take a while before it starts, the VIP seats are also chatting with each other.

Many leaders of 2nd Rate Influence also came to say hello to Mu Chengde, and Mu Chengde also talked with them. Looking at Mu Chengde’s proficiency, I believe it is not the first time I have encountered such a scene.

However, the four Great Influences in Tianfeng County are entirely different, not at all, walking and talking to each other. This is also because the four Great Influences, any bit of trouble, will cause an uproar in Tianfeng County. Therefore, in public, the four Great Influences are all ceremonial contacts.

However, these 2nd Rate Influences have to survive by being attached to the four Great Influences. Therefore, they often take advantage of this opportunity to establish a good relationship with the four Great Influences, which is really not good, and at least they have a good relationship with one of them.

In Tianfeng County, if a certain stock of 2nd Rate Influence is not supported by a certain Great Influence in the background, then the result is bound to perish. This has been proven countless times.

Everyone clearly remembers that in Tianfeng County, a Sect once appeared. The founder was an Entranced Realm powerhouse. The goal of this powerhouse to create Sect was to become the Five Great Influences in Tianfeng County.

As a result, this Sect only existed for three months before being wiped out by the four Great Influences. The Entranced Realm powerhouse ended up miserably.


After nearly one hour, with a crisp sound, a middle age person appeared on the auction stand, and the whole auction hall finally became quiet.

Qin Feng recognized that middle age person, Yao Li, a steward of Nibao Pavilion.

Yao Li smiled and said: “Today Nibao Pavilion held an auction, many thanks everyone, thank you for your face on behalf of Nibao Pavilion…”

It was some necessary opening remarks as usual. Although everyone had heard similar words, none of them showed any impatience.

“The auction officially begins now.” After Yao Li finished his boring opening remarks, he slapped his palms, and several beautiful maids walked to the auction table from the backstage with some silver plates.

Yao Li took the silver plate in the hands of the first maid, uncovered the brocade cloth on it, and placed it on the auction table. An iron medal suddenly appeared in front of everyone.

“Everyone, this is the first item to be auctioned today, the ancient iron medal!”


The iron plate is not as big as a palm, and it is rusty. The front of the iron plate is engraved with a complex rune pattern that Qin Feng is very familiar with.

When the iron plate appeared, Qin Feng clearly felt the rune pattern in his palm exuding a trace of heat.

“Is it?” Qin Feng asked in shock. He glanced at the iron medal lying quietly in the void stone. He didn’t expect that there was an iron medal on this continent that was very similar to his hand.

“What’s the use of this thing?” someone shouted at the auction house.

“We don’t know this either.” Yao Ligan laughed, a little embarrassed.


There was a lot of booing in the auction room. I didn’t expect such a large-scale auction. The first auction item turned out to be an iron plate Great Desolate that even the auctioneer did not know what it was.

“Everyone, listen to me, this iron plate has been identified by Master Xie, it belongs to the ancients and has been in existence for a very long time. Although the specific purpose is not quite clear, it should be extraordinary. The starting price is 150,000 yuan. Xuan coins, each increase in price must not be less than 10,000 Xuan coins.” Yao Li said hurriedly.

The big spiritual medicine monkey is nodded, and then points to the small spiritual medicine monkey and motions to Qin Feng to bring it with him.

The big spiritual medicine monkey injured both limbs and was inconvenient to move. He could no longer follow Qin Feng into the cave, so the small spiritual medicine monkey was asked to follow Qin Feng in.

Qin Feng nodded, greeted the little spiritual medicine monkey with his hand, and let it climb onto his shoulder.

The distance of five ten zhangs is not difficult for powerhouses above Tier 3, after all, they can walk on air, but for Qin Feng, a Rank 2 star warrior, it is obviously a bit difficult.

However, Qin Feng carefully discovered that there are many uneven places on the cliff wall, like a ladder. If you can follow these uneven points, five ten zhang is not unacceptable, even more how still With the help of Ivy.

Qin Feng slowly took a deep breath, looked at the cliff wall carefully, and after passing those footholds in his mind, his spirit was violently shaken, and he kicked hard on the ground with the help of the kick Force moved towards the protruding stone closest to oneself.

Qin Feng was an amateur mountaineer in his previous life. He is very good at mountaineering and rock climbing. Now he has the power of Power of Stars as the support, so it didn’t take long for him to reach the entrance of the cave smoothly.

As soon as he stepped on the entrance of the cave, Qin Feng’s whole body of Power of Stars leaned out, watching the cave all around vigilantly, and his keen perception also carefully felt the movement of all around.

However, the little spiritual medicine monkey did not behave in the slightest, as if he knew the cave was not dangerous. He looked at Qin Feng’s appearance and grinned at him, as if he was laughing at Qin Feng’s courage.

Qin Feng glared at the little spiritual medicine monkey before looking into the cave.

However, Qin Feng has forgotten that the reason why monkeys can find spiritual medicine is not only because they have a special sensitivity to spiritual medicine, but also because they have a strong sense of spiritual medicine, especially for danger. Their scum-like fighting power has long been extinct.

The little spiritual medicine monkey feels the righteousness emanating from Qin Feng’s body, so he will look for Qin Feng to come to help. This is also an intuition of the little spiritual medicine monkey.

Although he knew that the cave might not be dangerous, Qin Feng still moved forward cautiously. On the stone wall in the cave, there is a kind of crystalline rock that emits faint rays of light, which also gives a rough picture of the cave.

The cave is no different from an ordinary cave, except that it is slightly wet and bloody, the latest chapter of the gentle and mysterious evil monarch. With the deepening of one person and one monkey, this kind of dampness also became rich, and some places even heard the sound of ticking water.

A faint fragrance of spiritual medicine reached the tip of his nose in this ticking sound.

Since the breakthrough, Qin Feng has not only improved his perception again, but also greatly enhanced his sense of smell and hearing.

The little spiritual medicine monkey also felt the faint fragrance of medicine, and zhi zhi screamed in excitement.

Following the scent, Qin Feng finally found a waterhole in an unremarkable place in the cave.

Two white lotus plants are floating in the water pool, and this faint medicinal fragrance is emitted from them.

Two white lotus flowers are about the palm-size of an adult, floating quietly on the surface of the water, emitting a faint fragrance of medicine.

“Baoyan water lotus!”

Qin Feng also saw the record of Baoyan water lotus in the books of the clan Book Collection Pavilion.

Baoyan water lotus, Grade 5 spiritual medicine, is extremely demanding for the growth environment. It must be in some special rocks within cave, and the environment must be kept warm.

This kind of special rock should refer to those crystalline rocks. Qin Feng looked at the crystalline rocks that glowed with gloom in the pool, so he was speculated.

Baoyan water lotus is of great benefit to the star warriors who cultivation feminine techniques.

Here I have to talk about the attributes of Stars Continent.

On Stars Continent, there are tens of thousands of exercise secrets, and there are countless kinds of attributes, but they are roughly divided into two categories, such as Yan Yang Ba Jue, which belongs to the masculine exercise method. Therefore, the Power of Stars from cultivation is aggressive and fierce, while some exercises are just the opposite, taking the route from femininity to softness, so the Power of Stars from cultivation is tenacious and feminine.

As for other techniques, although the Power of Stars from cultivation has some variations, it can basically be grouped into these two categories.

As for astrology, it is also divided into two categories: Yin and Yang.