Road of the King Chapter 875

End of the volume of Chapter 045 (free)

I continued to chat with Kikyo in the spiritual world for a while, and the atmosphere was a bit awkward, but this was also expected by Liu Yun, and he was not in a hurry. Anyway, now Kikyo, as his own Zhanpakuto, is one with his body and mind. There is time for Kikyo to slowly accept who he is now. Look wool thread small say

“…That’s it. I have finished dealing with this World, and I will return to the dog Yaksha world.”

Liu Yun Said, after a few more conversations with Kikyo, he left the spiritual world.


A few days later, Liu Yun went to the world.

A little girl named Orihime Inoue met Liu Yun unexpectedly on the street. Such a naive and cute girl with a plump figure once again attracted Liu Yun’s attention.

Knowing that Inoue Orihime’s Ji Family is in a poor environment, Liu Yun used various methods to make Inoue Orihime owe a loan shark. Where did Inoue Orihime get so much money from a little girl, and finally stayed at Liu. Yun’s coercion and temptation can only pay the debt…

The news that Inoue Orihime was taken away by Liu Yun spread like wildfire, but the protagonist knew why.

Although there is some discrepancy with the original, the effect of the plot is very terrifying. With the help of Urahara Kisuke, a household becomes Death God, and he takes Chadu Taihu and Ishida Yulong to the corpse soul world. Want to save Inoue Orihime.


However, the plot that follows is completely different from the original.

high-spirited and vigorous, Kurosaki Ichigo, who has learned the jie solution, passed through all the way and defeated several Captain class. However, when he met Liu Yun, he was slapped by Liu Yun. died.

Ai Ran Soyousuke wanted to catch the chaos and leave here, and went to the virtual circle to carry out his hegemony. Who knows, Liu Yun seized this opportunity and slapped him again. Ai Ran was also killed Up.

Ichimarugin wanted to avenge his original revenge and retake Luanju, but he died under Luanju’s sword.

Yamamoto Genryuzhai also died under Liu Yun’s conspiracy. Although Liu Yun was killed, everyone thought it was Aizen.

As well as Urahara Kisuke and other people who might pose a threat to him, Liu Yun secretly solved them.


1 month later.

Liu Yun, with his strong strength and accumulated reputation over the years, has boarded the post of Captain of the Soul World, and still maintains his old radiance image.


In the days that followed, Liu Yun went to the invisible empire secretly, fought against the friend Habach, beheaded the friend Habach easily, and took over the invisible empire.

Then Liu Yun went to the virtual circle again and brought the virtual circle into his control.

After that, Liu Yun went to the Spirit King Palace alone, killing the Spirit King and replacing him.

Liu Yun likes to put everything under his control. He doesn’t like accidents. After everything is solved, Liu Yun takes out his fleshy body from the portable space, and the soul is combined with the fleshy body. The two are one, and the strength has improved again.

After using the Time Rule to stop the time of the entire galaxy, Liu Yun took Kikyo back to the “Dog Yaksha” world.

Thoughts at the end of the volume (free)

I still thought about it a few days ago, and continue to write more than ten or twenty chapters. If it goes well, the fifty-sixty chapter. But when I saw that the chapter of Kikyos resurrection was caught by a river crab, I was instantly stunned. This scale…

I dont want to end like this.

The subscription to Death God volume is not bad, at least it is much better than the last book. I write it in the first one and subscribe to the next one thousand, sometimes it will fall to nine hundred. Can continue to write, this book is well written, there is no special situation that I can only finish the book in a hurry when my brain is drawn.

I have thought about the following plots. I also conceived a lot of the next world Saint Seiya and found a lot of information.

But there is no way.

What’s wrong is that the protagonist’s development direction is getting more and more scumbag, so it is not easy to write.

If only one volume is scrapped, just open a new volume, but the idea of my whole book at first is that the protagonist is getting degenerate, and opening a new volume is useless, there is no way. In fact, the direction of development is correct, and even quite novel, but unfortunately it is not lucky. If I wrote it two months ago, it may be fine.

That’s it.

If I continue to write down, two ways. Either the protagonist changes his personality completely, but then his personality completely collapses. Either you continue to grind one or two chapters a day, risking deduction of the manuscript fee o(_)o

Of course, you can also find a gunman to write on your behalf. This is no secret. I can still get the money. But this is too bad for everyone, let’s end it.

Its not just making excuses, Ive tried my best, what should I do if anyone is in my situation? There is no way.

That’s it.

There is only one chapter that cannot be seen in the entire book, which is the “No Content in This Chapter” of the Death God volume. In fact, this chapter really has no substance. , So I didnt plan to upload it after the river crab (now uploading after the river crab is prohibited).

The title of a chapter is repeated afterwards, and it’s not about river crabs.

Does not affect reading.

I also wrote out the plot in general, basically my outline, condensed a bit, sorry, but this has been tried, and it will be boring to continue.

There are one or two chapters to close after that, not much.

Finish the book today.

New book news, let’s talk about it after finishing this testimonial.

Grand Finale eternal darkness

Inu Yaksha world, Higurashi Shrine.

Back home again, Liu Yun felt quite emotional. Although only two days have passed in the dog Yaksha world, for Liu Yun, a full 10,000 years have passed.

An invisible wave of time swept across Liu Yun’s body. As time went backwards, Liu Yun’s body became an eight-year-old Zhengtai again, and then walked straight to Elder Sister’s room.

“Elder Sister, I’m back.”

Liu Yun said, looking into the distance, Kagome was wearing a pink shirt, sitting at the table writing Homework, a light azure knee-length short skirt on the lower body, set off the lively cuteness of the high school girl.

After seeing Liu Yun’s return, a touch of indescribable joy appeared on the beautiful face, Kagome put down the pen in his hand and ran over quickly.

“Xiaoyun, you finally came back. I couldn’t get through if I called you these past two days. Where did you go?”

Kagome picked up Liu Yun, a little eagerly , Looked up and down Liu Yun, for fear that Liu Yun was injured. Although Liu Yun knows that Liu Yun is very strong and has even been called Divine Spirit by people, in Kagome in the eyes, the younger brother will always be the younger brother. There has been no news for two days, making Kagome anxious to death.

“My cell phone is dead.”

Liu Yun casually found an excuse, lying in Kagome’s arms with peace of mind, and asked, “Elder Sister, are you worried about me?”

“I am you Elder Sister, of course I am worried about you.” Kagome said with a reddish face and gently touched Liu Yun’s head.

“There is no other reason?” Liu Yun asked.

“Don’t, don’t think about it! Xiaoyun, you have that many women, why are you always hitting Elder Sister’s attention.” Kawee pursed his red lips and said complaining.

“Because of Elder Sister, you are beautiful.”

Liu Yun smiled and said, after so many years of experience, Liu Yun has long been proficient in the various methods of attacking women and has not thought at all The ground flirted with Elder Sister.

“Poor mouth! Xiaoyun, don’t touch your hands…”

“Elder Sister, I haven’t seen you for so long, let me touch it, just click, just click…”

“Mother is next door, I was seen and killed you!”

“Then we go to bed?”

“…Xiaoyun, you are bad Go.”


After a kiss of me, Kagome was still unable to hold Liu Yun, and took Liu Yun to the bed. The two of them stepped out to the end. Taboo step.

The yearning for Elder Sister for many years, one after another turned into action, poured out in this brief moment.


Ten months later.

Kagome straightened up her belly, applied to drop out of school, and stayed at home to raise her baby at ease.

Kagome didnt know that what was in her belly at the moment was actually part of her soul. Liu Yun injected the Remnant Soul of Kikyo into Kagomes body and was born through this pregnancy. Kikyo can be completely resurrected.

1 month later, Kagome is in labor.

As the daughter of Liu Yun and Kagome, Kikyo has her second life.

Kagome, who doesn’t know everything, raises Kikyo as a daughter.


Liu Yun continued to stay in the dog Yaksha world for ten years, and spent some time with Kagome, Platycodon grandiflora, Yuyi Fox, Ling Yuexian, Kagura, Shen Wu and other women. After giving birth to many daughters with them, they started a new journey again.

The dimensions are endless and Liu Yun’s footsteps will never stop.

Liu Yun wants to explore the peak of truth and understand everything in the universe.

During the period, I may be tired, I may be bored, I may miss the person I used to be. At that time, Liu Yun will return to the world of Dog Yaksha.


Another 100,000 years have passed.

After Liu Yun has experienced hundreds of worlds, his strength has finally reached its limit. He has comprehended all laws and understood all the essence.

However, after understanding all the truth, Liu Yun feels that there is only endless emptiness. In this world, there is nothing that can stop him, and nothing can arouse his interest, even Bullying the protagonists of various worlds and using various fresh methods to attack women in different worlds is the same for Liu Yun, without any surprises.

Liu Yun even grabbed Kagome from different worlds from the parallel world of the dog Yaksha world, played various loli training, training games, and even made his Elder Sister and other parallel world players Kagome slept together, all kinds of games… However, I still feel dull…

What is his own existence?

This World is simply too boring.

Thinking like this, Liu Yun was completely enchanted.

What’s more terrifying is that no one can stop Liu Yun so powerful.

The crazy Liu Yun looted in various dimensions, entered the Lifan world and Xianxia World, insulted endless women, did countless evil things, and finally, even God couldnt stand it anymore. , The will of the endless dimension of the universe unite to challenge Liu Yun together.

A Divine Punishment runs through the causal time and space and falls on Liu Yun’s body. However, Liu Yun at this moment is too strong. Even the cosmic will is as weak as an ant in Liu Yun in the eyes.


Liu Yun waved his hands in endless dimensional heaven falls and earth rends. After extinguishing all dimensional rules and will, Liu Yun replaced the rules with his own will to maintain the endless Dimensional operation!

“Trifling the will of the universe, I dare to fight against me, courting death!”

Liu Yun took the horse and gently patted under him, saying: “Go to the next world sword God’s Domain, that heroine Asuna is good, you can play… Saber bitch, what are you still doing, stand up~”

a light shout, Saber under Liu Yun is on all fours, Wearing a collar on his neck, he carried Liu Yun and ran like a horse under the beating of Liu Yun.

Liu Yun is holding a long chain in his hand, pulling Kuangsan, Shixiang, Emilia, Xun’er, Solanum, Tang Yurou, Lu Xueqi, Huang Rong, Guo Xiang, Kinomoto Ying, Mikasa Ackerman…numerous beauties were pulled by Liu Yun. They were women from different worlds who were tamed by Liu Yun. They uttered the obedient cry of Woof Woof, and followed Liu Yun through the gap of the dimension to the next world .

Countless women are about to suffer!

this World, no, all the world is out of help!

The weak can only be ravaged forever!

Liu Yun unrivaled beneath the heavens, enjoy the supreme power and the most beautiful woman!

Endless dimension will always acknowledge allegiance under Liu Yun’s brutal rule! There is no bright future!

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