Chu Feng has a fire in his heart, and there is a raging flame, not because of World of the Living’s nine-headed bird, golden wings Yaksha Race, etc., but from two other forces.

The messenger above Heavens has come, has a strong heritage, and the ferocious beast of the mountain protection door is Heavenly Venerable, and the diffuse atmosphere has been transmitted to Mystic Realm.

Of course, this is not the most frightening thing, even though the family from Heavens is very arrogant and overbearing. The name of the surname makes him obey the command and listen to the call, but that’s the case. He even kills people. Even the messengers have killed two, and there is nothing to care about.

What made him most ups and downs and anger was that the horrible and secretive, powerful and evil-loving family appeared, and the Yaoyao who had been harmed was extremely miserable.

At World of the Living, if there was no Yaoyao, there would be no him. At Earth, Yaoyao sheltered him and gave him time to grow.

In the great moment, the last moment is that the monster Monster General disintegrates to the blood and soul, and the stone jar is carried out with both hands, and she herself falls into the darkness of the abyss, and again Did not come out.

Perhaps, at that moment, if the last power of Monster General is left to herself, she can live, she can come out, but, at that moment, she saved Chu Feng and sent him out, but she never appeared again. .

Whenever I think of this, Chu Feng is very painful in my heart, like being shackled. Therefore, as long as everything related to Yaoyao, he cares, to avenge him, and always agree with her position.

Today Heavens, he still does not have such strength, if it is strong enough, he must return to the small world of the dead, and then into the Great Yuan, whether Yaoyao is alive or dead, he must find out.

He was shuddering in his heart, and he was also hoping for a miracle. He hoped that Yaoyao would be able to reappear the world and be able to come back!

Today Heavens, at this moment, he heard someone saying something like that outside. It was the enemy of Yaoyao. It was a miserable clan of their family. It appeared. He followed the flames and felt the same. Shoot for it.

From Yushang old man to Yaoyao, this pulse is too miserable!

For the imprint, Yushang Heavenly Venerate’s two children and one daughter, and the grandsons, all died. All accidents occurred. They were the top-ranked Heavens talents in their respective Realm, but they ended up so badly.

Later, the family had only one post, and was imprisoned by the culprit, and survived with this blood, but it was also sad and incomparably desolate.

Finally, a limited number of blood vessels were taken for experimentation, dead death, and disabled.

At the end of the day, only Yaoyao’s grandfather was left alone, but he suffered a very vicious means to become a test piece of a big man. The special Origin Metal under the seed was planted in the body. At the Late Stage, he was destined to lose his nature and lose himself. Walking like a dead body.

How cruel this is, in order to force the old man to hand over the imprint on the “Myriad Things Origin Energy Cauldron”, the culprit is all-in-one.

They directly let the old man Yushang, and several amazing children and descendants are dying and dying, too sad.

Needless to think, the old ancestors of Yushang must be very big, able to guard the origin energy trip, can master the only clues, can be said to have unimaginable bloodlines.

It was only because of some things that their inheritance was broken, accidents occurred, and gradually disappeared, so they were stared and became a sad prey.

According to Yu Shang’s old man, there are actually a few of them, but they all went to war. If they are still in World of the Living, if they come back in this world, how can they be bullied to this step, close to complete elimination? ?

Nowadays, Yu Shang will die, and he will live for a few months, and Yaoyao will fall into the Great Plains. Both of them have great grace for Chu Feng. Falling into this field, how can Chu Feng’s heart feel better?

In particular, the outside world, the people of the culprit came, and shocked the old man, let him cough up blood, and his life in a limited few months may be even more unbearable, and he couldn’t live a few Heavens.

When Chu Feng turned back and stood at the entrance of Mystic Realm, his eyes were a little red, and he was angry and rushed to the crown, and he could not wait to kill the culprit immediately!

He wants Yushang’s old man to vent his anger and revenge for Yaoyao!


Outside, Yushang’s face is like golden paper, without blood, and then becomes more sallow. This is a sign that a person’s life is declining and the body is exhausted.

That blow made him suffer a lot, and the more he did not.

“Think of my family, the glory of All Heavens, the ancestors of that year overlooked Between Heaven and Earth, and the detachment of Myriad Worlds is famous. As a result, his descendants were bullied. I blasphemed my ancestors, and I was invincible to my ancestors. It is a sinner.”

Yu Shang’s voice is not high, very weak, he is from the heart of indignation and humiliation, the ancestors stayed in Ding, Wei Zhen all circles, but their pulse has to be cut off, did not fall to this step.

It is related to the disappearance of one of the key scriptures in the inheritance, and it has also been related to the accidental catastrophe and tragedy of the family.

In the distance, Chu Feng was rushing with blood and his eyes were up. He saw the old man of Yushang, his white hair was gray and his eyes were muddy. He became more and more pitiful and he was not jealous.

He realized that the ancestors of Yu Shang should be one of the few Heavenly Emperors.

He saw the owner of the big black dog, the corpse of the corpse, and now feels the ups and downs of another family, so the rise and fall of the change, let him feel the heart resonate, the heart is sad.

“I am here, who wants to imprint, who can take it, come over!” Chu Feng shouted.

He was a little scared, worried that the one who was covered in Origin Metal’s luster was in trouble, and then he started to attack the old man, so he would go crazy.

However, the creature who is covered in metal luster is not going to do it. In their view, Yu is the only living person in the vein. He needs his blood and needs his life. Otherwise, why will he go in the future? Looking for the emperor in the mysterious and magnificent mountains and rivers?

The man spoke up, as cold as the metal armor on his body, and sneered with mockery: “Oh, the legend of the year, who believes in the world? Many people think that there is no one to say it. Of course.” My family knows that he once existed, but inside the people, clues, everything left behind? Even the emperor has been buried. We are also kind, to help you find that thing, let origin energy split again All Heavens Let it reappear, in that case, the glory of that person will be remembered.”

When Yu Shang’s old man heard these words, his body was shaking, angry and helpless. He became more and more sad, and his ancestors were so dazzling and invincible. A drop of blood broke through the ages. Now, they can’t continue the seed glory.

“Inflicted a big injury, you live well, you still need to use it, it is also the last waste utilization, your blood, your meat, there are some use, are sacrifices, without you, how do we enter Mysterious mountains and rivers, how to take origin energy? Ha ha…” The man is laughing, the cold metal has covered his true body, he is more and more calm and indifferent, Yu Yu is still old, ruthless blow and ridicule.

Then, he added: “Don’t think about self-destruction. Before you die, we will collect your blood. In addition, my family also has a large amount of blood for your children and grandchildren. It has been preserved for so many years. Even keep their heads, their hearts, their bodies, do you want to take a look?”

Yu Shang’s old man was stunned, his turbid old eyes were red, his body was shaking, and he almost fell to the ground.

His heartache, incomparable discomfort, his two sons, There is still one daughter, what was outstanding in the past, how extraordinary, when the family together, laughter, affectionate, but finally, so desolate, Now, when I hear this seed, how can I bear it?

Chu Feng is also going to blow up. After hearing this seed, I want to kill people.

On the battlefield of the three sides, many people were watching, the birds were silent, they were shocked, and the thoughts in their hearts were inexplicable. They all realized something, looked at Yu Shang, and looked at the creature wrapped in Origin Metal.

Some of the top Evolver, some Heavenly Venerable have realized that who is coming, with Origin Metal as the armor, this group is terrible in history, disappeared in the endless years of World of the Living, has rarely been born, today Heavens Actually debut!

What is said, they have a bottom in their hearts, and everything is under the control of the family.

“Family competing with Heavenly Emperor!” The messengers on Heavens were both surprised and came to the conclusion that they were the ones who came out.

Some ethnic groups, some families, not only continued for several eras, but also competed with the emperor in the past, even though they were losers.

Some of them survived and walked away from Other Realm, wounding outside Myriad Worlds, and in the end, one day they came back!

“The man is very strong, but what can he do, where is the other person? The strongest supreme ancestors of my family have recovered, huh, haha…”

The person who covered the Origin Metal was laughing, arrogant and overbearing, without disguise.

“What?!” Someone from the creatures above Heavens screamed, and his heart was inexplicably inexplicable.

“In the World of the Living? If you are not there, don’t compare, roll over, kill you!” Chu Feng spoke up and felt the peak of this family’s evil. He felt that he would listen again, not to mention the feathers of Heavenly Venerable. He can’t stand it.

He felt that he could understand the current mood of the old man of Yushang, and his heart was bleeding. He must be very uncomfortable. He wanted to introduce the people of this family into Small World and find ways to kill him.

Therefore, Chu Feng speaks very rudely. He wants to irritate this person and let him in. There is nothing to say at the moment. Only by killing this person can the Yushang old man temporarily have a bad breath.

“What are you doing, you have to be feathered. Oh, Great Saint, no, but unfortunately, the age of the wrong, this year.” The man ridiculed, then said: “This era, without you shine Opportunity, has not yet grown to the Divine King, Heavenly Venerable period, it is estimated that people will be slapped into mud, stepping on the feet to become a group of stinky blood, you say?

With a light smile and carelessness, he looked at Chu Feng calmly and then waved him. He said: “Nothing unexpected, you will die soon, or you will come over to us, live and grow for you. The opportunity to get up.”

“I @#¥!”

Chu Feng is a simple and straightforward sentence. From such a small resentment to a person, he feels that there is no reason for such a group to speak. Only one of the most direct “greetings” is worthy of them.

The man looked cold and said: “Yes, then take you first, the imprint needs to return to the right person. Yes, of course, you need to cooperate with Yu Shang, I think, you should not blew yourself, don’t be self-destructive, Otherwise, Yu Shang’s situation is not good.”

Chu Feng cold channel: “Your grandfather is here, waiting for you! There are seeds you come in, I destroy you all!”

“Oh, the family that has fallen, what else can be, that person will not come back, haha, ridiculously sad, once brilliant.” The metal of the person in the face of the bloom, he laughed happily.

However, at this moment, an origin energy traverses Heavens!

It kept roaring, Great Dao rumbled, and shocked All Heavens!

“Emperor, who can humiliate?!” At this moment, accompanied by Heavens tremble, accompanied by a huge roar, this piece of celestial clouds are shaking, as if to fall.

At this moment, all beings are shaking, they must crouch down, and they must worship!

Yushang old man’s turbid eyes, a moment of tears rolling down, once their family, what the embarrassment, this year is so! Who can humiliate?

Who dares to humiliate?

Now, seeing that origin energy, and the moment of Great Dao roaring and big change, Yu Shang is very curious to cry, thinking of Heavens shouting.

It’s shivering, I feel like I’m going to be killed, I don’t want to always take time off, but I didn’t write it well enough recently, so I broke it. It’s not easy to write the book to Late Stage, but this Heavens I’ve gone from the beginning to the end, there should be no The problem is, then look at my performance, you decide whether to start with me, shivering. cry!

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