It can be seen that Yushang’s body is emitting strange light, and a special blood in the body is transpiration, beating, and the Great Dao on the Heavens, and the whole world’s World of the Living’s rules, so that the world is in no way. Jitter, all the people shudder.

Everyone, including the top powerhouse, some Heavenly Venerable has a soul-inspired sway, pale as snow.

In this grand battlefield, countless people are uncontrollable and crouch directly.

Who is speaking?

Who is drinking?

Is it a person of the Yushang family? Everyone was shocked and more skeptical. Was the legendary person back and lived to reproduce the world?

At this moment, let alone the people on the battlefield, the more distant families, the Major Sects of other states, there are inductions at this time, because the Heavens roar, an origin energy across the sky, too shocking.

“don’t tell me is… the legend returns? That person… still, has he appeared again?!”

“This…Heavens, I know, it’s not a rumor. The people who dared to smash on the film of the Cangjie were still there, and dare to let the legend of the bloodshed go back!”

In some famous mountains and rivers, there are peerless old antiques reviving. I don’t know how many years have passed. Some don’t belong to this era. I feel the changes in Heavens, feel the great Dao’s roar and tremble, and they themselves are shaking. Many people are murmuring. Speak to himself.

It’s a scene of shocking the world, and it’s unbelievable that many people around the World of the Living are in the air.

The Heavens are moving, the sky is going to collapse, and there is a seed strange fire burning in it, around the origin energy, it is almost necessary to suppress the world all enemies!

At this time, especially the body of the golden armor in the battlefield was the most responsive, he was shocked, how could this seed happen?

He was still laughing at it. He was still ironic, saying that Yu Shang’s pulse was gone. His blood and meat can only be sacrificed, waste utilization, and who is the so-called legendary person? Who remembers!

But now, with a broken drink, he almost trembled with timidity. At this time, his mouth was full of blood, and his body was covered with cracks. Even the mother golden armor could not defend it. What a terrible event?

And, to know, he is Heavenly Venerable!

How can this be?

He actually blasted in other people’s words, almost blasted, almost what kind of creatures, did not really shoot him!

“Who are you? You… can’t be him!”

His voice is shaking, but I can see how scared my heart is. He is questioning, how could it be that person in the past, how can he appear in the world?

Don’t tell me, those few standing on the epoch, in the absolute existence of the ages, really can’t be mentioned? Otherwise it will manifest!

However, is he not disappearing? Even if it is said that it is impossible to return to this era, how can he suddenly show up like this?

Some people noticed the details, including Chu Feng, because he saw the blood mist too much in the body of Yu Shang, too, and it was too majestic.

This does not match the old man with weak constitution!

At this time, Yu Shang also felt an abnormality. In an instant, he seemed to understand, and then he burst into tears and shook his hand, as if he wanted to touch the sky and want to beheaded.

Then he looked at his body and realized it seriously.

Yes, this seed is not bad. The strange blood in his body is transpiration, burning, and the Pulse of Great Dao on Heavens, resonating with the original energy.

In the meantime, Yu is aware that the pulse of this heaven and earth, all visions, etc., are related to his strange blood recovery.

In the distance, Chu Feng Discerning Eyes, the natural look, is much more sensitive than many people.

The last time, he heard that Yu Shang said that the ancestors of the family had special blood, but unfortunately, after the birth of this world, only a few of them were able to wake up and be able to give birth to the seed.

Among them, Yaoyao revived the seed blood, Heavens ancestors blood, also precisely because of this, used to be: Number One Under the Starry Sky !

She really did, no match at the same level, even World of the Living’s Extreme Martial Heavenly Venerate’s Dao Body, after suppressing Realm, into the small world of the dead, she was killed, this is so terrible and amazing, say no one Believe.

After all, it was once Heavenly Venerable, how to suppress it, eyes and experience, and the way to do it.

But Yaoyao did it.

Now, the feathers of Heavenly Venerable have also recovered, but they are in the semi-burning process, resulting in such an exaggerated and horrific Heavens vision.

“Ancestors, are you, live in our blood, today Heavens, you manifested in World of the Living?!” Yu Shang shouted.

When the seed discourse came out, Heavens shook, and World of the Living seemed to have a hurricane, swept the states, and swayed the Heavens, and the snow in the far north rebelled against the sky.

This is too shocking, and many people are scared.

For example, the messenger from Heavens followed the feeling of one’s hair stand on end.

“don’t tell me The legend is true? Some strong enough existence, those taboos, will not perish, they can live in the blood of their own generations!”

“The descendants are the continuation of their lives, not to talk about it. Some people have really imprinted their lives, the source fragments, etc., passed down, flowing in the blood of future generations, and one day, they can return and reproduce them!”

World of the Living’s famous mountains and rivers, the prehistoric giants wake up, said so, their eyes are profound.

In fact, this is indeed somewhat close to the truth!

Around the World, there is a series of Violet Qi, which is filled with Cangyu, and the redness blooms again and again. It is the former noble aura and the iron and blood, with an origin energy traversing the Above the Heavens and Under. The Earth, as if to cut off the world, constantly roaring, the world is shaking.

At this time, many people realized what happened. On the ancestors of Yu Shang, his will was awakened in his blood and was stimulated.

Is this the persecution of the culprit, so that the supreme emperor has a sense of imprint in the blood of his descendants, and is it angered?

For a time, everyone shivered, such a presence, it is said that dare to break through the ages, dare to kill the end of the dark, dare to cross the emperor’s burial pit, if he is angry, who can bear?

Yu Shang Cang’s old body is quite straight at this time. He is respecting the ancestors. He is in tears. He feels that he is arrogant about this vein. He is sorry for his ancestors, but he is also very excited. He can talk to his ancestors and be able to Resonate in this Heavens?

“I don’t believe it, I don’t think that person will return like this!”

The creature who wore the mother golden armor showed a pair of monster eyes. He was not reconciled. He was full of resentment in fear and fear.

His seven scorpions are bleeding, and the whole person is shaking, and it must be completely opened.

At this time, he is very reluctant to take out an artefact, pointing to Heavens, will be contending.

Yu Shang is headed, watching Heavens Yu, the strange blood in the body transpires, forming a dragon shape blood column, and then turned into a Great Dao storm, sweeping Above the Heavens and Under the Earth, Sun and Moon eclipsed, Heavens sink, Show a glimpse of the supreme power of the ancestors.

He knows that this is not his own strength, but the ancestors are recovering.

Chu Feng also understood that today’s Heavens Yushang old man was suppressed to the extreme, not only repeatedly humiliated, but also mentioned that his two sons and a daughter were murdered, the head and the corpse were saved, let him go to see This is a tragedy of life. The old man of Yu Shang was stimulated to the extreme.

This is likely to cause his blood to change, which activates some of the factors flowing in the blood, allowing the supreme to manifest itself.

“You are right, I am not him. If I am Heavenly Emperor, I will pass through the eternal light. Even if you are hiding in All Heavens, it will be difficult to survive. It will die.”

Heavens squatted, some people spoke, the voice was grand, and the mighty states were shaking the world.

“who are you?!”

“I am his third grandson, and he is also the ancestors of Yushang. Today, my a tiny part of my life part is activated, and I feel his emotions.”

Heavens is empty, the will is opening, he is deducting, this is to take out the headquarters of the culprit, to launch a peaceful shaking blow, will kill everything!

People are in a daze, but also shocked, so breathless, Heavens is all mingling, and all are shuddering, not the legendary person, but just a grandson of him?

Moreover, the most crucial thing is that the recovery of Yu Shang is only a broken mark of life. If it is too far away from the real life, can it have such power?

This is simply incredible, people can’t believe it!

The third party’s a tiny part imprint is already the case. If it returns itself, it is simply… no way to imagine it!

At the same time, everyone has cooled from the head to the feet, realizing the battle outside the world, how cruel the whole Heavens are, after all, that person has disappeared and can not return.

How strong is his enemy? !

“Not him, haha, not him, I have confidence!”

The man who was wearing the golden armor was so laughing, it seemed to be very excited, like crossing the boundless darkness, seeing the light, no longer afraid.

He holds a special tool, a mirror that shines on high sky.

This is not an attack, but a release of a seed signal.

Then, people feel the oppression, the incomparable tension, the whole person’s mind will collapse.

On the side of Heavens, there are three reversals, each flying an old man. They are in a three-legged position, urging the blood energy of the whole body, took out a Dharma Decree and a sword, all purple, like the thunder sea, If the energy of the world is destroyed, Cangyu will be poured.

“I said, our ancestors were still alive. In the past, we dared to compete with the emperor. We contacted the outside territory. After his recovery, he crossed the endless time and space, and called Dharma Decree and Sword, let us take the lead in World of the Living ups and downs, now took out!”

The creatures who wore the golden armor screamed loudly.

This is why he has no fear after the arrival of Heavens, and he is not afraid of the ambiguity of other ethnic groups. Because there are Dharma Decree and Swords on the ancestors who competed with the emperor, they crossed the time and space and suppressed all enemies for the family.

“Yeah, you are sure that your ancestor was alive, and gave you Dharma Decree and the sword? Today Heavens, I traverse everything with an origin energy!”

The voice blooms on Heavens, as if Heavenly Tribulation rings and blasts World of the Living.


In fact, the recovery of this mark is limited. After all, it is only a tiny part brand, not a real life, and it can only be launched.

Originally, he wanted to find the culprit.

But now, he saw the sword, the Dharma Decree, changed his mind, because he felt the coordinate mark on it, it was left by a terrible creature, and wanted to use it as a guide, one day to come to World of the Living !

He must sweep and destroy this coordinate mark.

Because, he suspects that the soul that is coming will come again.


Heavens emptied, an original energy fell, swept everything, and the sword and Dharma Decree pocketed Heavens, extremely magnificent, and soon the two sides encountered, and then fell into inexplicable space and time, collapsed into an unimaginable space Inside, outside people can only see the projection.


Like the big bang of the universe, the poles bloomed. For a time, the 10,000 roads collapsed, All Heavens bleed, and the endless rules screamed and went to the end.

If it is hidden, the great war before infinity seems to have emerged because of this impact.

In the daytime, people seem to see All Heavens who have crossed the blood in the gongs. They saw Zhong Ding Qiming and saw someone hunted for Heavens in white.

In the end, everything was quiet, the Dharma Decree was pierced, burned to ashes, and the sword was broken, turned into iron filings, and the essence was lost.

As for the original energy, it flows out and returns to the real world.

In three directions, the three old men shed their heads and bleed, and they did not participate in the battle. They just joined forces to activate the Dharma Decree and the sword, but now each and every one is drying up and then blasting.

The Heavenly Venerable, the golden armor of the mother, was blackened. The three old men were the characters of his uncles, but the living fossils of the family. So they died so badly?

“I am not dead, still in the world, I am still alive, what else are you in this vein?!” The creatures wearing the female golden armor are a little crazy, but they are actually afraid.

He is worried about his fate. How could it be missed by the blow?

“Sadly, your destiny is doomed.”

A voice of indifference came, and the roaring sky gradually returned to calm, and the ancestors of Yushang could only launch a blow, and then slowly dissipated.

Some people in the famous mountains and rivers frowned, saying: “The big man can see the future before his life mark disappears!”

At this point, the three sides of the battlefield fell into a brief silence.

However, the silence was quickly broken.

“Haha, you disappeared, you can only launch a blow like this, I am killing your descendants now – Yu Shang!” The creature who wore the mother golden armor suddenly laughed, crazy, he was still afraid .

However, at the end of the day, he did not know why, even trembled, and in the direction of Yu Shang, he squatted and was completely uncontrollable.

How could it be a hasty end? When you look at the book I wrote before, I wrote it for a long time. This book must be carefully written to the point that when all are perfect, the Chu people are not even connected with their children. The real curtain has only been opened, and some people who want to write it have not yet shown it. Don’t worry.

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