Sacred Ruins Chapter 1367

Soul River, the land government, the four poles floating soil, etc., these are connected, is it just the tip of the iceberg?

Chu Feng’s face can not change, for a moment, he from the head to the feet, deeply felt the horror of a seed in the strange face, to flood the Sun and Moon Star River.

Not to mention the other, even the end of the soul river is extremely terrible, there are secrets of sultry, has not been opened since ancient times, even Heavenly Emperor killed there but they are ignored.

If you think deeply about these places, if they are intertwined, they have a special relationship. Once they resonate, the All Heavens will be ruined. At this time, the ancient history will be broken and will cease to exist.

Chu Feng Suddenly, what kind of power is this, is the natural product of Heavens, or is it artificial?

For a time, he thought of the man in the mouth of the 9th, a swordful old supreme existence, once reinvented the reincarnation, resurrected his former old man.

Because, in that era, there was almost only that person left, and all the friends and relatives of the family were almost killed. Only he stood alone and stood alone, bleak and chilly.

However, he did not have his own reincarnation, but accidentally discovered and dug the broken traces from the ground. He did not know how many years from his time.

Now I want to come. Regarding reincarnation, everything about the land is extremely embarrassing. They have disappeared, but after a few days, they may reappear.

The young man spoke again and sighed: “There is a person, he is strong, he is not afraid of everything. He has the opportunity to blow through everything. However, too hurried, he left, the journey has also returned, but he is more eager to leave. Go, I think it might be precisely because I found out what I found, so I started to solve it. I didn’t go back. I sat alone in the gongs, watching Myriad Worlds bleed, crossing the heavens, going away, and disappearing alone!”

Chu Feng was surprised. The young man said, much like the one he was thinking of, don’t tell me the same person?

“The man you said is?” he couldn’t help but ask.

“Nature is the person of my contemporaries. Otherwise, how do I understand.” The young blind man shines, and this time exudes amazing brilliance.

That is the recognition of the same kind, and it is unfortunate that it will never be seen again. He is now just a ghost and a ghost, coming out to release the wind.

The embarrassment that belongs to him has long been faint and forgotten.

And that person? More splendid, but now, but also disappeared a few eras, who can tell his past? Perhaps the strongest and undead enemy still remembers.

Is this a seed regret, or a seed unspeakable glory?

“It’s all the world, since the last sword of that person has made the era dim, and the whole world is trembled. Unfortunately… after all, it was a catastrophe.”

The young man is not unnatural, and there is no contradiction because the man conceals his splendor. On the contrary, he appreciates the glory of that person.

Chu Feng is convinced that it is that person, a sword drawn out, stunning time, and overwhelming the ancient and modern, consistent with the description of the nine.

“I won the title in the tenth century. I met him in the eleventh century. I was convinced that I was defeated. I really want to walk side by side with him. Unfortunately, there is no chance.”

In the end, there is only a little sadness left.

Chu Feng At this time, there was also a silence, so that a person called the crown of the tenth, and he could stand up with the one who had been smashed by the sword on the 9th. He once dominated the world, but now he is detained and released, and there are some Desolation, some sadness.

I don’t have to think about it. This is a person who has always been very proud. He is a dominant player. His end and ending are not so good.

The fog of history has a lot of things that make people feel ups and downs, or sad, or regret, or blood has not been extinguished, but it is also a thing of the past.

Chu Feng is naturally reluctant, wants to know everything behind this, what the soul river, the land, the four poles floating soil, can not wait to open, see a real cut.

However, he was disappointed. Some words from the youth made him look like a cold water.

“Do you think that I can get through the essence behind me? I just came out to let go of the wind,” he said self-deprecatingly.

The lightness of the talk, but how heavy it is for such a person.

“Who is holding you?” Chu Feng asked.

“At the moment, there are rules of human form, there are also walking dead, there are fog, and there are more complicated things.” The young man told him calmly.

Then he said a truth. He said to himself: “I once asked myself, after the reincarnation, is it still myself? I don’t know. But I can now confirm that this seed state is only part of me.”

What do you mean?

“We are all walking dead, ghosts that are incomplete, can’t change anything, are released from the wind, are also looking for their own lost material, lost soul factor, etc., want to find the true oneself. But we can Found? Heavens is very big, split apart, but also fills the Heavens era, no matter what, it is still the world, but our fleshly body, rotten, our main soul light, dissipated, pure material Reincarnation, perhaps to the other end of the universe, becomes dust, becomes True Dragon, and even becomes your immediate eye.”

When Chu Feng heard this, some hairy, he understood the meaning of this person, ridiculed the reincarnation of fate, and sighed the cycle of material.

Perhaps, there may be some uncertainties. After the disintegration of the strongest in ancient times, there will be some material returning to the later generations.

Even Chu Feng himself felt that his fleshly body, his soul light, may have been the factor of some people who used to be, but this is not a reincarnation of fate.

Chu Feng said: “Don’t say, how do I listen to more people, the world is everywhere, I am with the cosmic dust, I have a soul light material with Heavenly Immortal children hundreds of millions of years ago, I am with the sea Also dried up…”

“The most terrible thing is that I am afraid that I am not the remnant of the past. It is not a normal ghost, but a fragment of the soul light that has been modeled and inscribed. It is released like a hard-working bee. At work, constantly ‘collecting honey’, collect a soul light that is called the Ten Crown King and who is scattered in Heavens.”

Chu Feng didn’t respond, but it was also a cold chill. He felt that he really had a Heavens. If he died, he could never go to the land!

“Well, I am very worried about the man who was in that year. He hastily left. In the end, because of what, too hasty, he will go alone on the road without looking back. I am most afraid that he will be a bait and throw himself into the reincarnation.”

The young man sighed.

Chu Feng was amazed. Some people were surprised. The person who remembered on the 9th was like this. impossible! Because the number nine is convinced that he is still alive today, and that the strongest imprint is resonating, and that the person has sent back information, and that person is still on the forefront of the road, just a person rush out too far!

The young man shook his head again and said: “It shouldn’t be like this. If he is dead, his sword intent will immediately disappear from Between Heaven and Earth. Now it is still strong, let a certain seed rule resonate, and some enemies are taboo. , guard against his sudden reappearance!”

Unconsciously, the darkness passed, and the east was white, and then the light shone, and the mountains and rivers were bathed with a layer of pale golden brilliance.

However, there is still blood flowing between the mountains and rivers. Chu Feng still sees the other side of the world. Scarlet Land has no boundaries, there are scorch marks and there is fire.

“The sun…” At this moment, Chu Feng’s pupils contracted. He saw that the sun was not a planet, but a dead body. It was burning and flowing fire essence.

“This Heavens is very big, a floating Continent. On weekdays, the sun you see is ruled, and now you see some wills hanging around, there are powerful people, there are gold Heavenly Beast, too More, some are still old people, huh!”

The youth stared at Heavens empty.

Chu Feng is deeply chilly, and the sun is rising, but it is such a scene. Unlike the sun on weekdays, it is actually a corpse.

In the distance, there is a horrible golden beast rising from the forest, majestic and powerful, golden light, but also a glimpse of death aura, falling to the earth.

I don’t have to think about it. Its evolutionary level was once very embarrassing and extremely powerful.

Look at the land again, the smoke has not been extinguished, the blood has not dried up, accompanied by the new city of the world, like Yin and Yang, reality and illusion are intertwined.

“World of the Living is just a Continent…” Chu Feng sighed.

It is boundless, ups and downs, some eras are very embarrassing, the world is hegemony, some eras are broken, dim and silent, changed and changed.

The young man looked at the colors of Heavens and sighed: “I want to leave, the ghosts and ghosts, the time to release the wind is limited, it is time to go back. Can you tell me something about you before leaving? Where is there, what is special? Experience, I always feel that I have something to do with you.”

Chu Feng’s heart was moving, and when he heard about Earth on the 9th, he was astonished and surprised. At this point he directly mentioned that he came from the small world of the dead’s Earth.

“What do you say, what name?!”

Sure enough, the young king was shocked, the first time he changed color, and then stared at Chu Feng.

“Little world of the dead, Earth!” Chu Feng replied, and the name really surprised the youth.

“How is it possible, there is Mount Tai, there is Kunlun?” the young man asked quickly.

“Yes, have you been there?!” asked Chu Feng.

“Two people before and after, two peaks, have been related to there. Before the original Mount Tai was cut off, it was a sacrifice, I don’t know.” The man whispered.

Chu Feng was amazed and said: “Wait a minute, what are you talking about, who are you at the end of the age, there is Mount Tai in the past??”

“I was surprised that this is what happened. At least some ancient history has passed. Why do you still know that there is Mount Tai and Kunlun?” The young man looks serious.

He has been out of the wind for so many years and knows a lot about the afterlife, so it is very shocking.

Chu Feng’s scalp is numb. At the beginning, he has been vaguely aware of some anomalies from the mouth of No. 9 and others. He suspected that similar things are happening, even a planet and a universe are repeating and reincarnation.

Or, someone is reinterpreting the piece of ancient land!

“Who are you?” asked the young man.

“Who am I?” Chu Feng asked himself, and then he said loudly: “I am the ultimate!”

“What is the area now, what is the background?” asked the young man.

Chu Feng feels that the situation is serious, and he talks about Earth in detail, and even tells about the cultural accumulation and the local customs.

“It’s exactly the same as in the past, how is it possible! Who are you?! No, it should be said, who is deducting all this, really bold, Heavens, he wants to do it!” The youth bombed, unprecedentedly serious.

“You said, everything there is exactly the same as a certain age?!” Chu Feng was amazed, and then he was cold from head to toe, like a smashing house!

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