Sacred Ruins Chapter 1368

How can Chu Feng not be shocked, everything on Earth, whether it is cultural accumulation, place names, and historical trends, has appeared before, and now it has been re-experienced again? !

His heart is cold, why, why? !

His hair was upside down and he had a goose bump, feeling that the bone marrow had been frozen by the cold!

If the entire Earth is in reincarnation, who is he, and what are their people in this world?

Who has such a thorough flow of Heavens?

It’s amazing to have a person step on the Reincarnation Road with memory, and now it’s even more terrible to make a planet repeat.

“Some people… really a big bag of Heavens!” At this moment, the young king opened his mouth and his eyes were deep. After he was shocked, he had already speculated.

Chu Feng was surprised. What did this young man think of?

“Because the planet is a bit special, it has gone straight to the two peaks directly and indirectly. So, some people want to replay the seed environment and raise it?” The young king said such a speculation.

This made Chu Feng’s face change immediately, and almost a moment of white sweat, this is really awkward, all of which are under the control of others?

Earth is like a jar with some insects in it, waiting for Insect King to appear?

Everything is only because there is a Heavenly Emperor there, there are two supreme peaks, and some people want to try to see if they can produce … supreme in an approximate environment? !

At this time, the half face of the young king is under the morning glow, and the half face is like in the shadow, while the eyes like the candle in the middle of the night are indefinite and some are quiet.

He said: “You are standing behind you!”

Chu Feng glanced, and the back was cold.

But soon, he understood.

The young king sighed: “You may have one or a few black hands behind you. You are going to break through this game by deducting and pushing it all.”

What he said, Chu Feng has naturally realized it, how can he not be surprised? One or more of them want to reshape the Earth environment and reproduce the existence of the terroir of the year. They should stare at the “Earth Jar”, waiting for a special bug to squid, and then the butterfly will fly out!

This seed life is a bit sad. He may have become a bug in someone else’s game and in someone else’s jar when he was born?

Not only him, because the entire Earth is like this, the birth of all lifeforms is the same, only one purpose is to be put into the seed in the jar.

Some people are waiting for the seeds to sprout, waiting for the insects to break the butterfly!

However, if it is a meticulous thought, the secret creature, the high presence, in order to cultivate a qualified Earth jar, is not too small.

After all, thousands of years of history, cultural precipitation, etc., all happen, and it takes a lot of time to wait for a long time.

“They have endless life and patience!” Chu Feng sighed, how did the seed lifeforms care about the time, perhaps for them to just mean the moment.

Youth: “Don’t despair, the creatures behind it are not necessarily malicious, but really need a special seed to appear there.”

At this moment, Chu Feng thought of the 9th. He also said that someone might be repeating Earth. At that time, everything was looming.

Chu Feng still remembers the complicated look of the 9th, and the desire is stopped. He naturally sees it all, but can’t bear to tell Chu Feng the cruel truth.

In this context, the best seed situation is that a good-natured creature wants to cultivate a strong person.

Perhaps it is because of too much crisis, perhaps the battle is too terrible, perhaps for reserve, with a little hope, to “incubate” another “supreme peak.”

The worst case is naturally that there are creatures who are maliciously deducting all of this, wanting to harvest a special seed, and trying to capture the insects of the butterfly that was born under the coincidence of history.

The more neutral situation is that someone is bored, a thought is nothing but casual, and it leads to all this.

However, no matter what the seed situation is, it is not a good thing for Chu Feng. It is grown up in the time when people are overlooking the jar.

“You think about it, the big guys are not so boring, they have a long time, but they are not bored until they stare at the planet. They are just waiting. One day, if they come out with a special creature, they are The harvest season is here.”

The young king’s words made Chu Feng not know whether it was fortunate or the bonfire.

“Through your current level of evolution, the difference is too far, especially if you have left it. If there is any special mark on the body, it will be destroyed in World of the Living. Maybe it will be completely out of trouble.”

Chu Feng heard a moment of silence.

He felt that he might have escaped from the secret pair or eyes.

The reason is perhaps because he is not sure if the level of the stone jar is high enough to prevent a few pairs of eyes from being touched.

After all, the stone jar was on Earth, and he got it. He has this seed on his body and he believes it can cover any Heavens machine!

In particular, as his strength continues to grow and the characteristics of the stone jar continue to emerge, he will become more calm and calm, and no one can detect it.

Just a little bit, I am afraid that the stone jar is the people who are on Earth, it is terrible.

He thought about it and thought about it. He felt that it should not be too much. The stone jar was too mysterious. It was suspected to have run through several civilizations and appeared on different evolutionary roads.

This seed thing can be determined without thinking, just above the ultimate, no longer under it, if it is really owned, how could it be thrown in Kunlun?

Chu Feng guessed that it was because of the accident.

And in the early days, it was really normal, there was no abnormality, and even the strong creatures would not pay attention. This is the so-called Celestial Object.

Subsequently, his mind was slightly calm.

“You can say the details of Earth. If I come to the staff, I might find something clue.” The young king said.

Even, he feels that if he thinks about the good side, he may find that the handwriting of a certain old person may not be.

In fact, Chu Feng himself is thinking about who is doing it, the soul river, the four poles floating soil, etc., he does not understand, as far as other forces are concerned, he knows less.

All Heavens is too broad, Myriad Worlds is too big, too far from heaven, the master he knows, only the owner of the big black dog, and the so-called female emperor.

Is it what they do? He is seriously suspected that it is unlikely!

Because these people died of death, disappeared disappeared, and left and left, each had an accident.

Chu Feng tells the story of Earth’s history, as well as hundreds of years of seed anomalies.

The young king listened very seriously. Then he nodded and said: “That history, a few eras behind me, but because of someone’s sake, I went to understand. From what you said, it deviated from the track. “”

“A post-civilization era…” The young king mentioned this word, in fact, what Chu Feng said.

This so-called post-civilization era is hundreds of years older than the normal trajectory.

This is an exception.

For a long time of meditation, the young king said: “For you, it may be a good thing, because of normal interpretation, they should fail, there is no such thing as insect butterfly flying out.”

In the original trajectory, there is no so-called mushroom cloud explosion.

After the nuclear war, after several hundred years of recovery, it gradually recovered. This is the post-civilization era.

“The truth that is closest to the facts is that they failed to raise their babies, and the nuclear weapons on Earth were half destroyed, that is, a period of so-called post-civilization.” The young king said, “And in this seed way, I want to The birth of supreme peak, how is it possible!”

Chu Feng doesn’t know if it’s a long-term export. I feel relieved, but I still feel angry. After all, his hometown is at the mercy of anyone.

He thought carefully, and Yaoyao and his father and grandfather should be considered normal development.

However, in order to raise the cockroaches, people have to clear everything there, to make it vacuum, and to repeat the history of the older ones, so that Earth has been reshaped and there has been a bloody case.

If this is a careful thinking, it will be cruel and terrible. Many innocent creatures have been affected, interrupting their original process and rewriting their destiny.

Even Chu Feng suddenly discovered that when Earth was destroyed, it seems that Deity Race and Netherworld Race did, but in fact, behind this scene, there are more terrible creatures.

After thinking about it, Chu Feng wanted to understand that the previous events were not isolated, they could be connected in series, and there were deeper reasons behind them.

He felt more and more that the people behind the scenes were not good-hearted creatures. Otherwise, how can they be so overbearing and bloody, it is cruel.

At the end of the day, Chu Feng did not mention the stone jar. He felt that the young king had already revealed too much, and he almost quit the bottom. He should not say more.

Moreover, this is just a prisoner who is being held in the local government. Now it is just to release the wind. The reason is sad and worthy of sympathy. But he himself said that this may not be his own. In case of returning to the government, he is ignorant. What will leak out, it will be very serious.

“Who is deducting this game?”

The young king asked himself, he was very serious, because the truth behind it was terrible, and he felt more and more that all of this was just a truth behind the scenes.

Between All Heavens, between Myriad Worlds, there is an invisible confrontation between the gods and the land. In the game, the world will be completely unveiled, and the most terrible collision will happen, and everything will come out!

He believes that this will be an unprecedented and horrible era. This world may be liquidated, and it may come to an end. There must be a result.

That means that this time the collision will be destined to be unprecedented, extremely fierce, and the turmoil of countless times will burst and burn this world!

“I should go back.” The young king said that he was a bit stunned, somewhat confused, and very reluctant.

Because this world has nothing to do with him, what is he? The solitary ghost, even, is probably not his own, just a broken copy.

The land and the reincarnation are also in the bureau.

He felt very sad. In that year, he was crowned as the hegemony in the tenth century. In the end, he was a prisoner who was detained. Now he just came out and released the wind.

“I really want to go to the old government to recruit the old department, and fight for the first time!” He whispered.

He is very lost and sad, but everything that belongs to him has ended, even though he was one of the strongest in the world!

“Walk, I was summoned and had to go back.” The young king had an unprecedented sorrow, lost, and went straight to Heavens.

At the same time, Chu Feng also heard a special sound of the seed, that is – mixed Transcends Tribulation song!

One of the strongest three seed wonderful techniques in history!

It is actually just for summoning, how deep is the water there? Chu Feng have one’s hair stand on end !

The sad voice, the back and shadow of the person, so quickly go away, the head does not return, he is a last resort!

“People who walked with me and walked in front of me, I hope that one day you will come, let me be free, I want to fight again, ah…” The young king yelled, his hair was scattered, he could not tell Sad, still mad, just disappeared.

Chu Feng silently stared at the back and went away until he disappeared.

And he should be on the road, and he must start from this!

At this moment, Between Heaven and Earth, one after another, another ghost and ghost, all on the road, going in one direction.

Come back in the New Year, start!

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