Sacred Ruins Chapter 1369

Chu Feng is on the road, in order to break through, in order to be stronger, he wants to enter the life of the Jedi!

On the road, what he saw and heard was very evil!

The piano sound is still ringing, not aggressive, just like the dusk of Gods, countless ghosts and ghosts in the morning sun, crying in the sun, mourning, rushing in one direction, being summoned, to return to the land.

Although is in the morning glow, but this heaven and earth is not brilliant at all, because Chu Feng is different from the past, the mountain river blood, Scarlet Land billions.

And the sun at the moment is a corpse, a humanoid corpse, an golden golden glow, but there is also an endless death aura sinking and falling.

Therefore, Chu Feng saw it as a surprise. Although there was a morning glow, it was not completely vibrant, but partly accompanied by partial gloom and partial anger.

For a moment, Chu Feng wanted to go on and see what the land was like, and the ghosts and ghosts who went to the direction of the Heavens covered the land into the terrible land.

However, he shook his head hard, got rid of the seed impulse, did not have enough strength, and stood tall enough, so don’t take risks.

Otherwise, it can only be regarded as a dead end!

This morning is really strange. On the one hand, it is a red and lively morning glow. It is the Heavens land that the world can see. On the one hand, the golden humanoid corpse hangs in the air, emitting special light and silky death aura.

Blood-stained scorched earth, weeping mountains and rivers, together with the huge city, the magnificent and rich aura.

Black and white old photos, yin and yang, tangled and intertwined, all of which seem out of place, but they exist, giving people a very special feeling.

In front, there is a crater, the whole is dark black, not the magma, but the black blood, the thick black smoke.

Chu Feng The pupil shrinks, but does not stop, still moving forward, this strange scene is everywhere.

Further a long distance, a long-lived trunk with no leaves, a giant bird’s nest on it, is the nest of Golden Winged Peng, but the corpse of Great Peng hanging on the edge of the nest, rotten, golden feathers, blood stains Streaky.

Going forward, it was a swamp, boundless body, and a group of Heavens horses died, rancid and smoked Heavens.

Chu Feng frowns, when can he continue this special pair?

Every night, you can see the world that you can’t see on weekdays. The real world is so cruel.

It wasn’t a long time. As he continued to run, he saw that the golden corpse of Heavens’ sky was getting higher and higher, and gradually blurred, and everything finally became “normal.”

Perhaps the special “alcoholic” effect has passed, Chu Feng returns to normal, the lonely ghosts of Heavens crying are gone, the devastated earth is also blurred, and then disappears, leaving only the bustling and Awkward giant city.

Chu Feng entered a mountain scene deep veins, chose a very quiet place, not disturbed, few primates passed by.

He began to carefully arrange the Domain, ready to cross, and headed to the top of the Eight Trigrams Furnace!

Otherwise, World of the Living is too broad, the Great State is endless, unless it is a Heavenly Venerable level or above, otherwise it would be difficult to fly over several states.

In the case of Chu Feng’s Domain, these are not problems. Soon after, he stepped into a transmission symbol, and each seed magnet was burned to pick up the essence of Heavens.

The mountains and rivers resonate, the earth’s ancestral veins roar, and the earth is boiling.


He disappeared from the place and rushed to the next place in the magnet of the gods.

Of course, the Jedi is far away from here, and it is impossible to reach the destination at one time. He needs to arrange the Teleportation Domain several times along the way.

Recently, these Heavens, World of the Living are very unsettled. The seeds on the three sides of the battlefield are spread throughout Heavens. The messengers above the Heavens, the Soul River, the yellow paper talisman turn into the town of World of the Living… It is shocking to the world.

At the same time, everyone is gradually aware that an era of chaotic Heavens is coming soon!

World of the Living has changed, All Heavens may have to bleed, and there will be no change in the past!

Therefore, the various ethnic groups began to seek change, and they wanted to cultivate the top-ranking strongmen, and they did not hesitate to do everything to make their own ethnic groups stronger.

Otherwise, when the troubled times come, it is not a problem of decline of the family, but there may be a great disaster!

Since the ancient times, the soul river that has always appeared in the legend has been looming in the present world. Even the gods are resonating. Who is not afraid?

Many top powerhouses have already foreseen that in the near future, when the eyes are opened, the whole world will be blood red, and there will be crying everywhere. Who is not surprised?

But those who have a certain foundation, do not want to protect themselves, they want to live.

People realize that the so-called rise, the hegemony between All Heavens, the game in the only big change in the ancient times, that is extravagant, almost impossible!

Perhaps only a few people and ethnic groups can participate, they may come from the gods, perhaps in the four poles floating land and other places, and other unknowns.

Normally, all ethnic groups, other Evolver, should be crying as long as they can live!

Nowadays, there is only one goal for all ethnic groups. In this unprecedented world, everything is only for survival!

People don’t know the grievances of the top of the pyramid. People don’t know the depth of the changes in the ancient times. People don’t know the karma of the heavens and the earth’s resonance. All of this, the public Evolver does not understand.

Many people are confused and embarrassed.

However, they are in this world, what is the solution?

Hing, the people suffer; the death, the people suffer.

The same is true of World of the Living Evolver. The so-called rise and fall, and which time is not the resonance of Heavens, the blood of the corpse, from the beginning to the end of the change, is destined to bleed.

This time people don’t even know about karma, and why there is no clear answer.

The seeds of this unknown unknown, this seed stunned the world, the fog that Heavens is about to cover, is even more frightening and heart-wrenching.

All living beings, all ethnic groups, there is only one that can be done at present, to upgrade themselves, only the strength can speak in the future!

Chu Feng arrived, he crossed a total of forty-nine states, this is a super journey, during which time the Domain symbol was inscribed several times along the way, relaying himself.

Finally arrived, the front is that too topography!

Across the distance, he stopped, and it was impossible to transfer it directly. It was to find death. How many people dared to cross the void before the Heavens?

Even Heavenly Venerable and Supreme Being are afraid to act rashly!

One can’t see the depths, like a dragon crouching, buried with Undying Bird, the whole is full of sacred, with a few strange aura.

This is really annoying. Is this pure land or Erdi?

Absolutely transcendental on the world!

In some areas, even the earth and stone and the trees are bright red, just like a cluster of fires are beating.

In some areas, some ancient land, etc., it is quite secluded, just like Ghost Fire is in the air, and it is foggy.

There are still some cliffs, dragon roar bursts, and 鲲 啼 , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,

This area is vast, one step at a time, with extraordinary patterns everywhere, and the invisible Great Dao’s marks underground. Is this the Eight Trigrams Furnace?

Chu Feng looks over and sees that at the end of the horizon, Feixianguang rushes from time to time, and it is extremely beautiful and sacred.

There is the location of the furnace of the Eight Trigrams Furnace, and there is such a vision!

He can only admire that the real topography is really amazing, far more than the countdown times on the cottage version of Earth.

Eight orientations, each seed pattern is staggered, eight seeds energy crouching, once the explosion breaks out, the furnace is burned, the Heavens ground will be turned over, and the chaos will boil!

Otherwise, it is possible to refine all the weapons of the world, and to forge the flesh and soul light of the soul. It is really a terrifying place.

“I will rise here!” Chu Feng said to himself.

He carefully gaze and observe in the distance, to see through, because there is not only a big chance, but also a big crisis, it will be body dies and Dao disappears.

“Well, too, the Eight Trigrams Furnace terrain, actually…human form?!” Chu Feng was shocked.

At Earth, an Eight Trigrams Furnace matches all directions energy flares, even if it is intact.

However, in this place, he saw the There is still one human figure on the side of Eight Trigrams Furnace, even holding a banana fan-shaped mountain ridge in his hand.

This… It’s absolutely, Chu Feng is stunned, how can it not move?

The Domain symbol book has been recorded in this book. The top of the Eight Trigrams Furnace is called absolute grade, which is almost impossible to appear!

Chu Feng’s heart is full of waves, what is the eight-seed energy flare here?

If the fan of the banana fan is fanned by this humanoid terrain, will the Heavens be punctured?

“According to the page of silver paper left by Sacred Master, it is destined to reverse Heavens!” Chu Feng was shocked from the heart, and he felt that the place was too abnormal.

Sacred Master, all from the silver paper, has not been fully understood.

After many years of comprehension, Chu Feng naturally penetrated many of the complicated mysterious Domain symbols and saw the description of the topography.

“The mountains and rivers that are shaped by the terrain are the real tops of the Eight Trigrams Furnace!” He confirmed that this should be one of the most terrible terrains.

According to the legend, according to the scales and half claws mentioned in the record, under this terrain, the eight seed energy flare is not necessarily the end, but the beginning!

This place may be the most bred and buried in the fire, maybe there is a seed… supreme fire!

Chu Feng’s heart beats fiercely, he suddenly thought of the legendary fire, don’t tell me here can make the legend become a reality, there is a birth? !

In this case, not only can he change his own here, but he will also benefit from the Seven Treasures Wonderful Technique, and he will get a unique seed and earth treasure!

In the distance, there is a nest on the stone cliff, the golden light is beating, it is a nest of birds – Golden Crow? !

However, Chu Feng’s pupil shrinks, and he is surprised to find that on the cliff, in the nest of Golden Crow, a bird has been burned for many years, and it is black.

That is one of Golden Crow, Between Heaven and Earth, one of the most terrible birds, Mutant Beast. It is best at the fire, but it is burned to death. It’s incredible.

He is more and more certain that it is not here!

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