Sacred Ruins Chapter 1370

Chu Feng was still speculating that this is not the Vermilion Bird or the Golden Crow. It seems that it is not the same thing.

A litre of Golden Crow has been burned to death. This is a living ancestor who plays with fire. It is definitely True God, and it is also a fallen fairy. It is actually tragic.

Of course, the cliffs must be very special, and there are unimaginable fires inside.

It seems that Vermilion Bird and Golden Crow can’t live here for a long time. What kind of lifeforms are there in the Jedi?

The unfathomable terrain, the fog rises, like a layer of Heavens, can’t be worn, and it doesn’t really look good.

In the fading fog, there must be unknown and violent, but Chu Feng can’t retreat. According to the records in the ancient book, he step by step.


The sound of the empty sound, a ferocious beast rushed past, the speed is too fast, so many forests in the mountains submit and fall to the sides, and continue to blast, the leaves become fine powder, the rocks are turned into debris.

That is a… fish! ?

Chu Feng is utterly unbelievable. The ferocious beast that just rushed through the forest is actually a big shark, at least it looks too much.

There is no water, no sea, it swims in the void, open the mouth of the blood, carrying a group of people swimming across the past.

It is a mount!

The fire flashed, and then the blazing burning, violently beating, the special big shark in the mountains and forests in front of the fire, shaking his head and tail, more active, with rich energy.

The fire was on the outside of the terrain, and it swam past and went deep into the mountain scene!


The sound was detonated, and it whizzed past. A spaceship passed by, and a group of people rushed into the mountains, igniting a deep blue fire and rushing.

Chu Feng in the eyes When the light beam flew out, he realized that all the Heavens families have been in action recently, and they all have big moves. They should all be tempted to come to an era of chaotic Heavens movements, and they are desperately trying to improve their strength.

Some lifeforms have the same purpose as him, and come here to evolve!

After all, this is not a secret. The six-eared macaque has long been playing here, and the plan is very mature.

Many strong people know that if they are tempered in this way, once they have passed, they will not die in the furnace, and there will be great opportunities.


The spacecraft fell, squatting in a pile of rustles, sparks, and some lifeforms from the inside, into the top of the terrain!

Obviously, in such a terrain, the value of the magnetic field is extremely abnormal, the Domain fluctuates very sharply, and all the Aircraft are seriously disturbed.

The emptiness of the void, there is a strong energy fluctuations, like a tsunami!

Is that a True Dragon? !

No, it is actually awkward, just too big, full of water tanks, creeping and moving across the void.

It is red in color, with a touch of gold, coming from the mountains, as if Heavens is empty, it is extraordinary.

And it is actually a mount, carrying a group of souls across the void.

This red gold rushed quickly and flew over Chu Feng’s head!


Heavens dropped a large piece of mud in the air, not far from Chu Feng’s body. It was so big that it was enough to bury people in it, and it was muddy.

Chu Feng is quick to escape and avoids going out.

He is discolored, what is the mud? It is the sputum of the sputum, which is directed at it. If it is careless, it will be disgusting.

If he does not respond quickly, he will be “muddy” on the ground.

Chi Jinyu went far, there were a few people laughing, no apologies, no care.

Some people even despised, talking to each other in a whisper, and pointing fingers, very detached standing on the top, watching his jokes.

Is this really true, looking for death?

It’s really deceiving too much!

Chu Feng in the eyes The cold light flickers and stares in the air.

“Hey, you look at it, the dragon dung is not on you!” A girl is dissatisfied.

What is unbearable is that Chu Feng hasn’t spoken yet. Someone in Red Gold has been dissatisfied, blaming Chu Feng for blinking there.

Want to die? Chu wants to drink.

The red gold 蚯蚓 摆 , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,

Someone on the murderer dissuaded his companion and said, “Don’t make trouble, enter the top of the terrain, don’t make extra money.”

The electromagnetic light is amazing, like countless lightnings, it is a cockroach, the vibration of transparent wings whizzing past, with the electromagnetic storm full of Heavens, the scene is amazing.

It is very big, carrying a few people across the sky, immersed in the top of the terrain!

Another group of people are coming!

Chu Feng’s face changed slightly. He found that there are many people who have the same purpose as him. Some of them look like costumes and are not like World of the Living people.

He thought, and sure enough to change Heavens, each seed Demon Ox ghosts are out, all kinds of lifeforms are competing.

Chu Feng walked forward. He was knitting his identity. It is impossible to call Chu Feng now, nor can he call Cao De. Otherwise, he will be killed.

He has caused a lot of troubles on the battlefields of the three sides. Heavens knows that they will kill and eat the nine-headed birds, and they will be offended by their families, even killing their Heavenly Venerable.

Now, he doesn’t say that he is a common enemy under Heavens, but it is almost a nail of some Great Influence. If you dare to show up here, it will be very dangerous.

“My name is Zhou Zhengde. When I am finished, it is when Chu Feng is under Heavens!” He reminded himself that he could not show his feet.

Soon after, he could use the pollen of three seeds, and then he felt that he could skyrocket in strength, quickly improve himself, and smash opponents.

Temporary crouching, just to rush higher!

In the forest, the fire beats, but these special plants have not been burned and still preserved, such as the golden purple vine, the metallic luster is shining, quite tough.

There is also the wire pine, a black iron trunk old skin cracking, but it is not burning, these are well-known tree seeds rooted in the magma Fire Territory.

When Chu Feng walked through, the fire was boundless, and the mountain fires of the seed colors in the mountains were almost drowned, but the energy of the place could be withstood.

Of course, this is also due to his own extraordinary, the general Evolver is impossible to set foot.

And here is still the periphery, crossing a huge mountain, with mountain ridge, valley, and big rift, and finally reach the top of the terrain.

In this area, there have been many souls, many of them can have dozens of people, and a few of them are only two or three, each standing on one side.

Carefully counted, there are a total of more than 20 forces, also representing the strongest ethnic group, they chose the outstanding discipline to come here.

These people are very special, all elites, some of them are made up of mountains and rivers, and have been bred for a long time, from a seed meaning to the sons of Heavens.

It was only now that I woke up and was brought out.

There are also some hidden families of World of the Living. They are rarely seen in the world. Their disciples are raised in their own homes. They are in a special terrain, and their spirituality is amazing. It is now born.

For example, there is a branch of Dao Race’s, the Golden Body Dao Race, its fleshly body is simply unrivalled, it is difficult to find an opponent, a very secret family, this Heavens is coming!

Dao Race is already one of the best, and their change is seed, the alien body Golden Body Dao Race is naturally terrible.

Not far away, there is also a big thunder sound Buddha Race, which is even more horrible, and it is said that this one has long since disappeared, and now Heavens actually appeared!

It is rumored that the first half of the Buddha Race’s supreme breathing method was created by the big thunder sound Buddha Race!

Chu Feng suck in a cold breath, he is savvy, strong spiritual strength, naturally heard the voices there, knowing which ethnic groups are coming.

In addition, there is a seed family above Heavens, not belonging to World of the Living, and some people come to fight for the opportunity.

At this special moment, Great Influence is about to enter the turning point, and all ethnic groups want to improve themselves.

Twenty ethnic groups, including one!

This forced descendant of Heavenly Emperor, the dying Great Clan persecuted by the Yushang family, was unfathomable, and they sent someone to come.

In addition, there are also people from the Heng family, and there is a faint trend of World of the Living!

In the distance, a red gold swayed the body, and there were four men and two women next to it, all of whom were revealed the look of surprise and looked at Chu Feng.

“Hey!” One of the green-haired women laughed, her skin was white and snowy, and her eyes were so refreshing.

“Don’t indulge yourself, you need a duty here!” A young reminded her.

“I know, but this person is really interesting. I was almost buried by the earthworm dung. I feel that he is so stinky, hehe!” The woman smiled and laughed, a little unscrupulous.

Chu Feng’s face is not very good-looking, but she hasn’t taken care of her for the time being. This kind of child can’t just count it. I have to ask for a statement.

Everyone stood in the square, as if waiting for something, no one spoke.

Chu Feng is no exception, not willing to stand out from the masses, not willing to be the blind man in the first place, but silently standing aside.

In this way, I waited for two days, and everyone was very patient.

In the meantime, some ethnic groups have arrived.

For example, the six-eared macaque family, monkey Heavens and his sister Mi Qing really appeared, to come here to carry out the life transition, sheltered by the strong in the family.

In addition, Chu Feng also saw a certain person of the Wang Family – Mo Jia.

At the beginning, at the Heavenly Immortal waterfall, Chu Feng had a fierce confrontation with the Mo family, killing them two disciplines and then killing them.

In the end, he was annoyed and angry, but he used the old family’s prehistoric followers to make a fuss about the Wang Family family.

Soon after, Chu Feng’s pupils contracted, but they were very good at concealing their anomalies. He was very surprised because he saw an acquaintance.

It was a woman with a sweet and moving look, impeccable body, an outstanding beauty, and a classical dress, like a woman from court.

This is an acquaintance… Jiang Luoshen? !

Chu Feng can’t believe it. It’s actually her. He is convinced that he is not mistaken. This is the national goddess of the small world of the dead Earth. At the beginning of the early Heavens change, she also sent various seed scandals with Chu Feng.

His best friend Xia Qianyu had been dating Chu Feng, but the result was that some of the seeds misunderstood, causing the various news of Chu Feng and Jiang Luoshen to fly over Heavens.

She also entered World of the Living and appeared here? !

Chu Feng pays attention to observation. Apparently, Jiang Luoshen is not the protagonist of the pedestrian, but just the accompanying person, behind a woman, the young woman is very beautiful, very strong, and does not know what identity.

At this time, Chu Feng should not be allowed to think more, because the calm of the forbidden land was broken, and finally there was movement.

“You have been waiting forever!”

There is a voice coming from the top of the terrain, which is already the fourth Heavens where Chu Feng came to this place.

Obviously, the people who came first came to see the masters of this place, but they did not see the creatures coming out until now.

In the Jedi, there is a war chariot that emerges from the blur, very ancient, haunting the breath of splitting heaven and earth apart, slowly coming out.

Undoubtedly, this piece of land is forbidden, so that the creatures above Heavens are waiting patiently, unlike other places!


A glimpse of the Heavens book descended from Heavens and fell in front of everyone.

There was a voice in the old war chariot, saying: “This is a description of some Domains about the topography. If you want to come in, you will have equal opportunities and try to figure it out.”

Everyone is dumbfounded, this book is too thick, and it is a foot high!

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