Sage Emperor Chapter 270

The 270th chapter escapes the birth day

Yang Qi was blessed in disguise. Under the chase of Great Saint, the Spatial Storm Sprite was condensed.

These thumb-sized Sprites are purely a combination of elements. The Space Element reaches the extreme, and people have a lot of affinity to be born. Some people even if practice becomes a field, they can’t reach the space. This level. But Yang Qi did it.

More and more Spatial Storm Sprites are condensed on Angel’s Wings, making this pair of wings almost a Sprite ocean. These Sprites can be used to escape the Spatial Storm, one side of the Yang Qi’s Bloodline soul.

Yang Qi Anytime, anywhere, there is a desire to break the void and travel around.

His huge “floating wood”, with the help of the Spatial Storm elemental sprite, finally began to develop a powerful side, no longer a driftwood, but an iceberg.

The iceberg rises and falls in the water and will eventually blend into the water.

A mystery permeated from the depths of his mind: “Since it is impossible to break the space with powerful power, why not integrate into space, and space does not separate from each other?”

Upon reading, Yang Qi suddenly felt that the world in front of him was cheerful.

The space in his body is so powerful that the soul and the flesh may change at any time and place. Even if he feels that his realm is about to break through, the level of Void Transformation could not be broken, but under the pressure of the Great Saint, he actually saw it. A big dawn, as long as you understand the effort for a while, it is likely to break.

However, Yang Qi knows that it is impossible to break through in this place, because it takes a lot of time to break through. As long as you stay and give Great Saint a coordinate point to build a space-time wormhole, the Great Saint will really use it. Powerful energy, the real jump to get here, poses a major threat to yourself.

Even if it breaks through the level of Void Transformation, Yang Qi can’t compete with Great Saint.

Now that he is vacant, he is here for a while, and for a while there, Great Saint can’t establish coordinates, he must desperately escape, and get rid of the skeleton behind him.

β€œDivine Dragon is in the air.”

Yang Qi Angel’s Wings perfectly draws a trajectory in the air. Those trajectories, such as Divine Dragon, are not able to ponder, nor know which direction he will escape.

Suddenly left and right, suddenly south and north.

Sure enough, the Great Saint’s hand is even worse to establish spatial coordinates and build a solid space-time wormhole to jump.

Yang Qi danced with butterflies and completely disturbed the soul lock of Great Saint’s hand.

In this way, not long after, the energy transmitted by the Great Saint’s hand will become weaker and weaker, and finally cannot be tracked.

“Hey animals, you can actually converge the Spatial Storm elemental sprite, but unfortunately have not yet reached Void Transformation, Legend 3 Transformations. You can’t be promoted, once promoted, it will give me a chance, that is, your death.” Great Saint The hand did not give up, biting, and seemed to be with Yang Qi.

The Great Saint is angered and has lost his senses. In any case, he has to catch Yang Qi.

Suddenly, his voice passed again: “Miaofa, Yiduo, Poluo, Chigao, Taili, you five, put true qi into my body, blow a blow, completely kill this person.”

His idea, actually began to help the other five Great Saints in the depths of Western Continent, this is to get rid of.

Immediately, Yang Qi felt it. In the midst of it, five powerful ideas began to gather in the hands of Great Saint.

“Well, if the five Great Saints take action together, and unite this Great Saint, I will die without a place to die.” Yang Qi knew it was not good at first. He couldn’t think of it. Six Great Saints in Western Continent don’t face. This is the point where you can join forces to kill yourself.

“Five, this animal must be won, can not let him escape. I can feel that this person’s body contains extremely high Qi Art, most likely Immemorial Era’s Heavens Grade Qi Art, can help us Break through to Celestial Realm and embark on the road to the Immortal. Saint and Immortal are too different, and our practice of Saint Grade Qi Art is too difficult to break through.”

That Great Saint said again.

Finally, the five ideas were moved by him, regardless of rules and dignity, and began to break through the brewing power.


Yang Qi is a spirit, knowing that at this moment, the real life and death, his heart is quiet, water, Gods Imprint does not know that it is not reliable, did not come out when repairing the Scorpio, now suffering from the Great Saint, or maybe not Will come out. Sometimes it is efficacious, time is not effective, and the hope is placed on it, it is not reliable.

Seeing that the power above the Great Saint’s hand is getting stronger and stronger, there is a constant blessing of power on it, and the power actually freezes on one side, involving reaching Time Domain.

Six huge Holy Lands, Holy Land, and Saint Domain appeared.

Yang Qi’s trajectory of flight, I received an obstacle.

He fights for fate, but why not. In the midst of it, six extremely powerful spirits slammed into his head. He saw that the figure of the six stalwart shores, pointing to the ground, rolling in, is the world’s master of six kinds of polar power Revered God. I must kill him thoroughly.

WΕ« wΕ« wΕ« , ε‘œε‘œ…

Suddenly, when there is no doubt, suddenly, in the distant time and space storm, a huge force is coming, countless time and space storms are being arranged, rolling black rivers, boundless, sweeping in time and space storms, do not know how many pieces have been shuttled Continent, how many pieces of crystal wall system, how many pieces of wormhole.

Black long rivers, like interstellar storms, sweep through countless galaxies.

This black river, Yang Qi is very familiar, this is the power of the plane, the power of hell, more powerful than the Antiquity Great Saint, even than the Celestial Realm.

The hell monsoon, once again boasted.

“Heavens help me, Heavens help me ah…” Yang Qi saw the hell monsoon boasting, and knew that he was once again ushered in life. He did his best and drilled toward the black river.

Just under this, the hand of Great Saint seemed to know what it was, and the power had not waited until the peak of savings, and he took it to Yang Qi.

Six strong forces, overwhelming, completely shrouded, actually hard to endless monsoon in the void.

But Yang Qi has fallen into the depths of the monsoon.


In the hell monsoon, the power of one stock rushed up, and countless ζ»” Heavenly Demon gas, gathered into an Antiquity devil pattern, and the action took against the Great Saint.

In the hell monsoon, countless devils, which are not lacking means to pass the heavens, these devils rely on the power of the hell monsoon to shuttle the various planes, descending to the world of flesh and blood.

Now, the hand of Great Saint, against the impact of the hell monsoon, is very powerful, naturally caused the counterattack of countless forces in the hell monsoon, some means “Half-Saint” devil, all together, against the hands of Great Saint.

“Half-Saint” is the role of Crown Prince. Half-step Great Saint has already condensed the heavenly mark in the body. With only one step, you can transform your field into Saint Domain and Holy Land.

In the hell monsoon, there are so many devils, and it is a great force to unite.

The hand of Great Saint reached the hell monsoon, the whole hand was all blackened by the monsoon, they did not have Yang Qi’s ability, even the Great Saint, long time in the hell monsoon, also to fall.

“Damn! How suddenly there is a hell of the hell!” Great Saint’s thoughts roared in anger.

This big hand, pinched countless devil, and countless devil battles, messed up the black long river, a storm, invincible.

However, the hell monsoon is too big, sweeping does not know how many planes, this is the natural power of the stalwart, the power of the darkness in the world, the Great Saint is as small as the gravel in front of it, Yang Qi is in it, get The best hidden, in a short while, the Great Saint’s hand was completely eroded by the power of the monsoon, can not find Yang Qi, can only regretfully disappeared.

Deep in the Western Continent.

Inside a huge dynasty, six shadows are in anger, the body of six Great Saints.

“Our six Great Saints teamed up to pursue a Legendary Realm’s temper, and the ant’s role was actually chased. This thing spread out and made people laugh.”

“The animal was too slippery and alert. We started out with great care and didn’t take all the action. It led to the appearance of the hell monsoon, and it was lost. And this scorpion, in the legend, repaired the characters of Feng Rao Continent. ”

“Would we like to go into Feng Rao Continent and kill this scorpion?”

“No, once we enter Feng Rao Continent, we will be discovered by the other’s Great Saint. According to the ancient contract, Great Saint is not allowed to enter the continent, and we have not defeated the strength of the other five Great Saints.”

“That’s it, send the Half-Saint expert to go, secretly! At all costs, kill this scorpion, and even arrest the brothers and sisters, family and friends of this scorpion.”

“This is a good way, but he is now in a turbulent time and space, I am afraid I can’t go back.”

“That’s better, and the leader of the Celestial Academy will look for him. We are jealous of this person. This person’s Great Saint Realm cultivation base is extremely high and powerful.”

“Tell me orders….”

For a time, within the Western Continent dynasty, a secret message was passed.

“Finally escaped the pursuit!”

In the Hell’s monsoon, a Legend 8 Transformations, Stars Transformation’s bronze burning ancient demon body, sent out Yang Qi’s sigh.

Yang Qi’s nerves completely relaxed, this time encountering the Great Saint chase, if not the power of the stalwart of the hell monsoon, he can only be a prisoner.

Entering the Hell’s Monsoon, he was completely hidden, lurking deep, and using the Divine Magic Seal, Gates of Hell’s call to control the Ancient Bronze Ignition Demon of Legend 8 Transformations, the Great Emperor Tower narrowed down and entered its In the body, start to rest and adjust your interest. In all around, all are devil army, all kinds of zombies, Demonic Ghost, ιͺ·ι«…, hell monsters, and mutated demonic beast, ghosts, but the bronze burning devil is pure Pureline in hell, with a noble atmosphere It is the leader of many devils.

From the mouth of this devil, Yang Qi knows that Commander has a huge army. This time, with the hell monsoon, he will attack a plane.

This ancient Bronze Ignition Demon belongs to a Marshal Asura of a Half-Saint Grade.

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