Sage Emperor Chapter 271

The hell monsoon, the mighty, with the waves.

In this monsoon, I don’t know how many Demonic Ghosts, including commanders, generals, captains, and hierarchical levels, each with their own legions, seems to be attacking a certain plane.

For example, Yang Qi possesses this burning devil, which is a strong man and has a very high status. Command a large army, millions of Demonic Ghost.

Yang Qi can’t show it now. He knows that there are many powerful Half-Saints in this hell monsoon. Once you expose yourself, it is extremely dangerous. The hero can’t stand the wolves. He can only wait, waiting for these devils to attack a plane, sneak away in that plane, and find the way home.

I don’t know how far away from home, basically freely positioned.

According to the truth, the Great Emperor Tower can sense the location of Feng Rao Continent. No matter how far, there is an inseparable connection, but now that Yang Qi realm has not arrived, it is necessary to understand the Void Transformation realm before he can understand and return home.

Fortunately, he is now almost approaching Void Transformation. As long as he finds a place with little clean and almost no interference, he can directly impact, break the space bond and gain more energy.

A Saint Grade spirit stone is in the hands, sparkling, has shrunk a lot, in the pursuit of Great Saint, it consumes too much energy.

“Hey, the energy I need now is too big. This Saint Grade spirit stone can only promote me to Void Transformation. When I reach Legend 4 Transformations, Five Elements Transformation, I basically need a new source of energy. I don’t know. Where can I find Emperor Grade, Saint Grade, and then go to Western Continent to grab. Robbery? Basically impossible.”

In the Great Emperor Tower, Yang Qi thinks and learns about the changed Spatial Storm Sprite element.

Breathing at will, the force of space penetrates into the body and is ready to go.

“Very good, this time I was chased and killed all my potential, but I also delayed a lot of time. I have to find the way home. Go back and kill Crown Prince.”

Yang Qi had been in the Western Continent for many days, and there were some fears that Hua Tianxiong and Young Master Heavens Concealing had gone to work. They did not personally see the death of Crown Prince.

Of course, Crown Prince may not die.

“You………you actually escaped the pursuit of Clear Sky Great Saint.” In the Great Emperor Tower, Silver Moon Princess was almost horrified, and when the confrontation between Yang Qi and Great Saint, she knew I am very much looking forward to Yang Qi being killed by Clear Sky Great Saint, so she can get freedom.

It is a pity that Yang Qi escaped the pursuit of Great Saint and gained security. She is truly desperate.

Even the Great Saint Realm can’t help Yang Qi, then what else can make him scruples? For her own freedom, she can’t expect it.

The heart is like a gray, and the face is like the earth color is her only portrayal.

Many of the Great Emperor Tower, when Antiquity Great Saint and Yang Qi contend, were simultaneously stunned and stunned. I am sober now when I arrive.

Sheng Wenshi was rescued by Yang Qi: “Elder Brother Yang Qi, we really escaped the pursuit? That is Great Saint, Clear Sky Great Saint, among the Western Continent, the famous people.”

“There is nothing in Great Saint, can’t kill me.” Yang Qi said faintly.

He knows that this battle has always relied on these people to spread to Feng Rao Continent. Once it spreads, it will make some people more scrupulous.

His prestige will be even more far-reaching, completely dispelling the prestige of Crown Prince in the Celestial Academy and even the entire continent.

“Master, in front of the crystal wall of Zhendan Continent, our expedition according to the Hell’s Monsoon is to go to Zhendan Continent. You have to be careful, sway in the continent, expert like a cloud, next to the gap of the twinkling wall system There is an extremely powerful expert guard, and we will come in and be killed.”

Just then, the Ancient Bronze Ignition Demon of Stars Transformation spoke and passed the idea into the Yang Qi’s Sea of ​​Consciousness.

After the burning ancient demon was attached by Yang Qi, the transformation of Divine Magic Seal and Gates of Hell made it completely surrendered from the soul. At this moment, as long as Yang Qi gave a command, he pulled out his monster core. can.

Of course, all this is the pressure of Demon Seed in the Gates of Hell, the pressure of the nine stars, otherwise how can you surrender the Devil of Stars Transformation? This devil and Hua Tianxiong, Young Master Heavens Concealing, is a step away.

“What? Zhendan Continent? This hell monsoon is boasting to Zhendan Continent?” Yang Qi was awkward and shocked.

Zhendan Continent, like a slap in the ear, is a high-level continent, Antiquity Great Desolate Continent splits out extremely high.

Far higher than Western Continent and Feng Rao Continent, described in ancient books, Zhendan Continent is an expert cloud, vast and endless, producing the top plane of countless experts, and Feng Rao Continent is a low plane, The two cannot be compared at all.

Demonic Ghost Emperor Yan, the expert of Zhendan Continent was blocked with Aurora, and it has not yet escaped. I can’t think of Yang Qi following the hell monsoon, but bragging to Zhendan Continent to attack this legendary upper plane.

“Also, look at what Zhendan Continent looks like, maybe you can get the spirit stone, even Immortal Stone, and Immortal Stone is rumored to be among the Western Continent, let alone the advanced plane of Zhendan Continent.”

Yang Qi drifted with the waves, secretly restored primal qi, realized realm, and carefully observed the various great Great Devils in the hell monsoon.

In the hell monsoon practice, his practice is extremely fast, the transformation of the Ruler true qi is more, the body of the Ruler true qi is full, he is stored in a great array of the Great Emperor Tower.

Great Emperor Tower also has the function of storing true qi, concise, storing the extra true qi in a space, and when it is full, it is equal to the second Yang Qi.

By that time , Yang Qi will never be afraid that true qi will be consumed.

Moreover, storing so many true qis can be used when impacting Void Transformation.

In this way, Yang Qi began a silent practice, he combined the energy of Saint Grade spirit stone with the hell monsoon, then refining Asura flesh and blood, mixing Spatial Storm elemental sprite, practice fast.

A large number of Ruler true qi condensed into a space deep in the Great Emperor Tower, turning into a sea, turning over and rolling, these true qi is that he later cultivated Void Transformation, stimulating the energy of the body, and the impact of power reaches four hundredred thousands , five hundred thousand, even millions of snuggles.

I don’t know how long it took. In the deep space of the Great Emperor Tower, a sea of ​​Ruler true qi was concentrated and turned into a spirit stone solid, and the Saint Grade spirit stone in the hands of Yang Qi disappeared directly.

At this moment, his mind moved and suddenly opened his eyebrows Lord’s Eye, and saw that in the distance, there was a round of boundless spheres, like the planet in the sky!

This planet is vast, invincible, and sly, shaking people back and forth, and the hell monsoon is scattered.

Around this planet, countless clouds of light surround the planet and condense into a crystal wall system.

This is Zhendan Continent, which is actually a planet, not a low-level continent. It is a planet world that is condensed into a Completion such as Tai Chi.

Yang Qi saw it for the first time, the complete world.

Deep inside, he was completely shocked. He lived in Feng Rao Continent. He always understood that it was a place of heaven and earth, and the earth was like a chessboard.

What if a continent is round and people fall on it? He has thought about this problem countless times, but the ancient books have recorded that the plane of true Completion is the sphere, the perfect cycle of aura, and the endless life, the whole world is called the world.

This is the endless Zendan Continent, no, it should be said that the Aurora planet, appearing in the eyes of Yang Qi’s, in his mind, quickly flashed the map of Feng Rao Continent.

Unfortunately, this Feng Rao Continent is too narrow compared to the Zhendan Continent. On the Aurora planet, the traces are mottled and the colors are different, representing the earth, the forest, the ocean, the mountains, and the veins.

Among them, the random traces of a piece of color are larger than Feng Rao Continent.

In contrast, Feng Rao Continent is sesame, and now Zhendan Continent is watermelon, unable to imagine, what will be brewed on this continent?

Not yet close to this planet continent, Yang Qi feels the majestic power and primal qi transmitted from the void, this primal qi energy, very pure, alcoholic, called Aurora Reiki, compared to Primal in Feng Rao Continent Qi is a lot higher.

It is almost comparable to Nine Yang Immortal Qi, 昊倩true qi, too virtual true qi.

Throughout the continent, this true qi is exuded all the time, and it is as free as ordinary aura. Can you see how strong the powerhouse on this continent is?

No wonder, mentioning Zhendan Continent, the expert on Feng Rao Continent is envious, I can’t wait to go right away.

That is a feeling from a small village to a big city.

The hell monsoon, boasting to this continent, suddenly, there seems to be a strong breath on the continent, rushing up, the hell monsoon is completely shaken, many devil are exposed.


“Conquering Aurora……….” Some ancient devils shouted out the ancient magic words.

The devil torrents and rushes into the Zhendan Continent.

Yang Qi then saw that in the Zhendan Continent, countless rays of light also rushed out, and devil was strangled, one by one wearing a different armor, a powerful expert, apparently a practicing gentleman in Zhendan Continent, Cultivator, against the invasion of devil.

“It’s none of my business. I quietly descended into Zhendan Continent and broke through the realm of Void Transformation.” Yang Qi saw it all, the body moved, did not carry any devil, used Great Emperor Tower, turned into a small micro Dust, falling down the Zhendan Continent.

The more he fell, the only land, the forest, the ocean in his eyes. The world has changed color, and he is like a raindrop, falling into the ocean.


Passing through the layers of the barrier, he quietly lurked into the aura of Zhendan Continent. Although there are a lot of experts in this sky, Yang Qi still does not feel the existence of the Great Saint Grade.

He can escape even the expert of Great Saint Grade, and it is impossible to hide these Legends.

In a short while, a grain of dust fell into a virgin forest.

Yang Qi emerged from the dust.

Down to earth, reached the legendary Zhendan Continent.

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