Sage Emperor Chapter 272

Yang Qi landed on the ground and was a virgin forest. He did not dare to show his own traces. Instead, he used Divine Magic Seal to seal his breath first, and then displayed the great array in the Great Emperor Tower to hide himself. stand up.

The rich aura is constantly infused into the Great Emperor Tower, and everyone feels refreshed.

Sheng Wenshi also knows what happened, very excited: “It is actually Zhendan Continent, the coveted continent, we arrived here, Elder Brother Yang Qi, the aura of energy is extremely high, let us practice to reach the deep realm And the origin of Zhendan Continent is much stronger than that of Feng Rao Continent. The people born here are born with strong physique, smooth meridians, and no fouling.”

“is it?”

Yang Qi did not put these people out, but a faint saying: “In this case, I will open the Great Emperor Tower and bring in the primal qi. You can enjoy the practice, but no one is allowed to make a variety of sounds, lest Disclosure of secrets. After I have heard everything, I am sure that there is no danger before I can release you. I will find a way to find my way home.”

“Yes, let Elder Brother Yang Qi command.”

People in the Great Emperor Tower are screaming.

Yang Qi looked around and saw the air in the air. A wave of aura radiated outwards. The aurora was overwhelming, lingering, warm, and inhaling the body, which can wash the body impurities and pollution, and the primal qi also carries the silk. Antiquity Great Desolate’s great atmosphere, unconsciously makes people physically strong and endless.

“Good guy, there are too many spirit medicines in this mountain and water.”

Yang Qi took a look and saw where he was. Ten miles away, there was a small waterfall. The scenery was very good. Under the waterfall, there were still many dragon’s weeds. This is recorded in the far-off classical books. The spirit medicine, which has been extinct in Feng Rao Continent, is even more powerful. The body of the dragon’s whisker, Qi current, which is a slap-sized figure, is a child, the first child. Double angles, jumping around on the waterfall, playing and playing.

This is not easy, the spirit medicine actually derived the Origin Soul, and it is a group, how strong and powerful this world can be such a situation?

The dragon’s mustard, one can make the body’s body, produce dragon strength, physical improvement, and longevity Life Seizing.

This medicinal pill, derived from Origin Soul, can be taken directly to allow a Qi Ancestor to progress directly to Life Seizing without any hindrance. If it appears on Feng Rao Continent, Western Continent, I don’t know how many people are robbing.

However, Yang Qi thinks, still forget, he did not take action to collect these spirit medicine.

Because, the little dragons who jump and play on the waterfall are equal to living children, have thoughts, have vitality, collect them, and live to eat them, which is unbearable.

Killing the devil that has a destructive surname to the world is nothing, but for these natural creatures, let it survive.

Yang Qi walked and walked, wondering where he was, and whether there was any big force near this area. If not, then he started to arrange the great array here, stealing the 3 Transformations Void Transformation.

If there is, then you can’t act rashly.

His eyes suddenly opened and swept around, to see if there were any tyrannical forces and breaths around them.

However, with his eyes open, the Spiritual Storm penetrated into time and space, which was extremely difficult. This is why the space of Zhendan Continent is very stable and difficult to see through.

The Zhendan Continent world is more complete than the Feng Rao Continent. The space is extremely strong and stable. It also takes a lot of power and can’t even tear.

For example, on Feng Rao Continent, the characters of Legend 3 Transformations, basically unable to tear the void of Zhendan Continent, for teleportation, must be cultivation on the continent for a long time, decades, or even a hundred years, gradually adapt and enhance themselves Power can be.

The space on Feng Rao Continent is equal to a piece of paper.

The space on the Zhendan Continent is a hard iron shell that is difficult to break.

ε—–ε—–ε—–…….. Just between his watch, suddenly in the sky, a magical spirit came down, the strong bronze burning devil breath, with a sulphur taste, to burn the entire mountain.

It was the devil of the hell monsoon, hit the blockade, and came down here.

However, behind this devil, there are two strong Qi Art, who are constantly chasing each other, fighting each other, and suddenly landed on the distant peaks.

Yang Qi is clear, this devil is Legend 6 Transformations, the Domain Transformation’s expert, he can suppress with a finger. But for the average person, even the Qi Art cultivator in Zhendan Continent is a nightmare.

Zhendan Continent is an advanced plane, but hell is more advanced than it is, and the bronze burning devil is very powerful. If it is not Yang Qi’s cultivation technique. Just restraining them is hard to kill.

The two hi-killing Qi Art, but a man and a woman, is also the expert of Legend 6 Transformations. The powerful field breaks out in the air and turns into a space, trapping the devil in it.

Devil roared again and again, the means to do it, the action between the action is burning, the sulphur flames skyrocketed, turned into a sharp cone, spiral piercing, attacking a man and a woman, to an enemy two, vivid.

From the side also showed the strength of this man and a woman, actually able to resist a burning devil, in the Feng Rao Continent, three-four Legend 6 Transformations characters, may not be able to withstand this burning Devil’s attack. Unless of a higher level, people from Ghosts and Gods Transformation come.

“A sword is exhausted from Ghosts and Gods, and the two swords are combined.” Suddenly, the man and the woman seemed to show their tricks. In their respective bodies, they flew out a powerful Divine Sword, and the two swords merged. The situation is like a thunder, and the Pentium does not go out.

Why should these swords be twisted, and the field of bronze burning devil will be broken, and his body will be broken into two segments, destroying all the vitality of this devil.

The huge devil body fell from the air and fell into a river. Immediately, the river blossomed out of the bones, and it seemed that volcanoes emerged from the river.

Even if it is dead, the body of this bronze burning devil still carries a lot of dark fallen energy, which can pollute one world.

However, a man and a woman have long anticipated that at the same time, true qi will be sprinkled and turned into a large net. The body will be fished up and then stored in a space bag.

Then they rested on top of the mountain.

Yang Qi quietly lurked in the past and listened to what they said to judge some information.

“Roman Senior Brother, our double swords, is given by the teacher, it is too expensive to consume true qi, and this pair of swords combined, actually consumes more than 50% of my body’s true qi. Power is big, no It’s very good.”

The woman sighed.

“No problem, wait for us to go further, practice to Ghosts and Gods Transformation, Legend 7 Transformations, you can completely control the sword. By that time, the world is big, wherever you go.” Luo Senior Brother proudly said: “This head Legend 6 Transformations’ bronze burning devil is of great value. The monster core and the bronze remains can be refining. It is the material of the Unsurpassed forged weapon. We sell it is also a huge asset.”

“This hell monsoon, why did you suddenly blow us at Zhendan Continent? And the Zhendan Temple seems to have already known, issued an order, called us three thousand Da Sect,hundred thousands Great Sect, together with the devil invasion?” The woman took a break to ask.

“This seems to be related to a small plane.” Luo Senior Brother said: “Sister can hear Feng Rao Continent?”

β€œFeng Rao Continent?” The woman stunned: β€œI seem to have heard that it is a very small plane, and it is a half plane, very small, equivalent to a small province of our Zendan Continent, even a hundred thousand sect The territory of any sect control is bigger than this plane. What is the relationship between this tiny halfplane and devil?”

β€œSister Rao Continent is a half-plane, but it is an important space jumping point. In ancient times, many Great Saints built a mysterious seal on that piece of land, and among the rumors, A fragment of the Great Desolate Heart is also in the continent. Once it is available, it can be seen to reach the mystery of Immortal Dao, the Unsurpassed realm of Celestial Realm.” Luo Senior Brother seems to be showing off his knowledge: β€œAnd Many years ago, there was a secret thing. On the Zendan Continent, the saint of the highest temple, Zhendan Temple, went to Feng Rao Continent. It seemed to be looking for the Great Desolate Heart, but it was a secret thing. In the rumor, there is a meteor with a higher plane. When she practiced her, she entered her body, and the gods made her a god.”

“What?” The woman was shocked: “Roy Senior Brother, how do you know about such a secret event? If you are discovered by the people of Zhendan Temple, then we will probably die without a place to die.”

“It’s no problem, this thing, paper can’t hold fire. It has already been spread in the high-level. Is it possible for Zhendan Temple to block the mouth of the world?” Luo Senior Brother said: “I also happened to be from our bottom. Known in the high-level mouth, and the saint was brought back, the top of the Zhendan Temple did not believe that she was pregnant, but suspected that she and the person were private, so went to Feng Rao Continent and sent three Great Saints. Searching for it. But weird things happened.”

“What a weird thing?”

“The three Great Saints, by a sudden mysterious figure, killed on the spot! Even the soul is not left behind.” Luo Senior Brother said: “This thing, even alerted the Zhendan Temple, Unsurpassed some sleeping too On Senior Elder, but after the incident arrived, it was still gone, but recently the temple has already moved, and it has to send people to Feng Rao Continent. And, not long ago, our high-ranking Yayoi’s high-level decision also opened the way. The wormhole near Feng Rao Continent is going to send disciples into it. The first is to find the fragments of the Great Desolate Heart, and the second is to see what the son of the saint was born, and whether it is the god.”

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