Sage Emperor Chapter 273

Yang Qi listened to this conversation about the “Baishengdao” Senior Brother sister. In just a few words, she got great information. Even he heard that among them, the Zendan Temple was born. Son, the god of the gods, Feng Rao Continent and other words, this seems to be talking about Crown Prince.

Moreover, what sent people to Feng Rao Continent to investigate, was killed by a mysterious character on the spot to kill three Great Saint.

This mysterious character seems to be the leader of the Celestial Academy.

This person has been maintaining Crown Prince, Yang Qi knows deeply, and from Huatianxiong’s mouth, this person has a deep entanglement with Crown Prince’s mother, but Crown Prince is not the leader’s son, but It is beyond doubt that the living gods are descending.

As such, the relationship between Zhendan Continent and Crown Prince is also very deep.

Yang Qi just heard that among the Zhendan Continent, there are three thousand Dao Sect. Hundreds of thousands of sects, monks are more like a cow, just a province, bigger than Feng Rao Continent, what a vast world?

However, what Great Desolate Heart is in the Feng Rao Continent, and Feng Rao Continent is a springboard, an indispensable transmission array. The spread of this information also made Feng Rao Continent a fragrant scent. It seems that many people want to share a piece of it.

Moreover, Yang Qi knows that there is a time and space wormhole leading to Feng Rao Continent. If you enter it, you will definitely find a way home.

Now Yang Qi doesn’t know how to go home.

Although Zhendan Continent is good, it is not a native, family, brothers and sisters are among Feng Rao Continent.

As soon as Yang Qi smashed Crown Prince, Yun Hailan, settled his family, went to the Hanging Mountains to find his mother, asked about his life, and perhaps traveled to Zhendan Continent to go to the higher Supreme plane. Explore the mysteries of the universe and the universe, but not now, the wish is gone, and you can’t stay away.

Going back now is always the first goal.

“Roy Senior Brother, what do we do now? We also go to the sky to kill devil?”

“Yes, looking for the devils that are placed, and killing a few more, we can accumulate a lot of wealth in exchange for a better practice opportunity.”

β€œSenior Brother, here is the Lingyuan Mountain Range, the mountains are long and deep, and there are some spicy medicines growing in it. It is rumored to be in the ancient underground, even the existence of the Lingmai ore. We can also search for it.” The female monk Looking around and looking at the terrain, I realized where this is.

“It doesn’t matter, this Lingyuan Mountain Range, according to the truth, belongs to the scope of Spirit Origin Path. It has a strong atmosphere, excellent feng shui, and a few hundred squares. It is full of vitality everywhere, but I don’t know why, Spirit Origin Path has not been developed. There must be a very thick vein in the ground, a big dragon mine.”

“After the mine is opened, the aura will be vented. Once the ore is mined, it is devastated and becomes a ruin. Spirit Origin Path has not been mining for the past few years. Instead, it has purchased the spirit stone everywhere, but it is stored underground. In the fairyland, this mountain range will be transformed in the near future. We are now playing the autumn wind on its Mid Grade machine, and some are not appropriate.”

“Let’s go.”

The man and the woman flew again, broke through the sky and went to the devil outside the domain.

They are Legend 6 Transformations, the Powerhouse of Domain Transformation, which can barely be freed from the space outside a world of crystal walls, but not too far away, or they will die and lose their way.


Yang Qi heard a conversation between a man and a woman. He felt the earth in this foot. The virgin forest was not simple. Now I heard that it is a back mountain of a big force, and there is a spirit in the ground, which is most suitable for practice. Can’t help but move.

The eye of Lord’s Eye is opened and the ground is carefully observed.

This mountain range, the mountains stretch, some peaks straight into the sky, big mouth. Containing dragons, White Tiger pilgrimage, Vermilion Bird sacred, tortoise camel, everywhere Immortal Spirit pure land, but it remains the original ecology.

At first glance, there is no smoke everywhere, it seems to be a forbidden place.

He didn’t even see what the “Spirit Origin Path” was. According to the truth, this Taoist religion is very large. It is only a big deal compared to the Celestial Academy. The mountain gate should also be magnificent, but it can’t be seen at all.

It is quite possible that the gate of Spirit Origin Path is hidden in a certain void. No one can find that Yang Qi came to Zhendan Continent, and the space is greatly limited and limited.

After all, his realm is too low, and although the combat power is so powerful that it is shocking to the end of the world, but when he realized some realm, he was worse when he watched the world.

Vaguely, seeing through the ground, he saw that in the deep underground, there are many magnificent high-energy energies brewing, and there are many spiral stone veins.

“A good opportunity, I quietly drilled into the spirit stone vein, go to practice, and hit the realm of Void Transformation.” Yang Qi Look around, the mind moves, although here is the site of Spirit Origin Path, but for the time being he can’t find it. Shanmen, through the dialogue of a man and a woman, you can also know that there is no one to smoke here. Otherwise, it is impossible for the bronze burning devil to come here, no one will come and chase.

The spirit stone veins in the depths of the ground are not very advanced, but in practice, it is still very safe.

I am afraid that when I am shocked, the movement is too big, and I can’t suppress it. It was discovered by expert. I have to arrange the great array in advance, but even if I have a great array, I am afraid I can’t suppress it.

Because every promotion to the Legendary Realm, it will trigger an infinite law backlash, the day of the earthquake. Once discovered by peerless expert, it is extremely dangerous, and any peerless expert can see the value of Yang Qi.

General Legendary Realm expert promotion, are under the maintenance of the division. Many people protect the law and attack. Now, Yang Qi is alone, and it is easy to be hit by the destruction of the surname. However, there is no way. Like Crown Prince, he is very uneasy about the Celestial Academy leader and naturally does not go inside the Celestial Academy. Shock.

“Forget it, arrange the great array here, extract the aura of the underground veins, and wait for the moment of stability, with the power of this great array, block the prime qi, and all the impacts reach the Void Transformation.”

Yang Qi looked around and finally found a good place surrounded by mountains and a lake in the middle. This is a good place for dragons and pearls. Many underground spirit stones are concentrated in this lake. Do not disperse, the fish in the lake can swallow the clouds and build a strong monster core.

However, Yang Qi didn’t care about this. The great array was laid out, and it was covered with a slam dunk. The square was covered with a hundred miles. Then he stood on the lake, and the water of the whole lake was separated, showing the wetness. At the bottom of the lake, his true qi was turned into a spiral drill, and it was drilled deep into the ground. There was a spring, and in a short while, it seemed to be a hindrance.

Yang Qi pulled true qi up, like fishing, and added a spirit stone to his hand.

This spirit stone has not been carved and cut. It has a fist size and an angular shape, but it contains a deep kingship power and is a King Grade spirit stone.

Below is a vein of King Grade spirit stone. Such a spirit stone is actually very useful for Legend’s practice, but for Yang Qi, it is better than nothing.

Yang Qi knows that in the depths of this mountain range, there are many spar stones, but the advanced ones are not. If there is a Sovereign Grade spirit stone, it will definitely be guarded and it is impossible to be naked here.

“Just break the realm here, anyway, my true qi is enough.” Yang Qi has arranged all the great arrays, and many monster cores are scattered on the ground and are re-finified by true qi and become part of the great array.

From a distance, it is plain and faint, nothing.

But inside, there are hidden dragons and tigers, and they understand the heavens and the earth, Supreme.

Especially the Great Emperor Tower, after constantly absorbing the aura of Zhendan Continent, the Emperor Embryo is even bigger and creeping. It seems that new changes are taking place. The Great Emperor Tower is constantly expanding and reaching. On a continent, it is necessary to conquer the entire continent.

β€œGreat Emperor Tower, Great Emperor Tower, do you want to conquer the entire Zhendan Continent?” Yang Qi laughs and laughs. β€œThis thing, even if my practice reaches Great Saint Realm, it’s impossible.”

Without going to the Great Emperor Tower, Yang Qi Divine Sense and the soul began to reconcile, and kept brewing. He sat on the knee above the pool and entered a kind of Unsurpassed realm in the soul. At this moment, every thought is producing pleasure.

And the power of countless spaces around him began to brew, more Spatial Storm Sprite was born, surrounded by his body, integrated into the Bloodline, making the Spatial Storm around him, one black hole after another. Appeared, constantly consuming all the primal qi.

This is Legend 3 Transformations, the realm of Void Transformation, which begins to brew. When Yang Qi reconciles his flesh and blood and soul to a critical point, he can display the technique of fragmentation, break the air and tear, tear the whole space, in an instant. There is no difference between the whole body and the space.

“Void Immeasurable, people also Immeasurable ………” Yang Qi silently recited the cultivation method of Hell-Suppressing Divine Elephant’s Strength, the Spatial Storm Sprite element rises from the sky, but is suppressed by the great array, surrounded by numerous space cracks Open, there is a white hole!

It is a white hole opposite to the black hole.

Yang Qi’s evolution of the black hole, engulfing all primal qi matter, but the white hole, but a fate tribulation, sprayed out a variety of killing around Yang Qi, primal qi backlash.

Yang Qi hits Void Transformation and starts to cause the law backlash.


A sparkling crystal, only the size of the projectile, appeared on the body of Yang Qi. Every explosion caused a landslide and tsunami, and the earth-shattering sound. If it is not a great array, this sound may be tens of thousands of miles. The external expert is attracted.

This is the Void God Thunder that reaches the end of the condensate. Every projectile with the size of a projectile is bright. If it is blown up on the earth, it can destroy dozens of mountains and rivers, rivers and lakes, and even make the land of the hundred miles directly. Lu Shen, turned into powder.

In particular, the emptiness ripples in the void, even the people of Legend Domain Transformation, under the blast, the field rupture, direct death, simple and simple, is the Qi Art cultivator.

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