Sage Emperor Chapter 44

Yang Xingshi’s amnesty did not have a slight impact on Yang Qi.

The emotional attack of the sound wave entered Yang Qi’s mind. After a slight rotation, it was dispelled by the power of Hell-Suppressing Divine Elephant’s Strength, but he stopped typing true qi and temporarily did not abolish Yang Shi.

He wants to hear what Yang Xingshi said.

After all, he is a Yang Family’s person and belongs to the family. Yang Xingshi is the strongest Senior Elder in the family. His generation is much higher than his grandfather. He can’t help but give him a face.

“Old Ancestor, you have something to say.”

Yang Qi’s footsteps still did not leave Yang Shi’s body, but a faint road.

โ€œYou put Yang Shi first?โ€ Yang Xingshi frowned. โ€œHe is also your uncle. You treat him like this? Even though he sneaked on you, but after all, itโ€™s an elder? Youโ€™re not hurt. You have to abolish him. Qi Art, this is too much.”

“I am not injured? It is because I am strong and tyrannical, far beyond him. If I am not good enough, I will not be killed by him? By that time, who will be the master for me?” Yang Qi is definitely not After letting Yang Shi’s question, in the face of Yang Xingshi’s questioning, he actually retorted and went back.

“little bastard? You dare to talk to the uncle!”

Yang Xu, a scholar, walked up and pointed Yang Qi with a fan. He yelled: “Disgraceful, this is Disgraceful. Are you not injured? Yang Shi is one of the family’s principals, and his life is much higher than yours. In the end, even if you kill you, you have to punish the family of Senior Elder to be the master, and get the things you have to do?”

“Not bad.”

Yang Zhen also said slowly: “Family rules, Yang Shi’s mistakes are decided by the family Senior Elder. Even if your father Yang Zhan has something to do, the Senior Elder team can decide. Now the uncle is the top leader of the Senior Elder group. Man, who has the ability to decide everything, now he orders you to let Yang Shi, you dare to resist? Is it necessary to fight against the whole family and be a sinner of the family?”

“Yang Shi is skeptical that you have been possessed by fiend, so take action.” In the Senior Elder group, another old man spoke. The sin test: “He is a cause, a demon. Not only is there no sin, but also Credit.”

“Yang Wangxi, what do you mean, say my son is fiend?”

Yang Zhan shouted loudly.

He is Patriarch and promoted to Qi Ancestor. The status is naturally as the tides rise, boats rise with them. Even in the face of the Senior Elder group, you can refute your opinion, no longer like the previous Patriarch, and the singularity of the Senior Elder group.

This yin and yang-speaking Senior Elder, called “Yang Wangxi”, is the expert of Qi Art 8-stage. It is in the impact of 9-stage Qi Ancestor. He is in the family and is the elder of Yang Shi. For Yang Qi It is the relay pressure.

โ€œHow? Yang Zhan? Do you dare to question the rules of the elder group?โ€ Yang Wangxi slowly stood up: โ€œDon’t think that you have built Qi Ancestor, you can do whatever you want. Your son can even win the powerhouse of Qi Art 8-stage. Is this really his real ability? Isn’t it fiend? And, now he wants to abolish Yang Shi’s Qi Art, isn’t that stopping? Just let him be a big man and kill me Yang Family’s Bloodline?”

Between the conversations, Yang Wangxi once again stared at Yang Qi: “little bastard, let go of Yang Shi quickly, let your senior Elder group detain your fiend, and abolish your Qi Art and drive you out. The surname of the devil. Otherwise, don’t blame our Senior Elder regiment for suppressing you forever.”

“Yes, the fiend in his body does not divide, it is a scourge.” Yang Xu said.

“Uncle, you have practiced to reach the peak of Qi Ancestor. If you refined the fiend in this kid, it is likely to break through to the level of Life Seizing Realm.” Yang Zhen suddenly had an idea, bad pus.

Yang Xingshi brows and stretches, seems to be thinking about this.

To say that Yang Qi has no fiend in his body, no one believes now.

“Ha ha ha…” Yang Qi suddenly laughed and slammed his eyes and saw Yang Wangxi’s body: “Yang Wangxi, don’t think you are Senior Elder, I won’t dare to touch you, you Full of nonsense. You said that I am fiend, I don’t refute it, too, I will let you see the power of fiend and give it to me.”


Yang Qi took the action, the palm of the hand caught, the five fingers were shrouded in the air, the strong true qi filled the air, turned into a palm, and moved to Yang Wangxi.

Actually attacking the senior Elder of the Senior Elder group in front of everyone!

“little bastard, you dare!”

“Do you dare to attack Senior Elder?”

“court death!”

Many people are angry.


Yang Xingshi took the first action, apparently Yang Qi’s arrogance, deeply angered him. A family junior dared to take action on Senior Elder, Disgraceful.

The tall old man roared, the lion came, and there was a huge Qi current vortex behind him. In the depths of the vortex, a white giant lion was saved from it. He slammed his hand and pressed it. Yang Qi: “Peace, give me a lie down!”

“not necessarily.”

Yang Qi saw Yang Xingshi take action, and the same palm smashed out, true qi vortexed for a thunder, a bombing in the air.

Thunder in the Four Seasons Sword Art.


The two people slammed, the earth-shattering explosion rang through the air, and Yang Xingshi’s white giant lion was blown up. The tall and mighty old man stepped back more than ten steps, each step on the ground of the valley. Deep footprints.

However, Yang Qi is still moving, still keeping the appearance of Yang Shi, and even calm around.

High judgment.

“Yang Wangxi, take it for me.” Yang Qi slammed Yang Xingshi, but the other hand remained the same, still sent true qi, detained Senior Elder Yang Wangxi.

Yang Wangxi’s eyes are red, and the counterattacks are constantly being used, but Yang Qi’s trick is the secret art of “Spring Silkworms and Fine Rain”. The true qi thread can bind the ancient behemoth. How can he break it?

I was tied up with it, and it turned out to be a blind man, and I took it to the front of Yang Qi’s.


“Even uncles are all repelled!”

“How is it possible? This is still a person, the uncle is not an opponent?”……….

Originally, many Senior Elders took action and attacked Yang Qi, but when they saw this scene, some people were almost scared to death. Yes, Yang Xingshi, the first expert of the Yang Family, the mighty old man is called the Lion King. A hundred years ago, the name of Qi Ancestor, the peak of Qi Ancestor, was actually shaken back and forth by Yang Qi.

What is this concept?

Is Yang Qi an expert of Life Seizing Realm?

Only in the legend, Life Seizing Realm’s powerhouse can do this.

These people who attacked Yang Qi’s have stepped back and accepted their own Qi Art. A look of shock, even some people want to escape.

“Do not move!”

Yang Zhan screamed and made people calm down. He said to Yang Xingshi: “Uncle, the child offended you, please forgive me.” He said a few words, calmed down the situation.

After a long while, Yang Xingshi only managed to calm down the true qi in his body and just put a fight with Yang Qi. He only felt that the breath in the body was almost reversed by the shock. It seems that he was not competing with Qi Art in a junior, but in a fight with a fierce beast in ancient times.

In an instant, he felt the breath of death.

This made him feel terrified, and then he understood that the young man in front of him, Yang Family junior has the ability to kill himself.

“Very good, very good.” Pressing the shock and anger in his heart, Yang Xingshi looked at Yang Qi: “Senior, the fiend in your body is really powerful. Can you let him out and see?”

“In my body, there is really no fiend.” Yang Qi said faintly: “If there is, it will not come out by myself, but under my control? And, I can bear the filth of the family, fiend can not stand it, long ago Kill Yang Shi and listen to the family?”

“Uncle, I guarantee that there is no fiend in Qi’er’s body. Everything is his own painstaking cultivation and adventure.” Yang Zhan also quickly said.

“Impossible? Without fiend, how could it be so fierce.” Yang Xu shouted, his face was unbelievable, and he screamed: “Uncle, we Yang family out of this fiend, must spread out, please big Sect to demon slayer!”

“court death!”

When Yang Qi heard it, she suddenly became furious. This Yang Xu actually wanted to lead the wolf into the room. Please sect to kill himself. I can’t stand it anymore.


The powerful Qi current exploded on his body, and his palms stretched out and changed thousands of times. Yang Xu repeatedly retreated and did not respond. He was again a slap on the face, and he was on the ground, painfully groaning.

“And you, Yang Zhen, sneer enough. Give me a lie down!”

Yang Qi is another a slap on the face, and Yang Zhen can’t dodge, but also is knocked over the ground, screaming again and again: “Devil! You are the devil.”

“Alright, you guys, you are tied together.” Yang Qi ignored the shackles of these people, Spring Silkworms and Fine Rain put Yang Shi under the feet, and Yang Xu, Yang Zhen, together with Senior Elder Yang Wangxi, even And the first day of “Yang Honglie” was all bundled together.

Five people, from Senior Elder to the family actor to the junior, were all picked up by Yang Qi, tied in midair, and hung up like this.

At this time, Yang Honglie, who had been fainting, was awakened by this toss. But when I saw this scene, I was shocked to vomit blood again.

“Yang Honglie, the name of your family’s first genius, the water is too much.” Yang Qi shook his head: “Alright, let you hang up and wake up. And you, Yang Shi, Yang Xu, Yang Zhen, The three of you must swear in public today and surrender to my father thoroughly. Since then, I have been loyal to the family. I will let you go. Otherwise, I will abolish your Qi Art today. Now you know my means.”

Kฤchฤ !

Suddenly, between Yang Qiโ€™s words, a piece of earth beneath his feet rushed directly into a sharp thorn, from bottom to top, and smashed to his crotch.

I don’t know who is attacking, sinister and sinister.

โ€œLet’s relax!โ€ Yang Qi slammed his feet, and all the thorns exploded. A strong bombardment entered the ground, and suddenly hundreds of steps away, โ€œSenior Yanโ€ spurted out blood.

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