The tyrant figure refers to the fragmentation of the stars, which makes the disenchantment anger.

The enchantment is no longer nonsense, and the whip is slammed and directly hits the tyrant.

As a result, the tyrants were glaring and stunned.


The tyrants raised their hands and waved them, and the knives were raised, and the head of the enchanted man flew directly.

“Overlord to stop!”

The chaos behind him suddenly appeared, spit out a dollar bubble, and wrapped the charm away.

Among the meta-bubbles, the body of the enchantment is restored, and the human head is re-growth.

“Hey, you are a Bastard, are you going to fight with me?”

From the enchanting anger, he did not expect that he would not talk nonsense with her, directly hands, and even attempted to kill him.

“Overlord, you are too much.”

At this time, the side of the Mo idiot also stood up and accused the tyrant.

At this time, it’s natural to stand on the side of the charm.

The tyrants listened, and they said coldly.

“I am crazy, I haven’t asked you for a crime. Let you chase after natural enemies. Where are people now?”

The tyrant is self-sufficient, so he likes to play the role of Boss.

However, Mo did not fear him at all, and answered calmly.

“Aozhitian, you are born after me, count me as your long sister. What qualifications do you have to be responsible for me?”

“Now it’s even more open to the enchantment. Do you want to kill the same kind?”

“If you are mad at this day, I am going to die with you.”

Mo is crazy, not afraid of the arrogant Tianba map, after all, even if it is really playing, the dementia state is not crazy, but also weak.

However, after listening to the tyrant, he was laughing wildly.

“Ha ha ha ha ha, ridiculous, ridiculous!”

“It’s too ridiculous to be crazy, just because of your self-righteous demon form?”

“Is it because you dare to compete with me?”

“It’s crazy! Look at the same kind of things, I don’t care about you. Don’t let me go, today I’m going to smash the squatting ants.”

The arrogant sky is extremely insane, and more importantly, there is still a day behind him and a day of hate.

“Divorced, Mo is crazy. The Langren is my enemy of heaven, and then it is faster. Only once, when standing on the side of the proud.”

“Yes, this squatting ant daring to kidnap the Incarnation of Heaven. From the charm, you lost the face of heaven, we will not care about you.”

“But this rogue must be eradicated.”

“Beyond nonsense, let’s do it! I see who can stop it.”

Proud of the sky with the day of blasphemy and hate, has made preparations to obliterate the wrath at any time.

But at this time, the enchantment rushed out, they were in front of them.

“With me, I am not allowed to do anything with the Langren.”

“Now the entire Langren family is sheltered by the enchantment of my day.”

“If you want to destroy them, you will destroy me first.”

Unexpected attachment to the charm, which makes others very surprised.

“Mo is crazy, what are you waiting for? Your little man is also on the ronin star, do you want them to destroy it together?”

Shouting away from the charm of Mo Chi.

Obviously, once discovered, the feelings of Zhuo Bufan are not simple.

If you say that you are doing this to protect your mind.

Then I believe in the charm, in order to protect Zhuo Bufan, they will definitely be the enemy of the proud of them.

Sure enough, when Mo idiots listened to the disenchantment, they even resolutely stopped in front of them.

“I said, don’t be afraid of a fight!”

“Now you either leave this star or fight with us.”

Mo is crazy and distracted, in order to protect that person in the heart, decided to be an enemy of the same kind.


At this moment, on the rogue star, Qiankun and Zhuo Bufan face each other.

They are also always watching the war on the sky.

When they saw that they were enemies of the same kind in order to protect the rogue star, they obviously had some accidents.

Especially Zhuo Bufan, he can feel that Mo is crazy to protect him and is against other heavenly Clone.

“This woman, why do you want to do this?”

Zhuo Bufan doesn’t understand very much, because Mo is crazy and he is an endless enemy.

The mission of Tiandao Incarnation is to chase him as a natural enemy.

But nowadays, this incarnation of Incarnation turns to protect him as a natural enemy.

This made Zhuo Bufan very surprised.

“No, they are two enemies and four, they can’t be their opponents at all. I want to help them.”

Qiankun is very clear at this moment, this is a moment of life and death for their family.

He can’t give the task of protecting the people to them.

It is his duty to guard the tribe, so he must rush to fight for it.

“Master, wait a minute!”

Just as Qiankun was ready to rush out, his apprentice Ling Xiao ran out.

Ling Xiao is very clear that the current crisis, who can save the people, only his Master Qiankun.

At this time, he must stand up and do something.

I saw Ling Xiao walked to the front of Qiankun, then raised his hand.

In his palm, slowly gathered a golden seal.

“Master, you used this blood force Inheritance with me, let me protect the Langren.”

“But it’s dull, it’s hard to be a big man.”

“Today, the disciples will return this power to you, I hope you can guard my Langren.”

After Ling Xiao finished speaking, he lifted the gold seal in his hand, but it was suspended above the top of Qiankun.

“Ling, you really have to do this?”

Qian Kun looked at Ling Xiao and said that he was very clear that Ling Xiao would transfer all the power he gave him to himself.

Because the time is too short, I have to hand over the half of the blood of Ling Xiao, Ling Xiao has no time to master.

However, now that they have reached the death and death of their families, Ling Xiao has no time, and he has no time to master the power that Qiankun has given him.

Rather than letting this power be wasted in the hands of own, it is better to return to the own Master to protect his home.

After listening to Qiankun, he bit his teeth and said.

“Okay, I understand.”

“You can rest assured that I can protect our home.”

At this time, Ling Xiao will return the power to Qiankun, which is undoubtedly a great help for Qiankun.

Therefore, Qiankun did not refuse at all because he needed this power.

This power is needed to help him improve his strength to the same level as Heaven Incarnation.

I saw Ling Xiao holding Wang Yin, suspended in the top of Qiankun.

A beautiful brilliance is constantly integrated into the eyebrows of Qiankun.

Soon, Qiankun discovered that the power of the family began to return to his blood.

The energy of the past is constantly coming back.

Qiankun enjoys the feeling of moisturizing that belongs to him.

“Ah, my strength, come back!”

The power of Qiankun is constantly recovering, and he begins to slowly recover towards the own Peak.

Zhuo Bufan, who is on the side, can feel that this man is constantly getting stronger.

Soon, Zhuo Bufan found that he was no longer the opponent of the other party.

The strength of the other party has risen directly by one yuan.

“Is this the real power of him?”

Zhuo Bufan said with furrowed eyebrows.

It turned out that the previous Qiankun was only the weakest state.

The current Qiankun is what he really looks like.

If you fight with Qiankun now, then Zhuo Bufan will have no chance of winning.

At this time, Qiankun suddenly felt a very unusual force.

He has returned to the state of the own Peak, but at this time there is still a surplus of power introduced into his body.

Qiankun immediately frowned, this power does not belong to him.

“Ling, what are you doing?”

Qiankun immediately shouted at Ling Xiao.

Because of this extra force, it is Ling Xiao who is his own.

Ling Xiao listened and said.

“Master, don’t reject me. Now that you are the hope of all of us, you will accept our strength and protect our homeland.”

It turned out that Ling Xiao passed his own strength to Qiankun.

It’s not just Ling Xiao, the other Elders who are present have also passed their meager strength to Qiankun.

Two Elder, Big Elder, Three Elder, Four Elder, Seven Elder, Li Po, and even Keira.

Everyone realizes that this war is about their lives and deaths.

No one knows what the outcome of this war is, but they must go all out.

They pin their hopes on Qiankun, and hope that Qiankun can save them from this catastrophe.

Qiankun looked at more and more people and passed on his power to him. He was obviously very moved.

I did not expect that at this moment, everyone did not forget her leader.

Their trust will be the biggest driving force for Qiankun’s battle.

It has already restored nearly 90% of the strength of the Qiankun, and now feels that the power of own has completely exceeded the limit.

Beyond his previous Peak status.

Although everyone’s strength is very weak, but with the concerted efforts of all, the strength of unity has become quite powerful.

After feeling the power beyond Peak, Qiankun shines the sky and illuminates the sky of the entire rogue star.

The brilliance of the sky has attracted the attention of the heavenly people.

“what is that?”

After being enchanted by the enchanting and obsessive arrogance of the arrogant Tianba map, suddenly felt the glory of the sky, could not help but be a little surprised.

From that ray of light, he felt a very powerful force.

That power has even reached the point where they are resistant to their Incarnation.

“That is the guy who captured the charm!”

Aside from the hustle and bustle of the sky.

“This strength is indeed above the charm.”

“I didn’t expect the Langrens to have such a master, a level that is enough to resist the incarnation of our Heavenly Incarnation.”

The hateful sky is also a little surprised.

“Go to the rogue, why are you afraid?”

“This Venerate wants to destroy his rogue star, does he have opinions?”

Proud of the sky is hard to agree, he raised his hand is a finger, toward a satellite of the rogue star, pointing away.

Proud of the sky, the ability to smash a planet into ash and completely collapse.

Therefore, when the arrogant sky’s finger Divine Might hit the satellite, it is almost foreseeable that the satellite will be vanished like smoke in the next second.

However, the next second, the one that suddenly arrogantly pointed out Divine Might, was bounced back, and also hit the arrogant day of this Venerate.

The tyrant was shot by the owner of Divine Might and flew out.

For a time, the group was shocked.

At this time, the talents found that there was a person standing in front of the satellite.

It is a man who is extremely overbearing, and his muscles are as strong as a hill.

He held out his palm and his palms condensed the energy of terror.

The tyrant is the force that has been blown out.

“The damn intruder, don’t even want to go today.”

The strongest, officially debut.

After seeing the return of Qiankun Powerhouse, it was immediately bright.

Once again, she felt the power of the powerful conqueror from Qiankun.

An unrelenting feeling makes her more obsessed with Qiankun.

“Qi Kun, you are back to strength! And more powerful than before!”

Looking away from the charm, I was surprised.

After listening to Qiankun, he nodded silently.

“Thank you for the two guards of my family, I am grateful.”

“However, I am a surfer, and I still want to guard myself.”

Qiankun stood in front of the madness and disenchantment.

For a time, the situation on the scene was finally no longer so full of disadvantages.

Before, only Mo is crazy and distracted to guard the rogue star.

But now that Qiankun has joined the battlefield, it is three to four.

Obviously, this starry sky is about to become a horrible battlefield.

Therefore, Qian Kun was flying to the battlefield for the first time, letting Ling Hao take the rogue star and flee at full speed.

The rogue star turned into a light and disappeared directly into their eyes.

The rogue star escaped, and Qian Kun and Mo Chi were so stunned that they were relieved.

Next, they can fight with confidence.

call out!

Just as Qiankun lost his heart, suddenly a ray of light came from outside the sky.

When Qiankun raised his hand, he offered a powerful barrier.

But the barrier collapses in an instant and then breaks.


The next second, Qiankun and Mo crazy are still enchanting them, and they are blasted out.

Obviously, Aozhitian launched a raid.

“Little Bastard, come here!”

The pride of the proud day, just after the blow was smashed.

At this moment, the proud sky is naturally hateful for Qiankun.

“Chaotic, the task of killing is handed over to you. These two traitors and this Little Bastard are handed over to us.”


Ba Tu with the command of the tone, let chaos chase the runaway star.

At this time, Mo crazy cried.

“Brother, beg you, don’t.”

Mo is crazy to keep Zhuo Bufan, so she naturally won’t let chaos chase the rogue star.

After hearing the request of Younger Sister, the chaos was obviously moving.

It stood in the same place and was indifferent.

I was annoyed when I saw the tyrant of this scene.

“It’s really useless waste. In this case, this Venerate has personally destroyed it.”

The tyrants are clearly clear. Now, apart from themselves, no one can rely on them. They are all a group of pig teammates.

So he took the murderous aura and went to the runaway star.

When they see it, they naturally stop it for the first time.

At this time, the vain and hateful days of Qiu Zhi finally joined the battlefield.

The war ignited the whole piece of void for a time.

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