Save Reloading Immortal Chapter 1266

The headquarters of the Void Chamber of Commerce, a dazzling day hanging above the void.

All the Void merchants are looking up.

They all said that the light made the scorpion, and these merchants had to close their eyes under the glory.

Only the chairman of the Void Chamber of Commerce, the hand and the emptiness of the worm.

Looking at the next day in front of the eyes.

Take a closer look, it is not the next day.

It is a light ball wrapped by countless chains that release golden light.

Those chains are the shackles of the law.

This round of the next day is the law power released by the chairman of the Naked Chamber of Commerce.

As for the people in the next day,

It is the enemy of the Nether Chamber of Commerce, with Zhuo Bufan who devours Divine Physique.

The president of the Chamber of Commerce, in order to subdue Zhuo Bufan, used the law of balance to control it in this day.

Because Zhuo Bufan, which has swallowed Divine Physique, is too powerful, it can be stopped by humans.

Sealing him is undoubtedly the best choice.

In order to break through the ban on the article, Zhuo Bufan is comprehending the law of engulfment.

As a Zhuo Bufan with the devour of Divine Physique, it is obviously not as difficult as I imagined in the process of comprehending the law of engulfing.

Now Zhuo Bufan’s engulfing Divine Physique is basically a half-phagocytic rule.

Devouring Divine Physique can devour three substances: energy, energy and Soul.

Then when Zhuo Bufan is able to swallow Rule, space and time, he will fully master the rules of engulfment.

For the understanding of the engulfment law, Zhuo Bufan thinks very simple, that is, to make his own Incarnation a black hole.

A never-ending black hole.

He completely released the phagocytic nucleus in his body.

And his engulfing Divine Physique is unconsciously starting fire and full of fierce engulfing.

Because it was sealed within the rules of the Chamber of Commerce.

Therefore, Zhuo Bufan’s devouring power did not affect the outside world of the Chamber of Commerce.

However, with the black hole of Zhuo Bufan, it is getting bigger and bigger.

The devouring power he releases is also growing.

So that the space in the next day has begun to distort.

Finally, Zhuo Bufan’s devouring power and space have begun to change.

And it’s not just space, it’s also a distortion of time.

He really put his own Incarnation into a crack in time and space.

Time and space cracks are the ability to devour space and time.

The engulfing of the star nucleus is the ultimate form of time and space cracks.

And Zhuo Bufan is now one of the biggest swallowing stars!

It can be said that the current Zhuo Bufan is a mature space-time crack.

Time is slowed by the devour of Zhuo Bufan.

Of course, this is not a big deal.

Because of the increasing phagocytosis, even the law chain of the article began to collapse.

After seeing this scene, the article sighed silently.

“I can’t sleep!”

“This person is about to break through and understand the third law of chaotic void!”

It can be seen from this article that Zhuo Bufan is about to become a few of the chaotic voids.

Comparable to the existence of the Three Emperors!

The Three Emperors can even seal the existence of the Da Luo Tiandao.

If Zhuo Bufan really can reach the height of the Three Emperors.

Then he really is getting stronger!

Beyond the fate of life, beyond the own.

Zhuo Bufan, after the third Samsara, finally surpassed the past and became the strongest.




With the continual break of the law chain, the article has completely abandoned the suppression.

Until the end, the day wheel broke out in the void.


A bang, shocking the sky! Unleash unlimited light.

After the flash of light, I saw a black day in the air.

It floats quietly in the air, at that moment, as if time is still.

The appearance of the black day wheel stopped flowing even in time.

I saw the text of this scene and finally began to speak.

“I am the chairman of the Void Chamber of Commerce. Congratulations to Your Excellency for mastering the law of engulfment! Becoming the paradise of the sky, another paradise of Heavenly Venerate!”

After the article was finished, the black daylight in the air slowly converges on the light.

Then from the black day wheel, came out a man wearing a mysterious clothes.

The man had a black hair, a black coat, and a pair of black cockroaches. People couldn’t help but shudder.

When he appeared, the Souls of all the empty merchants present were like being pressed by a mountain, and they couldn’t breathe.

He is the Zhuo Bufan who understands the supreme engulfing rule!

I saw Zhuo Bufan raise his right hand and hit a finger.

Suddenly, there was an infinite black hole above the sky above the headquarters of the Naked Chamber of Commerce.

Zhuo Bufan said coldly.

“Give you a word and convince me to let go of your empty Chamber of Commerce.”


At this moment, Zhuo Bufan showed an unparalleled domineering.

As long as Zhuo Bufan’s mind is moving, the entire void chamber will collapse in the next second.

This is an invincible gesture, a gesture of overlord, a gesture that regards the beings as ants.

Zhuo Bufan is not a joke. Now he really has the Ability to destroy the entire Naked Chamber of Commerce.

This point, even the chairman of the Void Chamber of Commerce can not doubt this article.

Therefore, in the face of Zhuo Bufan’s problem, the article should not be taken lightly.

He sighed and didn’t speak immediately.

Because of this next sentence, it is likely to determine the life and death of the entire Void Chamber of Commerce.

Therefore, the article communicated with the emptiness of the worm at the foot of the first time.

He wants to use the information network of the Netherbug Mother to know the questions and answers that Zhuo Bufan most wants to know.

As the Soul life of all the information in the virtual air network, it is clear that they know what Zhuo Bufan’s needs are.

Also know how to solve these needs.

as predicted,

Soon, the article found the most wanted information from Zhuo Bufan from the Void.

So the article replied immediately.

“I can tell you how to find the owner of time!”

Sure enough, the most wanted news of Zhuo Bufan is undoubtedly the whereabouts of the Lord of Time.

After the article finished this sentence, Soul couldn’t help but get nervous.

He looked at Zhuo Bufan’s reaction and wanted to know what Zhuo Bufan would do.

At this time, I saw Zhuo Bufan snoring.


Immediately, the black hole on the sky of the entire Naked Chamber of Commerce disappeared.

“It is the president of the Void Chamber of Commerce, knowing what I need.”

“Tell me, how to find the Lord of time!”

The tone of Zhuo Bufan is not in the pleading of the former pleading.

Instead, it brought a near-command tone.

He is commanding the president of the Void Chamber of Commerce to tell him the whereabouts of the Lord of Time.

The chairman of the Void Chamber of Commerce responded after listening to the article.

“The Lord of Time, in the world of Samsara!”

“How to get to the world of Samsara?” Zhuo Bufan asked again.

“There are two types of methods! One is to be invited by the Lord of Time as a Samsara initiative!”

“I think you should have been to the world of Samsara before.”

In this article, Zhuo Bufan remembered the experience of entering the world of Samsara several times before.

She always thought that she had entered the Samsara world after drinking and asking for wine.

I want to come now, I am afraid that those times have been invited by the Lord of Time.

“The Lord of Time? Is it that the old man is the Lord of time?”

Zhuo Bufan suddenly said with furrowed eyebrows.

He remembered the mysterious old man in the River of Time.

He was alone in a boat drifting in the River of Time.

Zhuo Bufan always thought that he might be an Ascension in the Yin-Yang world.

However, it turned out that this old man is afraid of little relationship with the Yin-Yang world.

Not even an ordinary Ascension.

Because Zhuo Bufan did not find Zhou Lao in the world of Da Luotian.

It seems that Zhou Lao has never been Ascension to Da Luotian.

If Zhou Bush’s Ascension arrived at Da Luotian, where did he go?

There is a lot of mystery, and Zhuo Bufan has a bold guess.

I am afraid that Zhou Lao has something to do with the Lord of Time.

At the thought of this, Zhuo Bufan is more looking forward to going to the world of Samsara again.

“Aside from the initiative of the Lord of Time, is there any other way?”

Zhuo Bufan continued to ask.

After listening to the article, I replied.

“In addition to accepting the invitation of the Lord of Time, you can only find the road to Samsara yourself.”

“The road to Samsara?” Zhuo Bufan said with furrowed eyebrows.

“Yes, that is the only way to the world of Samsara.”

“There are many branch shortcuts in this road hidden in the cracks in time and space.”

“But these shortcuts are not stable and it is very difficult to find them. Only rely on luck!”

“So, I don’t recommend you to find these shortcuts! I suggest you find the main road to Samsara!”

After the article was finished, Zhuo Bufan asked.

“Where is the main road?”

“Listen to your tone, you should know!”

“Yes, I know it!”

“The main road of the Samsara Road is guarded by a race called the Samsara!”

In this article, the Samsara family is mentioned.

“How do you find the Samsara family?”

The article replied.

“This Samsara family is very mysterious and exists in an invisible Samsara star!”

“Want to find this Samsara domain, then you need the guidance of Samsara Stone.”

“I can give you Samsara stone.”

The article promised to provide the Samsara stone for Zhuo Bufan, which surprised Zhuo Bufan.

“You are helping me? How can I repay you?”

Zhuo Bufan is not a arrogant person.

He is willing to pay some price to get the Samsara stone of the article.

After listening to the article, it was shaking his head.

“I don’t need any repayments from you!”

“You don’t need to repay? Do you think that I will do this, will I read you?”

“That’s your business!”

The president finished the article and turned his palm.

I saw a black spar appear in his hand.

“This is the Samsara stone, you can incorporate your ideas and it will guide you to the Samsara domain.”

After the article was finished, the Samsara stone in his hand was placed in the air.

Then slowly drifted toward Zhuo Bufan.

Zhuo Bufan grabbed the Samsara stone and released an idea to wrap it.

The Samsara stone suddenly flashed a white light, and then the light flew out in one direction.

Zhuo Bufan looked at the direction pointed by Samsara Stone. He frowned and hesitated for a while.

“What? You are worried that I will harm you?”

“In any case, Samsara Stone is already in your hands. If you don’t believe me, just look at yourself.”

This article shows the concerns of Zhuo Bufan’s eyes.

And Zhuo Bufan did have some doubts about whether the article said the truth.

However, with Zhuo Bufan’s current Ability, he doesn’t have to worry about being deceived by these people.

“Okay, I believe you once! You don’t dare to lie to me.”

After Zhuo Bufan finished, he raised his hand and extended his hand in the direction of the Samsara stone guide.

Then, a black hole appeared beside him!

Later, Zhuo Bufan got into the black hole.

The next second, together with the black hole, disappeared in front of everyone.

When Zhuo Bufan left, all the Void merchants present felt that they were released by Soul, which was crushed by the mountains.

Including the president, the article is also a long sigh of relief.

“It’s finally gone!”

“This person is so good that he can really master the law of engulfment!”

The article is very clear, the phagocytic law ranks third among all the rules of chaotic void.

Second only after time and Samsara’s two rules.

Equivalent to saying that Zhuo Bufan is now a swallowed Incarnation, synonymous with engulfing.

As long as he is willing, he can swallow a star field in an instant.

This is the power to master the law of emptiness.


On the other hand, Zhuo Bufan uses the power of the phagocytic law to open a space channel directly through the phagocytic space and send him to the other side of the starry sky.

When he came out of the black hole again, he saw it was dark and chaotic.

Zhuo Bufan picked up the Samsara stone and injected a Soul Power.

At this time, I saw that the release of the Samsara stone is even stronger!

But this time, Samsara Stone did not indicate the direction.

Obviously, Zhuo Bufan has come to the Samsara star field mentioned in the article.

“Oh, I really didn’t know how powerful I was after I mastered the law of engulfment.”

Zhuo Bufan is not kidding.

Even now, he is not knowing how powerful he is.

He only knows that the chairman of the Nether Chamber of Commerce is no longer his opponent.

Since Zhuo Bufan has swallowed Divine Physique, his Culture Base has grown like a hang-up.

Just like looking for the Samsara star field this time.

In the old days, Zhuo Bufan may need to fly for several years to reach the position indicated by Samsara Stone.

But now, Zhuo Bufan just crossed a black hole and instantly reached the target location.

“The article says that the Samsara star field is an invisible star!”

“So how do I get into it?”

Zhuo Bufan looked at the black one in front of him and couldn’t help but frown.

Of course, he can’t directly release a black hole to swallow, and swallow the whole piece of void.

What if I accidentally erased the Samsara star field?

Just when Zhuo Bufan didn’t know how to enter the Samsara domain.

Suddenly he felt that there was a strong life coming in the direction he was in.

In the darkness, nothingness, nothing.

But Zhuo Bufan’s feelings are not wrong, there must be something coming over.

“Chaos beast?”

Zhuo Bufan is fascinated.

Sure enough, at this time, suddenly a murderous aura struck towards Zhuo Bufan.

Zhuo Bufan raised his hand very calmly and then directed towards the void.

A black hole appeared in front of him.

The next second, only heard in the void, there was a scream.


Along with the screams of the shocking Soul, there was a giant shadow in the void.

Soon, the giant shadow showed a nine-headed Python image.

However, one of the heads has been killed by the black hole just made by Zhuo Bufan.

“Bee, dare to attack this One, you are looking for death!”

Zhuo Bufan finished, is preparing to raise his hand to kill each other.

I saw Zhuo Bufan raising his hand, and a few black holes were intertwined with the nine-headed snake.

Just when the swallowing black hole is about to kill each other.

Suddenly an exclamation came.

“Wait a minute! Don’t kill it!”

Zhuo Bufan looked at the first look, only Seeing Void in the air did not know when there was a white woman out of thin air.


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