Chapter 1323: Devouring the Four Sea Kings

In order to kill the Red Sea Dragon, Zhuo Bufan came to an Underground volcano in the Central Sea.

This volcanic group was still a mysterious place when Zhuo Bufan was hunting for the fifth-order flaming fish.

The energy of nature is extremely terrifying.

Of course, this volcanic group is currently a dormant extinct volcano.

Zhuo Bufan must find a way to activate this piece of extinct volcano.

Of course, after the volcano is activated, the premise is that Zhuo Bufan can safely leave the land.

Therefore, Zhuo Bufan intends to sacrifice owner Clone.

He used the own Clone fish to bring the Red Sea Dragon and all his subordinates to the dormant volcano.

Then he let the own Clone bombard the seabed.

In the end, even using the means of self-destruction.

After the explosion, powerful energy was poured under the entire seabed.

Then, the seabed began to tremble, and the terrible energy contained in the seabed began.

Hōng hōng hōng hōng hōng hōng bang!

With a roar of horror, seabed began a terrible earthquake.

Then a path of terrible gully tears the seabed.

From the gully, a path of horrible flames rises to the sky and instantly covers the entire sea level.

Life above the sea is also vanished like smoke in a flash.

Even the Red Sea Dragon, and the Clone Big Fish of Zhuo Bufan, were also drowned by countless lava in this Heaven-shaking, Earth-shattering catastrophe.

In the end, Zhuo Bufan found the remains of the Red Sea Dragon among the lava debris.

Zhuo Bufan without the slightest hesitation swallowed it.

At this point, the second Neptune-level evolution was swallowed up by Zhuo Bufan.

After consuming the Red Sea Dragon, Zhuo Bufan’s Physique has once again evolved and sublimated.

At the same time, he also grew a dragon P.

Dragon P has a strong attack and insight.

Nowadays, the big fish of Zhuo Bufan already has dragon teeth, dragon scales, dragon horns, dragons P and dragon ribs.

He is more and more like a dragon, and he is getting closer and closer to the day of the dragon.

After killing the Red Sea Dragon, Zhuo Bufan targeted the next two sea kings.

Zhuo Bufan can feel that as long as the four sea kings are swallowed up, he can successfully evolve to the ninth order.

“Next, there are only Dead Sea Whales and Bihai Dragons!”

“This blue sea dragon is called the North Sea Raytheon, and the terrifying power is even the fear and existence of the hegemon level.”

“Fortunately, the mucus that I secreted has a strong insulation. I should have an advantage in dealing with this blue sea dragonfly.”

“And after the dragon has been swallowed up, my dragon teeth have also evolved strongly.”

“It seems that this blue sea dragon, I can beat him one-on-one.”

Zhuo Bufan couldn’t think of the fear of the dragon in the blue sea for a while, so it can compete with it.

Ever since, he asked the own Clone to lead the blue sea dragon to an open sea.

Then, when you are carrying a ship, you will come to you.

Of course, the battlefield does not require the involvement of small fish and shrimp.

So Zhuo Bufan let the own Clone choose to blew himself up and kill all the blue sea dragons.

The self-exploding formidable power is enough to destroy all the small characters.

However, for Bihai Longyan, Zhuo Bufan’s set of strokes does not have much damage and effect.

In this way, Zhuo Bufan’s Clone replaced all the miscellaneous fish.

In the entire sea area, there is only Zhuo Bufan, the big fish and the big sea dragon.

When Zhuo Bufan saw the blue sea dragonfly in front of him, there was no nonsense and he went straight to war!

Zhuo Bufan meets as an air cannonball.

Directly sensationalized the sea area of ​​a hundred miles, but the blue sea dragon 鳗 has a thunder protector, facing the bombing of Zhuo Bufan, Bihai Longyan has not suffered much trauma.

Instead, moved towards Zhuo Bufan spit out a horrible spherical lightning.

That is the largest spherical lightning that Zhuo Bufan has ever seen.

The huge lightning ball of 100 meters in diameter slammed into the waters where Zhuo Bufan was located, turning the whole ocean creatures into a white belly.

However, Zhuo Bufan, the big fish in the middle of the lightning explosion, is not bad.

Because Zhuo Bufan is able to secrete mucus against electric shock, it can help Zhuo Bufan resist the dragon’s explosive thunder.

嗤chi chi chi!

Above the sea, thunder and lightning, Yu Wei stunned.

Bihai Longyan looked at the numerous bodies floating on the sea, and guessed that Zhuo Bufan should have been killed by him.

But as he took it lightly, suddenly an air bombarded him.

Hong long long !

The air cannon exploded directly in front of the blue sea dragonfly.

The blue sea dragonfly was stunned by this sudden shot.

However, Zhuo Bufan did not give him the time to react. The next two seconds suddenly two strong energy flashed in front of Bihai Longyan.

An X-shaped energy cuts the space, and then cuts the body of the dragon into four.

“ao 嗷嗷嗷!”

The Bihai Dragonfly is already in the Dragon’s Stage, so his screams bring a little scream of Dragon Race.

Obviously, Bihai Longyan suffered an unimaginable heavy blow.

The sudden attack by Zhuo Bufan played a key role.

Seeing this scene, Zhuo Bufan jumped up and took a divine Dragon Tail Swipe, and he was heavily beaten on the seriously injured Bihai Dragon.

Bihai Longyan was stunned on the spot.

By the time the blue sea dragonfly reacted, Zhuo Bufan had opened Tao Tie’s mouth and swallowed it.

In this way, the third sea king under the Dragon Blood shark’s Dragon Blood shark crocodile was also lightly dried by Zhuo Bufan.

Zhuo Bufan spent half a day laughing at the blue sea dragonfly and getting the Ability of the Dragon Thunder.

Divine Dragon has the power to swallow and control the thunder.

After Zhuo Bufan had strength of thunder and lightning, he went further from the ninth.

Now, there is still the last sea king.

“Dead Whale!”

“This Dead Sea Whale has a swallowing power that transcends me. Like me, it is also the step of relying on the evolution of engulfing.”

“In addition to the amazing phagotosis, he also has a terrifying dragon!”

“The sound is like a thunder, and it’s a Soul. It’s the sound of the dragon!”

“He is good at sound waves, and it is the most difficult for me.”

The first three sea kings, Zhuo Bufan have their own means to kill them.

But this is the fourth dead sea whale, he is not too sure.

This Dead Sea whale is only one step away from the ninth order. It can be said that except for the Dragon Blood shark, the Dead Sea Whale is the most terrifying.

Before Zhuo Bufan even suffered a loss in his hand, he was almost swallowed by a small breath of the Dead Sea Whale.

Therefore, Zhuo Bufan has maintained a kind of fear for this dead sea whale.

However, the current Zhuo Bufan is only one step away from the ninth.

Especially after swallowing the three sea kings, he already has the Ability that is not weaker than the Dead Sea Whale.

Therefore, in the face of this dead sea whale, Zhuo Bufan may have the power of a battle.

“The Dead Sea Whale has a weakness, that is, after eating, I like to sleep.”

“Maybe I can take advantage of this weakness and get rid of it.”

Zhuo Bufan has only one goal at the moment, and that is the Dead Sea Whale.

To this end, he is more careful and cautious.

After all, at this point in the present, it is very likely that you will lose your chances.

The more critical, the more calm Zhuo Bufan is.

This is where Zhuo Bufan is truly terrifying.

“Now, there is only one Clone left, and this is the Clone that this Dead Sea Whale is pursuing.”

“Maybe, I can take advantage of this Clone and do something.”

Zhuo Bufan began to think about the plan to kill the sea whales.

The Dead Sea Whale is different from the other three Sea Kings. It does not have an own sea.

Because this Dead Sea Whale is too edible, it will eat all the life that the confidant has.

He also had a lot of men, but these men were finally eaten by him.

So now this Dead Sea Whale, only one of it.

However, one of them is enough.

Just a dead sea whale is enough to make Zhuo Bufan feel the horror.


On this side, Zhuo Bufan seems to have thought of a solution.

He takes advantage of this characteristic that the Dead Sea Whale can eat, and then places traps in a nearby sea.

“Fish group summon!”

Zhuo Bufan uses the innate talent skills of the big fish to start the summon fish school.

In fact, Zhuo Bufan can feel that this Dead Sea Whale is the same type as him.

Because Zhuo Bufan also likes to eat, it also evolves by relying on phagocytosis.

So, Zhuo Bufan knows himself, naturally he also knows his own opponent.

He started all the fish in the summon range and then gathered toward him.

Soon, there are more and more fish around you.

In the end, the entire sea surface is full of black-pressed fish.

In the usual case, Zhuo Bufan may swallow the fish in front of him.

However, today, no, today he will use these fish as bait to attract the dead sea whales.

Soon, Zhuo Bufan relied on the own ability to gather tens of millions of fish in this sea.

This is absolutely stopped for the Dead Sea Whale.

After completing the arrangement of the bait, Zhuo Bufan began calling for the own Clone.

Then use Clone’s Ability to start attracting the Dead Sea Whale to attract yourself to the trap.

The Dead Sea Whale has been chasing Zhuo Bufan’s Clone

It is obviously not aware that there is a trap waiting for him in front.

Chasing after, the Dead Sea Whale found himself in a sea with a lot of fish.

Looking at the big meal in front of me, this Dead Sea Whale has no hesitation at all.

It opened its own horrible mouth and began to swallow it up.

Soon, thousands of fish were swallowed up by the Dead Sea Whale.

However, this is not over yet.

Because the food in front of you is too rich, this Dead Sea Whale can hardly control the desire of his own gluttony.

So, it even gave up the pursuit of hell Zhuo Bufan Clone, and then began to steal the smashing spoon.

The swallowing power of this dead sea whale is terrible.

I feel like I want to devour the whole sea.

The so-called whale swallowing the sea may be the case.

This dead sea whale is a piece of frozen thousand fish.

He is like a rich wolf rushing into the sheepfold, the sea in front of him is simply heaven.

He began to swallow unscrupulously and ate his food madly.

Soon, the belly of the Dead Sea Whale became bigger and more terrifying.

In the end, the Dead Sea Whale was stretched into a ball.

Now it is not only slow in action, but even the mental power is not concentrated.

It was too sleepy because it was too full. This is an Achilles heel of the Dead Sea Whale.

After you are full, you will definitely sleep.

The more he is full, the more he will sleep.

The Dead Sea Whales now do not care about the orders of the North Blood overlord Dragon Blood sharks.

It just wants to find a place to take a good sleep.

Therefore, after the dead sea whales have eaten enough, they simply sneak into the seabed and want to sleep in the seabed.

However, just as the Dead Sea Whale sleeps well and is doing its dreams, Zhuo Bufan is here.

Zhuo Bufan can’t help but lightly smiled after seeing the huge monster lying on the seabed.

“It’s really a pig! I don’t think you should call the Dead Sea Whale. It should be called the Dead Sea Magic Pig.”

“Since you like sleeping so much, take a good sleep!”

Zhuo Bufan finished, moved towards the dead sea whale in front of him, spit out a huge bubble.

Soon, the head of the Dead Sea Whale was wrapped up in a bubble paradise.

The bubble paradise can make the Dead Sea Whales enjoy his dreams.

Zhuo Bufan, on the other hand, took the opportunity to find an opportunity to start cleaning up the Dead Sea Whale.

He placed various bubble bombs around the Dead Sea Whale, and its formidable power was enough to blow the Dead Sea Whale to the sky.

This bubble bomb is the Ability that Zhuo Bufan obtained after he swallowed the blue sea dragon.

The ability to store spherical lightning in one’s own Qi bubble creates a powerful energy bomb.

嗜 此 此 獠 Ω Ω Ω Ω 媒 媒 媒 媒 媒 媒 媒 媒 媒

As long as the Dead Sea Whale has any violent action, it will detonate these bubble bombs and then blow it up.

After Zhuo Bufan laid out these explosive bombs, they fled hundreds of miles away.

After all, if Zhuo Bufan doesn’t hide a bit, these bubble bombs will definitely blow him up.

So he needs to hide far enough to detonate his own carefully arranged traps.

After hiding a hundred miles away, Zhuo Bufan began to summon the Thunder Cloud above the sky and released a thunderbolt.

Hong long long !

Above the sky, an extremely terrifying thunderbolt fell from the sky, and heavy bombardment was on the dead sea whale.

The Dead Sea Whale is completely immersed in the sleep of own.

It doesn’t even have a cam back to his senses.

The next second, on the seabed where it happened, a Heaven-shaking, Earth-shattering explosion.


The explosion exploded the water of the square.

And the Dead Sea Whale is even more directly blown up into countless pieces of minced meat.

Zhuo Bufan looked at the countless pieces of meat that fell in the sky and began to madly devour them.

This is the flesh of the Dead Sea Whale. No piece of meat contains the amount of strength of Dragon, so it can’t be wasted.

“It is!”

Zhuo Bufan didn’t expect that everything went as smoothly as he thought.

He successfully killed four sea kings and smoothly swallowed up all their energy.

Now, Zhuo Bufan feels that he should be on the verge of breakthrough.

He needs to digest it, then attach it at any time.

“It seems that I have to find a place to take a rest for a while, then attach!

Zhuo Bufan is feeling that he is on the verge of breakthrough.

Before evolution, he needs to dare to humble

Therefore, Zhuo Bufan temporarily gave up the plan to harass the four major ocean tyrants, but hid it.


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