Save Reloading Immortal Chapter 1355

When the five Great Saint Artifact assembled, Zhuo Bufan succeeded in acquiring the last holy stone.

Next second, Zhuo Bufan was bathed in the Holy Light of five Great Saint Artifact.

And when he walked out again from Holy Light, he was filled with a sacred force that was invisible.

Now Zhuo Bufan, finally, made his highest achievement in the elf World – Spirit King!

Zhuo Bufan, who became a sperm Spirit King, became human.

At the same time, six pairs of giant rays of light wings have emerged.

Five Great Saint Artifact became part of him, respectively.

The branches of the sacred tree form the crown, the left-hand cup, the right hand sword, surrounded by a circle of sacred fire, the keys to the sacred stone on the neck.

Zhuo Bufan, who became a sperm Spirit King, has an unthinkable divine power.

“Did I succeed?”

Zhuo Bufan didn’t expect to be so smooth that he became Spirit King.

It’s his best time, Samsara.

In the past, Samsara will be able to fulfil the Samsara mandate at least for more than a decade.

And many times, the last 10,000 years are possible.

This time, however, Zhuo Bufan became a sperson Spirit King less than a month ago.

That’s right, Zhuo Bufan has never been to this elf World since, until now, less than a month.

A month from an ordinary elf, became a sperm Spirit King, which could be said to be not even Zhuo Bufan himself.

Zhuo Bufan, looking at his current state of affairs, is fully comfortable.

“Since I’ve become a sperm Spirit King, then this world has to do Samsara’s job, right?”

“Next, is it my lead, too, to Holy Light?”

Zhuo Bufan has not completed the Samsara mission for the first time.

He was well aware that once the Samsara mission had been completed, there would be a handover to Holy Light, bringing him to Samsara Tower.

Zhuo Bufan has become an elite Spirit King, and, in his view, the mission of own Samsara has also been completed.

He did not want the world to continue, and after all, he had several of the World’s Samsara tasks awaiting completion.

Zhuo Bufan is going to hold on to time, otherwise the longer it’s going to be, the more it’s going to happen in Big Rover.

“Come on, I gotta get Holy Light. Where is it?”

Zhuo Bufan opened his hands and awaited the arrival of Holy Light.

But when he didn’t think of it, he waited for half a day and didn’t feel the presence of Holy Light?

“What’s going on? Where’s Holy Light?”

Zhuo Bufan Road.

“Didn’t I become Spirit King? Where’s Holy Light?”

Zhuo Bufan once again opened his hands and waited for the coming of Holy Light, but for half a day there was no response.

The other elf here, Patriarch, looks at me, and I look at you, like a fool.

“Is this the sperm Spirit King that Sacred Item chose? I think it’s a fool.”

The Turkish Patriarch is very unhappy.

He thought he’d be Spirit King, but five Great Saint Artifact didn’t choose him, but Zhuo Bufan.

So, his heart is actually a little upset.

Looking at Zhuo Bufan as a fool of himself, the rest of Spirit Race Patriarch is also a disgusting and disillusion.

And then Zhuo Bufan frowned again because he found that there was no Holy Light at all.

“Damn it. Am I wrong? The World’s Samsara mission, isn’t it Spirit King?”

Zhuo Bufan’s gone.

Because Zhuo Bufan has always thought that his own mission in this world, Samsara, is enough to be a sperm Spirit King.

But now he became a sperm Spirit King. However, it did not receive the desired lead to Holy Light.

“It’s impossible! Do I have any other tasks in this world?”

Zhuo Bufan’s Samsara mission needs to be found on his own, as Samsara tower will not give him a clear indication at all.

Samsara tower just threw him in a new world, and then let him himself meet that world’s life.

As to what each World’s Samsara mission is, Zhuo Bufan himself needs to find out.

In the light of Zhuo Bufan’s past experience, he thought that his task was to become a sperm Spirit King.

So he’s been working towards the goal of Spirit King.

But now that he became a sperm Spirit King, he did not complete the hidden Samsara mission, which was somewhat expensive.

“Murphy? Am I wrong?”

“This time Samsara’s mission isn’t even Spirit King?”

“What exactly is the mission?”

“As has been the case in the past, it may be my Samsara mission to be able to influence the world’s transformation. Can’t you be Spirit King, not influence the world’s pattern?”

Just as Zhuo Bufan’s self-speaking analysis analyses the mission of own Samsara.

Suddenly, the sacred stone key on his neck began to shake up.

Zhuo Bufan was seen.

“What’s going on?”

The rest of Spirit Race Patriarch was standing up.

And then suddenly, the sacred stone key flew towards the dome.

And then, on the roof, suddenly there was a huge purple Frente, covering millions of kilometres.

In that purple Frente, a central gate began to emerge.

The sacred stone key is at this time, suddenly spinning.


With the twisted voice of the key, the next second, the huge central gate was opened.

Not good, the key is broken, it opens the door to Strange World, and the devil is coming back! ”

At this point, the other sperm Spirit Race Patriarch also immediately understood what that sacred stone key was doing.

And to see Zhuo Bufan on this scene suddenly came to light.

“Did my Samsara mission stop the invasions of the devil?”

Seeing the gates of this world is as open as the door to irreversible destiny.

Zhuo Bufan knew that maybe that was his real mission.

His mission is not to be this World unique and unmatched Spirit King. His task is to save the earth once again with the jinn of the whole world.

This is the Samsara mission of Zhuo Bufan.


With the opening of a little bit of the central gate, in that huge dome, a new door began to emerge.

These doors, at a little beginning.

When they opened a crack, it was clear that behind the door, there were countless hysteries, screaming black Little Devil.

They screamed behind the door, and each and everyone couldn’t wait to break their heads out of the back of the door.

However, the opening of the World Gateway was slow, and it was not open on the ground.

Rather, it starts at a slower pace, with almost invisible eyes.

At this rate, the door is completely open and it takes a few days.

See Spirit Race Patriarch of this screen, talking.

“It’s too late. We have to get back to our respective territories and get ready to fight!”

“The devil has indeed come again, and this time it will have a devastating catastrophe for the entire world.”

“Spirit King, what are we gonna do now?”

“You’re our best Spirit King now!”

When Patriarch moved towards Zhuo Bufan screamed out that he was a sperm Spirit King, Zhuo Bufan broke up.

Yeah, he’s the sperm Spirit King now.

This invasive Great War requires him to stop it.

Zhuo Bufan looked at this scene, and the heart fully understood.

“Yes, it is.”

“This time my mission is to protect this world.”

Zhuo Bufan said it was perfect.

“It seems that the real Great War is about to begin.”

“Since we can’t escape, let’s go straight to this battle!”

“Also invites the big Patriarch, to return immediately to the land of home, and then bring together all the elves who can fight and gather under the central gates!”

“We have to do our best to protect our world.”

Zhuo Bufan, since he was a sperm Spirit King, was obliged to protect the world.

Maybe as a sperm Spirit King and as part of his Samsara mission.

And this part is essential.

Only when he became a sperm Spirit King will his second part of the mission come.

Zhuo Bufan, who was informed of his mission, suddenly filled with a strong will to fight.

However, the other elite Spirit Race Patriarch was deeply sceptical.

“Can we do that? So many devils, they will destroy us all.”

“It’s too late for us to go back to our race, not to mention it for a few days.”

“When we get back, maybe the devil has come, and even has corrupted the whole world.”

After hearing all this loss, Zhuo Bufan was obsessed.

“So you’re gonna wait for death like this?”

“Protect this world, we have no choice. It’s not life or death!”

“If everyone doesn’t want to die, then fight!”

“I’ll give you one door to your own clan, to get space, and gather the soldiers and prepare to fight!”

Zhuo Bufan said that right hand picked up the sword and then started laying out four circles in the air.

With the power of the sword, the space was cut off, and four doors were cut.

The gates of these four spaces, each to the water, Mu Clan, the gold, the fire!

“The Golden Patriarch, you’re about to release the pneumonia, and the Mars need his leadership.”

Zhuo Bufan is now a sperm Spirit King, and he’s not just a Marshal Patriarch.

The next movement will have to take place, and it will certainly be based on each of the five major clans.

The Mars need new access, and it is undoubtedly the best option.

When Patriarch listened, Nodded answered.

“Spirit King, don’t worry, I’m going back to release the Mars Young Master.”

“Well, go back now! The door has opened for you, and then I’ll wait here for your good news.”

Zhuo Bufan said that the remaining three Patriarch had returned to the own clan through the door of space, respectively.

Throughout the conference room, only Zhuo Bufan, a sperm Spirit King, and Patriarch, a Turkish people who are not obedient.

Even if the Turkish Patriarch is no longer angry, it has to face reality.

Now, the great enemy will soon come, and then it will be about the survival of the entire world, and he will not be able to do so at this time because of his privacy and influence the battle.

Besides, each other is already Spirit King.

Zhuo Bufan, a sperm Spirit King, has the right to kill him.


long as Zhuo Bufan wants to kill him, then now he will have nothing to do.

So think about going to the Turkish Patriarch, finally deciding.

“Distinguished Spirit King, what are you going to do next? What kind of cooperation do I need?”

Zhuo Bufan, after hearing, looked at the Turkish Patriarch.

“The Turkish Patriarch is insensitive, and it’s my surprise.”

“Spirit King was laughing, everything was for peace.”

“A world peace, and since that is the case, then ask the Turkish Patriarch to come down and prepare for a battle of protection for all the braves of your Turkish people.”

“Oh, by the way, I’m afraid next to take your Turkish Chamber of Assembly, as the general command of this battle, should the Turkish Patriarch have nothing to say?”

Listen to Zhuo Bufan, the Turkish Patriarch’s embarrassing joke.

“hehe, of course, has no opinion, and everything follows Spirit King’s orders.”

“I’ll let the Department down and clean this up as the general command.”

“And don’t worry about Spirit King, which is the battle of the future of the world, and my Turkish people will never drag back their legs.”

The Turkish Patriarch is so profound that Zhuo Bufan can look at it.

After all, this is the time of survival, and no one is thinking of dragging back legs at this point.

“Then I’ll go down and get ready.”

The Turkish Patriarch said he left the scene.

The major Patriarch, all of them, has begun to go back to prepare for the army and prepare for the battle to defend the world.

Zhuo Bufan stayed in the Chamber to reflect on the next ranking.

If Suite Samsara’s mission is to protect the world.

So this is only a success for Zhuo Bufan, and no failure.

So now Zhuo Bufan is tied up with this world.

Next fight, he’ll do his best, not just for the World, but for himself.

And just as Zhuo Bufan was thinking about how to fight, suddenly he ran out of the golden space passage.

Zhuo Bufan, look in the eye, found it to be extreme.

“Oh, you’re here! It seems that the Golden Patriarch is a new commitment.”

Zhuo Bufan looked at the syndrome.

And the syndrome looked at Zhuo Bufan in half a day without talking.

“You, are you a flame brother? Do you really make Spirit King?”

Zhuo Bufan looked at each other’s face shocked, said with a smile.

“What? Surprised?”

“废话,你真的成为精Spirit King 了?这也太不可思议了吧!”

“At first, when I heard that, I thought it was the Golden Patriarch who lied to me.”

“I didn’t think it was true.”

Fuck, I’m so amazing, my brother, really became Spirit King. That’s too long. “

Zhuo Bufan became a sperm Spirit King, which was happier than he became Spirit King himself.

Zhuo Bufan, hehe one said with a smile.

“All right, don’t be poor!”

“Now, yes! You know what the devil is about to invade.”

“I now appoint you in my capacity as Spirit King, as a fireman Patriarch, to prepare for the next battle.”

After having listened to Zhuo Bufan, extreme inflammatory answers were unavoidable.

“Understood, many thanks you gave me this opportunity. Don’t worry, I’ll use my life to protect this world.”

At this point of last, as the intersection of the sky begins slowly.


devils are coming!

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