Save Reloading Immortal Chapter 1356

A few days later, the jinns of the five tribes gathered together.

This five tribes brought together more than a million fighters.

These elves are fighting for the protection of the world!

They are on the earth, and then they are on its feet, prepared to face the imminent landslide in the sky.

A battle against the devil invaded and guarded the world officially hit!

Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.

Over the sky, Strange World's magic gates sound like clocks.

When the Twelfth Avenue sounds, the doors of thousands of different interfaces were opened.

Immediately, from the gates of those boundaries, there were countless black pressure creatures.

They're like Little Devil from hell, yelling, roaring, falling into the flood beasts and falling in the sky.


See Zhuo Bufan on this screen, as the World's sperm Spirit King.

He drinks with anger, and then leads millions of elves, moved towards the devils to kill.

This battle, no less crazy.

Zhuo Bufan, with a sword and a sword swept, eliminated countless devils.

Fire of Eternal, burn the earth. Holy glass of water, down the flood.

The trees of life provide life-saving rehabilitation for all the elves.

From the beginning, this battle entered the white heating Stage.

Demon Source is falling from the air, and the number of these devils exceeds Zhuo Bufan's imagination.

Zhuo Bufan thought that the devil might be just tens of millions.

But now it seems that these devils are far from going.

They're even billions, billions, billions, even countless.

Zhuo Bufan, they have only a million fighters.

These warriors, even if they are protected by trees of life, cannot resist the horror of this source.

“No, go on like this, less than a day, the whole world will be over.”

Zhuo Bufan soon realized that the legion of the five major tribes was not enough to win the war.


elf is too little, and it's not worth mentioning in comparison with the devil.

This million elf fights, not yet Zhuo Bufan is strong.

Zhuo Bufan alone can kill tens of thousands of devils.

So Zhuo Bufan was aware of a problem that could win this victory, and he was the only one.

“How did Spirit King stop that war?"

Zhuo Bufan doesn't understand.

This devil is not the first time to invade the elf World.

He was stopped by the former sperm Spirit King when he first came to this world.

So, the former elite Spirit King was able to stop that robbery.

So Zhuo Bufan believes that now he can equally stop this Holocaust.

However, Zhuo Bufan has not found a solution in half a time.

“The so-called poultry thieves first capture the king, but so far the other side is, all of them are soldiers."

“Keep going, I'm afraid we can't even fight the soldiers.”

Zhuo Bufan realized the seriousness of the matter.

He doesn't do any more ways to save this world, so this world is over.

Once this world is over, then it'll be over.

Because of Zhuo Bufan's Samsara mission, it has not yet been completed.

“There can be no constant defense and no pro-active strike. Because there's nothing to do with it!”

Zhuo Bufan soon realized that they could not keep defending here.

The devils are not strong, but they are too many.

It's like the elephants face millions of ants, and then they're exhausted, and then they're taken out of blood and become the corpse of Sen.

Zhuo Bufan didn't want to be a white bone, so he had to do it on his own.

“Looks like the superior of the devil should be in the door of the border.”

“If so, then I'll meet you.”

Zhuo Bufan said that, suddenly, the sword had been raised, and then the day had come.

Together, we destroy the light moving towards the door of space on the right side.

All doors are ready to come out of the devil, and all of them are killed in the instant.

Zhuo Bufan was instantaneously killed by hundreds of 100,000 devils.

After the demons were removed, Zhuo Bufan was on the top of the devils who went forward and then went into the door.

When Zhuo Bufan came inside the door, he was surprised by what he saw.

In the gates, it's a huge purple tree of light.

It is a magic tree and a great tree.

That tree is huge, and the crown can almost cover the whole world.

On that big tree of purple, there was a purple light.

And when Zhuo Bufan sees the light, there's no need to stare.

Because he sees that in these light there is an evil devil of their elf's world.

So, these devils are actually drawn from this tree.

“What kind of tree is this?”

Zhuo Bufan, for the first time, saw such trees, appeared to be somewhat surprised.

Just as Zhuo Bufan was shocked.



And then thousands of devils flew out.

These devils look like bats, but they're worse than batf hearts and horrors.

They incited huge wings, and moved towards the door of space that was not far away.

Zhuo Bufan, who saw this scene, swept the whole tree.

He found out, on top of this tree, densely packed, that he had countless light.

“No, I have to destroy them."

Zhuo Bufan picked up the sword and started destroying the light on those books with madness.

Every sword will destroy tens of thousands of lights.

可是,相比于整颗树来说,Zhuo Bufan 作战的,不过是one hair from nine oxen 而已。

In comparison with the cows, you're even a little faster than pulling a hair once, and that's the time that would never come.

It can be said that these lights, Zhuo Bufan, have no way of completely destroying them.

“It's not a way to get down here. These are not easy!"

Zhuo Bufan, while not willing to admit it, appears that the sabotage appears to be some kind of water wagon salary.

“So this tree is the real culprit."

“As long as this tree is cut off, it will be possible to eliminate the devil."

Zhuo Bufan suddenly thought that, since these devils had grown out of this tree, they would not be born again as long as the trees had been cut off and the light of the devil had no nutrition.

So, for Zhuo Bufan, it is imperative to break the tree before his eyes.

So Zhuo Bufan moved towards the tree.

However, when Zhuo Bufan tried to fly to the bottom of the tree, he wanted to eradicate it.

He found this tree so deep that no matter how he flew, he could see the roots of the tree.

“No, it's not going down until I find the roots, the elf World is dead.”

“Shouldn't you just cut the trees off?"

Zhuo Bufan said, look to the tree before you.

But when he looked for the treeo, again white eyes.

The whole tree's diameter, not to mention tens of thousands of kilometres. Zhuo Bufan wanted to cut the tree off, which could be said to be almost impossible.

However, even if it is impossible, Zhuo Bufan must also slave.

See only Zhuo Bufan picked up the sword in his hand, and then the power of his own most strong, moved towards the immediate tree cut off.


That sword chop down to the instant, a 10-thousand meters long Sword Qi cut over the tree.

Subsequently, Zhuo Bufan was surprised to find that the tree of the whole tree was no harm.

Looks like ants bite a bite on a tree.

He didn't even cut the trees, told him not to cut the treeo.

Despite some disappointment, Zhuo Bufan was not angry.

Instead of grabbing the sword in his hand, he went crazy and started chopping.

Every sword, he used his strength most strong.

He's gonna smash this tree and save the whole elf of the world.

而此刻,在精灵World 当中,五大部族的Patriarch 正带领者各自的战士们,苦苦的挣扎着。

“No, this way, we can't stop."

“These devils are too many to kill!”

“Yeah, well, did you see Spirit King? Where's Spirit King now?"

Major Patriarch has begun to resist.

They started looking for Zhuo Bufan, because, in their view, it is now possible to stop this, perhaps only their sperm Spirit King.

However, Zhuo Bufan is missing.

“Unseen, just Great War, nobody noticed the whereabouts of Spirit King."

“Spirit King can't be killed!"

“What the hell, you're not dead, Spirit King?"

“I just seem to see the sperm Spirit King in that door."

“Spirit King went in? Did Spirit King want to go straight to Great War with the Devil's leader?"

“This must be the case, and tell me that the poultry thief first snatched the king, Spirit King must be trying to kill the other leader directly."

“Gentlemen, let us not disappoint the sperm Spirit King, and we must wait for Spirit King to return."

“Yeah, we'll hold on to Spirit King, and we'll get rid of the Devil Leader."

Patriarch of the major tribes began to build confidence under the house.

They told the elves who had not yet died of war to tell them that Spirit King had fought with the devil leader again.


long as he killed the superior of the devil, then it's over.

So, in order to wait until the dawn comes, they will do everything they can to fight.

After hearing these encouragements, each and everyone are like beating chicken blood, starting to fight hard.

They're waiting for this sophisticated Spirit King to come back.

Waiting for the sperm Spirit King to give the magic leader to a thousand dollars.

“We're going to die too!"

Patriarch of several major tribes, personally on the battlefield, started killing the Quartet.

Most glaring, 80 per cent of fire of Eternal baptism was held.


name of pneumonia, although known as pneumonia, is pale and frozen.

On the devil, he will not burn the devil, nor will he extinguish it.

Never extinguished the flame of palm and became above the battlefield, the most terrifying trump card.

Of course, the other Patriarch is not to be outdone.

Patriarch, in this battle, had to show his own most strong side.

Because Patriarch joined, it is clear that this battle will last longer.

And Patriarch's role is actually a delay.

However, the time they can delay is also limited.

After all, their elves have limited fighting power.

The Great War lasted a whole day.

Millions of fighting elves have reached the end, with less than 30,000 left.

This is also the data that can be maintained in the context of the continued availability of life from the sources of trees.

If it were not the trees of life, they would have been extinguished.

However, even if there are trees of life, that is far from enough.

Because the life force of the tree of life is almost extinguished.

The power of life of the tree before life was corrupted by the devil. Then after Zhuo Bufan saved the tree of life, the tree of life shifted most of its vitality to Zhuo Bufan.

It's all about the trees of life, life is pointless.

But the trees of life have also begun to slip in the face of so much of their vitality.

Not good, the trees of life are zero! How long can we last without the light of life? "

The Turkish Patriarch found that they were already surrounded by densely packed devils under the Hizbollah Mountain.

These devils have completely surrounded them, awaiting their extinction.

Finally, only 30,000 serious injuries were left to the elves of the body.

And now, there are no trees of life that are still alive.

And they face enemies, billions of dollars.

And it may be said that their extinction is destined.

At this moment, all the elves, look up for the yogurt.

They look to the sky, waiting for the sperm Spirit King above it, to come back and save them.

“Spirit King, haven't you come back yet?"

“Maybe he's failed!”

“Looks like this is our life! In this invasive war, our elite Spirit Race will be extinguished."

The elves are beginning to be a little lost, some as if they were.

In the face of this war, they're already strong.

But those who await them are still extinct.

Spirit King Zhuo Bufan, finally, was unable to show up and save them immediately.

At this point, Patriarch of the five tribes screamed loudly.

“Fight with them!"

So they went into the Arctic Ocean with the last bloody blood and fighting intent.

And then disappear in the Arctic Ocean!

Zhuo Bufan, at this moment, is completely unaware of what's going on outside.

He only knows that the situation is urgent and that he must fight for a second and destroy this tree.

However, this tree is too large.

He cut half a point, and he didn't even cut the tree's skin off.

“No! I'll chop this tree so I can never cut it off."

“Is it heaven to destroy this world?”

“Am I really strong?”

Zhuo Bufan questioned himself, and he didn't really do his best to this Great War.

Now it seems that Zhuo Bufan is a spell. At least where he can, he's doing his best to fight.

This is not enough, however, to look at Zhuo Bufan's upcoming failure in the World's Samsara mission.

At this point, suddenly Zhuo Bufan saw the roots of this tree.

Under this tree's roots, there's a black canal.

This ocean, naturally, is endless.

But soon, Zhuo Bufan discovered that it was not the ordinary sea, and that the ocean flowed with countless weird energy.

That weird energy makes Zhuo Bufan Soul feel pain.

“What a strong negative emotion, exactly?"

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