Save Reloading Immortal Chapter 1357

Zhuo Bufan came to the bottom of the tree of the devil, but found an unrealistic mysterious ocean.

In this ocean, the flow is not water, but a strange energy.

Zhuo Bufan has never seen that power.

When he approached him, he found his body with Soul, and he did not feel the beginning painful.

In particular, Soul, that moment seemed to be a time when there were countless negative emotions.

Zhuo Bufan is here, feeling lonely, sad, lonely, jealous, angry, greedy, etc.

These emotions, all of which are negative emotions, make his heart and Soul all hit a lot.

Zhuo Bufan never thought that he would be affected by such forces.

This is not a single negative emotion, but a very large one. As if there were countless troubled emotions together.

This reminds Zhuo Bufan of Heavenly Dao, Heavenly Dao Incarnation in Lou Heavenly.

Those Heavenly Dao Incarnation, not just Heavenly Dao’s negative feelings!

Heavenly Dao separates all of his negative emotions and then produces each and everyone’s Clone.

And now, right now, again, there are so many negative emotions that make Zhuo Bufan somewhat unknown.

“Is this devil tree created entirely by negative emotions?”

“If so, what about the so-called devil, actually, is some negative force?”

“Where did these negative forces come from?”

Just when Zhuo Bufan thought about where these negative forces came from.

Suddenly, the mysterious ocean under your feet began to rotate, creating a huge vortex.

And then, in the vortex, slowly escaped a black light ball.

That light is floating now in front of Zhuo Bufan.

And then, on that black light ball, it suddenly grew up with two eyes.

Thereafter, four limbs were grown.

He looks like a black elf.

Zhuo Bufan never saw such an elf.

Zhuo Bufan, when he saw the scene, had to prepare for combat at the first time.

“What is it?”

Zhuo Bufan was deeply said with furrowed eyebrows.

That’s when the black light grows up a big mouth.

Then that big mouth moved towards Zhuo Bufan’s teeth screaming.

“I’m the group of all the powers of this world, Spirit King, and I finally waited for you.”

When Zhuo Bufan heard each other’s voice, he couldn’t stop it.

“Spirit King? You’ve been waiting for me?”

“Yes, when you did everything you could to seal me, save the elf of the world from destruction.”

“Now, I have gathered once again all the energy that I need.”

“I finally broke the sealed destiny and came to see you for revenge.”

Listen to each other, Zhuo Bufan.

He’s naturally a little weird, because in the other words, it seems that they have been absorbing negative energy.

They depend on absorbing enough negative energy to destroy the entire seal.

That is, now each other has been harnessing negative energy in the dark.

Where does it absorb these negative energy?

Why are these unfathomable mystery’s negative energy?

What kind of creature does the other party have to be so strong as to rely on negative energy?

A lot of questions surrounded the head of Zhuo Bufan.

However, Zhuo Bufan did not show too much confusion, but rather calm down his own answer.

“Do you dare come back and call it”?

The other side has already made it clear.

They’re actually all negative emotional clusters.

In the invasion a long time ago, Spirit King was stopped with his life.

So these negative emotions, for the sperm Spirit King, are the bones of hate.

Now Zhuo Bufan inherited all the power of Spirit King, so the first time after he saw the sophisticated Spirit King of Zhuo Bufan Incarnation, he came out, and then prepared to fight Zhuo Bufan.

“Spirit King, the revenge, the old hate, the revenge together!”

“We’ve waited for this moment for a long time.”

“Yes, we have gathered the energy of the last thousand years in order to be able to kill you personally.”

“Spirit King, wait for death!”

In that black globe, hundreds of thousands, different voices.

Some anger, some grief, some excitement, some bitter poison.

In any event, Spirit King Zhuo Bufan, faced with this war, cannot escape.

Of course Zhuo Bufan did not intend to hide.

“It seems that only if you’re killed can this fight end, right?”

“If that’s it, then I’ll be you, ready to fight.”

Zhuo Bufan was sad to know what to do next, and suddenly he saw hope.

Spirit King was the one who sealed the mess and saved Zhuo Bufan himself.

So Zhuo Bufan decided to fight in the right direction.

He wants to kill each other and to put an end to this senseless battle.

After all, Zhuo Bufan raised the sword, moved towards that black elf.

The Holy sword formidable power terror has directly halved the ocean of energy.

However, Zhuo Bufan’s opponent is clearly not simple.

The opposing side is under anger, starting to fight back.

In the hands of the same, there was a huge black sword that went beyond Zhuo Bufan.


Two swords of the world, colliding with one another. Surprised by the endless waves of the Great Sea.

After a handover, Zhuo Bufan found that the other party had not imagined that terrifying.

It has to be admitted that this black elf is awesome, but it’s a little bit worse than him.

Above all, of course, Zhuo Bufan has the experience of fighting without his opponent.

Zhuo Bufan has so far had a rich experience in fighting.

Even if it fell, Zhuo Bufan remained fearless.

“Come again!”

Zhuo Bufan raised the sword and again moved towards that black elf.

This time, the black experience, directly summon, gave rise to the power of the emotional sea, and moved towards Zhuo Bufan started throwing out a path of energy balloons.

hōng hōng hōng hōng bang!

For a while, the whole ocean of emotions, terrifying.

Zhuo Bufan began to take the initiative to find opportunities to fight it.

The holy sword in hand is playing the power that you just got, Spirit King.

Zhuo Bufan has repressed a strong rival with his rich war experience.

“That’s it, hold him down, then kill him.”

Zhuo Bufan said that the fire of fighting intent began to burn the bear.

He didn’t give each other the opportunity to react, a wave that didn’t flat again, and it was repressive again.

That black elf absolutely didn’t think that Spirit King was better than he imagined.

“How could it be? What are you doing?”

“I’ve been prepared for thousands of years, but isn’t that the best Spirit King?”

Black elf starts emotionally out of control.

With his emotional disorder, he could even begin to rise.

This guy is all the negative emotional clusters, and once it gets the negative emotions started to grow, O’Ability will also grow stronger.

Although the Black Spirit does not want to admit it, in the face of Zhuo Bufan, he has to erupt his most powerful power.

The other side struck the past with a violent force, moved towards Zhuo Bufan.

Zhuo Bufan met and raised the sword, and similarly hit that black elf.

For some time, both sides continued to collide on the sea of emotion.

Every collision, Zhuo Bufan felt a variety of complex emotions.

Sad, sad, jealous, painful, etc.

Until the end, the spirit of Zhuo Bufan was exhausted by this negative energy.

His actions began to be slow, his spirit began to shrink, and his strength began to be somewhat distracted.

Most importantly, he found itself fighting intent becoming increasingly weak.

The heart has created fear of fighting.

“Has it been affected?”

Zhuo Bufan reacted in the first time, and it was supposed to be affected by that black elf.

The constant use of negative emotions against him has led him to a complete elimination now, even in the heart of fighting.

Until the end, Zhuo Bufan was completely complete and abandoned the idea of fighting.

He had only one feeling, that was waste, fatigue.

No matter whether it’s body or spirit, it’s just tired.

He couldn’t find the reason for the fighting, he gave up the fighting, and he even gave up the sword in his hand.

Look at Zhuo Bufan, which is going to die, and that black elf gets excited.

“It works, you guys, but finally it’s not the power of this countless negative emotion.”

“Know where these forces come from?”

“They all come from your elf World, from every elf of you.”

“You threw negative emotions into garbage, like, here. They gather here into the sea, and then they create self-consciousness.”

“Now, they are united in order to extinguish your inferior and simple lives.”

So, the so-called Devil World, is actually the elf World on the other side.


negative emotion of all the life of the elf world has been absorbed and received by the world.

All life in the unimaginable world is very happy.

Because of their negative emotions, they were absorbed by the world long ago.

However, the world is absorbing a growing number of negative feelings, which have led to an increase in its load ceiling.

More importantly, this countless negative emotion has been brought together, which has given rise to self-consciousness.

These arrogant ideologies, they want to destroy the real world, and they want the elf World, vanished like smoke.

That’s the history of the Devil World.

Of course, these are no more meaningful for Zhuo Bufan.

Because now Zhuo Bufan, completely lost all fighting intent.

Now Zhuo Bufan, flowing over the sea of emotion, still has countless negative emotions, wrapped him.

Under the package of such negative emotions, he was completely fractured and could not be excused.

That black elf had fun laughing after seeing this scene.

“Hahahahaha, Spirit King, are you still down?”

“Good, it’s time to finish you now.”

The Black Spirit came in front of Zhuo Bufan, and then lifted his hand.

In his hand, he had a huge sword.

Next second, he’s going to the top of Zhuo Bufan as a sperm Spirit King.



sound fell, Divine Sword came, smashed on Zhuo Bufan’s head.

But just at this time, suddenly Zhuo Bufan lifted the sword in his hand and stabbed the body of that black elf.

It all happened too suddenly, and that black elf obviously didn’t think of it.

He looks at the sword on his own, and he looks down.

“How, how could it be?”

“Aren’t you fighting intent?”

Black elf has corrupted Zhuo Bufan’s Soul with all the negative energy.

Even more powerful enemies, at that moment they could only be cut off.

However, Zhuo Bufan gave him an unintentional attack at that moment.

That black elf, who was stabbed by Zhuo Bufan’s sword.

After Zhuo Bufan’s hearing, the standstill began to recover the expression slowly.

Then he looked at it.

“I did lose all fighting intent.”

“But there are other motivations that have prompted me to return to the heart of battle.”

“Other dynamics?” Black elves don’t understand.

“Yes, you’re just the only one I have to do with Samsara.”

“I have not forgotten the mission.”

“For the mission, I have to kill you.”

Zhuo Bufan, at the last moment, maintained a rational approach because of his mission.

Indeed, Zhuo Bufan has a task that he cannot refuse, the Samsara mission.

At the most critical moment, Zhuo Bufan thought that everything he did was for the mission.

So, for the sake of the mission, even if there is no more heart of battle, he will seize the sword in his hand and break the enemy before him.

The sword stabbed the body of that black elf.

Soon, the power of the Black Spirit began to collapse, and the entire ocean of emotions began to roll.

The giant magic tree has also begun to corrupt.

Indeed, that black elf is the key to everything, just get rid of him.

Then the world will collapse.

It’s all negative emotional clusters, equivalent to the most important nervous hub.

Zhuo Bufan destroyed him, and naturally the world began to destroy itself.

“It’s over.”

Zhuo Bufan had to laugh.

He watched the world collapse, and he blinded a silly smile in his eyes.

Subsequently, Zhuo Bufan flew out of the world.

However, when Zhuo Bufan returned to the elf world, the spirit of the entire elf world was found to have been slaughtered.

With the fall of the tree of the devil, all the devils began to die.

One time, elf World, no life.

On the earth are all sorts of strange bodies.

After Zhuo Bufan saw the scene, the heart was not trembling.

“Still late?”

Zhuo Bufan is somewhat unbelievable.

I didn’t think all the elves were dead.

“What’s next? Where’s Holy Light?”

Zhuo Bufan looked up and looked at the sky’s dome, waiting for him to lead Holy Light.

However, the sequence of Holy Light did not appear late, and Zhuo Bufan was deeply sealed.

“The mission hasn’t been completed yet? How could it be?”

“Now I’m already the sperm Spirit King. And now I, have wiped out the whole devil World.”

“Liang completed the world’s most Heaven-Shaking, Earth-Shattering’s two major events, why haven’t I done the job yet?”

Zhuo Bufan was suddenly somewhat unaware of what the Samsara mission in the world was.

Just as Zhuo Bufan was lost, he saw Mu Clan’s dead tree.

Suddenly, Zhuo Bufan was in front of the eye.

“I get it!”

Zhuo Bufan seems to understand something.

Immediately, he started transferring all his power to the tree of life.

For a while, the tree of life began to recover with the help of Zhuo Bufan.

At the same time, the powerful power of life radiation the entire world.

And gradually, all the dead jinns began to be resurrected.

“Huh? Didn’t I die?”

“Lived again?”

“Look, it’s Spirit King, the sperm Spirit King, and let us live.”

Not good, Spirit King was sacrificed and revived all of us. “

At this point, all the elves found that Spirit King sacrificed himself and then resurrected all the dead jinns.

Zhuo Bufan’s body began to disappear slowly.

At this moment, the sky dropped a lead to Holy Light.

Zhuo Bufan was right. When he decided to sacrifice himself, he was done by Samsara!

This is the fate of Spirit King and Samsara of Spirit King.

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