Save Reloading Immortal Chapter 1436

Zhuo Bufan, after arriving at Tao Tie Sea Territory, supported the fishermen for the first time and killed Dragon Race’s lizard.

But this is obviously not over.

The lizard is just a weaker army in Dragon Race, smaller than the old bat.

And the octopus island is a very important base, and it is of great military significance.

So Zhuo Bufan can’t go now, at least he’s still here, waiting for the second attack by Dragon Race.

Before that, Zhuo Bufan had been treated as a guest and had been hospitalized by the octopus.

“This is really a lot of thanks for you, and if not for you, we really don’t have to be able to keep the octopus island.”

The captain of the octopus has not yet believed Zhuo Bufan was here to help them.

Zhuo Bufan, after hearing, said with a smile.

“I was sent to Tao Tie Sea Territory to help you by the Lord of the Devil.”

“This is my deal with the Lord of the Devil, nor do you care too much about it.”

“And this Great War is far from over.”

“I don’t think it’s going to take long, but the Dragon Race will come back again. And then we’ll face it, and it’ll be more terrifying’s enemies.”

After the captain of the octopus, nodded should.

“I understand that I will allow my men to strengthen defences.”

“We have been ordered by the Lord of Satan to die here, so, in any case, we have to keep the seatfish island.”

Zhuo Bufan did not want to know the other side’s reasons or requirements, since Zhuo Bufan came here just to destroy it.

“By the way, I’m curious. You guys are supposed to live under the deep sea. How do you live on this island now?”

“Do you guys have two habitats, too?”

Listen to Zhuo Bufan, the head of the fishermen laughed and answered.

“We were indeed living in the seabed abyss, but only Demon God Sea Territory showed up with a large vortex, and the sea began to leak, and we had to be forced to evolve.”

“In order to adapt early to the future only to live on the land, we are now slowly living on the ground.”

Listen to this answer, Zhuo Bufan, not surprising.

“seabed Big vortex? What’s going on? Are you the devils really running away from seabed?”

Zhuo Bufan did hear it before he came.

The creatures of the demon God Sea Territory were living in the seabed abyss.

However, Demon God suddenly changed, so the creatures of the devil began to flee Demon God Sea Territory.

The fisherman listened, answered.

“Yes, the age of the sea leak has come.”

“We had to flee Demon God Sea Territory. Not at all thought of invading the sites of the rest of the sea.”

“We are also willing to live with other seafarers. Only if Dragon Race and the Jaws do not accept our presence, that is why Collaborate will destroy us.”

“To survive, we have to fight.”

“If war is not necessary to obtain a place of survival, then our demons are willing to fight.”

From the head of the octopus, Zhuo Bufan probably understood why the demon God Sea Territory had fled.

However, he still did not understand what the big leak in the head of the octopus meant.

“The sea leaks? What exactly is that?”

“Is the sea really leaking?”

“How could the sea leak? Where did the water spill go?

Hear that, the octopus leader Nodded answered.

“Yes, the sea is indeed leaking.”

“I don’t know where the water goes.”

“But in the legend of our demons, in the number of 100,000 years ago, there is indeed an era of ocean leakage.”

“Now, the red continents that you humans live with are the continent that came out of seabed after that big leak.”

“Our Ancient God Cohen has also predicted that the sea leaks will come again.”

“And just ten years ago, our Lord of the devil found mysterious large vortex in many abyss.”

“The sea has begun to leak again.”

“If the legend is true, this big leak will lead to half of the world’s water.”

“The world will again appear in a number of new continents.”

“We were forced to flee from Demon God Sea Territory in order to avoid being swallowed by an increasing number of large vortex.”

The head of the octopus told Zhuo Bufan a lot of unexpected information.

Zhuo Bufan really didn’t think that there was such a big change in the world.

The sea leaks, the entire world’s water will leak half.

That’s not a joke.

If the ocean really leaks half, then it’s the world’s life, I’m afraid to die half.

“Can you tell me more about this big leak?”

“If this is true, the people of the devils should tell the world that they are talented, so that the people of the heavens and the earth are prepared early.”

Zhuo Bufan has a hidden feeling that this big leak is not that simple.

After hearing that, the head of the fishermen continued to say.

“The Great Sea leak is Konn legendary Revelation of our devil.”

“Cohen is the name of our devil to the sea god.”

“It’s Ancient God, the most admirable of our demons.”

Zhuo Bufan, after hearing, thought.

“originally Cohen is the god of the sea, and the god I’m looking for should be the Ancient God.”

“Looks like this world, more than one Ancient God, there’s a lot of other Ancient God.”

Zhuo Bufan, when hearing Konnan Ancient God, thought of Ancient God in Farm.

What role does Ancient God play in this world?

Zhuo Bufan had not thought about it for the time being, and he wondered more about that big leak.

“In our Koran legend, the sea leaks are a punishment for the sea as a whole.”

“When creatures in the oceans exceed the limits that it can afford. The Konn Sea God will open seabed Serbs and then start spreading water. So control the life of the ocean.”

Hear this rumor, Zhuo Bufan just feels funny.

He can be sure that this is a fabricated legend.

What starts seabed Serbs, what controls the life of the ocean.

This water leaks the ocean and consequently reduces it. Is this God a disease to reduce the living environment of O’O.K.?

Obviously, if the sea leaks really exist, then things are not as simple as they think.

The whole ocean will be leaked, so where are these spilled water?

Of course, that’s not the biggest problem. The biggest question is, why are you leaking?

“The legend is not true. We are not sure, but the sea leaks do exist.”

“The Lord of the Devil sent a number of departments into the Grand vortex investigation, many of which are Powerhouse. But after they went to Big vortex, they never came back.”

“So we have reason to believe that this big vortex is really not going back.”

“And we also find that the sea level has indeed fallen by a few points over the past decade.”

“The number of large vortex is increasing and the number of large vortex is increasing.”

“At this rate, it will not take long enough for sea waters to be exposed in large areas.”

“By then, the sea will come to an end.”

“And our demons, in order to use land life in advance, have to evolve into land life.”

“As far as you say, why don’t the devils tell the world about this, because even if we say so, there are few people who believe it.”

“The creatures on the ground will not care about the death of our oceans.”

“And the creatures of the ocean, now you see, can only wage an endless war.”

“And what if I told the world? No one can stop the sea leaks.”

“This is God’s punishment. Who can stop it?”


captain of the octopus was excited to say.

He does have a good point.

Even if it comes out, it doesn’t mean anything.


not say if anyone believes that, even if someone believes, what can happen?

No one can stop the imminent sea leakage.

As long as it is stopped, it is only fleeing.

What if the devils are so powerful that they can escape, the rest of them?

So in that connection, Zhuo Bufan expressed sympathy.

“It seems necessary to go to Big vortex to investigate.”

Zhuo Bufan was risking his whole life, and he had the feeling that Sage and Dream should be going to investigate the big vortex.

More likely, they’ve reached the other side of the big vortex.

Zhuo Bufan also had some intention to follow up on the next action, following a general overview of the situation in the ocean.

Of course, before action is taken, Zhuo Bufan will do one more thing, that is to play with the Dragon Race.

One day later, the revenge army of Dragon Race came to an end.

By an order from Helen Great Emperor, the head of the lizard came to the island with the man named Gulli.

Gulli, Dragon Race, one of four Great King.

It’s also a powerful 10-star water element Arcane teacher!

And it’s a fighting faction, a strong enemy.

That dragon Great Emperor apparently believed that sending this Gulli would suffice to take the seamount island.

And the advent of Gulli did bring strong pressure to the octopus.

When the head of the octopus heard Gulli came, the nervous body was trembling.

Not good, no good, Gulli’s coming, the Great Demon King’s coming. “

Hear that, Zhuo Bufan is not frowning.

“Great Demon King? That Gullivery hard to deal with?”

After the captain of the octopus heard, he was afraid to speak.

“It’s not even great, it’s terrifying.”

“Gulli is four Great King under Helen Great Emperor, terrifying.”

“To date, there have been no known many demons who have died in the hands of Gulli.”

“This Gulli is extremely cruel, and he has a powerful acid that can corrupt everything.”

“But whoever is an enemy of the ancient, he will eventually be dissolved into water and cruel.”

Hear here, even Zhuo Bufan is very close.

Looks like that Gulli, it’s a real problem.

However, Zhuo Bufan is clearly ready to respond to any enemy.

Soon, the Navy of Dragon Race came back again.

Hundreds of battleship came outside the octopus and surrounded the island.

This time, the lizard is not at all the first time of the attack, because the command of this battle is no longer the leader of the lizard, but the Gulli General.

That Gulli General came to the shipyard and then looked down at the whole beach.

At this point, he saw the man type he was looking for.

Of course, Zhuo Bufan also saw that Gulli at the first time.

“Lord, that man category, is their devil’s assistant.”


leader of the lizard was standing next to Naqurali and pointed him at the Zhuo Bufan Introduction.

At the same time, the head of the octopus on the beach was also moved towards Zhuo Bufan.

“That’s Dragon Race’s Gulli.”

Zhuo Bufan, relative to the four projects in Naqouri, looked at them for a long time.

And finally that Gulli looked at Zhuo Bufan and said,

“Humans, in order to avoid greater casualties, I have a proposal.”

“The next battle, on behalf of the Dragon Race, will be fought with the devil you represent.”

“If you win, my sea Dragon Race will never step on the island.”

“If you lose, you take the octopus out of here and leave the island to us.”

“What do you think?”

On the other hand, they want to fight Zhuo Bufan directly.

Zhuo Bufan, just smile.

“Yes, I do.”

“to determine the victory of a war with the results of the fighting of two people.”

“This avoids more casualties.”

“Just that, I need the consent of the head of the octopus.”

Zhuo Bufan said that he looked back to the head of the octopus behind him.

After hearing the head of the fishermen, without the slightest hesitation nodded.

“Yes, just like that, will you get too much pressure?”

Zhuo Bufan shrugged said.

“No pressure, because I can’t lose.”

Zhuo Bufan was confident.

That Gulli over there laughed.

“I appreciate your self-confidence and hope that you will be so confident when you kneel before me.”

Gulli said he looked back to the head of the lizard, and then said,

“Take your men, back 10 li.”

“from the craftsmen. Cut 35804; knock!

After hearing that, the leader of the lizard left more than 20 miles behind with the battleship of his men.

Zhuo Bufan also sent the head of the fishermen with his clansman back to the other side of the island.

The next battle is between the Arcane teachers.

At that time, the Arcane forces between the two sides, I’m afraid, will affect the island as a whole.

Since neither side would want to cause excessive casualties, it would naturally leave these irrelevant people and leave them a battlefield.

Until the lizard and the octopus leave, the entire beach is left with Zhuo Bufan and that Gulli.


is almost no bullshit on both sides.

That Gulli shot his hands directly and then opened his hands.

With slowly rising hands, the entire sea level began to rise.

Soon, 100 meters of high sea waves, flown over the sea.

The opposing side, which is a super trick, is to drown the entire island directly in line with this trend.

However, Zhuo Bufan was also using superArcane at the first time after seeing the scene.

A while from around the island, slowly flying up a wall and then directly blocking the wave.

“My wave, can you stop it?”

And at this point, suddenly that Gulli once again had a cloud of 40518; tore the eyebrows and, uh, rip the ranch.

And this time, it’s a wave over a wave.

The highest wave, even more than the sea island.

Look at this scene, Zhuo Bufan didn’t think much about it, without the slightest hesitation.

He directly made a hard bag, packed himself up.

And then, as many as 100 meters of super tsunami, paved over,

The whole octopus was drowned in a moment.

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