Save Reloading Immortal Chapter 1437

Gulli, as a 10-star Arcane, has control of the power of the sea, and naturally not ordinary person can compare.

You can make a big wave in your hands!

Of course, this is not terrifying. The most terrifying thing is to encourage the water that is available is not ordinary water, but a powerful acid water.

The corrosion of this water is strong, allowing for the immediate melting of a living person into blood.

That’s why Gulli was called Demon King.

This guy’s methods are extremely cruel, more cruel than he’s fighting, not dead or maimed.

Zhuo Bufan even had to use the land of corruption in order to protect himself.

speaking of that, Zhuo Bufan’s corrupt territory is a good place to work with each other’s strong water.

Zhuo Bufan’s corrupt territory also possesses Ability, which swallows and corrupts.

Only on this island are there limited elements of soil, and Zhuo Bufan has been oppressed and unable to fight fully.

But this does not mean Zhuo Bufan is not the opposing party.

When Gulli drowned the entire island with a large tsunami, Zhuo Bufan created, at the first time, an attack by the earth that protected itself from the waves.

As for those fishermen, they themselves are marine creatures, so they can cope with themselves in the face of this powerful tsunami.

When the tsunami collapsed, as the water recedes, the rocks appear, the island is again floating in front of people.

At this point, Naqouri saw Zhuo Bufan of undamaged again appearing in front of himself.

Zhuo Bufan realizes that there can be no constant beatings.

He used a Arcane for the first time, and then came out of the ground with a dragon.

Zhuo Bufan stepped on the head of that dragon and then attacked that Gulli.

Only pro-active strikes can lead the way.

Earth Element Arcane’s best friend is not fighting, but defense.

When Zhuo Bufan approached the first time after Naqurali, the dragons under his feet opened their mouth and moved towards Naguli to bite.

Gulli also called a dragon from the sea, moving towards Zhuo Bufan.

The two Arcane giant dragon is surrounded by each other in the air and bite each other, which can be said to be a flat fall, neither giving way to the other.

And Zhuo Bufan and that Gulli are on the beach, playing with Au Quantum and boxing each other.

Close fighting, pure meat fighting, using the strength of Great Expert in August-Quantum, as well as the meat of Arcane.

Each collision of the boxing will trigger the explosion around Quantum.

Bang peng peng peng peng!

Soon, the surroundings are completely crushed.

That Gulli is a militant, four Great King under the master of the sea dragon.

So when he saw Zhuo Bufan take the initiative to fight him, he was very excited.

Nagholi believes that he cannot win in such a barbaric battle.

His opponent Zhuo Bufan, however, is not an ordinary person.

Zhuo Bufan has been through so many times Samsara that he has long been built in the arts.

It can be said that Zhuo Bufan’s boxing tactics have reached Peak in the country long ago.

In a boxing that integrates Arcane’s energy, Zhuo Bufan can make Naqouri feel strong oppression.

“really strong, how is this guy’s fist so strong?”

“The human body is unlikely to have such a strong fist, and he looks like he wore every fist of mine.”


the face of Zhuo Bufan, that Gulli soon showed up.

So go on, that Gulli will only defeat Zhuo Bufan’s hand.

And Zhuo Bufan seems very calm.

His Zhuo Bufan has so far experienced numerous fighting.

Understanding the boxing method has long reached a point that is not understood by the general population.

That Gulli’s smiling move, Zhuo Bufan knows what he’s going to do next.


can be said that Zhuo Bufan was able to take full control of each other’s boxing lines, because Zhuo Bufan was already in the heart of all the boxing lines.

So, in the face of Gulli’s attack, Zhuo Bufan had some room to cope with.

In addition, Zhuo Bufan was able to use four kilograms of power to fight the enemy with the smallest strength.

Along with your strong Arcane energy, that Gulli was completely repressed for a while.

And finally, beat that Gulli up in dirt, battered and exhausted.

That Gulli apparently didn’t think that this human being was so strong at the moment.

He was beaten with nothing to say, and even every gesture he thought, he was ripped out of his heart, and then jumped in advance.

Now Gulli, totally beaten and poisoned.

In so doing, Gulli believes that he will be killed in the face of this human life.

No, that Gulli erupted the second section, dragon!

Now Gulli’s just human, and he’s got a stronger Stage, that’s the dragon.

“I admit that you very hard to deal with with, is the strongest human being I’ve ever seen.”

“But you will never win me, because I’m dragon!”

“It’s almost time I burned the body’s Ancient bloodline.”

“Next, this is my moment.”


That Gulli yelled down, and then the body of the whole man started to change.

The tablets on the body began to grow mad, and the shape began to change from the human face to the Flood Dragon.

The weekly red light began to spread, and the whole man finally turned completely into a terrifying sea dragon.

The most incredible thing is that Arcane’s energy and energy rings on his body have risen from ten to eleven.

This guy’s evolving, and it’s getting stronger.

When that Gulli fully evolved into dragons, its fleshy body was fully empowered by dozens.


This time, a dragon claws collide.

In that instant, the powerful Arcane energy began to go crazy, declaring 34798; harvesting 27998; Flashing 37576;

This time Zhuo Bufan was deeply felt how powerful Gulli had a dragon.

After this Gulli became Flood Dragon, Arcane energy was significantly enhanced.

Now, if you shout, you’ll be able to wave, call the wind and summon the rain.

Zhuo Bufan felt some pressure after several rounds of fighting with Naqouri.

Now, not only does the parties have too much gaps on Arcane, but even Zhuo Bufan has begun to be mentally powerless in boxing.

“haha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha, now you, finally realize that Dragon Race really has power!”

“My sea Dragon Race will only fight harder.”

“As the blood of our fight in the body begins to burn, we will become unprecedented strength.”

“This is the bloodline that Ancient God has given us to Dragon Race, the most powerful force in this ocean.”

As the Gulli of Dragon Race, in the body’s own seaDragon Race bloodline.

This bloodline force will start burning as it continues to fight, leading to blood in the body.

While the blood burns, the power will continue to grow, until the blood in the body is completely flammable.

So when Dragon Race in the body’s blood burns up, then you’re not dead or I’m dead.

This is a very horrendous force of the bloodline.

But often before the bloodline forces of Dragon Race in the body were fully combated, the enemy had died.

That’s why Helen Dragon Race was so strong, and the bloodline force was definitely their victory.

Zhuo Bufan looked at this Gulli in front of him.

Arcane Level in Gulli, although not even herself, is a dragon, a real Flood Dragon.

And yourself, it’s just a normal human being.

Humans are really in front of Flood Dragon, and that’s not worth mentioning.

Because of the human body, these creatures have the power of Ancient bloodline.

Zhuo Bufan is increasingly reluctant in the battle against Naqurali.

The so-called single man subduing ten is no longer a gap when the power has reached some level.

As fighting becomes more hot, the blood of Gulli in the body has been burned completely.

So, now it’s almost crushed Zhuo Bufan, both at power and at speed.

He doesn’t even need to use Arcane, directly using power and speed impact, making Zhuo Bufan difficult to recruit.


When speed and power are perfect, Gulli is like a shell, hitting Zhuo Bufan.

Zhuo Bufan quickly gathered a giant armor in front of him, but the other side, together with its own armor, had a beer.


The giant stones were fragmented into scum, and Zhuo Bufan was rebuilt, and it felt that only five blocks were rolling and a little vomited.

“Man, remember my name!”

“To defeat you is the Gulli Lord, one of the four Great King’s seats at Dragon Race Great Emperor.”

“With this name, die!”

Gulli is already spreading to the pole.

On him, even a terrifying flame has been burned.

He was in the body’s hot blood, apparently burned to the limit, and now Gulli has the power to go beyond the ordinary Ottoman god.

That’s his very limited strength.

Next, he will use his very limited power to launch a very limited hit on Zhuo Bufan.

Under this attack, Zhuo Bufan was afraid to die without a whole corpse.


As the air exploded, that Gulli directly broke the sound barrier, moved towards Zhuo Bufan.

Zhuo Bufan gathered a hard stone wall in front of us for the first time.

peng peng peng peng peng peng peng!

At that moment, the stone wall was like a piece of paper.

That Gulli, like a bullet, shot a white paper, and finally moved towards Zhuo Bufan’s chest stabbed.

Zhuo Bufan realized that he was going to cruise in a ditch this time.

“I’ve lost my mind! He should have been killed from the beginning.”

“Now he’s evolved into Flood Dragon, trying to defeat him to become more difficult.”

Zhuo Bufan realized that he would be increasingly passive to continue fighting.

Look at the enemy breaking together with the stone walls that they produce, Zhuo Bufan knows that he has to reverse the war.

So Zhuo Bufan without the slightest hesitation chose to use his revolutionary formula.

“Time to change!”

When Zhuo Bufan used time to rewrite this Heaven Defying Ability, 12 energy light rings were flown from him.

The twelve energy rings began to surround Zhuo Bufan’s body and eventually formed a giant terrestrial clock.

For a while, an intangible energy surrounded the entire octopus island.

The entire chapter of the island is now under the Revolutionary Domain of Zhuo Bufan.

This launch by Zhuo Bufan, however, remains the second revolutionary formula at its disposal, with time being reworded.

Under the direction of Zhuo Bufan, all the time in the entire chapter of the island’s space began to float.

Time redraft is the power to change time arbitrarily.

That should be the strongest force that Zhuo Bufan has ever had.

Zhuo Bufan had to take that decision in the face of the strength of the enemy.

He can only rewrite time, reverse the Bureau of War.

This time Zhuo Bufan retreated the time before that Gulli evolution.

He’s gonna kill the opponent before that Gulli fully evolves into Flood Dragon.

It is also Zhuo Bufan’s only chance to kill each other now.

Because Zhuo Bufan will have no chance once the other party has evolved to Second Stage.

Under the power of Zhuo Bufan’s time, the time of the entire space resumed until that Gulli evolution.

At that time, Gulli had not evolved, and it was just passive beatings.

Seeing this scene, Gulli himself seems somewhat excited.

He didn’t think that the own dragon shape would degrade into a human form.

Not only did that, but everything began to recover in a normal manner.

Which means that everything is backward.

When Gulli saw himself degraded from a dragon form to a human form, the whole man went crazy.

“What’s going on? What the hell is going on?”

Gullilosones head out of fear.

He was about to touch Zhuo Bufan.

But now everything starts to fall back, and time begins to fall.

He has also begun to return to the beginning, and the formerly broken stone wall has begun to react automatically.

Everything, once back to Gulli himself before he changed.

When Zhuo Bufan drained his time completely, he did not have the slightest hesitation to use a strong Arcane.

“The earth’s chains!”

This time, Zhuo Bufan I saw the use of a powerful Earth Element Arcane, the earth chained.


a while, that dirt under Gulli’s feet began to tie it up.

That Gulli wants to trigger the sea water for himself.

However, Zhuo Bufan without the slightest hesitation launched the second revolutionary formula.

“Gravity’s rule, terrestrial song!”

One time, hundreds of times Gravity, all fell on that Gulli.

This time, that Gulli was completely set at the place of origin, unable to move even a little bit.

Subsequently, Zhuo Bufan launched the third Arcane again.

“Absolutely Petrification!”

See only that Gulli body, starting to get rigid slowly, and even starting to show up Petrification.

Zhuo Bufan clearly does not intend to give the enemy any chance of resistance.

By the end, he used more than a terrorist Arcane.

“The meteor fell!”

Yeah, Zhuo Bufan said that Gulli was tied to his place of origin in order to complete his last trip, and the meteorite crashed.

Soon, only one giant meteor was seen, and the hole opened a heavy lead cloud, and finally moved to the top of Gulli fell.

At the same time as the meteorite fell, Zhuo Bufan himself launched an Arcane.


Zhuo Bufan escaped using soil technology, and then the meteor bombed the Gulli head, which Petrification had already done.


Next, the meteor landed above the sea, fuelling the waves, vaporizing a hundred miles of life.

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