Looking at the giant python in front of him and the white horse behind him, Zhuo Bufan began to get nervous inside.

Giant python, white horse, fog!

He didn’t know what it meant, but Zhuo Bufan didn’t fear, but greeted the giants in front of him.


The python screamed low and screamed like a thunder, making people feel excited.

When Zhuo Bufan approached the giant clam, there was a familiar call behind him.

“Zhuolang! Saurer, Saurer!”

When Zhuo Bufan turned back, he saw that the white horse behind him turned into the appearance of Bai Su.


Zhuo Bufan stunned, Bai Su behind him was recycling to him, then he rushed to Bai Su.

However, at this time, suddenly another familiar call came from behind.

“Fu Jun, husband.”

Zhuo Bufan once again turned back and found that the black scorpion turned out to be a mysterious appearance for a hundred years, and also called to him.

“Xuan Su?”

“What happened? What is the situation?”

Zhuo Bufan repeatedly watched before and after, Bai Su and Xuan Su are constantly calling him.

“Is this really my heart?”

“What do you mean, they are my love, and how could it be my heart?”

Zhuo Bufan looked at the difficulties that appeared in front of him.

In his heart, he is deeply in love with Bai Su and Xuan Su.

Therefore, Bai Su and Xuan Su are both part of his heart.

However, now they are in front of own.

At this time, the fog began to gather again.

Bai Su and Xuan Su began to be in the fog, slowly leading to the figure.

“What to do? Bai Su, Xuan Su!”

Zhuo Bufan looked at the two women who were disappearing, and the heart began to worry.


At the moment, in Mazu Mountain, inside the Emperor Palace.

The nightmare looked at the mysterious mirror in front of me, and the mirror saw what Xuo Bufan saw.

“The so-called heart-warming horse is something that you can’t give up in your heart.”

“They are the people you can’t give up in your heart?”

Meng Yuyi finally saw the two ladies of Zhuo Bufan.

Zhuo Bufan is currently facing the first robbery of the Crossing Tribulation Mountain.

“You don’t need to be like this. Both of them are the love between him and the last world. And you are the one who can’t give up in his first life.”

At this time, behind the emperor, there was a bad voice.

Emperor Huang knows what is in his dreams.

“This is a test of his mind. When he wants to understand, Grand Dao will naturally appear in front of him.”

“This is not difficult, it is difficult for him to get back his belongings.”

After listening to the nightmare clothes, nod.

“Yeah, when he left, he laid out the layout of his own life. He left all his own in the heavenly world. I really don’t know, can he be recognized by the previous two in this life?”

It turned out that Zhuo Bufan came to Da Luotian so far, all the way, in accordance with the layout of his previous life.

This trip to the Crossing Tribulation was also properly arranged by his previous life.


Zhuo Bufan at the moment, already in the heart of the heart, began to get lost.

He watched as Bai Su and Xuan Su disappeared, but he did not make any choices.

Because he doesn’t know what choices he should make.

Choosing Bai Su means that it deviates from the mystery.

Choosing Xuansu means giving up Bai Su.

He never came back to think about what kind of problems he should do with him.

Zhuo Bufan knows that there are illusions in front of her eyes, but what should I make if one day really happens?

Zhuo Bufan was lost because of this troublesome problem.

This is the real role of the heart.

The heart is not a fantasy, it just provokes the fear of the most trapped inside.

Let the trapped person fall into the whirlpool of his own entanglement.

“Sure enough, in the end, I chose to do nothing?”

“Looking at them both of them disappeared in front of me, but I can’t do anything about it?”

Zhuo Bufan was tied by his heart and he could not take the step forward.

He makes his heart happy and makes himself wonder what to do.

“This is a question that has no solution. I can’t just choose one of them, and it’s impossible to choose neither. But there are no answers for both.”

“In this case, the only solution is to let this problem not exist.”

“So, I have to be strong enough to make this problem impossible. As long as it is strong enough, no one can force me to make a choice.”

Just as Zhuo Bufan thought about it, suddenly his eyes lit up and he said his inner answer.

At the same time, the mist that enveloped him began to retreat around.

At the foot of Zhuo Bufan, there was also a bright Grand Dao that went straight into the darkness.

Zhuo Bufan, who saw this scene, was bright.

“It turns out, is this my inner answer?”

“Then I follow my heart, I want to be stronger, and I can completely protect everyone I love.”

After Zhuo Bufan finished, he took a step and rushed toward the bright Grand Dao.

I saw the emperor and the nightmare of this scene, and they all smiled.

“Sure enough, this level is not difficult for him.”

“After understanding the meaning of own, he is qualified to enter the final test. I hope he can succeed!”

The Emperor and the Nightmare can only watch the test that Zhuo Bufan is about to face.

Because this test is not set by the Emperor, but by Jiu Bufan’s previous Ji Xuanhao.


After passing the test of heart and soul, Zhuo Bufan came out of the foggy predicament.

Then he followed the road of light and came to the end of the road.

Here he saw a pyramid-like mountain.

It is exceptionally grand and towering.

The entire mountain, stacked on top of each other, stacked up.

“This is the Crossing Tribulation Mountain?”

After a long walk in the fog, Zhuo Bufan finally saw the so-called Crossing Tribulation Mountain.

This Crossing Tribulation Mountain is more like someone’s tomb!

When Zhuo Bufan approached the Crossing Tribulation, he suddenly jumped inexplicably.

“What happened? How do I feel that this mountain is very familiar?”

I don’t know if it is the illusion of my heart. Zhuo Bufan found that she had an inexplicable familiarity with the mountain in front of her.

That kind of feeling can’t be said, just like, go home.

In the face of the sensational feelings of Zhu Xi Bufan, Zhuo Bufan did not go too far, but took a step and climbed towards the top of the pyramid.

This pyramid mountain overlaps and there are more than one hundred layers.

And each layer is more than ten meters high.

Almost vertical rock walls, Zhuo Bufan has no other way to go, only climbing these cliffs and heading towards the top.

When he tried his best, he climbed to the first floor.

Suddenly, Zhuo Bufan felt that his Gravity had suddenly doubled.

“Is Gravity supercharged yet?”

Zhuo Bufan is slightly blind, he is not the first time he has encountered such a test.

However, since the Crossing Tribulation Mountain is the Crossing Tribulation Mountain, it is obviously not as simple as Zhuo Bufan thinks.

Just as he was about to climb the second step, suddenly a few lines appeared above the rock wall in front of his eyes.

Q: Who is easy to live and die?

At the same time, two doors appeared on the rock wall.

A door is written with a life, and a door is written with death!

Zhuo Bufan looked at the two doors that suddenly appeared in front of him and fell into deep thought.

“Life and death, who is easy? Let me choose?”

“Of course it’s easy to die! It’s hard to live.”

Zhuo Bufan recalled that he had walked through the life and died many times.

Perhaps, Zhuo Bufan’s view of life and death is clearer than anyone else.

He did not hesitate to enter the dead door.

When he got into the dead door, he walked in the darkness without two steps, and suddenly there was a light in front of him.

He walked out of the dead door and found himself coming to the mountainside of the Pyramid Mountain.

There are nearly fifty steps at the foot.

Unexpectedly, entering a dead end, Zhuo Bufan actually saved the general pain.

“It turns out that if you make the right choice, you will be able to climb to the top. It is not difficult to say this!”

Zhuo Bufan thought that this was the test left by Pan Huang, testing the wisdom and Ability of each contestant.

At this time, Zhuo Bufan turned back and found that the door on the rock wall had disappeared. Instead, it was another multiple-choice question.

Q: Good and evil, who is suffering?

Below this question, there are still two doors, the door to goodness and the door to evil.

“Good and evil, who is suffering? What is this question? Is it good for people who are kind, will they be suffering? They all say that helping others is fun, how can a good person feel pain, of course, choose evil.”

Zhuo Bufan felt that the subject was a bit strange, this time, he did not hesitate to get into the door of evil.

But just after he entered the door of evil, suddenly a horrible energy poured into the mind of Zhuo Bufan.

Then he saw a battlefield. He was full of blood and killings, and his feet were full of bones and wills.

This is a cruel battlefield and a source of sin. However, Zhuo Bufan was staring at it all, but he could not feel any pain.

There is only numbness and cold blood in my mind, and even an inexplicable excitement.

“How is it possible? I chose the wrong one?”

Zhuo Bufan is gone.

At this time, there was another light in front of him. When he ran out of the passage, he found himself descending to the eighth step.

From the 50th floor to the 8th floor, Zhuo Bufan smashed the Gobi.

“Sinful people, can’t feel the pain? Is it a very kind person, but a pain?”

Zhuo Bufan doesn’t understand where he is wrong.

He sat on the ground and thought hard.

Good people, treat others with kindness, and treat the world with good.

Then who will treat them kindly?

Zhuo Bufan seems to want to understand why the good people are more painful.

Good people are more willing to fulfill their own sufferings, so good people are more likely to be hurt and more likely to suffer.

Good people, treat the world with good. However, the world does not necessarily treat those who are good.


Zhuo Bufan smiled a little, this time, he was convinced.

Looking back at the pyramid behind him, he bit his teeth and prepared to continue climbing again.

But just as he turned back and prepared to climb the rock wall, he felt something stepped on his feet.

He looked down and found a book.

Then he picked up the book and opened it, he was shocked.

“No word book?”

This book has no words.

“Is it the non-word book that Purple Clothes asked me to find?”

Zhuo Bufan looked through it carefully and found that this non-word book really didn’t have any text.

“First, let’s take it! If it’s really his no-word book, it’s a return to the original owner.”

Zhuo Bufan is not the kind of Insatiable person, not his thing, he will not want it.

He put the wordless book in his arms and walked to the rock wall.

At this time, there was a third problem on the cliff.

Q: In and out, who is brave?

The third question made Zhuo Bufan feel puzzled.

“According to the normal thinking, the intruder is brave. However, according to the urinary nature of this problem, it should be retired.”

Zhuo Bufan had the previous lesson, and he called the door to step back.

However, he was hesitant when he was about to step in.

“The problem here, I see it all is to make me doubt what life is prepared for.”

“In the beginning, I might have been drawn into a whirlpool by these problems.”

“These problems are not right or wrong at all.”

“I just subconsciously think that going up means that I am right. If I go down, it means that I have made a mistake. But in fact, these questions have no correct answer.”

“I was kidnapped by my own perception of cognition! So, in front of the problem, I have no correct answer no matter how I answer it. These answers are my own answer.”

When Zhuo Bufan realized that he was caught in the whirlpool of knowledge, he began to realize.

By the time he realized, suddenly, Zhuo Bufan had a third door in front of him.

Above the third gate, nothing was written. But it is completely different from the other two black doors.

This door is actually golden.

Among the thresholds, there are endless golden vortexes.

When Zhuo Bufan saw it, he couldn’t help but step forward.

Just as his forefoot stepped into the door, a sudden sound came from his mind.

“The lost person, the truth is realized.”

“Welcome to my world.”

This sudden sound stunned Zhuo Bufan.

“What do you mean? Your world?”

When Zhuo Bufan’s gaze resumed, he found himself in a magnificent palace.

The palace is so gorgeous that it is full of solemn and sacred atmosphere.

This should be the world located within the pyramid.

No one thought that there is such a bright world in this huge pyramid.

In the middle of the palace, there is a huge strange building.

The building is made up of nine golden dragons, each of which is lifelike, as if it were a real thing.

They are the champions of Kowloon and they are jointly asked.

On the top of the nine golden dragons, there is a huge ball with a diameter of nearly ten meters.

It was a blue sphere that was quietly spinning over the top of Kowloon.

When Zhuo Bufan saw the moment of the sphere, the pupil suddenly shrank and couldn’t help.

Then he made an incredible cry in his mouth –



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