In front of me, the blue planet that is so familiar that I can no longer be familiar is so quietly suspended in front of Zhuo Bufan.


Unbelievable, unspeakable.

Zhuo Bufan at the moment, I don’t know what tone to use to describe his inner excitement.

After living on Earth for nearly two decades, Zhuo Bufan is too familiar with the world.

As for its appearance, its land and ocean distribution are extremely familiar.

“Yes, this is the earth. How is it possible? How is this possible?”

Zhuo Bufan can’t believe the old eye.

He thought that after he crossed, he had nothing to do with the earth.

But what about the planet that appears in front of him?

“Is it my illusion? Is it still a test of Panhuang?”

Zhuo Bufan also thought that he was still in the Crossing Tribulation. He looked at the huge blue planet in front of him, quietly in a daze, and fell into meditation.


“A million years ago, Luo Tian discovered a star in the sky. With this star as the prototype of his own world, he created a world without power and Spiritual Force.”

“In the second generation, Ji Xuanhao took Luo Tian’s world as a prototype and integrated himself into the world of heaven and earth, creating such a quiet and ordinary small world full of vitality.”

“He letown Samsara, Samsara into the world of the world. Then wait for the opportunity to respawn and get involved.”

“This world, also under our Three Emperor Collaborate, was banned in the Crossing Tribulation Mountain, concealing the 280,000 years of Heaven.”

“It is equal to say that this world, called the Earth, is a new world created by the world of two people, Luo Xu and Ji Xuanhao.”

“This world will be the prototype of the world after Da Luotian.”

“It is also the goal of our three emperors.”

On Mount Mazu, Emperor Huang looked at the earth in the mysterious mirror.

It turned out that the birth of the earth was inextricably linked with Luo Tian and Ji Xuanhao.

In one respect, the earth was created by Luo Tian and Ji Xuanhao.

After Luo Tian Ascension this world, let the own body and Soul split into two.

Soul became a virtual body and the body became a human being.

Then, Luo Tian discovered that Da Luotian is the supreme main world and controls all the world power.

The practitioners in Da Luotian, no matter how Cultivation, can’t escape the sanctions of the power of Da Luo Tian Tian Dao.

When Luo Tian discovered this problem, he chose another route of Culture for the first time. He created a world without power.

In the starry sky, he discovered a planet, the present earth.

With the earth as the prototype of the world, he created a world that is not affected by the power.

However, his world has not yet been completed, he was chased by Heaven and had to break into Samsara.

After breaking into Samsara, he did not forget his own mission.

He let himself Samsara, Ji Xuanhao, continue to create the world.

Ji Xuanhao further perfected the world after inheriting the world of Luo Tian.

Then created the present earth.

The present earth is completely out of strength and Spiritual Qi, a perfect world for two generations.


In fact, Da Luotian was not as beautiful as he had imagined.

The heavens behind Da Luotian are self-conscious, and one world has self-awareness, which is terrible.

Because it only requires one thought, the life of the whole world can be destroyed in an instant.

It is for this reason that the world has undergone two major changes.

Every drastic change has caused countless lives to be destroyed.

Tiandao called this destruction Jinghua.

Every time purification, it will destroy 3,000 worlds and 100,000 small worlds by 90%.

At the time of the last purification, half of the time, fortunately, the Three Emperors appeared immediately, saving the crisis of destroying the land.

Tiandao finally got the sanctions it deserved and had to be bound by the Three Emperors.

However, the Three Emperors will eventually die.

They cannot be as eternal as heaven.

Once they die, then Tiandao will definitely launch a big purification.

This time purification will be the destruction of the whole world.

These peace and beauty in front of you will disappear in an instant.

The whole world will bear the anger of the big Luotian.

Therefore, the Three Emperors must open the eternal peace for future generations before the end of their lives.

They must create a whole new world for the souls of the world.

This world cannot be influenced by the power of Da Luo Tian Tian Dao. In the face of the purification power launched by Da Luotian, it can be fully protected.

The earth is their only hope.


Zhuo Bufan is completely unaware of the things about the earth.

He just stared at the blue planet in front of him.

When he is close, he can feel the life above the planet.

He watched it carefully around him, where he found the country where he lived, the city he lived in, the street he lived in.

Just as Zhuo Bufan was filled with emotion, in the mind, the previous voice was heard again.

“You finally came!”

Zhuo Bufan stunned.

“Who are you? Why is Earth here?”

Zhuo Bufan asked, he wanted to figure out whether there was any conspiracy behind it.

“I am you, my Samsara, you are finally here.”

When Zhuo Bufan heard this, he immediately raised his eyebrows and Spirit Light appeared.

“You are, Ji Xuanhao?”

“I am Ji Xuanhao!”

Zhuo Bufan did not expect that the exchange with himself turned out to be his own life.

This feeling is amazing, because after all, they are actually one person.

“This is the god of heaven and earth. It is my world that uses Luo Tian’s Luotian gods as the source to create a world without power and without Spiritual Qi.”

“This world is not affected by the Daluo Heaven, it is the last pure land of life.”

When Zhuo Bufan listened to Ji Xuanhao, he was shocked.

“Earth, are you made with Luo Tian?”

This subverts Zhuo Bufan’s cognition, and he simply does not understand the meaning of Ji Xuanhao’s words.

Ji Xuanhao Why create this heavenly god world?

Why are you born on earth?

Why is the earth here again?

Zhuo Bufan has too many doubts and wants people to help him answer.

At this time, the voice of Ji Xuanhao came again.

“Before I decided to break into Samsara, I perfected the world of Luo Tian. I have to prepare for my Samsara.”

“In order to deceive the killing of the heavens, I will bring Samsara into the world I created.”

“This world is the last pure land, a world that Dalutiandao can’t reach.”

“After the time is ripe, my Samsara will come back to the taboo world. The taboo world is the world born of Luo Tian, ​​and it is also the seal of Luo Tian, ​​the most undetected place of Da Luo Tian Dao.”

“My Samsara will continue to grow in this taboo world until one day, come back.”

“I will arrange everything in the taboo world, in order to make my Samsara grow up peacefully. I have used my life to create a door to rebirth.”

“The Samsara body, which has the power to regenerate, will have a strong self-protection. But be careful not to use the door of rebirth in the day, otherwise it will be easily noticed by Da Luo Tiandao.”

“When the time comes, my Samsara is from the taboo world Ascension to Da Luotian. He will find my sacred gods in the Crossing Tribulation, and finally the pure land. The gods are not in perfect form. He is only the pure world. The prototype.”

“My goal for Samsara in the future is to continue to expand this world of gods until it becomes a new world that can completely replace the world of Da Luotian.”

“Of course, before this, my Samsara is not a member of the world of Cultivation. Because once Cultivation has the vitality of the world, the new world created will still be influenced by the Daluo Heaven.”

“In order to solve this problem, I made all my Culture Base into a plaque, and Inheritance gave me Samsara.”

“In addition to this, there is the ultimate Samsara breathing method left by the first world Luo Tian! This Cultural Technique can directly breathe the vitality outside the world of Da Luotian! At the same time, Luo Tian also left the creation of the world. This Culture Technique can integrate the absorbed Hongmeng into the heavenly world, so that the gods and gods will continue to improve themselves and evolve themselves to achieve the perfect world.”

“I want to warn my Samsara body, before the gods and gods world does not reach the ultimate perfect world, do not reveal their identity, and are discovered by the virtual body Luo Tian.”

“When you can jump out of the void, look for the end of time. The Lord of Time will merge our three generations of Samsara. At that time, the ultimate battle will start.”


The voice of self-talking stopped, and Zhuo Bufan’s thoughts returned from the earth to the palace.

“It turns out that all of this has been arranged in my previous life?”

“The original earth was made by me!”

“When I can jump out of the void, go to the end of time and look for the Lord of time! Then our three generations of Samsara will merge.”

“Just, time, end?”

Just at the time of Zhuo Bufan’s meditation.

Suddenly, this blue planet turned into a blue light and got into his eyebrows.

When Zhuo Bufan closed his eyes, he could see the blue planet in a chaos, spinning quietly.

Not only that, Zhuo Bufan also found that the own breathing, automatically became the ultimate Samsara breathing method that Ji Xuanhao said.

Every time he breathes in, he has a raw energy from outside the sky into his body.

At the same time, that energy was created by the own another Culture Technique and then integrated into the earth.

Earth, began to evolve!

Creation and creation will be able to transform the original glory into a pure energy that will strengthen the earth and upgrade the earth.

To build the earth into the next perfect world.

Zhuo Bufan closed his eyes silently. He didn’t need to do anything now, feeling the drastic changes in his body.

Inheritance has already begun, and Ji Xuanhao has made his lifelong Culture Base a cloak, waiting for one day to pass to Zhuo Bufan.

With the Inheritance of Ji Xuanhao, Zhuo Bufan’s Cultural Base began to skyrocket.

The Culture Base of Man Yuanjing directly reached the realm of the earth and reached the heavenly realm.

Then, with a bang, direct access to Yuan Dan, Yuan Tang, and finally the Culture Base reached the amazing Primordial Spirit Realm.

Zhuo Bufan’s Cultural Base goes directly to the Primordial Spirit Realm, which means that the Earth is not a perfect world now, only a simple Rule prototype.

But at this rate, Zhuo Bufan believes that it will take a long time for him to reach the holy world.

“Primordial Spirit Realm, is this my previous Culture Base?”

Everything Zhuo Bufan has gained is the legacy of Ji Xuanhao.

It is equivalent to saying that Ji Xuanhao was Primordial Spirit Realm before he entered Samsara.

A small Primordial Spirit Realm can achieve such a degree of Heaven Defying, even something like the door of rebirth can be created.

Zhuo Bufan has to admit that he was awesome more than his life.

Now, Zhuo Bufan has completely obtained the clothes left by the former Ji Xuanhao, and even the world he created has been acquired.


“Successful, Lord Lord, he succeeded.”

Through the mysterious mirror, Meng Yuyi saw that Zhuo Bufan successfully obtained the clothes of the previous life.

In this way, Zhuo Bufan finally has the power of self-protection in this world.

After listening to the emperor, he responded: “Success is inevitable.”

“Because that was originally his own strength.”

“Just, how to go in the future, or to see himself.”

“How to become the next world leader under the eyes of Da Luo Tian Dao. The road he has to go is still very long and difficult.”

The Emperor’s success in Zhuo Bufan did not rush to be too happy.

Because Zhuo Bufan is going to take the next step, it is even harder.

“Mother, I want to go outside the sky!”

At this time, suddenly the nightmare clothes were raised, she was going outside the sky.

Outside the so-called extraterrestrial world is the outside of the world.

At that time, only the Cultivator above the Primordial Spirit Realm was able to travel.

“Going outside the sky, it’s hard to be done. You want to help him find the end of time?”

One of the emperors saw the intention of the nightmare.

In this regard, Meng Yuyi did not deny.

“Stupid child, do you know where the end of time is? Even Mazu Lord doesn’t know.”

“The only thing that knows the end of time is Da Luo Tian Dao. At the beginning, Luo Tian also obtained the piecemeal information obtained through the virtual body Luo Tian, ​​and sensed the end of time. His time Lord got the heart of time. Then we will focus on the time again. I gave it to Ji Xuanhao, and now I have the door to rebirth in Zhuo Bufan.”

After listening to the words of Emperor Huang, Meng Yuyi replied.

“The problematic goddess, I have the power of a corner, and I can also perceive the end of time at the time of the Lord.”

“What do I want to do for him.”

Meng Yuyi knows that he can’t help Zhuo Bufan. Perhaps the only thing that can help is to help Zhuo Bufan find the end of time and find the owner of time.

Only with the full integration of Samsara of the third world, Zhuo Bufan can become the real Luotian Lord.

Therefore, Meng Yuyi volunteered to find the end of time.

Seeing the dream dress is so infatuated, the emperor sighed.

“Beyond the sky, there are many dangers. If you want to go, be careful.”

“When the time is up, I will tell him.”

After listening to the nightmare, I got up and said goodbye to the statue behind me.

“Thank you for the goddess, the clothes are gone!”

After the dream coat was finished, it turned into a streamer and disappeared into Mazu Mountain…

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