The assassination of the city of Tsui Wei was quickly subsided. After Zhou Peng’s practice of intercepting the Tianshan Mountains, not only did the Culture Base grow to Yuan Dan.

His combat skills have also been honed to a state of perfection.

With the strength of Yuan Dan, he can almost be unbeaten in the world. The assassin in the cloud has not even had time to escape, and he was killed by Zhou Peng.

To be precise, Zhou Peng did not kill him. He saw that he had no way to escape, and he blew himself.

In this regard, Zhou Peng also felt a little surprised, he did not expect that this moment will be so courageous, apparently instructed, and still dead orders.

After the assassin solved, this incident was spread all over the world at the fastest speed.

Now, everyone in the world knows that his sea Xiaoyun was assassinated.

The matter began to ferment quickly and caused a sensation.

After listening to Emperor, it was a joy to laugh.

“Ha ha ha ha, Hai Xiaoyun this guy, deserve it, deserve it, just deserve it!”

“Old man, Hai Xiaoyun died? Did the assassin have his life?”

After listening to Kim, he shook his head.

“I heard that the arrow did not kill Hai Xiaoyun, but Hai Xiaoyun was seriously injured.”

Emperor listened and sighed.

“Oh, unfortunately, I couldn’t kill Hai Xiaoyun’s Little Bastard.”

“Old man, is this what you do?”

Emperor looked at Jin Ziwen and asked him to think that he was assassinating Hai Xiaoyun.

After listening, I shook my head.

“Not a minister, isn’t it what Your Majesty sent?”

The old man thought that Emperor was secretly assassinated.

Emperor looks awkward.

“No, I didn’t send someone to assassinate Hai Xiaoyun. Isn’t that kid with the Surnamed Zhuo? The moment I took it before, it was solved by his clothes, and then sent to go now, where is it still useful? ”

After Emperor said this, suddenly his eyes lit up.

“Hey? Old man, how can this be assassinated this time? Could it be that the Surnamed Zhuo around Hai Xiaoyun is gone?”

Emperor 揣 揣.

The old man heard, said with furrowed eyebrows.

“There is this possibility.”

“Isn’t that, can we send people to assassinate Hai Xiaoyun?”

“No, Your Majesty!” Emperor had this idea, and the old man raised his hand to stop.

“Your Majesty, we don’t know yet that Surnamed Zhuo is not at Hai Xiaoyun. If we are painting, we send people to assassinate Hai Xiaoyun, and it is likely to irritate him.”

“And, this time, Hai Xiaoyun was assassinated. In the future, there will be additional personnel, secret protection, and it is almost impossible to kill him.”

“So the old minister thought that we still couldn’t move, we could secretly observe. The old minister thought that this sea Xiaoyun might have caused public anger, and the folks had already started the activities and prepared to kill him.”

After the prime minister said, Emperor touched his chin and said.

“The old man means that this incident is the slave backbone?”

“Yes, there is this possibility. The old minister heard that Hai Xiaoyun is still in the second stop of the city, and still chooses the declaration of the liberation of slaves.”

“This guy is so stubborn and apparently offended a lot of people. He violated the interests of the slave owners and believed that the slave owners would never let him go.”

“So this time the assassination plan is mostly the behavior of the slave owners.”

Emperor listened to the words of the prime minister and felt that there was some truth.

“So, we can look at the fire from the other side to see the sea Xiaoyun self-destruction?”

After Emperor finished, he couldn’t help but laugh.

“Hahaha, hahahaha! Old man, then you have to give a second speech, and you will try to incite more slave owners. We have to take advantage of the situation and give him a heavy blow.”

Said Emperor.

After listening to each other, nodded.

“The old minister is doing this, Your Majesty is assured, the second speech, the old minister knows. We can gain the trust of most slaves in the name of the gods. Then we in the name of the privilege, the slaves and the sects in the world power.”

“Mastering these two forces, the old minister believes that it is enough to let Hai Xiaoyun ruin by virtue of these two measures.”

The prime minister and Emperor are happy, and the two old guys, in the court, plan their insidious plans.

Hai Xiaoyun was stabbed in the incident, not only in the court.

It is also a topic in the private sector.

Many taverns have already treated this matter as a talk after a meal.

“Hey, who do you want to murder in the clothes?”

Everyone has their own opinions on this topic, and there are different opinions.

Some people say that the sects did it.

“It should be the slave owner and the sects who sent people to do it. The prince of purple clothes is going to liberate slaves, and the one who hates him the most is undoubtedly these slave owners.”

Many people support this statement.

However, it is also said that it is Emperor.

“It’s also used to say that I see that eighty-nine are Emperor’s people. After all, Hai Xiaoyun is the biggest enemy of Emperor. Emperor can only sit on the throne if he kills him.”

This statement has also received a lot of people’s response.

“There is a possibility that the person who hates the most ignorant of the day under this day is nothing more than Emperor.”

“After all, Emperor sits securely in the own throne, knowing that a half-way has killed a purple coat, and is also arranged by the great gods to pull an election method. Emperor is in this position, it is naturally not convinced. So Emperor is very likely “”

Regarding the pusher behind the assassin, it was basically locked in the slave owner and Emperor.

And this result quickly spread to the world and began to move in a strange direction.


“Ha ha ha ha ha, Zhou Xiong, the last time the college was different, I did not expect that we will meet again soon, come and have another drink.”

Cuiwei City Yiyuan, Zihe Houhai Xiaoyun banquet seats, welcome Zhou Peng their arrival.

Switching to the previous Zhou Peng, may not take care of Hai Xiaoyun.

However, after the Tianshan Mountain line, Zhou Peng is now used to getting along with others.

And this time I went to the sea dynasty to help Hai Xiaoyun, and was also supported by Zhuo Bufan.

This time, not only Zhou Peng came alone, but Nana and Ling Shuang also came.

Interestingly, between Nana and Ling Shuang and Zhou Peng, the relationship is very embarrassing.

This is mainly because Nana suddenly became a human being.

Before Nana was just awkward, there was no humanity, so she wanted to marry Lingshuang and Zhou Peng.

However, now, Nana has humanity and selfishness in human nature.

Nana also has a love for Zhou Peng.

So this time, the relationship between the three people’s love triangle is more embarrassing.

Even so, Zhou Peng came to the sea dynasty with their two women.

“I heard that Zhuo Bufan has left, you know where he went?”

Zhou Peng originally came to see Zhuo Bufan, who knows that Zhuo Bufan has left.

After Hai Xiaoyun listened, he explained quickly.

“Brother Zhuo seems to have a very important thing to do, so he left beforehand.”

Zhuo Bufan went there, Hai Xiaoyun did not know.

However, after listening to Hai Xiaoyun’s explanation, Zhou Peng did not continue to ask.

“I am being asked by Zhuo Bufan, and I will try my best to ensure that you are in danger. But if the opponent is against God, I can’t guarantee it.”

Zhuo Bufan has already told Zhou Peng about the situation here.

When Zhou Peng learned that the battle for the throne of the sea dynasty was actually a battle between Zhuo Bufan and the rebellion, he himself still had some concerns.

After all, it is against the sky, in some respects, in the future, Zhou Peng may be against the sky or the Senior Brother.

Zhou Peng will naturally not be an opponent against the sky, so if you really choose to do it, then Zhou Peng can only give up Hai Xiaoyun.

“Zhou Xiong rest assured that there is an agreement between God and Brother Zhuo that they will not shoot. This war belongs to me and Emperor tidal flat. They only need results.”

“The assassin of today, you know what the origin is? Is it Emperor sent?”

After listening to Hai Xiaoyun, he slowly shook his head and said.

“Not sure, but it is possible. After all, my declaration of liberation of slaves has violated the interests of many people.”

“What do you plan to do next?” Zhou Peng asked again.

After Hai Xiaoyun listened, he twisted his shoulder and said.

“Maybe I can’t speak in person for a while, this can only be handed over to my father. But I will go deep into the slaves and understand the life of the slaves.”

“Brother Zhuo has broadcasted me on the spot and said that I can only win this battle if I become a hero of the slaves. I believe it.”

After Zhou Peng listened, nodded.

“That’s good, then I will help you all the time. Until that person comes back.”

Zhou Peng finished, looked up at the stars and moons above the sky.


At the moment, the door is in the distance of a million miles away.

Under the arrangement of Shangguanziyi, Zhuo Bufan was assigned to the Linzi Peak, one of the nine companions, and became the student of the Red Butterfly.

For the red butterfly costume, Zhuo Bufan is now naturally looking at it.

This woman, seemingly letting go, is actually very just.

The reason why she is so difficult to be a student of her own is actually protecting them in some respects.

After all, these Ascension people, once the Culture Base reaches the heavenly environment, will be sent to the lab for experimentation.

According to the Great Emperor of the Hymns, the Ascension is the most outstanding genius in the world.

Each of them is the perfect carrier.

The people of the imaginary family have no body. In order to break through the realm of the Tao, they must absorb the chaotic pure elements outside the Da Luotian.

The method of absorption is to use the bodies of these flying bodies as a container.

This information, Zhuo Bufan naturally has not forgotten.

After all, this is an important message that he has collected with a chance to regenerate.

Of course, Zhuo Bufan is coming back this time, not only for revenge, but also for more important things to do.

So for the rest of his life, he might be undercover in this door.

For the red butterfly costume in front of him, Zhuo Bufan no longer resists, but instead faces the difficulties.

“Little brother, you look so handsome, do you want to be the face of Elder sister?”

Face to face, it is a male slave born by a woman!

Zhuo Bufan had toughly refused before, but after seeing the true face of the red butterfly, Zhuo Bufan became indifferent this time.

“Oh, Elder sister, national style, countenance of a flower, face like the moon, is simply the fairy of the world, Yifei sees unforgettable, relaxed and happy.”

In the face of Zhuo Bufan’s counter-attack, the Red Butterfly suit was awkward.

“You, you can hear it clearly, it is my face, I have a male slave!”

Zhuo Bufan Hehe smiled.

“Isn’t it a little white face, why not. Elder sister doesn’t know, I used to do this in the world before.”

“Elder sister, do you need to fly tonight to sleep?”

Zhuo Bufan finished, greeted the red butterfly suit.

Red Butterfly clothing saw Zhuo Bufan rushing and rushed to the side.

“Oh, shameless!”

“I counted you high, I didn’t expect you to be such a shameless man.”

“Get me down!”

In the face of Zhuo Bufan’s attack, the red butterfly suit is eclipsed.

This woman is only pretending to be pretentious. If she really shows the appearance of a shameless person, she does not dare to be so proud.

Just as the lion suddenly became a kitten, the momentum was weak.

Zhuo Bufan saw it and shrugged his shoulders.

“That Yi Fei will retire first. If Elder Sister needs Yi Fei’s sleeper, he will be on call. The skill of Yi Fei’s room is even brilliant.”

Zhuo Bufan continued to say shamelessly.

The red butterfly clothes are heard again, it is already Xiafei cheeks, flushed.

“Don’t say it, give me a roll.”

After all, Red Butterfly was defeated by Zhuo Bufan.

Seeing that the red butterfly costume had been a little angry, Zhuo Bufan no longer got her, turned and left the hall.

The waiter on the side came to the small courtyard Qinglianju with Zhuo Bufan.

As soon as he arrived at Qinglianju, Zhuo Bufan saw a man in the courtyard next to him, and a man was dancing in the courtyard.

Zhuo Bufan looked at the man and his eyes lit up.

“Caviar season?”

Perhaps the other party heard the voice of Zhuo Bufan, suddenly stopped the sword in his hand and turned to Zhuo Bufan.

The two are four eyes, Zhuo Bufan screams inside, and accidentally said unfathomable mystery.

“You just called me?”

In the Caviar Season, this man who had helped Zhuo Bufan at the pick-up door.

Although he is the face of the red butterfly, he has been secretly helping Zhuo Bufan to leave the door.

However, the final outcome was shredded by the Shangguanzi.

In some ways, the Caviar Season is the first friend that Zhuo Bufan realized after he came to Da Luotian.

So, for this name, Zhuo Bufan is still not forgotten.

However, once again, it is impossible to know Zhuo Bufan in the Caviar Season.

So when Zhuo Bufan shouted the other’s name, the caviar season was obviously stunned.

Under the moonlight, the fish season looked at Zhuo Bufan, and there were some inexplicable injuries in his eyes.

When Zhuo Bufan saw it, he hurried forward and then shouted with his hands.

“In the next Zhuo Yifei, just coming from the Linzi Hall, Peak Master red butterfly suit told me about you. You should be my classmate, the caviar season!”

After listening to the fish season, he smiled.

“It turns out that I said how do you know me!”

“Yes, the next is the Caviar Season, is Your Excellency the new Ascension?”

The caviar season is white and tender, gentle and elegant, is a very handsome man.

Zhuo Bufan replied, replied.

“Yes, in the next Ascension to this world, it was taken to this place.”

“Oh, we haven’t been to a newcomer for a long time. For Brother Zhuo, what if we have a drink?”

“I can’t ask for it!”

Perhaps the Caviar Season simply wants to know Zhuo Bufan.

And Zhuo Bufan’s heart is a kind of feeling that people meet.

Soon, the caviar season in the courtyard pavilion, set a thin wine, and then drink with Zhuo Bufan in the courtyard.

The two talked about the earth, as if they were the old people who had reunited for a long time. They were toasting the moon and drinking and having fun.


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