Scales of Eternal Order Chapter 943


The night on the raft was a long night for Jarlaxle: he saw many things that he shouldn’t bear at this age.

Having lived for nearly four hundred years, the Dark Elf still lost self-control like this for the first time. By the time he left on the 2nd day and returned to the main island city, the leader of the Dayette independent mercenary group had a new understanding of the term “perversion” in his heart.

Physiological Dissection accurate to a millimeter, tests for resistance to magic spider toxins, various speculative experiments on voodoo potions to simulate body fluids, and the traditional punishments of the city of Morzobrei that make him feel a little familiar… all of the above, Gashu tried it all himself.

Of course, it is just a passive experiment.

Originally, Jarlaxle believed that Chamber of Commerce, the Scale of Eternal Order, arrested the Demon Hunter in order to obtain some information from it. However, from beginning to end, except for asking the Demon Hunter about the experimental reaction, he didn’t see that the few people had asked the bad luck old spider seriously.

Jarlaxle, who has never tried to speculate on others with the greatest malice, even guessed that the guy named Namen allowed himself to follow, in fact, to torture some information from himself instead of Gashu.

It’s so pitiful, in order to find a new backer, he has indeed said everything he knows.

If those terrifying guys turn the “test subject” into themselves, he must shout before going on stage anyway: “What do you want to ask, I said all, please feel free to use’Detect Lies’, even if you let me Spell the oath too!”

As for, why didn’t he get into trouble like he killed Lavis?

The answer is simply the lice on the bald head-obviously-he has calculated it, he must not be able to beat those guys.

It is true that he is a Legendary-level warrior and duelist, but the researchers in the raft houseboat are definitely all Legendary powerhouses. Thanks to the extraordinary perception, Jarlaxle has always been very accurate in this regard.

Fortunately, early in the morning on the 2nd day, those people were still busy concocting the Demon Spider Gashu, and had no time to take care of Jarlaxle. And Namen, who led him to this place, used that cargo ship to pick up another person from nowhere, and took him back to the main island city.

“You can call me’Ques’,” the young blue dragon, once again transformed into a human form, stood on the side of the ship’s deck and introduced himself to Jarlaxle, who was busy holding the rope, but there was no help. (He doesn’t play with ropes like the dark elf).

“Good meeting,” Jarlaxle nodded.

In his opinion, this person may be the same as Foot and Namen, an important spy for the Chamber of Commerce. The age does not seem to be very old, perhaps it is also possible that he was specially trained to perform certain assassination missions.

Jarlaxle didn’t want to have a deep friendship with him, so on the way back to the main island city, he always pretended to be concentrating on the ropes. Ques didn’t say it through seeing it, but just let him go. After all, the dark elf had already tied himself to the chariot of the Scales of Eternal Order, and it would be difficult to get out of it.

The reason why the young blue dragon wants to transform into a human form-in fact, Namen has been waiting for him yesterday. Since evolving to the young dragon stage, Ques’s body has become too huge and wants to transform into a human form It was a bit laborious—because I suddenly received an edict from Baator’s Nine Prisons. There is a powerful Batzu demon who has come to Ash World and is now hiding in the main island city.

However, it is very likely that the guy still doesn’t know the young Blue Dragon very well. Ques received the edict, the title of the rank above was still his first small official position when he went to the nine prisons of Baator to participate in the bloody battle. Ques estimated that the other party was most likely to find a file from a small organization on Baator 1st floor Avernus, and then issued an edict, wanting to recruit the young blue dragon, a native of the ashes world, to come and help.

This is not a random guess. The bureaucracy is complicated, and there is no one who can be the right of Baator in the multiverse. Therefore, the update frequency of archives stored by various institutions may not be very timely. Furthermore, it has only been more than fifty years since Ques first stepped on Avernus. Compared to the long lifespan of demons, it can’t be considered for too long.

Even though the lifespan of the five-color dragon is not as long as that of the evil demon, fifty years can only be enough to allow an ordinary blue dragon to grow from a teenager to an adult. And an adult blue dragon, in the eyes of the Batzu devil who has descended into the ashes of the world, is actually just a “little character” to be driven. So the guy issued an edict and summon Ques went to the archipelago to wait for dispatch.

Actually, if the spell edict issued by the devil contained a trace of the majesty of Lord Baator, Ques simply wouldn’t be too lazy to hold the act high and mighty due to the words of a superior. He not only has many serious things to do now, but he is also about to start the newly assembled “gravitational slingshot” to prepare himself for promotion to the adult giant dragon.

“Let’s go see where that guy came from,” the cargo ship landed, and the dark elf hired the mercenary group leader to greet, and then disappeared among the crowd near the port. Ques didn’t care about him, and instead arranged to Namen: “If you’re really an act recklessly stupid, and you want to find a material plane as your own dark sacrifice, then I’ll just eat him, and you will Notify the fleet to siege the city.”

Namen naturally had no objection to Ques’s arrangement. After he lowered the anchor and tied the ship to the iron pillars of the mooring site with a cable, he led the young blue dragon in human form to a pirate stolen den in the main island city—according to the edict, The high-ranking demon who had just arrived in the Ash World not long ago is now hiding in that place.

Although the main island city is the largest city in the archipelago, to be honest, in terms of building scale, it is actually not comparable to other real big cities in the Medici Empire.

Apart from other things, the main island city is not a little bit worse as far as the water system is concerned.

Xiongcheng, like Beit City, which can accommodate nearly one million people, has an efficient sewer system underground, and there are tangled and complicated open and dark channels in the city.

In the main island city, except for an open channel that was excavated mainly to prevent transgression, there is no longer any special waterway in the city.

On both sides of this open channel, there are large tracts of oak or beech wood as piles, and timber supports to build “foot-slab”-style houses. In sharp contrast to the brick and tile buildings of the Great Family, these are all timber-built houses, which are actually settlements for the poor in the city.

One of the largest pirate stolen dens in the main island city is located here.

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