Scales of Eternal Order Chapter 988


Scattered, only hundreds of wise monsters immediately responded to the summon of the god of bear goblin.

Compared with the divine force used by their summon, its “input-output ratio” is a bit ridiculously high.

“What’s the situation?”

Khrugek looked at the group of “warriors” who first arrived at the battlefield with some speechlessness. They were some salt marsh giants living in the lagoons around the main island city. The Chamber of Commerce was performing migration before. During the mission, these guys all hid in the wet crypt and couldn’t get out. At this moment, their monsters actually ran out immediately to die (literally).

“…attack the despicable thief, and demolish the altar under him!” Because there is no other choice, the god of bear goblin can only order some first and issue to the giants of the salt marshes An oracle from the gods.

“si si, roar, hoho…”

The giants of the salt marsh roared with unknown meaning.

Cold, dull eyeballs stared out of their fish-like faces. These fat giants with green skin and webbed fingers have used weapons that they did not know where they were touching – some are long spears made from flint, some are wooden sticks inlaid with broken stones, and some are simply crumbly. It’s an abandoned ship anchor-slapping the thick, thick seaweed skin on their belly.

Pak, pak, pak……

This is a ceremony before the battle. Salt marsh giants sometimes live together with terrifying rare beasts that emerge from the deep sea. They believe that these creatures are messengers sent by the gods they believe in. This has further led to the degradation of its race, and the offspring of this evil combination often have the bloodline of the deep beast.

After the corresponding ceremony, the bodies of these salt marsh giants were twisted one after another, and their bodies grew tentacles, scales and other aquatic biological characteristics. At the same time, in their brains about the size of an apple, their little sense has disappeared. When the first salt marsh giant and a fierce son plunged deep into the sea, those of his kind also followed suit and swam to the target quickly.

Just like a large toad, these monsters with webs between their fingers and toes have ignored the real body of Balzeb, which is able to support both heaven and earth. They regarded the lord of hell as their prey, ready to start a siege.

It’s just that the reason disappears into the disappearance of reason, but in fact, even if these monsters are tied together, they cannot withstand a finger of Balzeb. Moreover, the seventh lord did not even want to deal with these chores. His upper body that was as toned as a knife and an axe stretched out, and two fingers were gently squeezed, and a soul prism shining with deep purple appeared at his fingertips.

The color of this soul prism represents that it has recently been used to imprison a soul. Balzeb gently threw it at the group of salt marsh giants that were swimming towards him, and then a spell shot from his fingertips, hitting the soul prism that was thrown out by him.

The soul inside turned into a cloud of smoke and was freed from being imprisoned-it was a human with a blue crown on his head and a traditional Medici silk robe-he was from the devil before The last pharaoh who escaped from Beit in the chaos.

“With my strength, give you your real name, Ma Kou.”

Balzeb said softly. Following his words, the smoke-like Spirit Physique suddenly emitted dazzling scarlet rays of light, and in an instant rushed to the nearest salt marsh giant, submerged into his body.

The hapless salt marsh giant immediately convulsed, and he struggled continuously, as if drowning (but in reality, this giant would never drown). Not only that, because of instinct, this monster suddenly violently hugged the other end of the same kind swimming by his side.

In an instant, the other giant salt marsh seemed to be infected by it, and also began to convulse. When the salt marsh giants in the back discovered that the situation was not right, there were already seven or eight salt marsh giants hugged together, madly epileptic in the sea. Moreover, with this trembling with a specific frequency, the flesh and blood in contact with each other seems to have undergone some changes.

The flesh and blood of these salt marsh giants unexpectedly merged together strangely. First, it was like a burnt candle, slowly melting, and then quickly condensing together because of contact with the surrounding cold sea water. In a short period of time, the infinite cycle of this change continues uninterrupted. Soon, the seven or eight salt marsh giants became a weird meat ball!


Like a cocoon pupa bursting, a worm-shaped monster suddenly emerged from the meat ball. This monster looks like a huge leech. Except for a blood-sucking mouthpart with a ring at one end, the other end of its body is strangely growing with eight heads and a small number of nine heads.

Balzeb transformed Marko into a vain demon.

False Demon, also known as “Dharavi Demon”, this worm-like demon is a powerful controller. They can easily occupy the body of a powerful mortal and use it as a chess piece in the palm of their hands. Once someone tries to expose its crafty plots and machinations, the illusionist can use the mortal power he manipulates to impress those who dare to obstruct it in return.

Although this kind of devil is not good at frontal combat, they are the “manipulators” of Peak in the nine prisons, because they can freely display the dangers similar to the “enhanced Demon Soul pot” (which can be understood as “body possession”) Like spell ability, they are in awe of most demons.

Generally speaking, the body of a false demon is only about sixteen feet long and weighs about three thousand pounds. However, this vain demon created by the soul of the old king Macou of Balzeb has a body that is more than 30 feet long and weighs more than an astonishing 20,000 pounds.

It is composed of eight salt marsh giants, so eight salt marsh giants’ heads grow on one end of his body. The human head belonging to Mako is surrounded by these eight heads, making it difficult to see easily.

When it broke out of the cocoon, the salt marsh giants who had reacted to it around immediately attacked it. However, before their weapons hit the devil, the nine heads at one end of the false devil’s body opened their mouths, and the long tongues like sea snakes snaked out of their mouths, naked eye Unseen fluctuations spread all around.

“The Wave of Exhaustion!”

The False Demon used his own tricks. The salt marsh giants who had been recruited collapsed in the sea. They lost their strength all over, and they could only drift to the sea by drifting with the waves. In the next second, the body of the False Demon disappeared. Fortunately, the few salt marsh giants who were not recruited have big eyes staring at small eyes, all of them seem a little not knowing what to do.

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