Scholar’s Advanced Technological System Chapter 1308

It’s not enough.

It’s a bunker, okay?

Several newspapers have been continuously overlooked, and Director Lee is no longer in a position to describe it in a language, and this is a moment of surprise in his own mind.

From the calibre and size of each nail, the material that meets the criteria and the number of items that are required to each functional module, and the number of personnel required to achieve it, the blueprint is presented in almost all segments.

While many of these things are not achievable at the current level of the Chinese space industry, such as “Yang’s size is 2.07TPa, destroying cables with 79N/M intensity”, “3.7g/cm3,” Yang’s size is 1333 MPa, hardly HB400… “, etc.

However, in line with current trends, the possibility of producing standardized materials on a future day is considerable, provided that sufficient funds are invested in these research areas.

So, instead of saying it’s the idea of a brain hole, it’s better to make a rigorous note!

A road map outlining the direction of the space industry over the next 100 years!

“How did you get this thing out of here?”

Inspector Lee would like to say that at this point, but finally, he’s patient.

Because he suddenly thought that even if he asked, Lu Zhou told himself that it would be much better than playing the lute for a cow.

“This blueprint let me go here for a while, and I’ll be back to Tokyo tonight!”

Put blueprint back in the file bag, wrapped up the cotton line, and Chief Lee looked at Lu Zhou, and said, “If it’s convenient, I’d like to take it to an expert at the Navigation Academy, and then take it to Long Avenue.”

“Nothing wrong,” Lu Zhou laughed said, “I recommend to you that he should understand what he said.”

Although this old yard has been stubborn at some point, it is not clear that Lu Zhou believes that he should be able to see this blueprint behind him.

“This is exactly what I intend to do,” Director Lee continues to say, “The old lady of Yuan will be more persuasive when he thinks it’s okay. Then do it. I’m gonna catch up later, and I’m not staying here for dinner.”

Lu Zhou: “Don’t you wait till tomorrow? Tomorrow night there seems to be a celebration party.”


In the meantime, Chief Lee has stood up from the couch and said, “Whenever the feast is open, it’s important to do something!”

Looking at Chief Lee, who walked towards the unseen, Lu Zhou also stood up from the couch and sent him to the door.

While he would like to say that there are many opportunities for doing business, he has not persuaded him to look at this blueprint in the hands of Chief Lee.

So, with the blueprint of the “Stafford orbital habitat” and the plan for the LaGrand Place Space Base and the Mars outpost, Director Lee sat on the same night in the car for not two months and returned to Tokyo with the fastest time from Nanjing.

As for other things, Lu Zhou does not want to be careful for the time being.

Before he starts the third Void Memory and the next system mission, he just wants to rest.

On the

one hand, with your girlfriend, on the other hand, relax your nervous brain and think about which one of the next subject will be used as breakthrough.

Next morning.

After receiving an interview permit from Lu Zhou, CTV’s transmitter car drove downstairs to Lu Zhou.

For reasons of fear of trouble, at the request of Lu Zhou himself, the original column was transformed into one interview.

Prior to arriving here, the director of the programme’s three orders to instruct the presiding officer for the interview, Wu Xin, to require her to control the time of the interview for a period of half an hour and not to interrupt the rest of the landlord.

It is also for that reason that, prior to coming here, Wu Xin was still in the heart of a long time in advance, where he feared to be offending this Scholar, who was said to be “habitual weirdo”.

As a result, it did not seem to be as bad as she imagined, to open the door and invite her into Lu Zhou, which seemed not to be as bad as she imagined.

Sit on the couch, watch the coffee from a robot, then look towards Lu Zhou on the opposite couch, and Wu is a little embarrassed to say laughed.

“You’re younger than you thought, and it looks like you’re 20 years old.”

The heart has taken this praise, Lu Zhou nodded.


“Is there anything to keep young secret?”

“Keep the young secret? I didn’t pay special attention to this,” Lu Zhou laughed said, “Maybe because the lab’s relatively pure environment, I know that Scholar seemed very young before he was 40.”

Like a potato professor.

When I was 50 years old, like 30, I looked like 20. He was married to his own student (after graduation), but looked like a sister.

“That’s envious,” bend the corner, Wu Xin continues to say, “Can you start now in order not to delay your time? I’m so hard to apply for 30 minutes of interview.”

“It’s too hard to be exaggerated, and I’m not so busy.” That’s what Lu Zhou laughed said, “If it’s not enough time, it’ll be okay if it’s not enough.

“This is also a matter of reassuring you that no longer exceeds noon, and I will try to keep interviewing hours in half an hour.”

For Lu Zhou’s friendly laughed, the moderator, Sister Young Lady, then looked towards the reporter with the camera, nodded, suggesting that he could be ready to start shooting.

As all preparations have been completed, interviews have also officially begun.


After hearing this question, Lu Zhou thought a moment later, saying, “The future is a very broad concept that will have a specific impact on our future, which depends on how long this future refers to the future. If it is about five years or so, superspace theory remains a distant thing for the general population, perhaps it affects the future development track of Physics, but it has a rather small impact on the general population.”

paused, he keeps talking.

“However, if it were 50 years or even a hundred years, its impact could not be described briefly in language. Here, my suggestion is that imagination can be exercised boldly.”

Wu Xin: “A bold imagination?”

“Yes,” Nodded, Lu Zhou laughed, “but you can actually think about it, from leaving the land, to being used to living in the steel cement of nearly 100 meters, not just for 30 years in the zone. With human civilization as a whole, our response to change is, in fact, much stronger than we imagined.”

“One century ago, the people of livelihood in that age estimated that they had no idea, and one day they would sleep in the same big house as a bird cage, not yellow land under a floor floor floor, but a neighbour who did not know.”

“In the same vein, it seems incredible now, perhaps the future of a hundred years later is just a rare day. As we cannot imagine now, perhaps in that era, more people will live on space stations, mining from asteroids, extracting energy from stars, using the universe’s endless resources and space to solve the problems facing our social development.”


“Everything I said was related to Z particles,” Back on the couch, Lu Zhou’s ten fingers crossed on his knees, and it was pleasant to say with a smile, “It used to be a very remote concept, but now it was pulled to our side.”

“Because of the birth of superspace theories, we found a shortcut from the near-Earth orbit to the remote universe, and that is why I say that these things will become reality in the near future.”

“Although it may be too early to say this now.”

“But time will prove that I’m not kidding.”

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